The War for Peace 2: Revenge of the Mystery Magikoopa

By crankymama5452

Chapter Five: The Inside of the Mountain Castle

Mario and the gang enter the castle to a hall with stone walls, ceiling, and floor. Torches line the hall, lighting it. There aren't any windows and the hall goes on too long to see the end.

Mario: Well, let's-a go!

Bowser: We're down several people, though, so this could get sticky.

Yoshi and Larry: Yeah! Let's go.

They go down the hall for about ten minutes until they reach the end, which is a large hole in the ground going to the bottom, which is filled with water up to the knees. A pipe is seen on the wall going into the wall.

Lemmy: That must be the way to the next area.

Morton: How do we safely get down there?

Wendy: Yeah, King Dad.

Toad: YEAH!

Just then the floor beneath them turns into a ramp and they slide into the water-filled pit.

Mario: Well there's your answer.

Toad and Wendy: We broke our legs in the fall. We can't go any farther. Go get them.

Bowser and Mario: Okay! Let's go!

They enter the pipe and unfortunately for them, Bandy enters at the other end with a large sack.

Yoshi: Yoshi scared. Yoshi hear something. Yoshi think this is big maze of paths.

Bowser: Ya think? Nobody would have guessed with only six different paths in front of us.

Lemmy: Let's go.

They continue through the maze. which has water running along the floor. Meanwhile at the other end of the maze.

Bandy: Let's make this short, sweat, and fun.

Bandy releases twenty Bob-ombs into the maze.

Bandy: I want each of you to go to a different area of the pipe maze and explode.

The Bob-ombs nod and enter the maze.

Bandy: I'll cave that place in on them.

Meanwhile in the maze, the group is trying to get to the end. Countless times they think they have found the
way but there just seems to be more and more.

Mario: This is ridiculous!

Yoshi: Yoshi scared!

Three Bob-ombs run by them.

Bowser: OOOOkay! What's the rush?

They turn to see them gone, so they just continue on through the maze.

Lemmy: This is nuts!

Morton: If we don't get out soon I'll freak.

Just then the sound of explosions from all around them is heard and dust starts falling from the ceiling as well as small chunks of the ceiling.

Bandy: PERFECT! They can all die and I can say it wasn't me, it was my Bob-omb buddies. HAHAHAHAHAHA!

Mario: I heard a voice. THAT WAY!

Bandy: Oh poot, they heard me!

Bandy enters the maze and runs all through it and accidentally bumps into the Mario gang.

Bandy: AH MAN! I can't rob anyplace anymore without getting caught.

Mario: You were robbing the place? You can go then.

Bandy: Really?

Mario: Just show us what you took.

Bandy shows that he has a pile of fancy things from the castle in his bag.

Larry: He was honest. You can go.

Bandy: Your odd ,but thanks.

Bandy keeps going through the collapsing tunnels and the Mario gang exits through the other side.

Bandy: Idiots!

Mario: Let's go.

Chapter Six: The Stampede of Raging Minions

Wizrobe: What is he doing?

Hamma: He must have some idea, Miss.

Wizrobe: Well whatever it is he had better stop them.

Hamma: Camera shows he is exiting the castle.

Wizrobe: THAT BETRAYER... What's this? He is going around back and staying there. Maybe he does have a plan.

Hamma: Thought so. In the meantime, should I go stop them?

Wizrobe: We'll just give them time to explore a little. I know what to do.

Wizrobe hits a button and the camera shows three gates open and one hundred Goombas, Koopas, and Boos exit them. The three hundred minions run towards where the Mario gang is. Meanwhile with the Mario gang...

Mario: There's a stairway.

Bowser: Let's go.

They climb up to the tower part. They enter a hall lined with torches, fancy windows, golden walls, and a long, red carpet.

Larry: Oh... I hear something.

The minions stampede up to them and suround them.

Morton: And we are dead.

Bowser and Mario: BURN BABY BURN!

Mario throws fireballs while Bowser spits flames. Minions are blown apart, destroyed, and blasted away until 25% are gone. They notice a big Boo, Goomba, and Koopa.

Big Boo: They are powerful. ATTACK!

Big Goomba and Koopa: DESTROY!

They form a fight cloud with the Mario gang and minions are thrown and eventually Lemmy is thrown out and down the stairs. Several Koopas who attacked him go after him.

Bowser: LEMMY! BURN, YOU LITTLE *(^%*(*#(*@ FREAKS!

Minions fly from the fight cloud faster until just the big Boo, Koopa, and Goomba are left.

Big Goomba: Powerful!

Big Koopa: Yes. Maybe we should show off our power.

The three glow and fuse, forming a Boo with a Koopa shell and arms and a Goomba's feet and eyes. A large crown is on them.

????: We are now the Minion Master.

Mario: Oh dear.

Minion Master: HAHAHAHA!

