Mario: Quest for Terror Towers

By General Guy

It was a bright fall day outside, nothing all too bad, as Mario and Luigi were walking towards the beach to enjoy the last ray of heat they would receive. A brisk wind was blowing, but it wasn't very cool, just enough to kick the leaves in a motion behind them. As they reached the beach, they saw they were alone, not a soul on the sandy heaven.

The ripples were crashing against the sandy, griny, brown-colored beach. Mario and Luigi were sitting on the beach, minding themselves, when a frantic-faced Toad came scurrying down the nearby dirt torn path. Dashing after Mario and Luigi, the Toad looked like he had some important reasonings to do with the Brothers, so they were all ears.

"Mario, Mario, the princess has been kidnapped!" the Toad finally uttered. Mario raised an eyebrow, curious as to what the cute little resident had also to utter.

"She's been kidnapped, and taken to the city of Booville," Toad was able to get that information out as well without having a heart attack.

Sweat was now dripping from the Toad's face, almost as if he didn't want to release the information. The Toad covered his mouth, and Mario asked, "Where could this place be found, Toad?"

Toad looked sad, but was able to tell the Brothers. Sighing, Toad responded, "They came into the Castle, and- they they took... the princess to a portal in the castl-" The Brothers were already off and ready to rescue there beloved princess.

Mario was dashing towards the castle through the thick, dark green, decidous forest, Luigi trailing a few feet behind. When they reached the Toad Town Gates, it was a completely different place from how Mario had envisioned it. Windows were shattered, furniture in neighboring houses was destroyed, graffiti was placed all over the walls, flowers and grass were uprooted in their entirety, clothes were scattered, and shops had been robbed.

Mario was shocked. "What happened?"

Luigi was curious as well but not as much as his brother was. "It looks like they came."

Mario grew curious. "What do you mean, they? The Boos?" Luigi was already off for the portal in the Castle, and Mario caught up to him.

When they reached the castle, it was the only thing not in bad condition. They noticed the same castle they had come to live by, and saw the massive-sized corridors; colorful, vivid wallpaper; and carpet. Bold designs still decorated the walls, and even the paintings they had seen previously in past adventures were there. They wouldn't let the scenery's beauty hold them back, though, and they proceeded to the Castle Balcony, and noted the portal at the exit.

The portal was flashing, and colors were swirling down inside. A neon type glow was added to it, lighting up the corridor of the Castle baclony. Mario quickly jumped in, with Luigi close behind him, and they were in a complete new world.

Chapter 1; Forest of Illusionary Chaos

The first thing that couldn't be missed was the props and scenery of this terror-filled environment. Houses were broken into, robbed, and in terrible condition. Windows were shattered, items were stolen, furniture was broken, cars were destroyed, and even town hall was in horid shape. The first person they noticed was a black-colored Toad with multicolored spots on his fungi-hat.

"'Eloo there, may I help you lads?" the Toad said. Looking the Toad over, Mario noticed he was covered in dirt, smelled like salty garbage, and his clothes were ragged and torn to miniature bits. There was no doubt that this city alone was in poverty.

"Um, yes, could you help us-a find Booville?" Luigi replied, nervously, with a blank look on his face.

"Sure, you need to take a train there, just head north through the forest ahead," the ragged Toad said.

"All right, thanks, and best of luck to you," Mario replied, more sure of the Toad now that he had met him.

Walking away, they noticed a sign nearby; they weren't in Booville, they were in Shroobex. Though there wasn't a Shroob in sight, and the place didn't look very technologically advanced, Mario and Luigi still took small caution, walking side by side.

"So, I guess the forest is a few steps away, huh, Bro?" Mario asked, shaking from the horrid surrounding.

"Yeah, sure, Bro," Luigi replied, with a shake as well.

They continued, now at a moderate pace, and had a feeling as if they were being watched. They still noticed the ragged, torn buildings close to them, and now they appeared as a vivid image. The Shroobs must've destroyed, or at least robbed this place. After all, you don't see many metropolis-type cities that are compeletely poor, like this one was. Then from behind, they heard a voice.

The faint image of a boy appeared. He couldn't be seen, but he had the shape of Mario, gray outlines, and red eyes that seemed like pools of thick blood. He smiled a deep grin at them, and handed them a small, bright, emerald green gem. "If you keep it, they will come!" Just like that, the boy disappeared in front of their very eyes!

Mario and Luigi were curious, and were trembling with fear of the image their eyes had caught glimpse of. Being himself, Mario put the gem in his back pocket, taking the risk.

