Mario and the Demon Zombie

By crankymama5452

Chapter 1: Bad Times Brought Back

Mario is seen high on a platform over a large moat of nuclear toxic waste. He is cowering in fear as his archrival’s brother Wart closes in with a clenched fist. Before Wart can throw the punch, Mario counters by back-flipping behind Wart and ramming him over the side. As Wart falls, he lets loose a scream before falling out of sight and into the nuclear toxic waste. "I did it!" Mario says as he climbs down the ladder to safe land.

Seven months later…

Mario and friends, including the new member of the bunch, Kamek, are walking through the clear, sunny path of Land’s End. They are on vacation to Monstro Town to relax and take a break from their troubles. Little do they know, trouble is everywhere.

Far off in a desolate section just off of the Moleville Mines, lays the field where Wart was taken down. Everything is quiet, so quiet you can hear the bubbling of the nuclear toxic waste. Within a matter of a split second, the waste begins bubbling at a faster rate. The figure of what seems like a hand that has started melting but stopped halfway to turning to goo sticks out from the waste. The hand grabs the edge of the moat and begins pulling up a body. As the body rises, once again the morning sky is turned into a pitch black, eerie, starless night sky with a lightning storm.

Mario and friends have just arrived in Monstro Town when they see the sky turning dark. "What?" Peach says.

"It's only 9:00 in the morning," Kamek says, confused.

Just as they get outside of Monstermama’s house, a heavy rainshower begins. Before they get drenched, they enter the house. "Hello," Mario says to the old lady at the table.

"Ah, Mario, so nice to see you've returned to our town. What brings you?" Monstermama says.

"Vacation!" Wario says in an unusually cheerful tone.

"Well… I guess you see the unusual storm we’re having," Mario says.

"I do," Monstermama says, not so cheerfully.

"I wonder what it is…" Luigi and Yoshi say.

Meanwhile, at a house in Rose Town, a figure is seen entering a house. Smashing and crashing is heard, and the figure leaves. A flash of lightning reveals a figure wearing a cloak, hood, and Koopa mask. The figure walks out of town and towards Monstro Town as the storm rages on.

Chapter 2: The Land of the Nimbians

The storm raged hard on the many areas of the kingdom and Mario was set on figuring the reason out. As they and Monstermama talk, the masked being enters Monstro Town. The mysterious figure looks around until it locks eyes on Monstermama's house. In its weird limping, sluggish movement, it slowly approaches the house.

"Yoshi see somebody!" Yoshi says.

"I do too!" Daisy says, looking out the window.

"I left Waluigi home... Thank god, he'd be freaking out. He hates hooded people limping sluggishly through stormy towns," Wario says with a slight chuckle."

It's coming this way," Luigi says. "It's outsi-" Before Luigi can finish, the hooded figure kicks down the door.

"What can I do you for?" Monstermama says happily as the others back along the wall and run out the door. "Where you going, kids?" Monstermama says. Monstermama then begins talking to the hooded figure again. "Now you haven't told me why you're... ACK!"

A few seconds later Monstermama's face imprint is seen on the outside wall of her house. The figure leaves the house to see the Mario Gang and Kamek entering Belome Ruins. As guessed, the strange being enters Belome Ruins too.

"He'll never find us if we go to Nimbus Land," Mario and Peach say in a panicky voice. As they approach the exit, the hooded figure is seen waiting at the exit for them. "How... How did he...?" Mario says. "Back to Monstrotown!" Mario says.

They run, but along the way Mario gets them to jump on the escape spring. They arrive in the Land's End desert area. They run and begin climbing the mountainside. "Come on!" Kamek says.

When they approach the top, Daisy peaks over the top only to be kicked in the head by the hooded figure, causing her to lose her grip and go crashing down to the ground. The others quickly pull themselves up and run into Bean Valley.

"Come on!" Luigi says.

"Yoshi going as fast as Yoshi can!" Yoshi says in a panicky voice.

The storm rages on as the gang runs from the slow-going being. The gang reaches the vine and begins climbing. "Climb, climb, climb! Hurry, hurry, hurry!" Peach says, rushing the group on.

After a while of climbing, they make it to Nimbus Land. "I'll cut down the beanstalk," Toad says. The others rush on. Toad turns around, cuts down the vine, turns back around, and is punched over the side of Nimbus Land by the hooded figure.

