Knocking at the Door of End II: Relics of the Empire

By Chris "Wario"

Part 1: Prologue

Mario and a team of Wario, Waluigi, Luigi, Peach, Yoshi, and Toad set out to defeat Ludwig and win back the Mushroom Kingdom from the Bowser Empire. They did so, and thus won the Mushroom Kingdom. Mario and Wario and their new friends, Hokota and Diablo, headed back to Diablo's ranch, where Luigi, Yoshi, Peach, and Toad were waiting. They returned to Snowpalm Village and got Waluigi. When they went back to the capital of the Mushroom Kingdom, (Mushroom City, Diablo and Hokota decided to join the Kingdom Fighters. Though the Mushroom Kingdom was won over, Bowser still had control over the important land- Dinosaur Land. Bowser, hearing the news that his eldest son Ludwig was nearly killed and would never fight again, was not very pleased to say the least. He is leading a march on Mushroom City to destroy the kingdom and take total control of Plit once again. Mario and crew have other plans, though. They want to win over Dinosaur Land…

Part 2: Eve of the March

"Mario! Mario!" Toad shouted, rushing into the room where Mario was sitting down. "Bowser is planning a march on the city! He has an elite army of Koopa Kids coming to storm the city!"

"What?!" Mario shouted. "This will affect our mission to Dinosaur Land!"

"They will be here very soon. We must rally our troops," Toad said.

"Yes, get our commanders here- on the double!" Mario said.


"You couldn't hold out for another hand! You're finished!" Wario announced, gazing at his cards.

"Oh, yeah?" Diablo said. "Look at this! Pair of Fire Flowers!"

"Ha! I can top that! Full House!" Wario said, folding his cards out on the table.

"I'm sorry, Wario, but I believe you've lost this hand- Royal Flush!" Hokota said. Hokota collected the chips from the other players.

Wario was hosting a Mushroom Poker game in the basement of the KF HQ. Toad rushed down the stairs, waving his arms frantically. "Wario! Everyone! Report upstairs- Master Mario wants to speak with you!"


"Does this outfit make me look fat?" Peach said, holding up a skirt.

"Can we leave already? We've been shopping in this freakin' department store for three hours!" Luigi grumbled.

"Well who was the one who spilled coffee on my old skirt, hm?" Peach retorted.

"Oh, that again! When will you stop hanging that stupid incident over my head?" Luigi said.

"Not until you buy me a new outfit," Peach said.

"That's why we're in this freakin' department store!!!" Luigi yelled.

"Yoshi is back!" Yoshi said, carrying a basket of fruit. "Yoshi saw they were having a sale on fruit in the Shroom Shop and bought out the store!"

"How much is this going to cost me?" Luigi asked, trying to keep his cool. "Only 3,000 coins!" Yoshi said.

"WHAT?!" Luigi yelled.

"The guy at the shop told Yoshi it was a good deal…" Yoshi cowered.

"Where's Waluigi? We're leaving!" Luigi yelled. "Better yet, leave Waluigi here! He can get a cab."

"What? You're going to leave him here?" Peach asked.

"What's Mario gonna do, huh? Fire me? Ha! He can get in line," Luigi said as he hopped in the car.

"Yoshi is staying here to get Waluigi! Where is he, Peach?" Yoshi said.

"Last time I saw him he was in the nuclear weapons department," Peach said. Yoshi sped off. "You can't leave him here, Luigi!" Peach screamed.

"Hey, if that idiot Waluigi wants to laze around, he can get a cab!" Luigi said, starting the ignition.

Yoshi returned with Waluigi. They all hopped in the car. "So I heard you were gonna leave me, eh?" Waluigi sneered at Luigi.

The phone in the car rang. Luigi picked it up. "Hello? ... Oh, hi Toad! ... Bowser's WHAT?! I'll be right there!!" Luigi slammed the phone down. He swung the car around and it careened down the streets of Mushroom City.

"What's going on?" Peach asked.

"Yoshi must know!" Yoshi yelled.

"Bowser… the army and the, uh… the uh, the thing, you know," Luigi mumbled.

"What do I know?" Waluigi asked.

"We're going to war!" Luigi screamed.

Part 3: Battle of Mushroom City

The commanders were all lined up in a row. With their army of Toads and Monty Moles behind them, they marched towards Bowser's army. The streets were clear and Toads with guns sat atop buildings. They marched.

