Mario & Luigi: The Trip Across Nintendo Land

By E-Man

Mario and Luigi are on the roof of Bowser's Castle. Bowser is standing next to a cage that has Peach.

Bowser: Well, well, well. Look who's here. Why if it isn't Mario and his silly, green brother.


Peach: MARIO!

Mario: PEACH!

Mario is about to go over to Peach's cage, but Bowser blocks Mario's way to it.

Bowser: Where do you think you're going?

Mario: I was about to free her.

Bowser: Did you think it would be that easy? Give me a break! If you really want her, you must earn her in a battle!

Mario: Come on, Bowser! We did a whole lot of things to get here!

Bowser: Oh yeah? What did you do?

Luigi: Well, we stepped through the Nintendo Portal countless times, we crossed the deep jungles of DK Island, we explored every nook and cranny of K. Rool's ship, we fought with K. Rool four times, we battled all eight of your children, we battled countless monsters, we escaped the dungeon of Hyrule Castle, we climbed Moon Mountain Pass to get to the Volcano Force Point Temple, we got the powers of fire and thunder, we stormed DeDeDe's Castle, we found the secret Pikmin Land that's on Earth, we found the legendary Super Hammers, we shut off the sound machine, we took a detour through the Isle O' Hags, we found four Jingos, we solved every riddle of Gruntilda's Lair, we participated in Grunty's gameshow, we found 33 beans that we had to give to Fawful, we traveled across the Koopa Kingdom to get to your castle, and we went through your castle to get all the way to the roof. We sure did a lot to get here.

Bowser: I see. So you care about Peach so much that you went across this Nintendo Land to find her. Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha! I like the way that you’ll do anything just so you can be with her! However. PEACH IS MY GIRLFRIEND! I'M NOT GOING TO LET YOU BE WITH HER!

Mario: I know that you care about Peach as much as I do, but she is needed at her kingdom because she needs to rule it!

Bowser: Ahhh, tell those Mushroom heads that they can just lick a Spiny
Shell! Their pathetic kingdom is no interest to me!

Mario: But Bowser! The Mushroom Kingdom is the greatest place on Plit!
Seeing it suffer is something I don't want to imagine!

Bowser: See if I care if the kingdom gets hit by a meteor! I hate that place, with all that happiness junk!

Mario: Your kingdom looks like it got hit by a meteor! It's so ugly and stupid! Everyone in the Koopa Kingdom is unhappy and miserable, and the worst part is that you like it that way! You're a monster!

Luigi: Mario.


Luigi: Now you’ve done it, Mario!

Mario: Mamamia.

Peach: Mario! Luigi! Please be careful!

Mario and Luigi engage Bowser. Bowser's attacks are fire breath, claw slash, and shockwave. Mario and Luigi use seeds to hurt Bowser. However, the seeds don't decrease any of Bowser's status points.

Bowser: Silly Marios! Did you think that silly trick would work this time?!
Ha, ha, ha, ha!

Mario and Luigi do a warp star attack to hurt him a lot.

Bowser: Grrrr. So I see that you learned a few new tricks. No matter! I'll just defeat you!

Bowser goes over to Luigi. He does a fake claw slash but it doesn't make Luigi flinch.

Bowser: What the?

Luigi: I'm not going to fall for the same trick twice, you know!

Bowser: Grrr.

Bowser does a real claw slash and Luigi jumps over it. Bowser then does a shockwave attack that Mario and Luigi are able to dodge. Mario and Luigi use a fuel barrel two times to hurt Bowser. Bowser goes up to Mario and breathes fire on him. Luigi is able to jump over Bowser's fire breath. Mario heals the damage with a Mushroom. Mario and Luigi use a barrel to hurt Bowser. Bowser does two shockwave attacks that Mario and Luigi are able to dodge. Mario and Luigi use a Voltorb to hurt Bowser a lot and use a mystery egg to hurt him even more. Mario and Luigi get a Refreshing Herb. Bowser uses a claw slash attack that hurts Mario and a fire breath attack to hurt Luigi. Mario heals the damage with a Mushroom Drop. Luigi uses his hammer to make Bowser dizzy. Mario and Luigi jump on Bowser to cause him a lot of pain. Bowser snaps out of his dizziness and does a fire breath two times on Luigi. Luigi is able to jump over them. Mario and Luigi use Voltorb again to harm Bowser a lot two times. Bowser does a claw slash attack on Mario and then a shockwave attack to knock Mario out. Luigi revives Mario with a 1-Up Mushroom and Mario does a jump attack on Bowser. Bowser uses claw slash two times to knock out Luigi. Mario revives Luigi with a 1-Up Mushroom and Luigi uses his hammer to make Bowser dizzy again. Mario and Luigi use the mystery egg attack two times to hurt Bowser and get a Mushroom Drop and a 1-Up Mushroom.

