The Quest of Luigi

By Crazed Robot: 2R91N

Prologue: Orangaland, Away!

On his way to Orangaland, Luigi is watching some birds while on the boat. Daisy has just recently invited him on a vacation to Orangaland, a place where Daisy is considered a treasure. She is considered this because Sarasaland is a very popular place in Orangaland.

When he gets there, he sees a Koopa Troopa getting mugged by a man in a uniform. He goes up to the man and says, "Hey you, stop mugging this Koopa! It's not nice!" They then engage in battle.

Luigi: 10 HP
???: 5 HP

Luigi jumps on ???. -1 HP

???: 4 HP
??? slams into Luigi. -1 HP.

Luigi: 9 HP
Luigi jumps on ??? twice. -2 HP

???: 2 HP
??? super slams into Luigi. - 2 HP.

Luigi: 7 HP
Luigi hits ??? with his hammer. -1 HP.

???: 1 HP "Hoof. Haaa. I don't think I can do this..."
??? runs away.

Luigi wins the battle.

"Thanks!" exclaims the Koopa. "That guy was going to get me. If it weren't for you, I probably would be in casts by now. My name is Kooplee. What's yours?"

"My name is Luigi. Have you seen a princess?"

"No," says Kooplie. "But can I join you on your adventure? I can't stay by myself. What if someone comes and trys to mug me again?"

"Don't worry," says Luigi. "Let's go! We need to find Princess Daisy!"

??? gets up and runs away, but not before yelling "I'LL BE BACK!"

"How about we go to see Mr. Koopster? He probably saw her," says Kooplee.

"Then let's go!" shouts Luigi!

They travel around Orangaland until they come by a house with the lights flashing "Mr. Koopster lives here".

"That was easy," says Luigi.

They go inside and see Mr. Koopster. After a long chat, Mr. Koopster tells them they must collect 10 Star
Souls. He then gives them a star that points to where one Star Soul is. He says each Star Soal points to the next. If they collect all the Star Souls, they may be able to find the whereabouts of Daisy. They then set off for Star King's castle.

Episode 1: Down with the Star King

"I still don't get why we need to collect the Star Souls," says Luigi.

"Don't you remember what Mr. Koopster said, Luigi? He said we need the Star Souls to find Daisy."

"Be more specific," Luigi tells Kooplee.

"Luigi, the Star Souls used to be in Orangaland. Now they're in a bunch of wacko castles. Daisy is also missing. Isn't it obvious? Some freak kidnapped Daisy and took the Star Souls. Now he's hidden them in his minion's castles and is trying to take over the world!"

"Oh. OH! We need to get those Star Souls back!" shouts Luigi.

"Well, we need to find the Star King and get the first Star Soul in Star Village," says Kooplee.

"Let's go now. We should get there by sunset."

The two hurry down to Star Village only to find a gang of Paratroopas, and they aren't friendly. "Hey, you twos. Give us all you money or feel the wrath of the Paratroopas Force Three!" They start the battle.

Luigi: 10 HP
Luigi jumps on Paratroopa 1. -1 HP.

Kooplee: 10 HP "I can't hurt any of them! They're too high!"
Kooplee does nothing.

Paratroopa 1: 3 HP "Feel the wrath of Troop!"
Troop dives at Luigi. -2 HP.

Paratroopa 2: 4 HP "Prepare to witness the wrath of Loop!"
Loop dives at Kooplee. -1 HP because of Kooplee's shell.

Paratroopa 3: 4 HP. "Dude, I'm, like, going to dive at you and everything, so, uh, prepare to die because of me, Toop, or something."
Toop dives at Luigi. -2  HP.

Luigi: 6 HP
Luigi triple jumps on Troop. -3 HP.

Troop: 0 HP "Nooo! Guys... take his money for me..."
Troop has been defeated.

Kooplee: 9 HP "I have an idea!"
Kooplee gets on Luigi and jumps on Loop. -2 HP.

Loop: 2 HP "What?! I can't believe a Koopa found out how to jump on a Paratroopa!"
Loop dives at Luigi but slightly misses. -1 HP.

Toop: 4 HP
Toop dives at Kooplee. - 1 HP.

Luigi: 5 HP
Luigi jumps twice on Loop. -2 HP.

Loop: 0 HP "Toop, you're the only one left. We're doomed..."

Kooplee: 8 HP
Kooplee jumps on Toop.  -2 HP

Toop: 2 HP
Toop dives at Luigi. -2 HP.

Luigi: 3 HP
Luigi double jumps on Toop. -2 HP.

Toop: 0 HP. "Uh, I guess this is where I say I have been defeated now, huh? Ok, just give me a sec. Oh no! I have been defeated!"
Toop has been defeated.

Luigi and Kooplee win the battle!

"Let's get out of here!" shout the three Paratroopas.

"I need something to heal myself," says a tired Luigi.

"I think I see Star Village over there. We can rest there."

The two heroes go to Star Village nd rest. After resting, the two ask about the Star King and where his castle is. On their way, they run into a wizard. He gives Luigi a health charm. With this, Luigi has 15 HP now. Kooplee asks for one, but the wizard says he's all out. Frustrated, Kooplee walks away. After searching, the two finally find someone who can give them a little information about the Star King and where his castle is.

"The Star King's castle, eh? Well, I've heard that his castle is north from here. If you're planning on meeting and fighting him in battle, I wish you luck," says the wise, old Koopa.

After searching for hours on end, the two finally find the Star King's castle. They go inside only to find the Star King in the entrance. "Leave now," he says, "or you will face a life of pain." Then he dissapears. They take only two steps inside when he appears again. "So, you're not leaving? You think you can beat me in battle? I pity you!" Battle start.

Luigi: 15 HP
Luigi jumps on the Star King. -2 HP.

Luigi: 15 HP "Wow! Not only did that charm give more HP, it made me stronger!"

Kooplee: 10 HP
Kooplee goes inside his shell and slams into the Star King. -2 HP.

Star King: 16 HP "Fools. You made the wrong choice challenging me."
Star King tackles Luigi. -2 HP.

Luigi: 13 HP
Luigi uses his hammer on the Star King. -2 HP.

Kooplee: 10 HP "I have a new trick up my sleeve!"
Kooplee tackles the Star King. -1 HP.

Star King: 13 HP
The Star King makes shooting stars hit Kooplee. -3 HP.

Luigi: 13 HP
Luigi double jumps on the Star King. -4 HP.

Kooplee: 7 HP
Kooplee goes into his shell and slams into the Star King. -2 HP.

Star King: 7 HP
The Star King tackles Luigi. -2 HP

Luigi: 11 HP "This will make this go a lot faster!"
Luigi triple jumps on the Star King. -6 HP.

Kooplee: 7 HP "Game over, Star King!"
Kooplee tackles the Star King. -1 HP.

The Star King blows up. Stars scatter everywhere in the castle.

Luigi and Kooplee win the battle.

"All right. Now all we need to do is find the Star Soul," says Luigi. Before they can even take one step, the Star Soul appears in front of them. When Luigi grabs it, it starts shinening and there is a soft sound, but loud enough to here. It says, "Draco".

"Where have I heard that before... Ah ha! Draco is the place full of dragons! The next Star Soul must be at Draco!" says Kooplee.

They take the time to say goodbye to some of their friends in Star Village, like the wizard and the wise Koopa, and head off for Draco.

To Be Continued...

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