Bowser: Shut up and bring it.

Chapter Seven: Hamma and the Minion Master

Wizrobe: Hamma, get out there just in case they somehow beat the Minion Master.

Hamma: I'm on it.

He leaves the room. Meanwhile with the Mario gang...


Minion Master dissapears and reappears to punch Morton down the stairs.

Minion Master: I see four left.

Larry: Uh oh.

Bowser: Mario! Remember our past encounter with these jerks? Should we?

Mario: Let's work together. Yoshi and Larry, you work together.

Minion Master: It'll never work.


Minion Master: Ah yes. Help.

Hamma: I wanna hurt them too.

Minion Master: LET'S GO!

Hamma fuses with Minion Master and Minion Master gains a large hammer and a helmet.

Bowser: Dang!

Yoshi: YOSHI!

Larry jumps on Yoshi's back and Yoshi runs at Minion Master. Larry hops off and lands behind him and Yoshi stops and throws a large egg at Minion Master.

Minion Master: Ready... NOW!

Minion Master disappears and the egg hits Larry. Bowser gets in his shell and Mario jumps on. Bowser shoots them into the next room, which is a big, round room that goes all the way to the top room. Fancy windows and torches spiral along the wall just above the long spiral stairway. Bowser goes to the center of the room with Mario on him. Minion Master appears and Bowser spins around and shoots flames out of his shell while Mario throws fireballs. The flames spiral around the room and eventually hit Minion Master, throwing him into the wall. He hits so hard the wall cracks.

Minion Master: OW! That is it.

Minion Master throws many giant hammers at Mario and Bowser. Most of them hit, causing severe damage.

Mario: Uh oh!

Bowser: Now what?

Minion Master: Now you die.

Minion Master warps in front of them and pulls back his hammer. He goes for the hit when a flaming, frozen, and regular barrage of watermelon seeds pelt him and cause an explosion. When the smoke clears the Minion Master's Boo body has turned to a Goomba.

Minion Master: Oh no! The Big Boo is dead.

A humongous egg bombs Minion Master, destroying Big Goomba and splitting Big Koopa and Hamma.

Hamma: Grrr. What was that?

Larry comes in on Yoshi's back.

Larry: We're here.

Big Koopa: Darn it. Well this is awkward.

Mario: GET THEM!

Bowser punches Big Koopa, causing him to fly through the wall and down several hundred feet.

Hamma: Ew.

Yoshi: Yoshi say byebye to you.

Mario: Let's do this.

Hamma: Come get me, you fools.

Hamma throws an endless number of hammers but Bowser gets into his shell and plows through Hamma and sends him flying. He however hits hard but still gets up.

Hamma: That is it.

Hamma goes to throw a hammer barrage when the floor shakes.

Hamma: Oh no! Bandy, you fool. You've blown away the pipe maze beneath us and the tower is shaking.

Mario: Bandy?

Hamma: Oh yeah! He is one of our master's best warriors... you know him as the passing by Bandit.

Mario: What? ... NO!

Bowser: He was with you?

Hamma: Yes. I may be weak and I may fall to you but you'll never get out alive. HAHAHAHAHAHA!

Bowser: Shut up!

Bowser socks Hamma in the face, knocking him out.

Mario: Let's destroy him.

Bowser: NO! Leave him and let's go get their master once and for all.

Yoshi: Right.

They run up the tower.

Chapter Eight: Wizrobe's Rematch.

The four remaining members eventually reach the top room, which is a fancy throne room. The room is empty but there is a hole in the wall in a door shape going to a ramp to the roof.

Larry: Up there!

They run up the ramp to the large round roof. It is still morning out and the sun shines.

Mario: Where is she?

Out of nowhere Wizrobe appears in the sky and drops to the rooftop.

Wizrobe: We meet again. What's this? Only four of you. HAHAHAHAHA! Either way I'm getting ahead of myself. I don't believe I formally introduced myself in our last meeting. I am Wizrobe. I am the future ruler of the world.

Mario: I have no time to talk, I just have time to crush you.

Wizrobe: Oh, so we skip the intro and get to the fun stuff.

Yoshi: No talk, just fight.

Wizrobe: Okay then. Here I come.

Wizrobe disappears and reappears to blast Yoshi with ice, freezing him.

Wizrobe: This castle will collapse and destroy you all, but then I wouldn't get to destroy you myself.

Mario throws flames at Wizrobe but she teleports away. Wizrobe reappears and fires large ice boulders at them. They dodge and throw fireballs up while Larry watches.


Wizrobe kicks and punches the fireballs back at them. The flames hit Bowser and ignites him. Wizrobe teleports in front of Bowser and slidekicks him, causing him to trip and fall over the side. She then fires sparks, blowing Yoshi over the side.

Mario: What happened to ice and water only?

