Mario and the Shadow Demon

By crankymama5452

Chapter 1: From Holy to Evil

It is a peaceful day and Mario, Luigi, Peach, Yoshi, and Toad are at the beach relaxing in their chairs by the water. Crabs pinch at them and little Toad kids throw sand at them. It is the usual beach day and Mario is pleased.

"Ah, what a lovely day," Mario says in a relaxed manor while a Toad begins throwing sand in his face.

"Mamamia! It's-a hot!" Luigi says, alongside Mario. "What do you think Koopa is up to?" he says to Peach.

Peach, too busy in her beauty sleep to hear Luigi, does not reply. "Peach?" Luigi says again, this time yelling.

The princess awakes in a grumpy state, looking ready to slap someone. "WHAT IS IT?" the princess screams so loud it scares Luigi.

"Don't you just feel like something bad is gona happen?" Luigi says in a wondering voice.

"No! I don't think anything will happen," Peach yells. "You know Mario destroyed Bowser, the only problem in the kingdom, a month ago when he tried to feed me to a Goomba," she says even louder.

"Don't remind me," Luigi says.

"Yoshi tired. Can we please go back to sleep?" the green dinosaur says.

With that they go to sleep. But unlike the beach, not every place is quiet and nice...

In a dark, dank dungeon, Kamek is seen walking carefully. Eyes peer out from the holes in the walls and rats and Swoopers are seen moving around. Kamek carefully makes his way along the bridge he is on and slices the support ropes, dropping the bridge. Kamek then enters a room with many waterfalls and stalactites and stalacmites. It is a beautiful sight to behold, but between two crashing falls, a dark, gloomy coffin can be seen.

"My Master, I've returned," Kamek says in a low tone. The Magikoopa goes to the coffin and looks at it. "And today is the day you come back to us."

The Magikoopa begins some ancient magic ritual and a light ray shoots down on the coffin. The lid rattles."Arise! Arise, my lord! Arise, King Bowser" the Magikoopa chants as the waterfalls change to a redish black shadowy-like goopfalls. Torches along the wall light with black, gloomy flames. The lid falls off and a skeleton comes out. It's in Bowser's shape but it's no more than a skeleton...

"What?" Kamek says. "This was not supposed to happen!"

Before the Magikoopa can do anything the skeleton comes forth and the screen moves aside as blood bubbling screams are heard. The screen cuts back to see that the skeleton is nowhere to be seen and Kamek's lifeless corpse has been left laying on the ground.

Back on the beach, Mario and his friends are asleep when a bolt of lightning is heard crashing down.

"Mario! What's happening?" Peach says.

"I don't know, Princess," Mario says back. The gang looks up to see that within a half hour, the sky has become gloomy and pitch black, with a lightning storm now brewing.

"Yoshi scared," the dinosaur says in a low tone.

"Well, whatever's going on, we're gonna find out" Mario says triumphantly.

"Let's go then," Toad said.

The team gets up from their chair and leave the abandoned beach as an eerie laugh is heard...

Chapter Two: Forming the Gang

The storm rages and Mario and friends are soaked. As they walk down the road, Yoshi gets an idea. "Yoshi think maybe Daisy knows about storm."

"Why would she?" Peach says.

Yoshi looks over the hill to see the sight of Sarasaland and Daisy's castle. "Yoshi no know why. Yoshi just think her or maybe Wario or..."

Before Yoshi can finish, Mario blurts out, "Maybe the gang would know. Let's go get Daisy, Wario, and Waluigi" Mario screams.

"Not a bad idea." Toad says, going along with Mario's idea. The gang then heads to Daisy's castle.

Meanwhile, a figure is seen limping through the forest. A flash of lightning reveals the skeletal Bowser moving slowly through the forest towards the mainland. The skeleton locks eyes on something, then the screen zooms in to see the Mario gang running to the castle. The skeleton emits a weird, low moan and then limps towards the castle. A bolt of lightning crashes down, causing a flash that lasts only a split second, but when the flash fades, the skeleton is gone.

Mario and friends arrive safely but soaked in Sarasaland, and head down the street to the castle. A scream is heard and Daisy is seen running to the gang. "What's wrong, Daisy?" Luigi says.

"A monster... a thing... a skeleton thing!" Daisy says in a frightened voice. "I was in my room when a skeleton smashed through the window!" Daisy says, trying to calm down. "And... and it looked like Bowser's skeleton!" Daisy says, still a bit scared.

"Calm down, Daisy, you're just seeing things," Luigi says.

"No! No I didn't. It was very much real."

Just then a limo pulls in and Wario and Waluigi jump out. "What's going on here?" Wario says, in a grumpy sate.

"Daisy's seen a monster!" Peach says.


"Let's go," Yoshi says.

"Back to Mario's," Peach says.

