Super Koopalings: The 6 Mystic Stars

By Koopa 13

Chapter 2: The Land of Dinosaurs

Larry: Did anyone think of something to do?

Roy: I did!

Larry: What is it?

Roy: To pummel you until you cry! *laugh*

Larry: GOOD GRAVY! Thatís not what I call nice.

Lemmy: I am only thinking about that awesome Wii.

Iggy: Oh, that system that has that motion-sensing remote that can do anything.

Lemmy: I just wonder how cool would it be to play Super Mario Galaxy and Mario Strikers Charged with the Wii remote and Nunchuk!

Larry: I said something we can do, not talk about!

Roy: Whoever said you can command us, shrimp?

Larry: Hmph.

Lemmy: That system would be awesome if I had one, butÖ

Ludwig: But we have a quest to do that is much more important than talking about the new Wii.

Lemmy: Just what I was about to say.

3 hours later...

Pilot Guy: Listen up, passengers! The plane is about to land at our first stop, Dino Dino Jungle, so get ready!

Koopalings: Here we go!

The plane lands.

Pilot Guy: Thank you for riding, and have a safe trip.

Roy: Whoever said we were going to have a safe trip, you whacko?

Wendy: Now now! Be nice to the kind pilot.

The plane takes off.

Ludwig: Letís head forward through that gate in front of us.

Meanwhile at Bowserís castle, which now belongs to the dreadful Gillago...

Gillago: Well well, lookee here. We have two turtle dorks.

Bowser: You dare insult the mighty King of Koopas?!

Gillago: I have the right to, because you are pathetic without your castle and I have enslaved you and your wife!

Bowser: At least you donít have one thing, birdbrain: our children, the Koopalings.

Gillago: Oh, you mean those other small turtle dorks that I kicked out by sending a large wave to send them flying? Well my thoughts say they no longer exist.

One of Gillagoís men comes inside the cell where Gillago is talking to Bowser and Clawdia.

Gillago: What is it, bird soldier?

Bird Soldier: I got bad news, sir!

Gillago: Report at once!

Bird Soldier: Those turtles, the Koopalings, managed to survive, and they nabbed the first Mystic Star from the maze!

Gillago: What?! Are you saying they have one already and they defeated that giant Piranha Plant?

Bird Soldier: Yes sir.

Clawdia: Thank goodness they are safe!

Gillago: Donít get confident, their quest is far from over and I assure you they will never come to my castle alive! Send some soldiers toÖ Where are they right now?

Bird Soldier: In Dino Dino Jungle!

Gillago: Yes, send some soliders to Dino Dino jungle and tell them to destroy those pests and nab the Mystic Star before they do!

Bird Soldier: You got it.

The soldier leaves.

Gillago: Iíll deal with you two later. Right now I have a world to conquer.

Meanwhile with the Koopalings...

Lemmy: So the gateís road led us to a dock in the jungle with boats.

?????: Thatís right, and you can build your tent somewhere in a safe territory, but if you see an electric fence do not go over it, it leads to the vast jungle where dinosaurs lurk. This is just like camping in the forest, but this time youíre in a jungle.

Lemmy: Whoís there?

????: It is me, the boss of the Dino Dino Jungle; my employees keep this place under control to ensure the safety of all campers.

Iggy: But you did not state your name, what name shall we address you by?

????: You can call me Mr. Goomgam, the hard-worked Goomba. So what brings you children to this place? Are you ready to camp?

Ludwig: Oh, we are looking for a rare object known as the Mystic Star in this jungle, and we are not here to camp.

Mr. Goomgam: Mystic Star? I donít know what you are talking about.

Larry: Ludwig, can you locate on the map where exactly the Mystic Star is?

Ludwig: It only shows what place it is in, but does not tell you exactly where it is.

Roy: It must be in the vast jungle. We can get there only if this dude lets us pass over the electric fence.

Mr. Goomgam: No! I will not let you do that, it is not safe for anyone.

Lemmy: Come on, we're not afraid. Besides, you can tell we look strong enough by taking a good look at us.

Mr. Goomgam: You think you can take this challenge? You are far too young and little.

Lemmy: I know, but we are trying to safeguard the world from that Gillago so we can rescue our parents, and to do that we need to collect those Mystic Stars.

Mr. Goomgam: Really? Ok, fine, but donít tell anyone I let you pass over the fence!

Lemmy: Itís a deal, now tell your men to shut off the electricity on that fence.

Mr. Goomgam: All right, boys, shut it off!

His men shut it off.

Mr. Goomgam: All right, you are all set.

Larry: Thank you, now can we take one of those boats?

Mr. Goomgam: Hey, what makes you think you can rob my boats?!

Mr. Goomgam tackles Larry to the ground.

Larry: Ouch!

