Legend of the Spirit Edge

By Booregarde

Chapter One: Beginnings

The scene begins in a cafeteria, or at least a very gloomy one, full of Boos.

A Boo in the back of the room charges a Boo with black hair into a wall. "Take that! You're a no-good Boo!  You aren't even smart enough to attack a... uh... tadpole! Yeah!" the Boo said in a dopey way, and with each word he made an attempted hit on the black-haired Boo.

Just then a large, muscular Boo wearing what appeared to be armor walked over to the fight and lifted up the attacker. "Hey Booregarde, how did it go?" the large spirit questioned the smaller Boo, throwing the attacker into a crowd. They fell over like dominoes next to each other.

"Very well, Boolossus. He may not have realized, but he never actually hit me. Normally I would have hit him off and walked away, but he had such horrid aim that I decided to humor him," Booregarde replied. "Are you ready for the tests? By what King Brogmin said to the school, auditions for the army against Mushroom Kingdom are tomorrow. I'd hate to attack my homeland... so... I was hoping you'd accompany me for..."

"For what, my friend? Is this a type of secret? Out with it! I want to  hear!"

Booregarde took a survey of his surroundings to see if anyone would hear his conversation but declared it safe and said, "Well, it's sort of a  plan... I know you may not understand, but..."

"What, you're planning on rebelling against the Boo army? That's crazy!" Boolossus replied, although he appeared to be honestly unmoved by anything Booregarde said.

"Yes, I know it's odd. But I have a plan, and I think it will work. Come with me to my dorm, we'll discuss things  But... how did you know what I was thinking about the rebellion? I didn't exactly say much about my plans at all," Booregarde puzzelled.

Boolossus simply replied, "You really ought to work on the handwriting in your journal. It's not fit for your speech," which left Booregarde to think for a moment and then he grabbed his broadsword and chased his friend to his dorm...

Chapter 2: A Nearly Impossible Plan

"*huff... puff...* My, that's just mean, reading my journal," Booregarde said.

Boolossus was more interested in his friend's idea and went on to say, "And your plan?"

"Plan?  Oh, yes... my plan. Even though you know my motives, I'll recap for you from the beginning. I still remember it today... the day those buffoon-born Boos came in one day without warning and took me from my family in Boo's Mansion. The Lady Bow, my good friend... I remember to this day her sadness as I was taken from her. I tried desperately to stop them from taking me, but I was young..."

"Aye, it's all right, my friend, continue your tale," comforted Boolossus.

"I was forced to forget about my childhood and become one of Brogmin's henchmen, terrible and cruel. But I won't! I'm ready to stop him. Taking me from my family so I have to become a killer is only making me more ready for my journey. I've planned to gather the strongest non-evil warriors of this academy and defeat Brogmin!" Booregarde sounded fine for about a second, but lost his confidence as he said, "Now I've done it. I've completely forgotten. The students of this academy are all heartless. That is except for you and I."

"Well, I'll gladly help you be a rebel. I bet if we could find some
angry villagers to help us beat Brogmin and form an organized army to bring
him down, we'll have no problem at all. I bet-"

"Boolossus," the smaller Boo interrupted, "you realize that we are in the depths of King Brogmin's territory, correct? Aside from oddballs like ourselves, there isn't an unloyal citizen of Brogmin in a 90-mile radius. The only place I know of where we could find assistance in is the Mushroom Kingdom. And from here, that's over 2,000 miles away!"

Following that statement, a brilliant idea came to Boolossus, probably his first and last. The colossal ghost triumphantly exclaimed, "THAT'S IT! Think about it, Booregarde, how does the army expect to make a sneak attack from two thousand miles away? Mushroom spies would catch them by the eight hundred-mile marker! They must have another method of getting there..."

"Ah hah! Boolossus! You're... a... genius? My... That was rather unexpected... But still, I know how! Remember that assembly we had a while back? The one about the new Mushroom-slaying method?"

"Uh-huh. I can't remember what it was about, though. I did, although, learn that the auditorium chairs taste like soap."

"No comment. I paid attention, thankfully, and learned that the new method of getting to the Mushroom Kingdom was by warp! A titanic warp pipe! If you and I snuck into it, we'd be able to gather a military force from the Kingdom and overthrow Brogmin!"

Boolossus was overjoyed with two separate things at this point: 1) Their plan was actually taking roots; and 2) He had finally been acknowledged as a genius. "Booregarde, this plan might work. It seems mad, but you know your stuff. First, we should collect the needed supplies and weapons. My axe won't last forever and neither will your rapier. The Mushroom Kingdom has shops, but none have the lethal weapons the Boos have. And, before we set off, you must know this. Booregarde, the king of this area is not king by blood- he's a tyrant. The real ruler of our lands was banished to a land that no one has ever heard of, and his only son set off on a journey of his own. It all happened ten years ago, and three years later you were suddenly taken from the mansion."

"So," Booregarde replied, "all the stories we've heard from Brogmin about a wretched king and devilish prince are lies. It figures. But, I wonder, why would Brogmin's men kidnap me? I'm sure that this gigantic army could deal with one less swordsman. There must be a reason..."

The titan Boo also seemed a bit puzzled by this matter. "Good question...," the spirit stated. "Why on Plit..."

At this time the bell rang midnight. The Boos agreed that they would get as much rest as possible (as the newly begun day was sunday, the only day recruits could enjoy without schoolwork, although they usually spent the day studying or training) and shop 'til they dropped for supplies; and when nightfall hit, the warp mission would initialize. Boolossus returned to his dorm and Booregarde fell fast asleep.

He knew that many a peril would lie ahead.

To Be Continued...

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