"Yes," Luigi finishes.

They run off, and the screen cuts to the skeleton up on Daisy's balcony, moaning again.

Mario's house is a nice house just off of Mushroom Way on the other end of the Mushroom Kingdom. Mario and friends are seen inside.

"What are we going to do if Daisy was right and there is a monster?" Wario says.

"We'll just have to find and destroy it!" Mario says triumphantly.

"Easier said than done," Luigi says.

"Yoshi wish it was other way 'round" Yoshi says.

Just then a bolt of lightning crashes down and the power goes out.

"AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH" Waluigi screams.

"Stop!" Daisy says in an annoyed tone.

"The power is gone... What do we do?" Toad says. "I'll be right back. It's a bathroom thing," Toad says. Toad goes to the bathroom.

"We must do something, Peach," Daisy says.

A smash is heard from the bathroom and then a scream, and then all is quiet. "... AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" Waluigi screams.

"That was Toad!" Mario says, running to the bathroom and kicking down the door. "No! No!" Mario says.

"What?" Peach says.

"It took him. It smashed through the window, grabbed, him and dragged him out.

"We have to save him!" Peach says.

"Right!" Mario says as they run out the door.

Meanwhile in the middle of Mushroom Way, the skeleton is seen dragging Toad
behind a hillside. Their shadows are seen and the skeleton is seen pulling a
tube thing.

"What... What are you going to do to me?" Toad studders.

The shadows show the skeleton sticking the tube in Toad and the skeleton sucking on the other end. A flash is seen and the Toad shadow drops and the skeleton comes out. As the skeleton walks off, the screen cuts to its back to see the skeleton's tail has regenerated to the Bowser tail.

Chapter 3: Learning the Truth

The storm still crashed hard on the land as the gang entered the Mushroom Kingdom. "We need to learn how to stop this monster," Mario says.

"Right!" says Peach. "And I know what to do," she continues. "We need to go to my dad," she finishes.

"Well, if it'll help, it'll be be good."

They head off to the castle, but watching them from the castle rooftop is the skeleton. It slides down the side and onto the balcony, and smashes through a window and into the castle.

At this point, the gang has entered the foyer. "DAD, DAD, ARE YOU HOME?" Peach yells as the lightning crashes.

"Hello?" Mario says in a high tone.

They walk up a stairway and open a door to see the king laying on the floor with a bump on his head. A large brick is seen next to him. "Oh my god, it's in the castle!" Peach says, frightened.

They run to the front door but it's been sealed. "We must do something!" Wario says.

They run to the library. "We must hide!" Daisy says.

"I found something." Luigi says. "A book called the Life of a Demon by The King," he finishes.

"I never knew Dad was an author," Peach says.

"Read it, Luigi!" Mario says.

"Okay... Let's see... Chapter three is called How They Rise and Die," Luigi says. "They can only be killed
by the one who killed it in living form... that's Mario," Luigi says.

"Well, let's split up," Mario says. They go in different directions.

In the lounge Peach is looking around for a hiding spot. "Oh! The mirror.
Dad always said there was an underground chamber behind the mirror in the
lounge... He was weird but the mirror should spin around..." Peach says,
walking towards it.

Before she can spin the mirror, the skeleton smashes through from the other side. "NO!" Peach says, running to the somehow now locked door. "Stay back!" she screams as the skeleton pulls out the tube and closes in. "NNNNNNNOOOOOOOO!" Peach yells as everything goes black.

"That was Peach!" Wario says from outside the lounge. He kicks down the door and enters. "Princess... Oh %*#$#!" Wario says, glaring at the body on the ground. "What to do? What to do?" Wario says in a panic.

Before he can make a thought, the skeleton, who now has hair and horns, drops from the ceiling with the tube and lands the tube in Wario. Wario punches the skeleton back and runs for the hidden passage, but when he reaches the bottom of the staircase behind the mirror, the skeleton comes from around a corner and knockes Wario out. A few seconds later the skeleton re-enters the lounge with spikes on its shell.

"Mario, there's nothing," Luigi and Yoshi say.

"Where was Bowser burried?" Mario says.

"Yoshi think his assistant Kamek burried him in a cave just off of Sarasaland," Yoshi says.

"We'll go there," Mario says. They leave the castle after busting down the door.

"Waluigi, what do we do?" Daisy says, elsewhere in the castle.

"I... I... I... AAAAAHHHHHHHH!" Waluigi yells as the skeleton kicks down the door.

Daisy pulls out a frying pan. "Come get some %*$#(!" Daisy says threateningly. The skeleton then moans and, without warning, throws a chair at Daisy, knocking the frying pan from her hand. " Oh %(##!" Daisy says, backing into the wall.

