The Legendary Shadow King

By Agent Mario

Bowser Koopa was fighting a virtual Mario who had more power than the Koopa King courtesy of the seven Crystal Stars.

Mario: Why fight, Bowser? Youíll never defeat me.

Bowser: No, Iíll defeat the powers of the four heroes with one final transformation.

Bowser began mutating into a different, more monstrous form while the virtual Mario seemed unfazed.

Mario: Giga Bowser, youíve arrived.

Bowser: Lava Burst!

Billion Bowser shot a burst of lava at the virtual Crimson Phoenix, who gathered energies beyond Bowserís comprehension.


Mario fired a sky-blue blast of energy at the burst of lava, which tore through it and ripped through Bowser.

Bowser: End this simulation!

The room dissolved back into the throne room as Bowser powered down.


Kamek and Kammy walked in as if they were obeying Death himself.

Kamek: Y-yes sir!

Bowser: Find a way to defeat that foolish boy and his pathetic Stars.

Kamek: Sir, the prophecy says "He who wields the seven Stars of power shall be invincible", so in reality you canít beat him.

Bowser then burned Kamek to death as Kammy watched in horror but didnít scream.

Bowser: Thereís always a way. Donít give me the thought of Mario being invincible.

Kammy: Your Nastiness, there might be something, but we need to visit Professor Elvin Gadd.

Bowser: Iíll go then.

Toad Town was a place of peace and prosperity and also popularity of three people, Mario, Luigi, and Peach. Each were popular for their own reasons, Mario for destroying the Shadow Queen and being the wielder of the seven crystal stars; Luigi for saving six-year old Princess Eclair of the Waffle Kingdom from Sir Crepe and being the wielder of the Marvelous Compass; and Peach for defeating Samus Aran in the Smash Tournament. Unfortunately for Mario he also had many people fight him for the Crystal Stars, but theyíve never made him sweat.

Man: If heíd give me a shot at those Stars, Iíd cream him.

The Crystal Stars gave Mario immense power while Luigiís Marvelous Compass gave him the power to see into the future.

Man: Maybe his brother will lend me that Compass of his so I can beat him.

Woman: Youíre nuts, Luigiís not going to help you.

Man: Moneyís always the best answer to anything.

Woman: Wario, you are so idiotic.

Wario: True, but I know what power is and thatís it right there.

Woman: Yeah, but you arenít one of the four heroes, those Stars would destroy you.

Wario: Who are you supposed to be?

Woman: I am Merluvlee, the daughter of Merlin the fortune teller.

Luigi was sparring against his brother, and even with the Compass Luigi was still having a hard time landing a blow on Mario. It was as if the Crystal Stars were preventing Luigiís foresight from coming true.

Mario: Ready to call it a day?

Luigi: Yeah, I need to get back to Daisy or sheíll kill me.

Luigiís foresight had actually come in handy for Daisyís birthday, as he shuddered while he looked into the future of him being late.

Mario: Then go.

Luigi: One question, Mario, how do you continually beat me even with my foresight?

Mario: My Crystal Stars detect any magic being used and warn me of falling into my opponentís spell.

Luigi: Oh. See you later, Bro.

Luigi flew off as Mario walked home only to be confronted by Wario.

Wario: Mario, I wish to fight you for the Crystal Stars.

Mario: Great, another fool.

Wario charged at Mario, who waited for Wario to get close to him as and then punched Wario in the gut, causing the bulky being to fall over in pain.

Mario: Get it through your thick skull, you wonít beat me.

Meanwhile, Bowser landed the Clown Copter in a dark forest as he walked into a shack to find Gadd drinking some wine.

Gadd: Iíve been waiting, King Koopa, my dear friend.

Bowser: Please, weíve never been friends even when you gave my son those inventions to cause Isle Delfinoís pollution.

Gadd: Still sore that Marioís trounced your sorry butt many times before?

Bowser: Watch it!

Gadd simply smiled as Bowser looked on in rage.

Bowser: I need your help.

Gadd: You want to know how to beat Mario and his Crystal Stars, huh?

Bowser: *smirk* youíve read my mind.

Gadd: But what makes you think Iíll betray my own friend to help you?

Bowser: Because if I canít beat you Iíll give you all of my inventions for you to toy around with.

Gadd: If you win?

Bowser: You will help me defeat Mario and his Stars.

Gadd: Youíre on!

