Collisions of Light and Dark

By Din

Author's Intro:

Welcome to Collisions of Light and Dark, my unofficial sequel thing to my earlier piece, Relations of Light and Dark. Please note that, while I did mention "sequel," I also described it as "unofficial", basically meaning that, while reading Relations before this story may not be a bad idea, you'll understand -this- story perfectly well even if you haven't read Relations. And, if you have any doubt that that is not the case, I have provided you with any important details regarding this tale's prequel in a brief summery below. However, if you've already read Relations, or believe you don't require a recap, feel free to skip right to the Pre-Script to begin Collisions of Light and Dark.

Where Things Stand: A Brief Look Into the Past

Several weeks prior, deep in the Dark Plains of Plateaus (a large continent several thousand miles from the Mushroom Kingdom), a nasty plot was afoot. Ehcon, a wizard well learned in the ways of Dark Magic, and Rio, his yellow-colored Boo friend and partner in crime, brought together the seven Elemental Gems, aiming to bring forth a great and horrible power. However, due to defenses put on the Gems by an ancient magic-user, the attempt backfired, scattering the Gems and summoning a powerful magical defender named Aid. With the power of the ancient defenses, Aid was blasted far off, landing quite near Plit's most illustrious hero, Mario Mario.

Meanwhile, the great Koopa King, Lord Bowser, had set off for a sudden vacation, leaving his children alone in Castle Koopa. With their father gone, the Koopalings brought together a vile competition, one that required the Koopa Kids to construct a weapon of their choosing and attempt to take on the Mushroom Kingdom using it. The first two Koopa Contenders, Roy and Morton, who were equipped with spring-loaded punching devices and robotic baddie remakes respectively, were both defeated by the Kingdom's defenders. Using their transport vehicles, a traveling Shy Guy mechanic known as Mecha Guy, constructed the Mecha Copter, a swift traveling machine that would allow Aid and Mario to travel to Plateaus and locate the Elemental Gems before they were united once more.

Upon reaching Plateaus, the race for the Elemental Gems between Mario's party and the cunning Rio was on. Through various means, including a skirmish with a giant sea serpent and the infiltration of a dwelling belonging to a frightening Shy Guy who could fire beams of magic from its eyes, both groups were able to obtain the first pair of Gems. On the other side of the ocean, Mecha Guy joined forces with Luigi and was able to contain attacks from both Ludwig and Larry, despite valiant attempts by both Koopa Kids, who wielded weapons in the form of giant Piranha Plants and mind-control chocolate bars.

Back on Plateaus, the remainder of the Gems were seized and the final showdown between the opposing parties proceeded. As the grand skirmish began, Luigi and Mecha Guy were able to defeat Wendy and Iggy with a little help from the famous Mushroom Kingdom dino resident, Yoshi. Together, the three heroes stopped the last Koopaling, Lemmy, who, at his moment of near victory, was dragged off by his enraged father for disciplinary reasons. The fiery Lord Boswer then marched into the Mushroom Castle dungeon, freed his remaining children, and ushered them home. Celebrating their victory, Yoshi and Mecha Guy took off to Yo'ster Isle, where they took part in a small adventure involving a couple of lovestruck Yoshis, a Koopaling robbery attempt, and race sabotage. Details of said story are described in the piece Trouble in Paradise.

Finally, as Mario and company thwarted Rio, Broshi betrayed the two heroes by latching them to pillars, revealed himself as Rio's partner, Ehcon, and releasing the Watcher, a deity of incredible power that could only be summoned by the combining of the Seven Elemental Gems. The Watcher, however, had plans of its own, and ignored Ehcon's requests and biddings completely. Realizing his mistake, Ehcoin poured his own magic power into Aid as the Watcher engaged her, and the two forces clashed. It was not the being of good, however, that won the battle; the Watcher overcame Aid and swiftly killed her. Horrified, Ehcon then resorted to the last of the ancient defensive magic, the spell that tied his own life to that of the Watcher. He stabbed himself in the heart with Rio's blade, and the demonic deity was defeated.

Mario, who was released from a prison that had been conjured by the Watcher, slowly collected the bodies of his dead comrades and the Watcher's fallen staff. He then made for the Mecha Chopper, which would take him back to Mushroom Kingdom.

And now, with the forces of evil temporarily subdued, the Collisions of Light and Dark begin...

Table of Contents
Pre-Script: Shifting Sands Riding Winds of Change
Chapter 1: Trimming Sheets
Chapter 2: The Realm Beyond
Chapter 3: Rise, Koopas!
Chapter 4: Pursuit
Chapter 5: Shipping and Shaping
Chapter 6: The Setting Board
Chapter 7: Merlocked
Chapter 8: Roguish Behavior
Chapter 9: Spy High
Chapter 10: Escape!
Chapter 11: Two Sides of the Glass
Chapter 12: Pianta Peril
Chapter 13: Fogged Up
More to come!

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