"AAAHHHHHHH!" Waluigi says, jumping at the skeleton. Before landing, the skeleton pulls out the tube and Waluigi flies into it. Daisy watches the skeleton do its thing and repair its arms and shell.

"Oh you little %*$*#!" Daisy says. She grabs, lifts, and throws some chairs into the skeleton, knocking it over. It gets up and closes in. "Okay then! Come get some!" Daisy says. Daisy begins throwing one slap after another into the skeleton. The skeleton, seemingly unharmed, jabs Daisy with the tube, does his thing, and ten seconds later, leaves the castle with repaired feet and legs. By this point, the storm has gone out of control as the skeleton walks out of view.

Chapter 4: The Real Truth

Mario, Luigi, and Yoshi are seen entering the cave and crossing the bridge to the coffin. "Yoshi scared" Yoshi says.

"We’re here to protect you," the Brothers say.

"AAAAHHHHH" Yoshi screams.

"Oh my god, Kamek’s dead!" Mario says, gazing upon the body on the ground.

"A note…" Luigi says, picking up the note laying by Kamek. "To my master Bowser. You were wounded in battle, your body weak, you prayed for help but I could do nothing. In my only path, I was forced to destroy the pain by killing you. I've found the reviving spell, and I beg your forgiveness for my doing," Luigi reads.

"Kamek killed Bowser… not Mario!" Luigi says. "Well, you can have this" Luigi says, shoving a Life Shroom in Kamek’s mouth. Unfortunately he doesn't budge.

"No use," Mario sighs.

"What now?" Yoshi says.

"We go," Mario says. They turn to leave to see the bridge down and in a flash, the skeleton appears. The skeleton tries to mumble out words, but without a repaired head and body, the words are no more than moans. The waterfalls gush out lava, the torch flames turn black, and the skeleton prepares to do battle.

"You want some of this? You want a piece of Luigi?" Luigi says, using a Fire Flower. Mario gets on Yoshi and takes Kamek farther into the cave to try to revive him with more Life Shrooms. "HERE WE GO!" Luigi screams.

Chapter 5: The Final Bout

The skeleton grabs and holds a boulder in front of itself, blocking the fireballs before hurling the boulder on top of Luigi. Before the skeleton can pull out its tube, Luigi flings the boulder off him and smashes it over the skeleton. The skeleton grabs a torch and dashes forth and ignites Luigi. "AAAHHHHHH! MARIO, HELP!" Luigi screams as the skeleton jabs the tube in Luigi and sucks out Luigi’s energy. When Luigi drops, the skeleton repairs it's body... now no more than a skull is left beside the full Boswer body. The almost repaired Bowser moves through the cave.

In a far area of the cave, Mario is weeping over the lifeless Kamek. "It's over!" Mario cries. "Bowser is finally going to get the kingdom." Mario weeps. Mario then spins upon hearing a moan to see the skeleton in the area. The skeleton walks toward Mario. Mario lands ten worthless punches before being thrown down. The skeleton draws out the tube but before he can move, a beam bombs the skeleton into a wall.

"Kamek!" Mario says.

"You killed me, Master! YOU KILLED ME!" Kamek yells. I revive you and you kill me!" Kamek fires another blast into the skeleton’s chest, making a hole. Fluid pours out the hole and Bowser's body goes back to a full skeleton as the leaked fluid forms into energy balls and flies towards the person they were in. The skeleton throws boulders at Kamek but he zaps them to rubble with magic.

The skeleton lets out a long, loud moan as Kamek charges a beam. The skeleton spins around and throws a boulder at Mario and Yoshi, but Yoshi eats it and turns it into eggs which he then throws at the skeleton. The skeleton pulls out the tube but Yoshi nabs it with his tongue and sticks it into the skeleton. In pain, the skeleton limps towards Mario.

"He won't die!" Mario says.

"This is it!" Yoshi says.

"DIE, YOU SCUM!" Kamek fires a large beam into the skeleton and within the flash of the collision, the bony body disintegrates down to ash which burns down to nothing but a burnt space on the ground.

"Mario, Yoshi…" Kamek says. "I guess you found out I killed him."

"Correct, Kamek."

"Well... I shouldn't have brought him back."

"Well... you did what you thought was right."

Mario and Kamek talk until the revived gang enters the cave. "It's over!" Toad and the princesses say.

"It's dead at long last!" the Wario Bros. say.

"Way to go, Bro!" Luigi says.

"Thank Kamek," Yoshi says.

"I must go," Kamek says in a low tone. "I'm sorry for my doings."

"Don't worry yourself about it" Mario says happily.

"Well... without Bowser... I can finally go to the good side."

The gang talk, make friends with Kamek, and return to their normal lives with Kamek in Bowser’s place leading the Koopa Clan to the good side. Bowser is dead at long last and the Mushroom Kingdom can finally stand in peace.

The End

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