Gadd then turned transparent as Bowser stood, baffled, but then grinned.

Gadd: Whatís funny?

Bowser: Thatís youíre ghoul sheet, am I right?

Gadd: Yes it is.

Bowser then transformed into Giga Bowser as Gadd started backing away.

Gadd: Good God, youíve more power than me, but you still canĎt hit me.

Bowser: Want to bet?

Gadd: Huh?

Bowser: My powers can even affect the supernatural.

Bowser slashed at Gadd with his claws, ripping the cloak and causing the scientist to become solid once again.

Gadd: Okay, you win, just please donít kill me.

Bowser: Oh no! You wonít be killed... yet, I need you for some research.

Gadd: If youíll follow me...

Gadd and Bowser walked into the professorís lab and he showed Bowser a picture of a Koopaharian Pyramid.

Bowser: Whatís this?

Gadd: Youíre familiar with the Shadow Queen, right?

Bowser: Yeah, she nearly defeated Mario even with his pathetic Stars.

Gadd: There is something out there that was designed to beat the wielder of the Crystal Stars, but it was rumored to be destroyed.

Bowser: Whatís it called?

Gadd: The Ring of Darkness. Itís said to be able to prevent the userís enemy, if they wield the Crystal Stars, from accessing their powers.

Bowser smiled as he walked out and took flight in the Clown Copter.

Gadd: Mario, Iím sorry, but you can still beat him.

Meanwhile, Mario and Peach were running from a mob of people who wanted to fight Mario, and lost them when the couple hid behind the wall of an entrance to a park.

Mario: I wish theyíd stop hunting me.

Mario looked over the edge and found the mob combing the park over, searching for him.

Peach: Hey Mario, letís go to that museum.

Mario looked behind him and saw the museum that Peach was referring to.

Mario: Come on!

The museum was quiet, hardly anyone was there aside from Mario and Peach as they looked over the Koopaharian exhibit and the sarcophagus of Shinnok, the King of the Shadows.

Peach: Wow, the legendary Shadow King.

Mario: Iím just glad I didnít have to battle him.

Mario then looked over to see an exhibit of the Shadow Kingís strange accessories, only to find a familiar Goomba looking over it in concern.

Mario: Frankly, what are you doing here?

Frankly: Mario, what are you doing here?

Mario: Boning up on history.

Frankly: Neat. I suppose youíve noticed that coffin with the Shadow King.

Mario: Yeah. *looks in glass* Whatís that ring for?

Frankly: Shinnok was far superior to the Shadow Queen, and he was worried about the queen turning on him, so he made a ring capable of disabling the Crystal Stars.

Mario: Shinnok was paranoid of the queen?

Peach: Seems he wasnít the only one who's afraid of a woman, huh, Mario?

Mario: Okay, I admit it, you do scare me out of my wits at times.

Peach playfully punched him in the arm as Frankly walked over to the coffin.

Frankly: You two should look at this.

Mario and Peach walked over to the coffin and looked at the strange encryptions that it bore.

Mario: Whatís it say?

Frankly: I donít know, this is a whole different language, but I gather it's something of the battle between Light and Darkness.

Mario: Light and Dark are doing battle as we speak?

Frankly: You and Bowser.

Suddenly the coffin shone a bright light, causing Mario, Peach, and Frankly to fly back as Mario had a strange vision.

Mario: Where am I?

Bowser: Iíd like to know that as well.

Then Mario fell to the ground clutching his sides as if something was infecting him.

Bowser: My my, Mario, you seem weak.

Then a demon appeared behind Bowser and grabbed him by the back of his head.

Demon: Youíre next!

Then Mario awoke to see Peach and Frankly looking him over.

Peach: I was wondering if you were alive or not.

Mario: Thanks.

Mario then noticed broken glass on the floor and saw the coffin gone.

Frankly: Oh no!

Mario: The coffinís gone.

Frankly: This is one crime some punks are surely going to regret committing.

Peach: Hey look, the ring is gone.

Frankly: They stole the Ring of Darkness.

Mario: Great, itís probably Bowser.

Peach: Doubt it.

Suddenly a Paragoomba flew in and landed on Franklyís head.

Paragoomba: Mario! Lord Bowser has declared a challenge against you and he wants to meet you in Toad Town Park.

Mario: Tell your king Iíll be there.

Peach: You arenít serious, are you?

Mario: Better believe it. Iím wondering why he wants to fight me.