Ludwig: Mr. Goomgam, I think he only means renting a boat.

Mr. Goomgam: Ohhh. Sorry about that, can you ever forgive me?

Larry: I have no time to forgive you, we've got a Mystic Star to find.

Morton: My talking is very very very very entertaining and it appauls anyone who hears it, how wonderful would it be if only I could have a large audience toÖ

Wendy sticks an apple in his mouth.

Wendy: That will teach him to shut up!

Lemmy: Ooookay. Anyway, how much does it cost to rent a boat?

Mr. Goomgam: About 20 coins for oar boats, and 45 coins for speedboats.

Lemmy: We'll take the speed boat for 45 coins.

Lemmy hands 45 coins to Mr. Goomgam.

Iggy: Letís get inside.

They all go inside the speedboat.

Larry: Ouch! There is only space for six people.

Ludwig: Someone has to be on the parachute that is attached at the back of the boat.

Roy: I will because I always wanted to fly.

Ludwig: You never told us that.

Roy fastens the buckle around himself and releases the rope to fly 50 feet in the air.

Lemmy: Letís start the engine.

He starts it and VROOM it goes.

Iggy: This boat is fast. It's top speed is 180 miles per hour!

Lemmy: Yeah, but I wouldnít recommend it.

Iggy: So how long will it take to reach the end?

Lemmy: I donít know. I should have asked that question to Mr. Goomgam.

Ludwig: How is it up in the sky, Roy?!

Roy: Itís all good, very good indeed!

7 bird soldiers are up in the sky looking at Roy.

Bird Soldier #1: Look over there! That looks like one of the idiots that the boss told us to demolish.

Bird Soldier #4: Letís go get him!

Bird Soldier #6: Wait. Let's split up. Bird Soldier 4 and 3, come with me to search for the Mystic Star. The rest you take care of him.

They split up.

Bird Soldier #5: Get him!

The four bird soldiers fly straight at Roy and attack him by throwing thunderbolts at him.

Roy: Ahhhhh! Birds are attacking me!

*One thunderbolt strikes Roy, burning him into a crisp and causing him to fall down to the boat.

Ludwig: What happened, Roy?

Roy: Flying birds attacked me.

Ludwig: Flying birds?

Bird Soldier #1: Thatís right, and you can call us THE BIRD SOLDIERS OF DOOM!

Lemmy: What do you guys want?

Bird Soldier #1: The boss sent us to destroy you Koopalings and nab the Mystic Star.

Lemmy: Not if we get there first. Ludwig, quickly start the engine.

Ludwig: Vroom! Off we goooo!

Bird Soldier #1: They are getting away! After them!

The four Bird Soldiers chase them and strike thunderbolts at them left and right.

Iggy: Go left! No, right; a thunderbolt is coming in the front, move to the left.

Ludwig: Donít confuse meeeeeee!

Ludwig almost falls down until Lemmy grabs him.

Ludwig: Thanks, Lemmy.

Lemmy: Donít mention it.

Bird Soldier #2: Strike now on the left!

The thunderbolt strikes the Koopalings.

Larry: We shrunked to mini size! Ahhhhhhh! My voice! It sounds like a chipmunk!

Morton: Can anyone hear me?

Koopalings: Ö

Bird Soldier #1: Hahahahaha! That is so funny! Look at those tiny numbskulls.

Bird Soldier #5: Now squash them!

Wendy: I got an idea.

She uses her water powers and dives into the water with the rest of the Koopalings.

Bird Soldier #1 Wuzzat! Where did they go?

Wendy: How did you like my powers?

Roy: Hmph! I could have thought of something even better.

Lemmy: That is cool, but we are still tiny.

Morton: I canít breathe! I canít breathe! I canít breathe!

Wendy: Calm down ,Morton, we are going up the surface!

They go up the surface.

Morton: Yes! We can breathe! Hey! My voice is back to normal!

Lemmy: We also reverted back to our normal size.

Ludwig: We are finally at the end; letís get off the boat.

They get off the boat.

Roy: Woah! Look at that fence, itís huge!

The Koopalings climb over the fence and make it to other side.

Lemmy: Who knew this jungle would be dangerous and-

Iggy: Look out, Lemmy! Two Rexes are coming on the right!

Lemmy dodges the Rex attack.

Lemmy: Letís do some damage!


Lemmy: 10/10
Attack: ball Toss
Rex #1 takes three damage!

Morton: 10/10
Attack: Loud Talk
Rex #1 takes three damage!

Rex #1: 2/8
Attack: Crunch
Morton takes two damage!

Rex #2: 8/8
Attack: Crunch
Morton takes two damage!

Lemmy: 10/10
Attack: Wand Attack
Rex #1 takes two damage! Rex #1 is defeated!

Morton: 6/10
Attack: Wand Attack
Rex #2 takes two damage!