Bowser's army was at the edge of the city. They could see flames and smoke billowing out of the buildings in the far distance. This was the only light that could be seen. It was dark that night, with only the smell of war filling the air. The sound of the Koopa army grew louder. The army braced themselves.

The two armies met. Then a gunshot was heard. A Toad from one of the rooftops had blown a Dry Bones's head clean off. Then it was war.

Bowser could be seen at the back of the pack shooting flames at buildings and burning them to bits. Wario was flinging bombs frantically at the imperial soldiers. They were all Dry Bones, so bones and dust could be seen flying in every direction. Mario and Luigi went to get Bowser. Several Dry Bones tried to get to them, but they were smashed to pieces by the Brothers' hammers.

Luigi ran up to Bowser and threw his hammer. With a swift blow from Bowser's claw, the hammer broke into pieces. Then Bowser grabbed Luigi by the neck. "This is the first time we've met in years, isn't it, putrid filth?!" Bowser growled. "Too bad it will be your last." He then flung Luigi and he made contact with a wall. He fell to the ground, bruised and broken. Bowser then took off in his Clown Copter, overseeing the siege of the city. He shot Bullet Bills down at Toads in buildings. With a loud bang, the side of the building would be destroyed and the Toads would tumble to their fate.

Peach and Yoshi ran over to Luigi. They tended to his wounds, as utter chaos unfolded around them. Explosions and gunshot could be heard for miles. Mario took out his hammer and started spinning, mowing down Dry Bones like grass. This epic struggle lasted quite awhile longer. With the near-extinction of Bowser's troops, Bowser took off in his Clown Copter. The Dry Bones tried to scramble away, but Wario thought otherwise. He took out a Bob-omb Cannon amid red and blue explosions; the Imperial army of Bowser was now but a pile of bones.

Mario and Co. gathered together in Mario's office in the KF HQ, which now had a side of the building torn off. "Team," Mario started, "we have made a major victory today. But the truth of the matter is that we still need Dinosaur Land. Hokota and Diablo will maintain the armies here in Mushroom City. The rest of us are going to Yoshi's Island. I have hired a guide by the name of Kylie Koopa, the Second. Her mother was a very famous reporter, you know. Anyway, tomorrow we will go to Yoshi's Island and meet her."

"Maybe Yoshi will get to see Yoshi's brother," Yoshi whispered to Peach.

"You have a brother?" Peach asked.

"Yes. His name is Zoshi. He might be able to help us, too. He lives in Yoshi Village," Yoshi replied.

"Team- you are dismissed," Mario finalized.

Part 4: Yoshi Village

The team took a ride on their ship to go to the lovely Yoshi Island, where wild Yoshis roam. They arrived on the beach, with the sun shining brightly in this tropical climate. Goonies circled the beach under the mid-day sun. The crew hopped out of their boat with their feet sloshing in the water. They waded out and docked the boat and came ashore. The white sand was nearly blinding in the bright sun. They saw a bit up the land a Koopa with a green shell and long, braided hair standing there. "Hi!" she announced as she walked toward them. "My name is Kylie Koopa. I'm gonna be your guide to this island. I've lived here all my life. My mother settled in here after a life of traveling around the world. Follow me, please."

The team followed her, with Yoshi leading them, as he knew the area. They trekked through the jungle for awhile when they came to a village. There were several grass huts scattered around, with a large fire in the center of the village. Dozens of bright-colored Yoshis were running around the camp, as if in a panic. "What's wrong?" Kylie asked one of the Yoshis that ran by.

"Didn't you hear?" tt replied. "Lord Bowser had Kamek have awoken the great Yoob! They hid it in the mountainside. But there's a strange door there…" Then the Yoshi took off.

"Yoshi must find Yoshi's brother!" Yoshi whaled as he sped in the direction of the huts. He ran through the door of one. "Zoshi?" Yoshi asked.

"Yoshi!" the orange Yoshi answered. "Where have you been? You haven't been here in the old homestead for ages! What kept you, Yoshi?"

"I've been fighting Lord Bowser! That's why we're here," Yoshi said.

Mario and the rest went into the hut. "Can you take us to the mountain Yoob is in?" Mario asked.

"Certainly," Zoshi answered.

Now the team headed out with Kylie in the back and Zoshi in the front. "Yeah, so Kamek awakened the Yoob from his eternal sleep. He has the strength to destroy this entire island with one hit! That's why Lord Bowser had his minions lock up the beast. He's in this mountain here," Zoshi explained as he pushed leaves aside, revealing a grassy cliff-side.