Mario flew out of the museum and to the park as Bowser stood waiting.

Bowser: Crimson Phoenix, youíve arrived.

Mario: Well now Iím surprised youíve boldly challenged me.

Bowser: Letís fight.

Mario: Your move.

Bowser lunged at Mario, who grabbed the Koopa King by his tail and swung him into a tree.

Bowser: *laugh* Excellent!

Mario: (Somethingís not right, normally heíd get angry about this.)

Bowser: Look around, Mario. This fight is being broadcast across Toad Town.

Mario: So they can watch me defeat you.

Bowser then thought back to when he was training against the virtual Mario with a certain weapon and destroying the virtual King of Heroes.

Bowser: Time to beat some power out of you.

Bowser reached into his shell and pulled out a strange ring.

Bowser: I now invoke the magic of the Ring of Darkness!

Bowser put the ring on his finger and began glowing as a light shot up into the air and formed into a giant ring.

Mario: What the?

Mario then crackled with electricity, causing him to fall to one knee as the Crystal Stars seemed to be drained of energy.

Mario: What have you done?

Bowser: Well letís see, I believe I just won.

Mario: You may have me without access to the Crystal Stars, but remember, Iíve also got my phoenix mode powers with me as well.

Bowser: I know, thatís why this ring grants me the powers of darkness.

Marioís eyes widened as Bowser transformed into Giga Bowser.

Bowser: Thatís the true look of terror, Mario. Youíve shown that look and now itís time to die.

Peach and Frankly walked out into the park and were met by the giant glowing ring.

Frankly: That looks like the Ring of Darkness, only jumbo-sized.

Mario dodged Bowserís claws as the Koopa King shot a burst of lava from his mouth.

Mario: Woah!

Mario fired a blast of fire at the lava ball as it dissolved, leaving Bowser baffled.

Bowser: This stupid ring was supposed to help me.

Mario: Bowser, please stop this. Youíre playing with supernatural forces that are beyond your comprehension.

Bowser: Last I checked, I didnít care.

Mario simply exploded into his phoenix mode, glaring daggers at Bowser.

Mario: You leave me no choice.

Mario stood ready as Bowser advanced on the king of heroes, ready to unleash all of his power on Mario.

Bowser: Freezing Fortress!

Bowser spun fast in his shell and as a result started shooting ice from the shell as Mario burned them all with fireballs.

Mario: My turn! Phoenix Flame!

Mario shot a blue burst of fire at Bowser, who simply slapped it away and punched Mario but with shadow magic powering his fist.

Bowser: (mixed with a demonic voice) I must say, Mario, youíre weaker than I thought.

Mario then jumped up with his fists glowing with red flames.

Mario: Phoenix Fist!

Mario punched Bowser with immense power, sending the Koopa King to the ground and knocking his Giga power out of him.

Mario: Will you stop this madness now!

Bowser started laughing as his voice became mixed with the same demonic voice.

Bowser: My ring grants me more power than just simply Giga Bowser!

Peach stared on in horror as Mario stared down a now glowing Bowser.

Peach: I have to help him!

Peach then flew up to the strange, demonic star and looked into it as her soul was transferred into a strange labyrinth.

Bowser: Meet the Ultimate Bowser!

Bowser now stood coated in metal with mechanical wings spreading out of his back as Mario stood in horror.

Mario: (Why is it every time we hit each other if feels like Iím dying?)

Bowser: (It feels like Iím dying every time he hits me.)

Bowser took to the air as Mario felt Bowserís energy starting to build up.

Mario: Bowser, please stop this!

Bowser: Never! Shining Fire Blast!

Bowser fired a sky-blue blast of fire equal in strength to Marioís supernova attack at the weakened King of Heroes, hitting him and knocking him into the ground.

Bowser: Iíve done it! Marioís no match for me!

Outside the ring Frankly looked on in horror at both Mario on the ground and the energy waves the ring itself was putting out.

Frankly: Bowser has created the ultimate Shadow fight.

Suddenly a ladder dropped and Gadd looked down.

Gadd: Come on!

Frankly: All right, hang on!

Frankly grabbed Peachís body and then climbed up onto Gaddís Poltergust 3001.

Frankly: Whatís going on Gadd?

Gadd: Bowser plans on using this ring to destroy Mario, but little does he know that his and Marioís life force is being used to bring back the Shadow King Shinnok.

Frankly: How did he find out?