Rex #2: 6/8
Attack: Charge
Morton takes two damage!

Lemmy: 10/10
Attack: Ball Toss
Rex #2 takes three damage!

Morton: 4/10
Attack: Loud Talk
Rex #2 takes three damage! Rex #2 is defeated!


Lemmy: We did it!

Morton: Yeah, but I got all the beating from those lizards.

Iggy: Whatís happening? Look! Something is shining on us!

Ludwig: We are leveling up. Our HP has increased to 15 and our strength has been raised by one!

Roy: Cool! Now my brutish behavior has increased!

Ludwig: Letís just get going.

They go down the road while cutting through the tall grass, and see many types of trees and insects. Finally they stop at a huge lake.

Lemmy: Woah. Look at those long-necked dinosaurs in the lake!

Ludwig: Those are called Stompasaurus, named for making loud stomps when walking.

Iggy: What are those three-horned dinosaurs?

Ludwig: Those are gentle, plant-eating Hornsaurus.

Iggy: Letís go left and see what else we can find!

They go left and see dinosaurs with plates on their backs and spikes on their tails.

Ludwig: Those are Spikesaurus. They use their spikes as a weapon to deter predators.

Roy: Stupid animal. Let me give this dude a beating.

Larry: Roy! No!!!

The Spikesaurus roars and hurls Roy with its spiked tail, injuring him.

Larry: Roy, can you please stop with this brutish behavior? It will lead you to your doom.

Roy: MyÖ bones are broken... CanítÖ CanítÖ move at all...

Larry: Can someone carry him?

Lemmy: Ludwig can do it. He has greater strength than the rest of us.

Ludwig: But my arms are broken, too!

Lemmy: Oh shut your mouth and carry him!

Ludwig: Oh fine!

The genius carries Roy on his back.

Wendy: Come on, letís not waste anymore time.

The Koopalings head left, and then once again they are in the jungle that is filled with trees. They cut through the tall grass and reach a cliff with a bridge.

Larry: This cliff must be a thousand feet high below the bridge.

Ludwig: We will have to cross.

Iggy: Are you sure? Because the bridge does look weak!

Ludwig: We should do it one at a time.

Lemmy: Iíll go first.

Lemmy goes first, then Larry, Iggy, Wendy, and Morton, each one making it across.

Ludwig: This is gonna be difficult because when I cross the bridge with Roy on my back it will break and we will fall down to our doom.

Iggy: So what are we going to do about that?

Ludwig thinks...

Lemmy: What is Ludwig doing?

Wendy: He must be thinking of what to do to cross that bridge without falling with Roy.

Ludwig: I need to ask Roy a question.

Roy: What d-d-d-do you want t-t-t-to ask?

Ludwig: Can you even stand up just once?

Roy: O-o-okay, I w-w-will try.

Roy barely stands up.

Ludwig: Yes! I knew a strong guy like you could do it.

Roy: D-D-D-Donít push your luck. I-I-I c-c-c-can h-h-h-hardly walk and I donít think I c-c-can make it across t-t-t-the bridge.

Ludwig: Donít worry, I'll stay right behind you when we cross the bridge, but we have to walk slowly so the bridge wonít break.

Roy: I already w-w-w-walk slowly.

Ludwig and Roy walk slowly together on the bridge.

Ludwig: We are almost at the end, just keep going.

They continue on until four flying creatures fly toward them.

Ludwig: Pherradactyl attack!

Roy: Great, just great! I am h-h-hurt.

Lemmy: Now there is nothing they can do!

Ludwig: Whoever said I have nothing to do? The genius knows everything! Guys, can you fire at the pherradactyls while Roy and I cross the bridge?

Iggy: You got it, Ludwig.

The Koopalings fire their wands at the pherradactlys. One is fried while the other three flying reptiles attack.

Lemmy: Take this, you overgrown bird!

He fires and hits a second pherradactyl.

Wendy: Leave them alone!

She fires and hits a third pherradactyl.

Morton: Talking is a victory!

He talks loudly and annoys the final pherradactyl, which flees.

Ludwig: Phew! We made it. Thanks, guys.

Thunder strikes and it starts to rain.

Iggy: It canít just rain right now! My glasses are wet!

The Koopalings head straight after crossing the bridge, and finally see the Mystic Star standing on the stone.

Lemmy: Boom baby! The second Mystic Star is ours!

The seven Bird Soldiers come and nab it.

Larry: Hey! Hand over the Mystic Star! It is ours!

Bird Soldier #1: Really? I donít see your name on it.

Lemmy: Hand it over and nobody will get hurt.

Bird Soldier #4: What if I hurt you?!

Suddenly vicious predators jump on the Bird Soldiers, and they lose their grip on the Star.

Ludwig: Those are meat-eating clawraptors!