Being they are up in the sky, the storm can only be heard from below. The night sky, however, lasts on. The gang runs into Nimbus Castle with the figure in close pursuit. The eerieness lasts as the gang runs through the halls of the castle, not knowing or thinking of the future to come...

Chapter 3: Where For Art Thou, Mallow?

As the gang dashes through the halls the storm rages on harder and harder.

"Where we going, Mario?" Yoshi says.

"Mallow," Mario said.

They dash through the halls and enter's Mallow's room. "Oh! Hi, Mario. What brings ya?" the puffball prince says.

"We need help. A zombie thing-a-ma-bob is chasing us," Mario says.

"Give me a minute," Mallow says... "Here are trackers," Mallow finishes.

"What are they for?" Mario says.

"If you manage to hook one to the thing, you'll be able to track its movment and know wherever it is. This way you can escape if it gets close," Mallow says.

Before they can make a move, the hooded figure kicks down the door and lets loose a huge moaning noise. "Woah nelly, you stink," Mallow says as he notices the princess sneak behind and slap the tracker on the figures back. "Wait... That's the zombie thing?" Mallow says as the figure twirls around and punches the princess through a wall. "RUN!" Mallow says as they run through the back halls and jump off the ledge down to the hot springs.

"Mario, check the tracker," Wario says.

"Why? The thing should be in the castle," Mallow says.

"It has a habit of somehow speeding up when we aren't laying eye contact on it."

Luigi turns around and the hooded figure jumps from the hot springs and grabs him. "LUIGI!" Mario says.

"HA!" Mallow jabs a metal bar through the figure so far it goes totally through him. Mallow begins some magic stuff and a bolt of lightning crashes down and zaps him until he ignites. "RUN!" Mallow screams as they run and dive over the side towards Barrel Volcano.

"LUIGI!" Mario screams as he falls while the ignited beast fights with Luigi, who is warding him off with a stiff, sharp-ended, metal spear. The beast rams the spear's flat end after twirling it so it goes through Luigi. The beast watches Luigi drop before throwing him into the hot spring.

Chapter 4: A Heated Chase

As the gang falls, Mario checks the tracker. "WHAT?" Mario yells in horror.

"What wrong, Mario?" Yoshi says.

"It's... it's in the volcano approximately where... we're gonna land..." Mario says.

"Impossible!" Wario says as they land in the volcano in front of the hooded figure, who lets loose a moan before grabbing Mallow.

"Go, Mario! I'll handle this!" Mallow says. "I can... Just go!" Mallow says in a low voice as the figure grips him tighter. They run on while Mallow electrifies himself, causing a shock to go through the figure and making him drop Mallow. Mallow performs a Star Rain and a glowing star bashes into pieces over the figure. Mallow then performs Shocker which, combined with the Star Rain, causes a giant explosion that blows off a segment of the volcano.

From within the smoke and rubble, the figure limps out slowly. "How?" Mallow studders. "How could anyone survive that?" Mallow performs two Shockers which colide, forming a bigger bolt that crashes down on him. The figure then grabs Mallow and takes him over and holds him in the lava. Within the next two seconds of Mallow being held under a volcano's lava, the bubbles stop and the figure stands straight as Mallow stays under. However, a snowflake emits and goes to the sky, yet nothing happens. The figure turns and leaves the area.

"Where is he, Mario?" Wario says.

"We need to do something, it's just us three!" Yoshi says in a cry.

"I don't know, darn it!" Mario says as he gasps at the tracker. "TURN AROUND! HE'S IN THE NEXT ROOM!" Mario yells as they turn around and re-enter the previous room. As they enter the figure falls from the ceiling and limps after them as they climb a flight of stairs to the top.

"OH NO!" Yoshi screams. "We at top. Nowhere to go!" Yoshi cries as the figure reaches the top.

"OH NO!" Wario says, yelling at his loudest.

The figure moans and goes towards them. "YOSHI!" Yoshi throws eggs in its face and follows up with ice, fire, and normal melon seeds to the face. The figure jabs the spear into Yoshi's leg. "OOOOOWWWWWW! MARIOOOO!" Yoshi screams as the figure lifts him off the ground while still attached to the spear. The figure grasps the other end of the spear and swings with incredible force as Yoshi detatches from the spear and flies over the side down to an invisible bottom.

The figure looks down and slants his head at the sight of Yoshi's leg still on the spear. At this point, Wario kicks the spear out of the figure's hand. "COME GET SOME OF WARIO, %*$*#!" Wario says. The figure lets loose a moan as the war yet again begins.