Gadd: I was forced to tell him.

Mario lay on the ground with smoke coming off of him and a blue mist starting to come off him as well.

Bowser: Come, get up! (demon voice mix) Get up so I can strike you down again!

Peach stood, walking through Marioís mind, but her mind somehow seemed to tell her to follow the mist that was flowing through the room.

Peach: I hope this isnít what it seems.

Peach then came into a room similar to what Grodus had used to resurrect the Shadow Queen and saw a phantom version of Mario being transferred into the coffin.

Peach: What the?

Suddenly an army of mummies came out of the smaller coffins as Peach stood ready.

Meanwhile, Mario struggled to get up as he sensed Bowser ready to launch an even stronger attack.

Mario: Bowser, donít you get it ? This ring is more than you think! Itís not only helping you beat me, itís also taking away our life energy!

Bowser: Mario, Iíve heard enough of your mouth, now Iím going to use your own Crystal Stars against you.

Mario: (He canít... WAIT! Unless he plans on destroying the Ring of Darkness!)

Bowser: I invoke the powers of Shining Darkness. (I need it to beat him! No, I want to humiliate him.) Iíll now destroy this ring.

Mario: Heís actually going through with this.

Bowser: (Use that ring I gave you and destroy him! No, I want the Crystal Stars!

Bowser dove at the ring, hoping to destroy it as he fell out of his Shining Bowser form, only to find it wasnít destroyed, it stood proud and tall.

Mario: Why wasnít it destroyed?

Voice: It wasnít destroyed because I willed it to not be destroyed.

Bowser: Who are you? Show yourself!

Voice: But Bowser, Iíve been here all along, I was the one whispering into your ear the entire time!

Then a black pool of sludge formed behind Bowser as the Ring of Darkness flew to it.

Bowser: Where are you?

Out of the sludge rose a man dressed in a Chinese outfit with a torn cape and long, red hair as Mario sensed his powers starting to rise beyond the Shadow Queenís Luster Purge move.

Mario: Bowser, look out!

Bowser turned around to see the man, who grabbed Bowser by the face and flung him into the ground, knocking him out.

Mario: Shinnok the Shadow King.

Shinnok: Mario Mario, the Crimson Phoenix and the descendant of Konstantine Koopa, the Legendary Koopa. Am I right?

Mario: Yeah.

Shinnok: What a privilege.

Mario: What do you want?

Shinnok: To stomp you out of existence.

Peach had destroyed thousands of mummies but they kept reforming in greater numbers. She was flung back into the Shadow Kingís crypt but found a strange knife in it.

Peach: Interesting.

Peach climbed out as the mummies suddenly froze when she brought the knife out.

Peach: Wierd.

Peach then looked up above the coffin to see the same star symbol as the one on the Ring of Darkness.

Peach: (looking at the knife) I wonder.

Peach threw the knife and it hit the symbol but only by its hilt, signaling the mummies for another attack.

Peach: Just go ahead and kill me, Iíve failed.

Then a small pebble hit Peach on the head. She looked up to the symbol to see it breaking apart.

Shinnok twitched strangely as Mario looked puzzled.

Mario: (Iím sensing a weakness in the ring.) Peach. Now then, time to finish what Bowser started.

Mario flew up into the air and fired a red burst of fire at the wall of the ring, causing it to shatter.

Shinnok: (looking at Bowser) He tried that and it didnít work, how could it work now?

Mario: Somehow it weakened.

Shinnok: You couldnít have done that yourself!

Mario: Youíre right, I couldnít, thatís why my wife jumped into my mind and somehow weakened it.

Shinnok: Well you actually are getting on my nerves.

Mario: Yeah, well I have knack for that.

Shinnok: Not anymore. Undead Absorption!

Souls flew out of both Mario and Bowser as the Shadow King swallowed them all, causing his power to skyrocket.

Mario: Wow!

Shinnok: And you donít have the Stars to help win.

Mario: You see, thatís where youíre wrong.

Marioís body turned into a black silhouette as the seven Crystal Stars began to shine brighter than ever as Shinnok stepped back.

Mario: Yes, fear the wrath of the heavens.

Marioís body turned back to normal as his once formidable power rose back to its near god-like state.

Shinnok: No matter, my newfound souls have given me the power to surpass those Stars.

Mario: Your wife mustíve not shown you their true powers in the hands of someone powerful.

Shinnok: Enlighten me.

