Mario and Luigi: Stinkin'star Saga

By Koopa Kid

Part 2: Hoohoo Village, Hoohoo Mountain, and Minecarts

Guard #1: Hault!

Guard #2: You horrible criminals kidnapped Prince Peasley!

Mario: What does the culprit look like?

Guard #3: He's green, has a helmet, and speaks a lot about mustard.

Luigi: That's Fawful!

Guard #1: We finally know the culprit's name! Now you're coming with us!

Mario: But we're the famous Mario Bros, Mario and Luigi!

Guard #2: You speak of nonsense!!!

Guard #3: Why are you talking funny?

Guard #2: Shoot! You fink-rats figured out my true identity!

Guard #2 transformed into Fawful.

Mario: You won't get away with this!

Luigi: Must... think of... funny line…

Fawful: Die, Mario Bros!

Fawful starts to shoot them with his headgear.

Mario: It's time to go into a fetal position!

They go into a fetal position while Fawful escapes.

Guard #1: You let him escape!

Guard #2: Attack!

They chase Mario and Luigi around Hoohoo Village until they all run into a giant rock.

Fawful: So long, fink-rats!

Fawful flies away.

Mario: Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! Now we'll never get Peach's voice back!

Guard #1: Yeah! Unless you see Sledge and Mallet, the hammer-making masters!

Luigi: That's a great idea!

They go over to Sledge and Mallet's house.

Guard #2: You let them get away, numbskull!

Guard #1: Are you trying to start something?

Guard #2: Yes!

They fight in a big cloud of dust.

At the Hammerhead Bros’ house...

Sledge: Smash!

Mallet: We can't smash anything until we make hammers, stupid!

Sledge: Smash?

Mario: Is that the only thing he can say?

Mallet: Yes.

Sledge: That's not the only thing I can say! Uhhhhhhhhhh... I mean smash!

Luigi: Can you make us some hammers?

Mallet: Yep! You just have to get some Hoohooblocks from Hoohoo Mountain!

Sledge: SMASH!

Sledge tackles Mallet and starts beating him up for no apparent reason.

Mario: Okay...

Mario and Luigi get out of the house and go to Hoohoo Mountain. They go through the mountain until they see a water fountain.

Mario: I'm thirsty!

Mario drinks all of the water and turns into a big fatso.

Mario: Sticks and stones may break my bones but words may never hurt me!

Look Mario! Sticks and stones!

Mario: Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Where are they?!


Mario: I'll kill you!

You can't touch me.

Mario: Good point.

Luigi: Let's just get back to the story.

They go up a cliff and to a whirlwind.

Face on the Wall: Spin! Spin! Spin!

Mario: What are you talking about?!

Face on the Wall: Just get in the whirlwind!

They go in the whirlwind and end up on the other side.

Luigi: Hey! Maybe we could use this strategy for the rest of the mountain!

They use this strategy for almost the rest of the mountain until they find a Hoohoo Block.

Mario: Finally! We have a Hoohoo Block!

Mario grabs the Hoohoo Block and for no apparent reason he raises it into the air.

Blablanadon: A rock! It looks so shiny! I must have it!

Blablanadon grabs the Hoohoo Block.

Luigi: Hey! We need that!

Blablanadon: No, I need that! I like shiny things!

Mario jumps on Blablanadon's head.
Blablanadon: Ouch! That's it! I must battle you for the shiny stone!

Blablanadon starts to scratch Mario and Luigi with his claws.

Luigi: Mario! Give me a boost!

Mario tosses Luigi into the air, which makes Luigi land on Blablanadon's back.

Luigi: Take this!

Luigi starts to punch Blablanadon's head over and over again.

Blablanadon: Ack! I must retreat!

Blablanadon shakes Luigi off and rams into the wall, making a bunch of rocks fall right into their path.

Blablanadon: Try to get past that, suckers!

Blablanadon flies away and Mario and Luigi climb over all of those rocks.

Hoohooros: Greetings! I am Hoohooros, an ancient security system!

Mario: Who cares?

Hoohooros: Well anyway, you have to pass some tests to get to the mountaintop! First you have to retrieve 10 spirits in 30 seconds!

Blue basketballs start to float in the air.

Luigi: You mean we have to get some dumb basketballs floating in the dumb air in this dumb place?!

Hoohooros: You dare insult my basketballs?! I will destroy you!

Hoohooros turns gray and starts shooting lasers at them.

Mario: Those basketballs may be lame, but those lasers sure have my attention!

They start to dodge the lasers.

Luigi: Wait! I have an idea!

Mario: What is it?

Luigi: I'll give you a hint: the basketballs.

Mario and Luigi throw the basketballs at Hoohooros.

Hoohooros: Auuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuugggggggggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! I've been defeated!

Mario: We know!

Luigi: For the love of god! Why does everyone keep on telling us when we already know?!

Mario and Luigi go to the mountaintop, on which sits a giant egg as well as…

Mario and Luigi: YOU!

Blablanadon: It's you guys again!

He attempts to ram into Mario and Luigi but Mario kicks him into the egg.

Egg: Rooooooooooooooooooaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

Blablanadon is sent flying away from the egg and onto the ground, after that he loses his grip, which makes the Hoohoo Block roll off the ledge and into the Hammer Head Bros' house. Dragonhoho comes out of his egg and starts to shoot rocks at Mario and Luigi, and Mario uses Blablanadon to reflect the rocks back at Dragonhoho.

Dragonhoho: Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!

Mario: What the?

Dragonhoho transforms into Prince Peasley.

Peasley: Ha ha ha!

A shine goes around Peasley.

Luigi: Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! My eyes!

Peasley: You're just jealous because I have a better shine than you!

Luigi: Am not!

Peasley: Am too!

Mario: Who are you anyway?

Peasley: I'm Prince Peasley and I got trapped into an egg by some guy who kept on talking about fink-rats and mustard of doom.

Luigi: Do you know where he's going?

Peasley: Well he talked about going to Beanbean Castle.

Mario: We've got to stop him!

Luigi: Blablanadon! Take us to Hoohoo Village!

Blablanadon: Okay! I have nothing better to do anyway!

He takes them down to Hoohoo Village and Mario and Luigi go to the Hammer Head Bros' house.

Sledge: Smash!

Mallet: He meant that a Hoohoo Block landed in our house and we made some hammers for you!

Sledge: That's not what "smash!" meant!

Mallet: What did it mean?

Sledge: Smash!

Mallet: ... Anywho, here's your hammers!

Mario and Luigi walk out of the house and use the hammers to get rid of all of the rocks. Then they go into a cave.

Minecart Person: Hello there! Wanna ride my minecarts?

Mario: Whatever.

Minecart Person: But in order to get out of here you have to collect some jewels along the way.

They don't succeed in this task because Mario accidentally drops the flashlight, Thwomps keep squishing them, and bats keep on biting them.

Minecart Person: Jewels?

Mario hands him a bag of jewels and Mario and Luigi go out of the cave.

Luigi: Where did you get that bag of jewels?

Mario: I got them from the jewelry store for Peach.

Luigi: Anywho, let's get to Beanbean Castle Tow...

Mallet: Wait!

Luigi: What is it?

Sledge: Smash!

Mallet: He meant that we're gonna teach you to battle enemies with your hammers!

Sledge: What did I tell you?! It meant “smash!”

Mallet: Anywho, you can battle enemies with your hammers by pressing the A button or the B button!

Mario: You're useless!

Mallet: I know!

Mario whacks Sledge and Mallet with his hammer, which makes them fall off of the ledge.

Luigi: Anyway, let's continue our adventure!

They go into Beanbean Castle Town.

To Be Continued...

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