Bowser: Uggg. I don't feel so good.

Bowser falls to the ground and is defeated. Mario and Luigi win the battle.

Bowser: Uggg. How could I lose again?

Luigi: I have no idea.

Mario: We beat you again, Bowser. Can you hand over Peach?

Bowser: Fine.

Mario goes over to Peach's cage.

Peach: You did it, Mario. You saved me again.

Mario: Thank you, Peach.

Mario opens up Peach's cage.

Peach: Let's go home, Mario. I don't want to stay at Bowser's evil castle forever.

Luigi: Finally, Mario, our quest is over.

Mario: Now we can put this long day of adventure behind us.

Just then, Kamek comes up to the roof.

Kamek: Mario and Luigi! You two are the greatest people ever! I was released from the dungeon and got my wand back! It was all thanks to you!


Kamek: Uh oh.


Kamek: But…

Bowser: NOW!

Kamek gives the wand to Bowser.

Bowser: Now I'm going to put this in a place you'll never find it!

Bowser is about to eat the wand.

Kamek: BOWSER! NO!

Bowser eats the wand.

Kamek: I better get out of here!

Kamek pulls his broom out of his robe and flies away from Bowser's Castle.

Peach: I don't think something good is about to happen.

Bowser: Ohhh... I feel a little bit funny.

Just then, Bowser starts to glow with a bright light and get bigger and bigger. When the light stops, Bowser has transformed into Giga Bowser. The sky turns a mixture of red and black, and thunder blots are coming out of it.



Mario: Peach! You need to get back to the Mushroom Kingdom as quickly as possible!

Peach: But…

Luigi: Do as my brother said! You'll be a lot safer there!

Peach: FINE!

Peach leaves Bowser Castle.

Luigi: Are you ready for this, Mario?

Mario: I'm ready for anything! Let's-a go!

Luigi: I'm right behind you, Mario!


Mario and Luigi engage Giga Bowser. Giga Bowser's attacks are fire breath, fire claw, thunder claw, and shockwave. Mario jumps on Giga Bowser's head. That attack does little damage to Giga Bowser and his right claw attacks Mario with fire, causing great pain to Mario. Luigi does the same thing as Mario did but gets similar results. Giga Bowser attacks Luigi with his left claw this time. That claw has the power of thunder. Giga Bowser does a fire breath attack that only knocks out Mario. Luigi is able to jump over the attack. Giga Bowser knocks out Luigi with a very powerful shockwave attack. Luigi would have been able to dodge it if he wasn't helping his knocked out brother escape the attack's fury. Mario and Luigi lose the battle.

Giga Bowser: HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA!

Meanwhile at Peach's Castle, E. Gadd is standing near the entrance to the castle.

E. Gadd: I wonder where those fellas went? They should be here by now.

Just then, Peach comes over to E. Gadd.

E. Gadd: Well I'll be! Peach is back here safe and sound!


Toadsworth goes up to Peach.

Toadsworth: I'm so glad that you are the same princess that we all know! You're not a monkey, an elf girl, no one! You're just the same as always!

Peach: That may be so, but Mario and Luigi are still at Bowser's Castle. I know that you think that they'll defeat Bowser like they always do, but Bowser is a lot more powerful this time. They need help.

Samantha: At least we can give them a great cheer for victory.

E. Gadd: How did you get out of that portrait?

Samantha: Getting out of a picture frame made of cardboard is easy!

Peach: Who are you?

Samantha: I'm Princess Samantha. I came here to find another kingdom to rule.

Peach: That's nice. Let's cheer for Mario and Luigi now! They need all the help they can get.

Peach, E. Gadd, Toadsworth, and Samantha: GO MARIO AND LUIGI!

Just then, Diddy and Dixie come up to Peach, E. Gadd, Toadsworth, and Samantha.

Diddy: I can here the cheer from all the way on DK Island.

Dixie: Why are you cheering?

Peach: Mario and Luigi are fighting Bowser in a very powerful form. They need all the help they can get.

Diddy and Dixie: We can help!

Peach, E. Gadd, Toadsworth, Samantha, Diddy, and Dixie: GO MARIO AND LUIGI!

Just then, Link and Zelda come over to Peach, E. Gadd, Toadsworth, Samantha, Diddy, and Dixie.

Link: We heard something all the way from Hyrule.