Mario: Watch.

Marioís body began taking in blue energy balls as the shadow-filled park began to weaken and Marioís crimson aura began glowing brighter.

Shinnok: Impressive light show, but youíre still nothing to me.

Mario: Now Super Nova!

Mario fired off a sky-blue blast of energy the size of a small moon at the Shadow King, causing him to melt back into the black sludge.

Mario: Itís finally over.

Mario jumped into the air and met up with Gadd, Frankly, and a now conscious Peach.

Gadd: Impressive, Mario.

Frankly: You seem to have gotten stronger since we first met.

Peach: He is the Crimson Phoenix, after all.

Voice: Donít celebrate yet, Bro.

Mario: Luigi!

Luigi: Yeah, I watched the fight from the shadows. Somethingís going to happen, my Compass wonít show me though.

Suddenly the sludge grabbed Mario and pulled him in as the others watched in horror.

Mario: (mixed with Shinnokís voice) All this power! Mine!

The sludge covered Mario completely as the figure began to crackle with electricity.

Luigi: (gazing into the future) Oh no... Just as I feared, Shinnok is now possessing Mario.

Peach: But doesnít the fact of Mario having the Crystal Stars prevent him from being controlled?

Frankly: No, the Stars canít distinguish good from evil so they are now tainted with Shinnokís evil just as Mario has been.

Mario now stood, mixed with some of his features and some of Shinnokís while glowing brightly and reverting to a shady glow as well.

Shinnok: Now then, letís test his powers out on someone!

Bowser rose off of the ground, battered and furious.

Bowser: What are you?!

Shinnok: Iím Shinnok in your rivalís body.

Bowser roared and exploded into his Ultimate Bowser form as Shinnok simply smiled.

Shinnok: That form is nothing to me now!

Bowser: No, but this might be!

Bowser turned pitch black as Shinnok sensed his powers awaken fully, but he wasnít worried in the least bit.

Shinnok: Now come... Death awaits you!

Bowser flew at Shinnok as he held out his hand and a black energy ball formed.

Shinnok: Showstopper!

Shinnok fired it and it ripped through Bowser, killing him.

Peach: Weíve got to do something!

Rage filled her mind as a familiar presence soon reentered her body.

Voice: Let me help you.

Peach: (Why would I let you help me, Shadow Queen?

Shadow Queen: Because Iím no longer a threat. Besides, after we defeat him Iíll go back into the darkness anyway.

Peach: (All right, just donít hurt Mario!)

Peach fell of Gaddís device and began glowing a strange black color, and it seemed as if time itself stopped as her skin became more pale while her eyes turned red and her shirt and pants became black. The scourge of Rogueport had come back. The Shadow Queen was reborn.

Luigi: Peach?

Peach: Iím the Shadow Queen, and you three need to leave!

Frankly: How do we know you wonít turn and kill us?

Peach: Because if I wanted to kill you I would have done so already.

Gadd: Good enough, letís go.

Gadd sped off with Frankly eyeing Peach suspiciously and Luigi looking worried.

Peach: Hey Shinnok, why donít you come and test those Stars against me?

Shinnok: Shadow Queen, you look lovely. Too bad Iíve got to mess that pretty face up now.

Peach: Youíll never even touch this vessel.

Shinnok: Why so hostile over a silly vessel?

Peach: Because itís your vesselís lover.

Peach began gathering dark energies as did Shinnok, causing the ground to shake and windows to shatter.

Shinnok: I see youíve gotten stronger since I last fought you.

Peach: Youíre not bad either.

Shinnok: Still a novice, though. RIYOMAUíS WRATH !


Peach and Shinnok exploded with dark energies as they clashed, causing an explosion and sending both Peach and Shinnok crashing through buildings.

Peach: (I know Marioís there somewhere.)

Shinnok: (P-Peach!)

Shinnok then charged up one of Marioís famous moves as Peach lunged at him.

Shinnok: Supernova!

Shinnok fired off the supernova but Peach slapped it away.

Shinnok: NO!

Peach: Anything tainted with malice canít harm me, remember?

Shinnok: Oh, I remember.

Peach: Dark Lightning Strike!

A black lightning bolt struck Shinnok, sending him into the basement of the building he was in. He then became angry.

Shinnok: I will not lose to you!

Peach: My dear, youíve no choice in the matter.

Shinnok: Did you forget about my Ring of Darkness?

