The Amazing Race

By crankymama5452

Leg 4 -

Phil: I'm here at the top of Hoohoo Mountain, where ten teams of two checked in at the pitstop. They ate beans, which in every way scared the citizens of the kingdom. Teams will set out in the order they arrived, starting now.


Larry: Go down the side of the mountain to the Guffaha Ruins.

Koopa Troopa: There at the entryway is your first clue.

Toadette: Let's go!

They run.


Dry Bones: Okay, Peach, we need an alliance here.

Peach: Us too.

Boo: Shall we work together?

Peach: Let's.

Daisy: Great. We're going to the ruins.

They run.


Ludwig: Where is it?

Larry: Just down this hill.

Ludwig: We're getting ahead of the other two team, too, which is splendid.


Koopa Troopa: Toad, want to work with us?

Toadette: Sure.

Toad: Eerr... He asked me.

Toadette: So they can't?

Toadette gives Toad the evil eye.

Toad: Sure they can.

Paratroopa: Then it's settled.


Yoshi: Okay, Birdo, ruin time.

Birdo: Oh YAY.

They run.


Bowser: Okay, Brother. I know EXACTLY where we are going.

Wart: Good, because I don't have the slightest clue.

They run as well.


Dry Bones: I see the ruins down there, but I see some teams ahead.


Peach pushes the three of them and they roll down the hill with Peach running after.

Daisy: MY HEAD!

Dry Bones: My body!

Boo: YAY!


Luigi: Okay, Mario. Try to behave yourself for this leg.

Mario: OKAY! I will behave for your leg.

Luigi: ... At least I know where we are going.


Larry: There's the clue.

Ludwig: Fast Forward or continue.

Larry: Just continue. There's bound to be more Fast Forwards later in the race.

Ludwig: Then let's see... Go to Little Fungi Town's Arcade for your next clue.

Larry: Warning ahead.

Ludwig: What does that mean?

Larry: We'll find out soon enough.

They run just as two other teams arrive.


Koopa Troopa: Okay, let's see. I CLAIM THE FAST FORWARD!

Paratroopa: Let's see... We have to find Crabby Grass in the ruins and bring it to Little Fungi Town's gate.

They run into the ruins.

Toad: So much for them. We'd better not go for the FF. If we do they might get there first and we'll have lost loads of time.

They grab the clue and run.


Wario: Okay, ladies. Let's work together.


Clawdia: Yes.


Wendy: Yes.


Wario: Shut up and let's go.


They run.


Yoshi: The ruins are down there.

Birdo: Let's go, we have two teams catching up.

They slide down as the other two catch up.


Luigi: Out-a the-a way-a!

The Brothers fight each other and topple down the mountain.


Peach: Let's see... I don't wanna split up, so let's keep going.

Boo: Fine.

They continue.


Larry and Ludwig arrive at the arcade to see an odd sign with the clue box.

Larry: Let's see... Intersection.

Ludwig: When one team arrives they must wait until the next team arrives and must team up until further notice.



Yoshi: Grab the clue... FAST FORWARD!

Birdo: YES... In there.

They run inside the ruins.


Clawdia: Down here, people.

Wario: Okay!

They slide down on Waluigi, who is inside a body bag.


Koopa Troopa: Why are they standing there?

They run up.

Larry: Finally.

Larry grabs two clues and drags the Troopas off.


They read the new rule.

Toadette: Oh %(##.


Dry Bones: What's up, Toad people?

Toad: No time. Come on.

The two are dragged off with clues.


Paratroopa: What is up with Phil doing this to me?

Ludwig: We are going through the valley to the northern field to get the clue.

Koopa Troopa: OH!


Bowser and Luigi: GET THE CLUES!

They grab one and run.


Wendy: We're here.

Wario: Get the clue.

They grab one and run.


Larry: I see the exit and... WAAAAAAHHHHHH

Larry and Koopa Troopa fall in quicksand.

Ludwig: OH MY DAD!


Yoshi: I can't see anything. I think it's a dead end.

Birdo: What about that ugly thing?

Birdo is shown pointing at the so-called monster, the wall face-thing

Monster: That wasn't nice. Will you help me relieve some stress?