Zelda: What is it?

Dixie: We're cheering for Mario and Luigi!

Zelda: Why?

Peach: Mario and Luigi are fighting Bowser in a very powerful form. They need all the help they can get.

Link and Zelda: We can help!

Peach, E. Gadd, Toadsworth, Samantha, Diddy, Dixie, Link, and Zelda: GO MARIO AND LUIGI!

E-Man: I guess Mario and Luigi are in deep trouble.

Doopliss: The two Brothers are going to have a hard time without any help.

Octorock: I know how to help them!

Octorock goes through the Nintendo Portal. After a few minutes, Octorock comes out with everyone in the Nintendo Universe.

Dixie: Hey look! I think they all came here to cheer with us.

E-Man: You bet they did!

Peach: That's great! Ok everybody, let's do this!


Back with our heroes, Luigi is waking up from all the cheering.

Luigi: Mario, do you hear that?

Mario wakes up.

Mario: I do. What do you think it is?

Luigi: It sounds like cheering.

Mario: You're right, Luigi! I think everybody we met on our quest is trying to help us by sending us their best wishes for us! I think I now have the courage to face this fiend!

Luigi: Me too!

Mario and Luigi: Let's-a go!

Mario and Luigi continud to fight Giga Bowser. Just then, Kamek comes up to them.

Kamek: Mario and Luigi! I must warn you about Giga Bowser! As long as his arms are strong, your attacks will do little damage to him!

Mario: Does this me we have to defeat his hands?

Kamek: Yes.

Luigi: Don't worry, we can handle it.

Kamek: As soon as you defeat Giga Bowser's arms, I'll use my magic to make sure that they don't recover.

Mario: That's very nice of you, Kamek!

Kamek: Hey, I just want my wand back.

Luigi: Oh.

Mario: I bet that we'll do a lot of damage if we give Giga Bowser a taste of our own hand attacks.

Luigi: What do you mean?

Mario: We must attack the claws with our hand powers. I'll take care of the left claw! You take care of the right claw!

Luigi: Ok!

Mario goes over to the left claw and does great damage to it with Firebrand, and Luigi goes over to the right claw and does the same thing with Thunderhand. Bowser attacks by returning the favor. Mario and Luigi are able to counter it by using their hammers. Mario, Luigi, and Giga Bowser repeat the same thing over and over again.

Kamek: This is getting boring! All they're doing is repeating the same attacks over and over again, and Giga Bowser is always getting his hands hit! Will something else other than this happen to make the battle a little more exciting?

How about this? Mario had his timing for pulling out his hammer a little bit off, and he got knocked out by fire claw. Luigi revives him by using a 1-Up Mushroom, and they get back to attacking.

Kamek: At least that's a little bit better.

Just then, Giga Bowser's hands become very weak.

Luigi: Are they defeated?

Kamek: They sure are! Now allow me to take care of these hands!

Kamek pulls out a pair of golden handcuffs from his robe, and then he puts them on Giga Bowser.

Kamek: As long as those handcuffs are on him, he can't heal his hands!

Mario: I know what to do now!

Mario and Luigi uses a Pikmin cookie to summon a whole bunch of Pikmin. Mario and Luigi throw the Pikmin at Giga Bowser. This makes Giga Bowser angry.

Kamek: Uh oh. It looks like that monster is angry now! Powerful creatures tend to make weaker creatures have no chance to attack. You better dodge all of Giga Bowser's attacks or you can say game over!

Mario and Luigi do their best to dodge all of Giga Bowser's attacks. They know that if one of them gets knocked out, they still lose because trying to dodge attacks with a knocked out Brother on your back is not all that easy. They jump over the fire breath and barely jump over the shockwaves. While they are doing their best to survive the endless raid of attack, the Pikmin are at work pounding Giga Bowser to a pulp. All this dodging is taking a lot of time to do.

Kamek: This is getting way too boring! I need to find something else to do!

Kamek pulls out a bag of chips and a DS from his robe and plays Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga. When Kamek gets to the part of the game where Mario and Luigi end up in Oho Oasis, Giga Bowser stops doing the endless raid of attacks. This is because the Pikmin's beating wore him out.

Kamek: That's very good, Mario and Luigi! All you need to do now is give him the ol' coup de grace! Do you know what I mean?

Mario and Luigi: We do!

Kamek: Great! Make it happen!

Mario jump on Giga Bowser, causing Giga Bowser to fall on his back. Luigi hammers Giga Bowser right on the stomach and makes him spit out Kamek's wand. The wand flies through the air and lands in Kamek's hand.