Peach: If you use that you will lose the Crystal Starsí powers.

Shinnok: Youíre right... So now, letís see here...

Shinnok began charging up his energy as Peach looked worried.

Peach: He couldnít have learned my Luster Purge trick, did he?

Shinnok: Yeah, I learned from you using it the first time.

Shinnok began glowing an eerie red while Peach cast a spell on herself to increase her durability.


Shinnok exploded with energy from both light and darkness, sending Peach flying into the air as the Shadow King flew up to his former queen and smiled.

Shinnok: Only human.

Shinnok then dove into the ground with Peach, gaining phenomenal speeds as he crashed into the ground and creating a crater of immense size and depth.

Shinnok: Now to be put to rest once and for, all the late and forgotten Shadow Queen!

Peach then miraculously stood, but she was no longer tainted with the Shadow Queenís magic, she was just herself.

Shinnok: It seems that you are no longer my useless wife, just the foolish girl she corrupted.

Shinnok simply flicked his finger and Peach was sent flying through the crater and lay embedded in sewage pipes.

Elsewhere, Luigi felt Peachís new strength die out as he turned to confront the almighty Shadow King, but Gadd stopped him.

Gadd: Luigi, stop this. Youíll just die.

Luigi: I have to help Peach and my brother. I mean, thereís no one else who can fight that monster.

Shinnok began to split as Mario began to rip from him, no longer wanting just to sit and watch this demon destroy his life.

Shinnok: You wonít undo me!

Mario: Youíll never control me!


Mario: NEVER!

Shinnok: Youíll never get rid of me!

Mario: GET OUT!

Mario and Shinnok separated as the Crystal Stars began circling around Mario.

Shinnok: Oh no!

Mario: (speaking Koopaharian) Crystal Stars, show this fool the might of the four heroes.

Suddenly a spectral Toad, Koopa, Goomba, and Boo appeared glaring menacingly at Shinnok.

Mario: Meet my friends, Tadpole the Toad, Konstantine the Koopa, Amanda the Goomba, and Boolia the Boo.

The heroes powered up as did Mario, causing them to be drawn into the King of Heroes as the Crystal Stars went into him as well, causing his powers to climb higher than the Shadow Kingís.

Shinnok: Poor, poor, deluded fools.

Shinnok underwent a monstrous transformation as he turned into a black dragon with three heads, each with yellow eyes.

Shinnok: Meet my ultimate form, DemonĎs Dragon.

Mario: Iím not scared of it.

Shinnok: You will be once I use my favorite spell.

Mario: What?

Shinnok: Double Power!

Shinnok grew twice the normal height of the dragon as Mario now stood fearful of the power he was generating.

Mario: Now what?

Shinnok: Now let me show you a real attack!

Shinnok fired a black, red, and green blast of energy from each of his heads as Mario dodged it, but little did he know it was heading for Luigi, Gadd, and Frankly.

Shinnok: You might want to save your friends.

Luigi tried to blast the attack back but it proved futile as Mario appeared and took the blast full force.

Mario: Run!

The energy blast faded as Mario now stood smoldering while he used the Crystal Stars to heal himself.

Luigi: Mario, use your sword!

Mario: Go Luigi! I canít fight full force with you three here.

Luigi and Gadd flew off as Mario began charging up his powers again but this time exploding into his super spirit form as well.

Mario: All right, now itís time to finish this.

Mario flew full force at Shinnok, who roared and fired a fireball at Mario, who simply smacked it away and dove straight into the demon.

Shinnok: Get out of me now!

Mario: This is just like when you controlled me, but now instead of me keeping you alive Iím going to rip you apart.

Shinnok roared as Luigi stopped to see the dragon begin to ripple oddly.

Luigi: Unless Iím mistaken, Marioís going to use his light conversion to blow Shinnok up.

Mario began crackling with electricity and Shinnok began to crack and ripple with light.

Mario: Dark Purge!

Mario exploded with light energy as Shinnok was vaporized by the sheer amount of energy, leaving only the Ring of Darkness, which cracked and shattered.

Luigi: Whereís Mario?

Mario stood, fully healed of injuries. Even his clothes were restored. Peach had dug herself out of the crater and was smiling.

Peach: About time, Mario.

Mario: You okay?

Peach: Yeah, Shinnok destroyed the Shadow Queen somehow.

Mario: I know, in a way Iím grateful for her help.

The End

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