Mario and Luigi: Partners in Short Time

By Emerald Shroob

While Baby Bowser was doing... uh... something on the flying saucer...

The scene switches to Baby Bowser hiding on the flying saucer.

Baby Bowser: Curse this time period when the Gameboy wasn't invented yet!

...Mario and friends were plummeting from the sky, and soon into Toad Town.

Baby Luigi: Toad Town looks diffwent. Did it get a new haircut?

Luigi: No, but I'm-a sure it has something to do-a with these Shroobs!

Baby Mario: Geez, wouldn't you **** think? There's **** purple Mushrooms evwywhere!

Luigi: Baby Mario!

Baby Mario: Sowwy.

So they move on, and soon enough, they reach the end of Toad Town.

Luigi: Is that it? What a rip-off!

Mario: I like cheese.

Luigi: You always like cheese.

Mario: Cheese.

Luigi: Can't you think of anything but cheese?

Mario: Post Fruity Pebbles Cereal! (Part of a complete breakfast!)

Luigi: ... Whatever-a.

And so, everyone hops into the conveniently placed pipe that leads to the conveniently placed foot of the Cobalt Star Sanctuary, Star Hill, or something like that. They climb up the hill, trying to keep Mario from eating anything inedible, until they finally reach the top.

Luigi: Mario, how long did you have pica?

Mario: Pica? Someone should name a Pikachu that-a!

Luigi: How did you get this stupid-a? And what in the world-a is a Pikachu?

Pikachu: I'm a Pikachu! Now get me out of this capsule ball!!!

Luigi: Whatever. I'm going to play my clarinet now.

Luigi takes a clarinet out of his pocket and starts playing it. Unfortunately, Commander Shroob hears it.

Commander Shroob: ^%$&*^(! %#^$&%*^! %$&%*^&(^*%$#&^%*%&$&^! (Oh no! An intruder! Quick! Defensive menuver number 7,893,238,594,190!!!)

The Shroobs suddenly throw the Shroob-omb they're holding onto Commander Shoob.

Commander Shroob: ^%&*^... *cough* (You can pass... *cough*)

So they move on and go into a warp pipe that leads to the sanctuary.

Star Gate: I'm sorry. After reading all of your minds, the green one cannot pass!

Luigi: Why-a?

Star Gate: If you did right away, it would ruin the plot!

Luigi: How many times can that fourth wall be broken-a?

Star Gate: Infinity more times. Now get me an Aurora Block!

Mario takes out the Aurora Block. Oddly enough, he doesn't try to eat it.

Luigi: I don't-a get it. Mario would've tried to eat that-a by now.

Mario: Here's-a that pretty block with all of the colors on it!

Star Gate: You may pass. And I think I'll stay open for no reason at all whatsoever.

Everyone goes through the gate, and suddenly, as soon as Mario and the gang leave, the Star Gate realizes something.

Star Gate: Wait a minute! I just let someone get through me without paying my toll! That's it! I'm giving out rocks this Halloween!


Stuffwell: The Cobaltous Star isous acting upous.

The Cobalt Star suddenly gets two more not Cobalt Star shards and has a little speech.

Star Sprite: I am the Star Sprite...

Mario: Mmmm. Sprite...

Star Sprite: Um... okay? Now, if you gather two more pieces of the Cobalt Star, the Shroobs will be utterly destroyed, and this kingdumb... I mean kingdom will go back to normal, and then something really cool will happen!

Mario: I like cheese.

Star Sprite: The fate of the entire universe is in your hands!

Luigi: Wait. I thought you said that we were saving the KINGDOM, not the universe.

Star Sprite: Uhm... STAY IN SCHOOL!!!

The Cobalt Star goes back to normal and Stuffwell stores it back into its rightful pocket. Just then, Baby Luigi cries louder than he's ever cried before.

Stuffwell: Why is everyone so scared of the Cobalt Star? Oh well. It's not important.

Soon, they reach the last pipe and go back. But before that, they reach the tower where the warp pipe is.

Toadbert: Urgh. Mario, you got my drawing, right?

Mario spits up the drawing.

Toadbert: I'm not going to ask. Now, scribble the dirt off using your stylus. You'll see something that the dirt inconveniently covered up.

Luigi: What stylus?

Toadbert: Sorry. Force of habit. Now just scribble the dirt off!

They do that, and notice a smaller version of the Princess Shroob drawing.

Toadbert: You see that? It's...

Nothing happens.


Elder Shrooboid: All right, all right! Mr. Bossy.

Elder Shrooboid crashes through the wall, lets out a mighty roar, and turns Toadbert and Kylie Koopa into purple Mushrooms.

Elder Shrooboid: #%^%^*^%*&^!!! (You're next, plumbers!!!)

Mario takes Kylie's camera and smashes the Elder Shrooboid in the head. If he has one.

Elder Shrooboid: %&^)(*(*)&<%&^&(*)^&^$^%#&$%%!!! (You may have won this time, but you shall never thwart our plans for world domination!!!)

The Elder Shrooboid faints, and, after a short-lived celebration, Mario, Luigi, and the Babies move on.

Luigi: Back in the castle-a! Now, let's-a go see Professor E. Gadd!

So they do that, and he explains that the Shroob Castle is their final desination.

Professor E. Gadd: Now, get a move on, everyone! We can't let those Shroobs control our world! Or we can just sit here, and not do anything, seeing that the future isn't affected by this at all.

Luigi: Let's defeat the Shroobs. Not doing anything is anticlimatic. We've gone-a too far, and we're-a gonna show them that the Mario Brothers-a never hold back on any challenges-a, and to show who is the strongest of all-a!

Professor E. Gadd: What are you talking about?

Luigi: I don't know! Now let's go! But first...

Luigi runs off the set, and after a brief moment, a toilet flushes, and Luigi comes back.

Luigi: Now, let's-a go!

To Be Continued...

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