Kamek: Fantastic! ... Although kind of gross. Ewwww!

Just then, Giga Bowser grows a bright light and shrinks. After the glowing stops, Giga Bowser changes back to Bowser. Mario and Luigi win the battle.

Bowser: Uggg. What happened? The last thing I can remember is eating Kamek's wand.

Kamek: Well... Uhhh… Why don't you take a well-needed rest? You must be feeling pretty tired right now.

Bowser: I guess you're right. In fact, I had the strangest dream. I was transformed into a Giga version of myself, and I almost won a battle with Mario and the guy I can't really remember. And the oddest thing was that you even helped them win, Kamek.

Kamek: Me? Help the Mario Brothers? You really are tired, Lord Bowser. Why don't I help you in your comfy chair in the living room while you watch The Bowser Show?

Bowser: Sounds like a good plan to me! I just love watching myself!

Kamek helps Bowser get downstairs.

Kamek: Thank you, Mario and Luigi.

Bowser: What was that?

Kamek: Oh nothing.

Mario: Let's-a go!

Luigi: Ok!

Mario and Luigi leave Bowser's Castle. Meanwhile, Peach and everyone else are waiting for Mario and Luigi in front of Peach's Castle.

Peach: I hope they come back soon.

Toadsworth: Don't worry. We sure gave them such a smashing cheer that could beat that no-good trouble maker!

Peach: I hope you're right, Toadsworth.

Just then, Mario and Luigi came to the castle.


Mario and Luigi: PEACH!

Mario and Luigi run up to Peach.

Peach: I'm so glad that you beat Bowser once again!

Mario: I'm so glad to see you safe!

E-Man: Well. Now that everyone's here, why don't we throw a big party?

Toadsworth: A party sounds like a smashing idea!

Dixie: I'll get the bananas!

Dixie goes through the portal.

Link: I'll get my grandma to cook up some soup!

Link goes through the portal.

Sharpclaws: We'll get some tasty eggs!

The Sharpclaws go through the portal.

Kirby: Poyo! Poyo!

Tiff: Kirby gets very excited when there's going to be a lot of food.

Banjo: I hope they come back with honey!

Kazooie: All you ever think about is honey!

Samantha: By the way, E-Man, do you happen to know of a kingdom for me to rule?

E-Man: Of course I do! You can rule Wario World! It's a very cool place!

Samantha: Ok!

Luigi: Can we start this party now?

Just then, Dixie, Link, and the Sharpclaws come back with bananas, elixir soup, and Puk Puk Eggs.

Peach: Yes.

Luigi: All right!

Mario: Let's-a go!

Everyone goes inside Peach's Castle and throws a big party. Meanwhile, Bowser is watching The Bowser Show on TV.

Bowser: I just love watching myself!

Just then, Kammy comes into the room with the rocket.

Kammy: Hey Bowser! I just came back from a walk and found this very nice juicer! I got it from three little men for 100 coins!

Bowser: A juicer, huh? Sounds like a good thing for making lemonade! Ok, Mr. Juicer! Make this lemon lemonade!

Bowser shows a lemon to the rocket.


The top of the rocket comes off and shoots laser beams at Bowser. Bowser starts running around the room.


Kammy: Uh oh.

Kammy pulls out her broom from her robe and flies away.


Meanwhile at the E-Man's house, E-Man has finished typing on his computer.

E-Man: That should do it! I finally finished Mario & Luigi: The Trip Across Nintendo Land! I hope you enjoyed this story because this a mighty fine story if I have to say. If you think the battles are kind of cheap and short, that's ok. You see, I'm not very good at making RPG-styled battles. If I want to make another RPG-based Fun Fiction, I’ll have to let another tourist write the battles while I write the story. Anyway, this Fun Fiction may be over, but the many adventures for Mario and his friends are just beginning. I'll soon work on a new story called Four Princesses. It's based on The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords Adventures. The story has to do with four princesses working together to stop some kind of powerful foe. I’ve already got three of the four princesses ready. Those lucky three are Peach, Daisy, and Samantha. I haven’t come up with a fourth princess so that is why I need your help. Can you please make up a princess for me to use in that story? She needs to be a princess in a green dress and also human, so don't forget that. Tell me about what she looks like as well as her special abilities. If you come up with a princess for me to use, just Email me. By the way, I'm also going to work on my next story in the meantime. It's Toad's Kongtastic Journey. It's about Bowser and K. Rool unifying together to kidnap Peach, and Toad has to save the day. I hope you enjoy this story, think of a princess for me to use, and look forward for Toad's Kongtastic Journey. See ya!

The End

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