They continued on, without little worry, and finally reached the forest. In the distance they saw pure darkness, and not a trail could be seen throughout the whole forest. The gem in Mario's back pocket begin to shake rapidly, and Mario pulled it out as Luigi watched with amazment.

A flash came from the gem, and the forest was lit by a small and very dim, greenish light. They had a small amount of vision now, enough to make it through the rough times they would soon be facing.

Luigi followed his brother, who appeared to be creating a path by himself. Luigi didn't know what to do, especially when he saw what was in front of the pair. "Marrriioo... look," Luigi uttered in fear.

In front of them, they saw a gigantic Boo, except he was red. He wore a mask, and looked as if he was a Bandit. "*&%*, &^$&^%$ &%&^ ^$" the Boo uttered loudly, as if proud to say something.

"What?" Mario was puzzled, as he asked the figure what he spoke of.

The Boo kept floating there, glaring down at them, now with its tongue sticking out. The Boo was a transparent figure, but details could still be seen. He was dark red, with a gray and black outlining, and wore a mask on his face. He looked like a Bandit, the way he wore his mask, but the Brothers weren't so sure, and weren't going to take any chances.

"What did you say?" Luigi asked again in peril.

"$@$ %&^%&^$ %^*%^$!" the Boo replied, again loudly and very proud that he'd said that.

Then, the Boo charged into the Brothers. He had come for two things: to rob them of all their prized possesions; and to kill them, leaving nothing but shattered dreams. This Boo didn't look like one to be reckoned with, either.

The Boo shouted at them again, with another ear piercing scream, and then pierced his fangs into Mario's pale, medium-sized arm. A cut could be visibly seen on Mario's body, now, and Mario stood grimacing. Luigi struck back, with a punch of the Boo, but it went right through the Shadow Illusionist. He was transparent, and they couldn't attack him.

"Bro, we have to run, we can't destroy it," Luigi said with a soft and fear filled voice. Mario was behind the idea, and trotted off beside his brother, the blood red, masked Bandit Boo chasing them at a swift pace.

The wind was blowing softly, and leaves were kicking up in the trail the Brothers had made, almost like the shattered image of the Mushroom Kingdom they had experienced earlier. This time, it was drizzling a moist rain, and the sky was pure red. The wind was blowing sharply now, and it was hard to see ahead of them, so they did the most common thing by taking shelter under a nearby giant tree. The tree appeared to be a large, birch tree, the bark was rather comforting considering it was a tree. The leaves continued to fall at a mad speed in their faces, and so did the rain. There were gigantic amounts of water in the nearby puddle deposits, and the wind had created a colossal amount of chaos. The only thing left for the Brothers to pass time was to take a small nap, which they did.

The Brothers would awake as quickly as they went to sleep, only to find themselves in a completely different place. There were strange gadgets, and the walls appeared to be made of bark. There was honey dripping horribly slowly down the sides of the birch tree bark. Tables and furniture were made out of wood and well crafted, but the place was technologically advanced, with a metal study table on which were placed gray, colossal computers, and chemicals sat near them. They soon realized somebody or something had held them hostage inside this tree.

Right when they became nervous, they heard a sound echoing throughout the tree. "Sure, boss. I got this one," a deep, ragged, seemingly unclear voice was heard throughout the tree they had been placed in for a temporary time.  They heard a peculiar rattling noise, and something emerged form the shadows. It had deep red blood eyes, gray skin, a dark, fuzzy stomach, and a skull symbol placed on its head. "Good evening, I'm Terance," the thing said, still a shadowy outline, not revealing itself yet.

"Hel- Hello, I'm Mario and this is my brother Luigi," Mario said nervously to the figure. They heard some sounds farther back, some people laughing, others bragging, and some at work.

The figure then revealed itself to be an Ukiki, native to these areas, but controlled by an evil force. "I have some relative information, Mario." The Ukiki took a deep breath, and proceeded. "They're capturing your princess, turning her into a Shadow form of herself, and using all enemies you'd ever fought against you in a Shadow type figurism." Mario and Luigi looked curious, staring into the monkey's deep, blood red eyes.

"I've heard rumors of a peculiar rod, and six elemental stones that could help you on this quest, and I happen to know where they are; would it trouble you if I joined you?" the troublesome monkey questioned the Brothers.

Mario took a few seconds to think it through, and responded, "Sure, if you stick with us and promise to help."