"What's this door here?" Wario asked, pointing to an ancient structure on the side of the mountain.

"That is the Relic Gate. Yoob is on the other side of it," Zoshi explained. "The only way to get to Yoob is to recover all three of the ancient Relics. They fit into the door, causing it to open. The only thing that can get through that door without the Relics is a Ghastly Guy, which I'm assuming is how they got Yoob in there."

"So that was the secret weapon I heard people talk about!" Peach gasped.

"Bowser could destroy an army with this creature," Kylie added.

"Then we need to destroy it," Mario said.

"Only thing is, we don't have the Relics," Luigi said.

"Not yet," Mario said. "Say, Zoshi, do you know where any of these Relics may be?”

"No," Zoshi said, "but I do know someone who can help you. His name is Krilenkrul. He is the village elder. He has an ancient map revealing the locations of the Relics."

With that, they headed back to the village and entered the old Yoshi's abode. It was very large, with even a second story. "Krilenkrul," Zoshi announced, "these good people would like to know about the Relics."

The old Yoshi just stared at them. Then he coughed loudly in the face of Zoshi, and small bits of fruit spewed on his face. Krilenkrul took out a map he had in a pot. He set it down on the ground and spoke in a raspy voice that was barely audible. "First Relic is in this village. The village underground," he started. "Next is on Raven Island, near the Naval Piranha Grounds. Last is on Snowball Mountain, where the blue flowers grow."

"You must be insane!" Waluigi said. "No blue flowers could grow anywhere on that mountain!"

"I AM NOT INSANE!" the old Yoshi bellowed. "Take my map and never return, lest ye want a horrible fate. Hiss! Hiss!"

"Did this guy forget to take his medication this morning?" Wario whispered to Zoshi.

"He's wise, although he looks like he belongs in an asylum," Zoshi replied.

"Team! Let's go recover those Relics!" Mario shouted, grabbing the map.

Part 5: Village Underground

The team went into a hut in the middle of the village. It was the hut that had a stairway to the village underground. The Yoshi that lived there was a purple girl Yoshi with brown hair. "This is Yahsha," Kyliesaid. "She is the guardian of the village underground."

Yoshi walked up to Yahsha. "So… come here often?" Yoshi said, trying to look as cool as possible.

"This is my house," Yahsha said.

"Right." Yoshi said. Then he walked out of the way. Then he started hitting himself on the head, and with every hit said, "Stupid! Stupid! Stupid!"

Then Yahsha opened the stairwell. They slid down the eerie hallway with nothing but torch light guiding them. When they reached the bottom, they saw a massive chain of underground caverns. The air was freezing and the team could see their breath. Stalactites and stalagmites were strewn all over, and eerie shadows loomed over each of them as if they would come alive.

They trekked through the seemingly endless mazes of stone and rock. It was not long before they reached their first danger- a Dark Boo. It lunged at Mario and he dodged out of the way. Luigi tried hitting it with rocks, but they just passed right through it. It rammed into Yoshi and stole that fruit that he was carrying. "Hey!" Yoshi yelled. The Dark Boo just smiled with delight and scurried off into the \shadows.

"Those are Dark Boos," Kylie said. "You gotta watch out for them. They steal your belongings."

"Yoshi noticed…" Yoshi said, ever so slightly ticked off.

Then they clawed through the caverns, searching for an ancient Relic, though they didn't know what it looked like, and that was who-knows-where.

"What's this?" Luigi asked, lifting up the cover of a sarcophagus.

"NO! That's-" Kylie cried out. From within the sarcophagus, a Snifaro emerged, wearing a pharaoh's crown. He then shot bullets at the crew from his long snout. They all dodged, ducking, jumping, and turning to evade the deadly fire. Then Waluigi and Mario pushed a rock into the line of fire. The bullets bounced off the rock and sprang towards the evil Snifaro. It got hit, and disappeared in a shroud of smoke. Then the floating sarcophagus fell to the ground and sank down. The path was clear yet again for their journey.

"Where'd Zoshi go?" asked Peach.

"I'm over here!" Zoshi cried, his voice echoing in the cavern. "I found the Relic!"

Everyone rushed over to see Zoshi's find. It was an ancient, golden Yoshi egg. It was a sight to behold. It was slightly grimy, but that's to be expected since it had been in that cavern for the past few thousand years.