Bird Soldier #5: Ouch! These critters bite hard.

Bird Soldier #7: Get them off of me!


Bird Soldier #3: LETíS GET OUTTA HERE!

The Bird Soldiers run away with the clawraptors chasing after them.

Lemmy: That doesnít sound good. What makes huge stomps and roars like a monster?

Ludwig: I have heard that it the king of dinosaurs, called Yoshisaurus Rex.

Iggy: Itís right behind us!

The Koopalings turn aroun in horror and see the king of dinosaurs.


Ludwig: Retreat! Retreat!

Lemmy: To the right!

Larry: My nightmare! It has come! *cries in horror*

Yoshisaurus: ROOOOOAAAR!

Ludwig: Roy is slowing me down!

Lemmy: Look! I see a huge wall!

Larry: But we canít go over it.

Wendy: Thereís a hole in the wall! Letís go inside.

The koopalings go inside the hole.

Lemmy: Hurry, Ludwig! The beast is almost upon you!

Ludwig: I know! Itís just that Roy is slowing me down! Here, Roy, I will push you inside.

Roy: Thanks, Ludwig, but I am still h-h-h-urt.

The carnivore almost grabs Ludwig by the legs, when he gets inside the hole.

Lemmy: Phew! What a close call. But the wall wonít hold him for much longer!

Iggy: We need to think of a plan.

Ludwig: There is no way to escape, we will have to assemble and fight the Yoshisaurus Rex.

Morton: Are you crazy, Ludwig? He is twice our size and his lethal jaws will crush us to death and we will be left hopeless andÖ andÖ andÖ

Lemmy: Enough talking already, Morton. It is no wonder why your nickname is Bigmouth, because you talk too much.

Morton: At least my mouth is powerful!

Iggy: It is about to break the wall!

Ludwig: I will stand guard over Roy to make sure he is safe. The rest of you take care of the Yoshisaurus Rex.

The Yoshisaurus Rex breaks open the wall.

Yoshisaurus Rex: ROOOOOAAAARRR!

Lemmy: Letís do this!

Lemmy: 15/15
Attack: Ball Toss
Yoshisaurus takes four damage!

Larry: I will fight!
Larry: 15/15
Attack: Wand Attack
Yoshisaurus takes three damage!

Yoshisaurus: 33/40
Attack: Tongue Swing
Lemmy and Larry take four damage!

Lemmy: 11/15
Attack: Wand Attack
Yoshisaurus takes three damage!

Larry: 11/15
Tactics: Switch Partner
Larry switches to Iggy!

Yoshisaurus: 30/40
Attack: Gnarly Breath
Iggy takes four damage and is dizzy!
Iggy: Peeeyoo! Dino breathe.

Lemmy: Here is my ultimate move!
Attack: Triple Ball Toss
Yoshisaurus takes 6 damage!

Iggy: 11/15
Attack: Wand Attack
Iggy misses!

Yoshisaurus: 24/40
Attack: Bite
Lemmy takes five damage!

Lemmy: 6/15
Attack: Wand Attack
Yoshisaurus takes three damage!

Iggy: 11/15
Attack: Dizzy Wand Beam
Yoshisaurus takes four damage but does not become dizzy!
Iggy: It didnít work.

Yoshisaurus: 17/40
Attack: Stomp
Lemmy takes four damage!

Lemmy: 2/15
Attack: Ball Toss
Yoshisaurus takes four damage!

Iggy: 11/15
Attack: Wand Attack
Iggy snaps out of dizziness and Yoshisaurus takes three damage!

Yoshisaurus: 10/40
Attack: Tongue Attack
Iggy takes three damage!

Lemmy: 2/15
Attack: Triple Ball Toss
Yoshisaurus takes 6 damage!

Iggy: 8/15
Attack: Wand Attack
Yoshisaurus takes three damage!

Yoshisaurus: 1/40
Attack: Bite
Iggy takes five damage!

Lemmy: 2/15
Attack: Wand Attack
Yoshisaurus takes three daage and is defeated!


Lemmy: Yes! We did it! Give me a handshake, Iggy!

Iggy: You got it, Lemmy!

He shakes hands with him.

Wendy: Wow! I never thought they would be able to defeat that dinosaur.

Ludwig: Letís go get that Mystic Star!

The Koopalings head back to the place with the Mystic Star.

Lemmy: Yes! The second Mystic Star is ours! Just four more, and say hello to King Dad and Queen Mom!

Koopalings: YEAH!

After defeating the carnivorous Yoshisaurus Rex the Koopalings manged to get that Mystic Star. But it is not over yet. Their quest is just about to get even harder. Where will they go next? What other mysterious events are happening? That Gillago and his henchmen are still after the Mystic Stars. Find all about this next time in Chapter 3.

To Be Continued...

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