Yoshi: I'll relieve you of something if you don't show me the way to the Crabby Grass.

Monster: ...


Bowser: CLUE TIME!

Wart: Fast Forward... HHhhhmmmmmm.

Luigi: What?

Wart: No. Let's just follow the way to the next clue.

They take the clues and run.


Wendy, Clawdia, Wario, and Waluigi arrive at the clue box outside the ruins.

Wario: Get the clue and hurry up.

Clawdia grabs a clue and drags Wendy off.


Wario grabs a clue and drags Waluigi across the ground.


Dry Bones: Come on, Toad people.

Toadette: Fine. Little Fungi Town is just ahead.

Koopa Troopa and Larry run out from pipes, by them, gets Ludwig and Paratroopa, and run past Boo and Toad's teams.

Boo: ... CHASE THEM!

The two teams run.


Peach: I see the clue box ahead.

They run up to it and read about the Intersection.

Daisy: Let's see... OH MY BIG BASKETS OF NO-NO'S!


Bowser and Mario's team come running.

Peach: Mario.

Daisy: Too stupid. Bowser.

Peach: Ugly, but okay.

They run up, grab and read clues.

Luigi: Oh my. Peach. Let's go.

Peach: No!

Mario: NO! NO! NO! NO!

Luigi: What?


Peach: I want Bowser.

Bowser: Yeah, you do, you hot thing, you.

Daisy: Well... aren't you a great big piece of eye candy?

Wart: ...

Wart shakes the words off and drags the princesses.

Luigi: What about me?

Mario: ME. ME. ME. ME.

Luigi: SHUT UP!

Teams so far:
Koopa Troopa and Paratroopa/Larry and Ludwig
Toad and Toadette/Dry Bones and Boo
Peach and Daisy/Bowser and Wart

Mario and Luigi, Clawdia and Wendy, Wario and Waluigi, Yoshi and Birdo

Koopa Troopa, Larry, Toad, and Dry Bones's teams arrive in Little Fungi Town and run to the clue.

Boo: Detour.

Larry: Test-

Toad: Or Fest.

Dry Bones: Test. Go to the Woohoo Hooniversity and take the special Test of Lights.

Paratroopa: Fest. Go to the Yoshi Theater and find Boodle. When you find him he'll tell you a color and you must seach the fields for the Neon Egg of that color.

Boo: Whatever you pick, your Intersection team must do too, so work it out.

Larry and Koopa Troopa: Warp pipes in the town will take you to the locations.

Toad: Test.

Dry Bones: Fine. Anything to not cause a fight.

They run.

Larry: Well?

Koopa Troopa: I guess maybe Fest.

Ludwig: Okay,

They run,


Clawdia and Wendy arrive at the Intersection, where the Mario Brothers are waiting.

Luigi: Take us with you, please.

Wendy: Why?

Clawdia: ... This is why.

Wendy sees the clue.

Wendy: Oh Ptooies. Fine.

The two teams run as Wario and Waluigi get their clue there.

Wario: We just wait for someone... There is still a clue and the Fast Forward is gone... I wonder. Hehehehehehe!


Peach and Bowser's teams arrive in Little Fungi Town and snatch a clue.

Peach: Detour... Test or Fest.

Wart: Hmm... Me and Bowser aren't that fast, so we'll do test.

They run to the pipe.


Yoshi and Birdo are seen entering a door by a smashed apart monster.

Yoshi: I see a bunch of Crabby Grass.

Birdo: Let's get it and go.

They grab it and head to the Little Fungi Town pipe.


Larry: We are here.

Bean Guy: Good stuff. You must take a test. What you must do is select one of the five mirrors behind me and aim it so the light hitting it bounces to a mirror in another room. You must turn mirrors 'til the light shoots all through the building to the sun face at the back of the building.

Ludwig: Fine.

They pick a mirror and twirl it.


Boo's team gets to the theater.

Boodle: Hmmmmmmm. You here for clue? You find me red Neon Egg. Go.

Boo and Toad: Errrrr... Not even a hello?

Boodle: Go.

Dry Bones: Fine.

They run out to the fields.


Clawdia and Mario's teams arrive at Little Fungi Town and grab a clue.

