Paris Takeover

By Doshi

Chapter 9: The End

As the buildings around him boiled, Doshi walked on the air towards the falling form of Descro, who was merely a skeleton of rock now, and prodded him with his golden boot. Descro looked up with his eyes of pure red lava, all other color gone, and jumped up with a snarl. His hands closed around Doshi’s throat, and he squeezed. Doshi managed a gasp. “Nice… try…” Descro snarled once more and squeezed for all he was worth. Descro shook Doshi, attempting to end the Dark Yoshi’s life once and for all. Doshi disappeared in a flash of purple light and a vanilla smell. He reappeared in the same fashion only feet away. Descro lunged for Doshi again, but this time Doshi took to the air. Descro followed, and chased the Dark Yoshi in the supercharged atmosphere.

“I don’t use air to breathe!” shouted Doshi. “I only need it to talk!” Descro responded with a rock0shattering roar. Doshi shrugged and disappeared once again.

Miles away, two lonely figures walked across the desolate plains of the now-destroyed USA. One was tall, the other short. The tall one was male, had no hair, and looked older than his years. The smaller one was female, had long hair that was quickly falling out, and looked pale. The girl coughed and blood came from her throat. She fell to the ground clutching her throat, and a tuff of her hair fell to her feet. The man bent down and, with difficulty, picked her up.

“I’m sorry about Mom,” he said quietly. The girl didn’t say anything. Silent for a minute, the man continued.

“If we are the last… we have to try to continue on.” The girl made a small noise at this. “What is it?” asked the man with concern.

“I don’t want to be the last people,” she whined, before coughing violently. The man crouched on the ground and held her close as her blood stained his fraying white shirt.

“That won’t be a problem,” said a new voice. The man and the girl looked up with hopeful eyes, only to back away in fear as the black figure of Doshi stood before them. “No no!” he said hurriedly. “I’m not going to kill you!”

“GO AW-” shouted the girl before falling to the ground coughing. The man told her to be quiet and got in front of her.

“What do you want?” he asked.

“Not this,” said Doshi. He sighed.

“You’re a devil,” whispered the girl on the floor. The man told her to be quiet again.

“Did they tell you,” said Doshi, staring into the distance, “in Church, that devils used to be angels? No, I guessed not.”

“What do you want?” repeated the man.

“To give back life to this world-” said Doshi.

“So you can conquer it?!” snarled the man.

“Nay,” said Doshi, shaking his head, “so I can see its beauty once more.”

“Go away,” growled the man, picking up the girl, both fearful. “Hypocrite.” Doshi sighed.

“I see there is only one way to convince you,” he said, and inside him, something snapped.

Doshi released his feelings and thoughts, and the man dropped the girl on her butt, but neither she nor he noticed. They where overwhelmed. The hate, the sorrow, the pain, the guilt, the happiness, the content, every emotion that Doshi had in Space-Time came pouring out. They understood him as they could never understand themselves.

“You see?” said Doshi, after a minute that lasted an eternity.

“You are a monster,” said the man with awe.

“Yet a hero at the same time,” said Doshi.

“You’ve killed millions!” said the man, stunned.

“I’ve saved as much as I’ve killed,” returned Doshi.

“You’re a thing unlike any other!” said the man.

“I can save this world,” said Doshi.

“But you need our lives!” said the man.

“Just your souls,” said Doshi. “You’ll live.”

“How?” asked the little girl.

“It’s one of those things you have to experience,” said Doshi.

“Look!” said the man, pointing at a dust cloud.

“Desssscro,” hissed Doshi.

It was indeed Descro, moving at hypersonic speeds. In a second he was at Doshi’s side, his knee going into the Dark Yoshi’s gut, and in the next second both of them were flying away into the dirt, wrestling. Doshi slammed his gloved right hand into Descro’s face, his other hand tight around Descro’s arm. Descro, in turn, had Doshi in a choke hold.

“Stop…” gasped Doshi.

“Stop!” yelled the man.

“St-” yelled the little girl before she started to cough.

Descro paid no attention to their pleas save to squeeze harder. Doshi shoved his finger into Descro’s eyes. Descro ignored it and punched Doshi in the knee. Doshi shuddered in pain and went limp. Descro grinned his skeleton grin, and slammed Doshi repeatedly into the ground.