They grabbed it and brought it up to the surface. "Do you mind if we put this here?" Mario said, pointing to a basket Yahsha had.

"Not at all," she replied.

"Hi," Yoshi said.

"Hi," Yahsha answered.

"We should get going," Wario said.

"Well, Yoshi guess Yoshi has to go now. Bye," Yoshi said.

"I've never heard anyone talk the way you do, Yoshi. It's very unusual," Yahsha said.

"Well, Yoshi is a bit unusual," Yoshi said.

They both laughed and said their goodbyes. Then they set off in search for Raven Island.

Part 6: Raven Island

The team went down to the docks. Zoshi was not there, for he had stayed at the village to protect the Relics. Kylie had come, though. They went early that morning to a shining dock, where fisherman Yoshis hauled their catches up on the dock and lay them out for display. Some carried them back to town for sale, and others just for the pure fun of boasting.

They were looking for a charter to the nearby Raven Island, where the second Relic was said to lay. They walked up to a Raven, who was donning a captain's hat and standing in front of his ship. "Is this the charter for Raven Island?" Waluigi asked.

The Raven nodded and said, "This is me prided vessel. I take passengers from the hours of seven to ten, which is right about now. You can hop in as I wait for the other landlubbers to haul aboard. Make yerselves comfy. Oh, but it'll be ten coins apiece." The Raven held out his hand, motioning them to cough up the dough. Everyone paid their price, even though they thought he was a rip-off. Nevertheless, they needed that second Relic.

They climbed aboard, looking for a seat on the ship. A few Koopas, definitely tourists, joined them for the ride. "Hello, passengers," the Raven spoke. "I'm the captain of this here charter, and I hope yer used to sailing coz there's supposed to be a few currents this morning. Hold on tight, and we'll try to get there as soon as possible.

"Yoshi no like sailing…" Yoshi said, resting his head on his arms.

"Don't worry, Yoshi," Peach reassured him. "You'll be fine."

"Don't they have any of those wrist things?" Wario asked.

"Oh, yeah!" Mario said. "I heard of those."

"I haven't. What are they?" Luigi asked.

"You put them on a pressure point and it stops you from getting queasy," Toad said, poking his head up.

"Say! I haven't heard you talk in a while. Where were you at the village?" Waluigi inquired.

"I was at the village doctor, Dr. Van Nostrin. He's very good at curing seasickness. It's his specialty."

"I thought he was an ear, nose, and throat guy?" Kylie wondered.

"He is, but he gets a lot of stomach complaints from Raven Island inhabitants. He told me about those things," Toad responded.

"Where do they sell those things?" Luigi asked.

"In the galley. Say, Yoshi. If you go there, could you get me a bottle of Koopa Kola? Thanks," Wario said.

Yoshi left and returned moments later with the wristband and Wario's beverage. "Ah! Thanks, I'm parched," Wario said, flipping the cap off. He then guzzled the drink and threw the bottle into the water, with the ocean waves crashing on the boat behind him.

Yoshi applied the bands to his wrists. "Say! Yoshi don't feel queasy anymore!" Yoshi rejoiced.

"But we're right at the Raven Island Dock already," Kylie pointed out.

"Well that was a waste of my money," Luigi said, glaring at Yoshi.

"Yoshi said Yoshi will pay you back!" Yoshi retaliated.

"We're here!" the captain said, opening the door to the boat. "There's a place to get some grub over in the village. Enjoy your stay at Raven Island."

Everyone walked out. They treaded over the beaches onto the trail that led inland. The jungle looked dense and thick, with vines strewn about. Piranha Plants looked back at them unwelcomingly.

They trekked deeper into the forest, going towards the village. When they got there, they saw Ravens sitting in trees with lamps hanging from the trees. It looked more like a festival than a village. They walked toward a diner. It had become very dark out since they’d left the beach, and the neon lights of the diner were blinking. They went in, with the little bell on top of the door ringing. They sat down for a nice dinner. The Raven waiter ran over and took each of their orders. They took up each seat at the counter. When their food arrived, they munched on the food. Wario and Yoshi acted like psychos with their constant banter for more food or better service. Then Mario asked the waiter, "Say, do you know where the Naval Piranha Grounds are?"

The waiter dropped the plate he was carrying. Everyone stared at him.

"What?" Mario asked. "Was it something I said?"

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