Luigi: I'm fast.

Wendy: Me too.

Mario: I'm fast but slow. I'm more slow than fast but I'm still slow... I could be faster though but I still am slow.

Luigi: ... Fest.

They shove Mario in a sack and run with him.


Yoshi and Birdo leave the Ruins and jump off the ledge down to the town, when Wario comes from around the corner, knocks them out, burns the grass, slips the extra Intersection clue in their pocket, and drags them back to the main area.

Wario: Hehehehehe!


Bowser and Peach's teams enter the Hooniversity, run to a mirror, spin it, and run off to where the light goes.

Peach: Hurry up. We can still do this ahead of everyone but the Fast Forward team.


Clawida and Mariols teams get to the theater.

Boodle: You here for clue. You find me yellow Neon Egg first.

Wendy: No manners, no proper grammar, no sence of fashion... I hate him.

Luigi: Okay, okay. Let's go.

They run.


Wario: There is the Detour clue. Let's see... I don't want to do much running having to drag three guys, so I'll do the Test.

Wario drags them off.


The two Test groups are seen running down a hall at different areas of the building until they direct their lights so the smash the same mirror, directing the lights to the sun face and dropping two clues. The groups run up to each other.

Wart: We moved fast.

Larry: Darn.

Peach: I got the clues.

Daisy: Let's team up our team-ups.

Koopa Troopa: Okay

Larry: Let's see... Pitstop.

Daisy: Due to the Intersection, there will be no Roadblock. Instead, two of the three will appear at random each leg.

Wart: Go to the beach at the surfboard pad to find the Pitstop.

Peach: The beach...

Bowser: Down at the southeast edge of the fields.

Peach: We are close. Let's run.

The teams do just that.


Luigi is seen digging by an odd flower arangment until he gets his egg. At the same time somewhere else the other Fest team grabs their egg, and both are seen on a zoomed out screen running to the theater. However the Mario/Clawdia team is closer.


Wario: Here. We need to redirect these...

Wario drops the other three and begins the Test on his own.


Luigi and Clawdia's teams get to the theater and get their clues. They run off as the other group comes in and get their clue.


The four-team gang jump on the mat.

Phil: Peach's team is first, Larry's is second, Koopa Troopa's is next, and Bowser's is last.

Peach and Daisy - 1st
Larry and Ludwig - 2nd
Koopa Troopa and Paratroopa - 3rd
Bowser and Wart - 4th


Wario: And this is it.

Wario points a mirror towards the sun face and the light hits it. Wario grabs his clue and drags off the other three.


Clawdia's team jumps on the mat followed by Mario's.

Phil: Clawdia and Wendy, you're fifth, while Mario and Luigi are sixth.

Clawdia and Wendy - 5th
Mario and Luigi - 6th


Wario: Where in the world is this beach? I can't find it and I've searched everywhere.

Wario drags his teammates around, getting more and more tired.

Wario: I'd release Waluigi, but he'd freak out and run away, then freak out again.


Toad and Dry Bones's teams arrive at the mat and leap on.

Phil: Dry Bones and Boo are seventh, and Toad and Toadette are eighth.


Wario spots the mat, but before he makes a move, Yoshi sits up and kicks him down. He and Birdo get up.

Yoshi: That fake knockout was fun.


Yoshi grabs Wario's clues and goes towards Phil, but Waluigi busts out of his body bag and plows them over. Waluigi trips and falls over as Birdo hits the mat with Waluigi laying on it. Wario stands up.

Yoshi: This time I'm winning.

Yoshi socks Wario but Wario slams into him, flinging him over his shoulder before running at the mat, but Yoshi gets him with his tongue. Yoshi squeezes Wario and flings him into the surfboard maker and turns him to a surfboard. Yoshi ties Waluigi to Wario and sets them out to sea. They jump on the mat.

Phil: ... Yoshi and Birdo are team nine and Wario and Waluigi... well I think you know.

Yoshi and Birdo - 9th

Phil: From third place to tenth. Bad stuff, Team Wario. Well that's all for now. Until next time, I'm Phil Keoghan saying go jump off a cliff without a parachute.

To Be Continued...

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