The Hypnotizion Game

By Lemmy Koopa

Little Lemmy's Land Qualifier

Submitted by Aquas

One afternoon, Larry was playing jacks, trying to beat his score of 10 pick ups. He was having a lot of fun playing with them, when suddenly Roy and Ludwig, who always teased Larry because he was the youngest, barged into Larry's room, without knocking, and took all of Larry's toys. Then, after they shot a look at Larry, a look that meant "Ha ha!" they left with all of Larry's toys. As soon as they left, Lemmy rolled in to say "Hello." Although Lemmy was the second oldest, he never picked on Larry. As soon as he saw that Larry was depressed, Lemmy sat down on his ball and asked, "What's wrong, Larry?" In answer to this question, Larry said, " Roy and Ludwig keep bothering me, and they just walked in here and took my only toys." "Well, I know what you can do," said Lemmy. "I'll help you steal something from Ludwig. It'll be a gold watch, and with it, not only will Roy and Ludwig stop bothering you, they'll do whatever you tell them to."

"Why, that's a great idea, "smiled Larry, getting up. So, after Lemmy got back onto his ball, they strolled over to Ludwig's doomship. Ludwig was out playing with Larry's toys, so they hurried over to Ludwig's desk, where the watch was. "I can't quite reach it," said Lemmy. "If I pick you up, will you be able to reach it, Larry?" Larry nodded, so Lemmy hoisted him up and Larry took the watch. After Larry was back on the ground, Lemmy said, "Now all you have to do is make Ludwig and Roy look at you, and when they do, swing the watch back and forth. From then on, until you snap your fingers, Roy and Ludwig will do whatever you tell them to." And with a wink, Lemmy rolled out of the room to play with Iggy.

"Wow," thought Larry, "Now I can get back at Roy and Ludwig for all the times they've taken my stuff." So, he skipped over to Roy's doomship, where Roy and Ludwig were still playing with Larry's toys. When Larry skipped in, Roy said, "Well, look who just walked in. The wimp! Looking for his baby toys! Hah, hah, hah." "Just try to get them back!" sneered Ludwig. But while they were still laughing at him, Larry pulled out the gold watch and started swinging it back and forth. "Hey!" said Ludwig, "That's my watch!" But before Roy or Ludwig could do anything about it, they were forced to sit down on the floor and wait for commands. "Give back my toys," said Larry, and without a momentís hesitation, Roy and Ludwig gave them back. "Go clean my doomship," said Larry, and immediately, Roy and Ludwig got up and went over to Larry's doomship to clean it. When they were finished they came back, and Larry snapped his fingers. "What happened," asked Roy. "I don't know," said Ludwig," But letís get out of here. And with that, they ran away.

"Gee, it really works," thought Larry. Just then, Lemmy came back from playing with Iggy. "How did it go," asked Lemmy. "Perfectly," said Larry, "After I made them give back my toys and clean up my doomship, I snapped my fingers and they ran away." "Very good," smiled Lemmy. "Come on, Larry, lets go to the dining room and have a snack." So off they went.

While they went downstairs, or down ramp, Larry had a marvelous idea, an idea that could not fail. He decided not to tell Lemmy until the plan was finished. When they reached the table, Lemmy noticed that Larry was thinking hard about something. "What are you thinking about, Larry?" he asked. "Oh, just about what else I can do to Roy and Ludwig," he answered. Lemmy grinned and sat down at the table for some homemade chocolate Koopa cupcakes.

Later on, when Larry was alone, he pulled the golden watch out of his pocket and said, "This plan can not fail," he said. "I'll just do this to the Mario brothers, and not only will they not defeat me, they'll help me! I'll think I'll call it hypnotizing." Just then, Lemmy, who was just coming in at that moment, and heard everything that was said, said, "That's a great idea, Larry. I wonder why I didn't think of that myself. I'll go steal Roy's watch and I'll help you. You can take Luigi and I will take Mario. You can have the first three lands, I will take the last three lands, and we'll split Giant Land!"

Larry groaned, but realizing that he owed his entire plan to Lemmy, he let Lemmy take part in the plan. So Lemmy went and got Roy's gold watch, and taking Lemmy's doomship (it was bigger than Larry's), they quickly flew to Mushroom Land, where, at that very moment, Mario and Luigi had just round up a small gang of crooks who were trying to rob the Mushroom Land bank.

"Gee Mario," said Luigi, "That was a very hard a job. I don't think I could a fight another crook today if our lives depended on it." "Me neither," said Mario, "So letís a go home and take a nap a." But just before they could start home, Lemmy's doomship landed right by their feet. "Oh no a , Mario, a doomship! Now what a do we do? I'm a too tired to fight a," complained Luigi. And before they could make another move, Lemmy and Larry came down from the doomship and started swinging the gold watches. Mario said, "Suddenly, I feel a very tired LuigiÖ wait a minute, I was a tired already," and with that, Mario and Luigi sat down and waited for orders. "Yay!" shouted Lemmy, "They are finally under our power! Mario, Luigi, you will now help us take over the Mushroom World." "Yes, Master Lemmy and Master Larry," murmured Mario and Luigi.

And with that, Mario and Luigi stood up, took Larry and Lemmy's hand, and started walking toward Grass Land. In an hour, they reached Grass Land, and started to steal everything in sight for Lemmy and Larry. People walking by who saw Mario and Luigi do this exclaimed, "Mario, Luigi, what has happened to you? This can not be happening!" But being that they were under the power of Lemmy and Larry, they were unable to answer.

Finally, three days later, after Mario and Luigi had stolen everything there was to steal, and they had taken over all the kingdoms, Lemmy and Larry sat in two chairs in Giant Land as Mario and Luigi fanned them. Everything was going perfectly for Lemmy and Larry. Suddenly, an old mushroom lady who hadn't heard the news came walking down the street, whistling and snapping her fingers. As soon as Mario and Luigi heard the snapping, they came out of their trance. Immediately, seeing that the watches would now do no good as the Marios had learned not to look at the watch, Lemmy and Larry dropped everything they had, except the watches, ran to the doomship, and flew back to Dark Land. After restoring everything in the Mushroom World, the Marios finally went home and took a nap.

When Lemmy and Larry got back to Dark Land, it was nighttime, and right outside the doomship were Roy and Ludwig, ready to pound Lemmy and Larry. Once again, Lemmy and Larry used the watches to put Roy and Ludwig into another trance, and when they did, they made Roy and Ludwig go sit in the dungeon. Then, Lemmy and Larry called it a day, and went to sleep.

The End

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