Chapter 5: Bus Driver, We Want to go to Star Hill

The figure closes in but Mario uses a Hammer Bro Suit and bashes the figure with hammers until it stumbles back. The figure then starts gagging until it barfs up a nuclear waste-like substance. "W...Wart" Mario studders as the figure nods. Mario slips on the waste and falls into Wario knocking them over. The figure limps along the side of the volcano but the thunderstorm is replaces with a blizzard. "Mallow..." Mario moans as Wario gets up and uppercuts the figure into the air and over the center of the volcano.

At this point, an ENORMOUS snowman falls from the sky and lands on the figure. Both the snowman and Wart fall into the volcano. The snowman, being so large, crushes and destroys all ledges, stairs, platforms, and enclosed areas until the full volcano is hollowed out to no more than a large cylindrical mountain made of boulder with a huge hole in the center of the top.

"Mario...  I think it's over," Wario sighs.

"Not yet, Wario... There's... there is still Star Hill... We need to go there and.... and wish the others back to life," Mario says in a slow, low, painful moan.

"Right... I know what to do," Wario says as he picks Mario up and carries him to Nimbus Land's bus station.

"Of course," Mario says.

"Sir, we need to go to Star Hill immediately" Wario says, getting on the bus. Without a word, the bus shoots towards Star Hill.

Mario looks at the tracker and gasps. "Take this!" Wario feeds Mario a Life Shroom, recharging him.

"WARIO, THE DRIVER! IT'S HIM!" Mario shouts and flings around to see Wart, still in the suit and mask, pouncing at them. Wario and Mario gain Mushroom power and punch Wart into the driver's seat. The bus rocks and the thunder and rain storm start up again along with the night sky. "Not again," Mario says, giving off an annoyed sigh.

Wario is seen punching Wart until the bus goes into a position where it begins shooting down towards Star Hill. Wario then jumps up, grabs Wart, and throws him with his highest amount of force down to Star Hill, where Wart hits so hard it forms a crater in the land. The bus crashes and oil from the bus leaks all over Wart's mask in the eye hole location. Wart gets up and sways around moaning before throwing off the mask, revealing a half melted face without teeth and eyeballs. "OH MY DEAR LORD!" Mario and Wario scream simultaniously.

Chapter 6: It's the fight that never ends. It just goes on and on my friends...

The zombie Wart limps towards the two, giving off louder moans than normal. He pulls out a sword and begins swinging it violently at Mario and Wario, who back off and trip into a crater. Wart closes in but Mario gains fire power and scorches Wart's face, making it a little more melted. Wario charges into Wart, throwing him off the ground and several yards away, where he bashes through a star sticking out off the ground. Wart gets up and hacks more waste at them, melting whatever it hits. One glob splatters Wario and he begins a quick melting process. But because he's Wario, he dishes out one more punch before melting. The punch goes to Wart's face, pushing it inwards and deforming it even more.

Mario begins running until he turns to witness Wart shooting towards him so fast that only a blur can be seen. Wart shoots the 150.5 yards in three seconds and lands a gut punch on Mario, throwing him across the hill area and beside a glowing star. Wart moans and moves in a slow, taunting motion towards Mario. "Come on. Just a little farther..." Mario says with a grin.

When Wart gets close Mario jumps to his feet, touches Wart's face with an open palm, and releases a huge fireball, blowing the sides off his face to a putty-like waste on the ground. Wart moans and groan.

"NOW! GO AND BURN IN THE FIERY DEPTHS WHERE YOU SHOULD BE!" Mario yells as he lashes out the glowing star. Wart screams and moans upon the glowing star known as an insta-wish granter. "NOW DIE FOREVER!" Mario yells. Wart begins screaming until he drops to the ground. He then slowly melts down to a goo, the. turns to water, the. turns to moisture that becomes condensation that disappears.

Mario looks at the star. "Bring my friends back," he says. A flash is seen that completely fills the hill. The flash clears before a smiling Mario. " It worked!" Mario glares at the sleeping bodies of his friends.

A day later Mario is seen in the hospital outside of some rooms when the doctor comes out. "Well?" Mario says. The doctor smiles and nods as the gang leave the room. Upon this, the gang go and celebrate the occasion, knowing that at long last, the Bowser family... is gone.

The End

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