Wizrobe: I learned to use electricity as well. So what? Besides, it gives me a better advantage.

Mario: Larry, it's just me and you. We beat her two to one.

Bandy: Oh! Guess who decided to come back?

Wizrobe: YES! PERFECT!


Wizrobe: Oh no, don't use that talk again.

Bandy: Maybe it'll freak them out, giving us the advantage. NOW LET'S GO, YOU FOOS!

Bandy begins throwing bombs at the two.


Mario ignites the bombs and they blow up, causing a large explosion. The blast throws Bandy far over the horizon. The floor then blows awayn dropping the three down to the throne room.

Wizrobe: Ugh, that just got my robe all dirty. Time to die.

Wizrobe begins throwing sparks rapidly. She then throws a mini tidal wave at them. They dodge all the attacks and watch as the attacks blow away the wall. The tower shakes harder and everything begins crumbling.

Wizrobe: Darn it. This place is going down. We need to end this, you two.

Larry: My turn to do something.

Larry gets into his shell and bounces into the air and does an air launch and shoots into Wizrobe, throwing her back


Wizrobe grabs Larry in his shell and throws him over the side like a frizbee.

Wizrobe: Just you and me again, boy.

Hamma: AND ME! I'm alive.

Mario: Oh no... Okay then!

Mario forms a huge fireball and pelts both of them at the same time. The collision blows up the floor, dropping them to the base of the tower.

Wizrobe: GRRRRRR.

Wizrobe throws icicles at Mario, but he grabs them and throws them back.

Wizrobe: HA!

Wizrobe teleports away and reappears in front of Mario, but Mario kicks her in the chest, throwing her into the wall.

Hamma: Here I come.

Hamma jumps up and comes down, piledriving his hammer in the ground and launching shockwaves at Mario, but he jumps over them and performs a jump kick on Hamma, hitting his face and throwing him into Wizrobe.

Hamma: Gack!

Wizrobe teleports behind Mario and encases him in a bubble and then electrocutes him, blowing him into a wall.

Wizrobe: Two on one. You can't win.

Mario gets up.

Mario: I can still win.

Mario backflips into the wall but wall kicks off it and shoots headfirst into Hamma.


Hamma flies into the wall, cracking it.

Hamma: Oh... no!

Mario: One on one, Wizrobe! One on one!

Mario runs forth and punches Hamma through the wall and watches him drop to his doom.

Wizrobe: GGGGGRRRRRRRR. You destroyed all my army. It is just me... all alone... ready to kill you.

Mario: Well then, bring it!

Wizrobe smiles before bombing Mario with a water bomb. Mario makes multiple attempts to strike her but she teleports away each time. Wizrobe goes to freeze Mario but the floor crumbles too much and drops them into the dark, dank pipe maze, which is almost fully destroyed.

Wizrobe: Ow! My butt!

Wizrobe jumps up and sparks the water on the floor, electrocuting Mario.


Wizrobe: TIME TO DIE!

Mario jumps from the water and uppercuts Wizrobe, sending her flying up into the wall.

Wizrobe: ACK! This is too much!

Wizrobe throws a giant spark at the water but Mario jumps on Wizrobe and pile drives her facefirst into the water as the spark hits and zapps her.


An explosion is formed and Wizrobe is thrown from it into the wall. Smoke emits from her and she starts limping around. The room shakes one last time and the ceiling falls in, leaving a large, tower-shaped room going twenty-thousand feet high without a roof.

Mario: I need to finish this.


Mario bombs the walls with a barrage of fireballs until the walls cave inward and falls in on top of them. The whole castle collapses on them. A flash is seen from the rubble and Mario with a Starman flies from the
rubble and Wizrobe appears from the air.

Wizrobe: Aren't I good?


Mario, using star power, jumps up and punches Wizrobe in the chest. There is a flashing explosion and it clears to reveal Wizrobe all tattered and damaged drop to the ground and get up.

Mario: I can't believe this.

Wizrobe: Die right now!

Wizrobe fires a huge spark at Mario.

Mario: YES! I WIN!

Wizrobe: What?

Mario kicks the spark and it flies back at Wizrobe.


The spark hits and zaps Wizrobe. The electrocution continues on.


Mario, using star power, jumps up and performs an aerial shot at Wizrobe with his fist out.


Mario flies into Wizrobe and his fist rips through her.


In one giant flash, Wizrobe explodes in a huge electrical blast. Mario drops to land panting.

Mario: I... I... did it.

Several flashes are seen all around and the many fallen gang members rise up.

Mario: Yes!

Mario's Gang: Mario... you did it.

Koopas: You actualy did it.

Bowser: I don't know how to say this, but congratulations.

They all walk off towards Toad Town, where they give the good news to the citizens and party. Mario and friends then go on vacation and live happily ever after until Bowser decides he wants to kidnap Peach again.

The End

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