“Please stop!” yelled the man, the little girl in his arms. Descro turned his skull-like head towards the man, and the man shuddered.

In this time period Doshi wrenched free and darted away as Descro fell on his face. Descro got up, and lunged at Doshi.

Doshi twirled and raised his hands. As Descro’s fist connected with his face, Doshi exploded. Then Descro was beaten to the ground, as hundreds of Doshi clones appeared out of the air and attacked him.

“So?” asked the real Doshi, standing next to the man, who was shocked. “Will you give me your souls?”

“Yes…” said the girl softly. Doshi looked at the man.

“O…okay,” said the man. Doshi sighed.

“Then DIE!” he roared, gripping their heads with his hands and crushing their skulls.

Doshi smiled with their energy rushing through his body; he then shoved his hands into the Earth and sent the energy deep into its core.

And with a gut-wrenching jump, the Earth put itself in its rightful orbit. From the South Pole came frequencies rushing into deep space to cancel the waves sent by the Frequency Machine.

Time went back and did a jump, Space stepped aside, and the galaxy shifted, oh so barely.

The multiple Doshis disappeared, as did Doshi, and Descro was suddenly in his home, with skin and all.

The world was like it was before Doshi had launched his last invasion and used the Frequency Machine, except it was missing a man and a little girl. The world was a little worse off without them.

Chapter 10: Empire, No More!

Bowser woke in his bed in Bowserous. “Wha?” came out of his mouth, his head pounding.

“Sorry,” came Doshi’s voice, “but as a Korg you have a slight resistance to time travel and all. And your soul was pretty heavy, too.”

Bowser blinked and shook his head, the room coming into focus. “I repeat,” he said, “wha?”

“You are a Korg,” said Doshi, “known nowadays as a Royal Koopa. Your species has evolved a natural resistance to time travel when space moves in a different way. Your soul was also heavy with the darkness upon it.”

“What do you mean?” asked Bowser, his eyes narrowing. Doshi waved a hand.

“Forget it,” he said. He continued as Bowser opened his mouth. “I regret to tell you that we’re leaving Earth; we’ve lost the war.”

“What?” said Bowser, not comprehending for a moment. “WHAT?!” he shouted as the reality hit home.

“The last thing you remember was me and a being fighting in the sky, correct?” said Doshi, looking away. Bowser nodded, and Doshi continued. “That fight resulted in me destroying everyone in the world. I had to use most of my remaining power to restore the world and everything in it.”

“Everything?” asked Bowser.

“Everything,” confirmed Doshi.

“Please tell me you let the Mario Bros. stay dead,” pleaded Bowser.

“They never died,” said Doshi.

“What do you mean, they never died?!” roared Bowser, waking up Clawdia, who fell off the bed in the sudden waking.

“When we launched our last Major Invasion of the World,” said Doshi quietly, “the Mario Bros. and a few French Resistors broke into my rooms to try to kill me. Not finding me, they decided to wait, hide, and kill me when I came back. Unfortunately, they found themselves in EBL, the secret labs I have under the ground. They were subdued only after they had destroyed one of my projects, and taken back to Plit to be beheaded.”

“So they’re dead, right?” asked Bowser cautiously.

“No,” sighed Doshi. “Only moments after they had been put in the prison to wait for the swords to be sharpened, Peach attacked Dark Land with all of her Forces. She freed them and Dark Land is slowly but surely being conquered. That’s why we must retreat; we have to stop her armies and retake Dark Land. We’ll also have to destroy the pipe into France so that the Humans don’t follow us to Plit.”

“So my empire on Earth is no more?” asked Bowser slowly and heavily.

“Correct,” said Doshi, tears coming from his eyes and forming into perfect, tear-shaped diamonds on his cheeks. “I’m sorry.”

“It’s okay, Doshi,” said Bowser darkly. “It’s Mario and Luigi’s fault as usual.” He got up and groaned. He sighed. “I guess I’ll just have to capture Princess Peach again.”

“You’ll need to sign this,” said Doshi, producing a paper from thin air.

“What is it?” asked Bowser suspiciously.

“Orders to retreat,” said Doshi softly. Bowser grunted and signed it quickly, and Doshi walked out of the room.

“There’s always next time, dear,” said Clawdia, wrapping her arms around her husband.

“Yeah,” sighed Bowser, turning towards her. “There’s always next time.”

The End

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