~*Terance the Ukiki of the Chaos element joined your party*~

Terance waved a goodbye to his fellow comrades, and motioned Mario and Luigi towards the door. Outside on a warm day now, the sun shined brightly down upon them. "If you're wondering more about me, my skull and color symbolize the Chaos element, from where I was taking over..." Terance started to tear up, and walked slower down the path. "They captured me and used a spell, and are using all the enemies you've ever fought against you in a Shadow figurism, Mario." Mario still looked puzzled, and Terance responded again "All friends; Peach, Toadsworth, Wario, Yoshi; and all the enemies you've fought in your lifetime are turned against you in a different form, and they live in Terror Towers atop Crescent Peak, home to the paranormal side." Mario had a better understanding now, but Terance still continued. "Have you seen a figure with deep pools of blood red eyes? That's your paranormal relinquishment; Paranormal Mario, he can't be hurt by anything, so the rumor says,"  Terance added, sniffling.

Mario patted his back for being such a help, and they continued on down the tarted, brown, battered road. Luigi spotted something again, and it appeared to be a Wiggler.

The Wiggler wasn't its normal self, though. It was black and light gray, with deep pools of red eyes and black, crackled fangs gushing from its mouth. It wasn't as long as it had been in past adventures, but it wasn't going to back down from a confrontation with these three.

The Wiggler caught a glimpse of the Brothers and their "pet" Terance. It wasn't long before the furious rage of the Chaotic Wiggler took force and overpowered the rest of its body, attacking the Brothers with a quick strike. Mario swiftly avoided it, and Luigi was nimbly hit.

It was their turn to strike back, now. Mario launched a fireball from his latex glove-covered hand, hitting the Chaotic Wiggler by a small portion. Luigi ground pounded the evil worm, and he wouldn't miss. A portion of the Wiggler's body index was lost, and he could barely move now, almost as if struck by paralysis. Terance attacked almost the moment Luigi did, and he didn't miss either, with a rock hard headbutt from his soft, brisk, black hair.

The Wiggler was now furious, and popped both blood vessels in his eyes, causing a dark color of red to stain its eye permanently. With limited vision, the Wiggler struck at Mario, but Terance came crashing from the canopy of pine trees, removing the Wiggler from the face of the Mushroom Kingdom, or had he?

Mario and Luigi high fived Terance. "Nice work out there, removing him from our planet," Mario said, rubbing Terance's soft, like cotton fur.

"Mario, remember, they are reviving all the enemies you killed. That's why we are on this quest, to obtain the Star Rod and the Elemental Stones. I've heard there is one in a cave a few miles ahead from here," Terance added, and then ran a few feet in front of them, guiding them to the caverns hidden throughout the depths of a supremely darkened forest.

As they continued walking, Terance spotted the caverns in front of them. "Over there is where they are, Mario and Luigi" Terance said, galloping ahead of them.

They hopped into the gray, darkened caverns and checked out their surroundings. They noticed the caverns were very narrow, and there were some hieroglyphics carved into the stone solid walls. There seemed to be a dark blue outline of a path, but it was barely visible at all, and seemed to be old and misleading. The walls were a dark blue, and there were stalagmites above their heads, waiting to drop. As they kept walking, they noticed the temperature continued to steadily drop. The walls became more solid, and when Mario hit them, he grimaced in pain. The party was shivering from the mass amount of frost they had received and were very soon frostbitten.

They kept walking, breathing into their palmed hands, and noticed a stairway. As they hurried up to the stairway, they noticed an ice solid door, but thankfully it had a doorknob carefully placed on the right side of the frozen entrance. They opened it, and came to another stairway.

The pattern continued, when finally their expedition came to an end. A room was covered with nothing. Absolutely nothing. The only thing found in the room was a chair, and Mario went to investigate. Luigi followed also, and so did Terrance.

"How dare you enter my lair? My home? My secret past lifetime? I'm going to have to kill you guys if you don't get out at once," a voice shouted back at them in a blood curdling sound heard throughout the entire caverns, almost like a scream.

A faint image appeared in front of their faces, and it didn't have a face, just a dark blue, ragged robe that was torn to pieces, as well as an ice solid crown, with three jewels of multiple colors placed in the center, right, and left. "You all are absolutely foolish," the image shouted back in their faces.

Another sound was heard throughout the caverns, almost like a cry of peril. The image appeared to them now, and had deep red eyes, and the clothes and crown he had worn earlier were turned into a Shadow Wardrobe, black, gray, and red. The thing attacked the rothers, and wouldn't refuse to take them down.

"Mario, have you fought a being like this in the past?" Terance asked quickly.

"Yes, the Crystal King, in a previous adventure that involved the Star Rod," Mario replied, confuzzled.

"It's the same person, just in Shadow form; it should be an easy task to destroy this thing," Terance replied.

To Be Continued...

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