Larry and the Yoshis

By koopaling

Chapter 1: A Day in the Castle

"Mwa Ha Ha Ha!" Ludwig laughed as he admired his newest invention. "This invention may have enough power to rule the entire Mushroom Kingdom!" Ludwig reached over and took a sip of Lava Cola.

"Hey, Einstein. You sure this isn't gonna hurt?" Roy asked.

"Not at all! The Change-O-Matic 4000 is sure not to backfire! It can do anything from grow you to 20 times your size, or make you have gills for underwater transportation!" Ludwig boasted.

Wendy walked in. "What are you boys doing?" She took one look at Ludwig's new invention and groaned.

"Wendy, it will not be like last time. The Flipper of Doom had a few bugs in it, that's all... and Morton pulled the switch."

"That flipped my room upside-down!" Wendy shouted. "Your crazy inventions always bother me. "

Then, Morton walked in. "What seems to be the commotion? I have heard the noise coming from this room, and it's been the loudest, most annoying, bothersome..."

"BE QUIET!" everyone shouted.

"Morton, this is my newest invention. Please do not say anything, or I will be forced to use the duck tape in my desk drawer," Ludwig said.

"Why am I still in here? Let me out!" Roy bellowed at the other Koopalings.

Ludwig pressed a switch, and the arm and leg cuffs that were attached to a flat board were released, and Roy slid down the board.

The door flew open, and Lemmy rolled in on his ball. Iggy was balancing on Lemmy's hands, doing front and backflips again and again. "Wow! Cool-" Lemmy said.

"Invention, Ludwig." Iggy finished.

Iggy jumped off of Lemmy and landed square in the middle of Morton's head. "OWOWOWOWOWOWOWOW get off!" Morton yelled.

Iggy jumped off Morton's head and along with Lemmy, walked over to the machine. "What's with all the buttons?" Iggy said to Ludwig.

"And why are some of them flashing?" Lemmy asked.

"The buttons trigger each event, and the ones that are flashing indicate the right solution to the event. Say I ask, how do I get rid of a Hammer Bro? The machine will pick the right way to defeat the Hammer Bro, and give you everything you need to defeat one."

Many oohs and ahhs were heard all around the room.

"Let's try it out!" said Lemmy.

"I wanna go first!" screamed Wendy.

"Just do it already!" said Roy.

"Hold on! I'm hungry. Let's eat, then we'll try it out," Ludwig said.

"Oh yeah!" Morton said. "I almost forgot. We have chocolate bars that King Dad found in a Koopa's locker and put in the kitchen."

"MINE!" Ludwig shouted, and ran downstairs as fast as he could downstairs. The other Koopalings shrugged, and ran after Ludwig.

Chapter 2: Larry Kicked Out of the Keep

In the kitchen, Larry had just finished his chocolate bar. As he walked over to wash his hands and throw out the wrapper, he heard Ludwig stampeding down the stairs, followed by his other siblings. He only had time to throw out his wrapper as he jumped out of the way of the other Koopalings. He breathed a sigh of relief, and walked down the hallway.

"Wow. What a stampede! Okay, what should I do now?" Larry thought. "Should I prank Roy's room, or make a mess of Morton's? Nah, I've done all that earlier this week." Larry was at a loss. He had been pranking and spying all this week, and needed something to do.

"I've got it!" Larry said. He looked over at the entrance to Ludwig's lab, smiling menacingly. Footprints were marked outside of Ludwig's lab where the other koopa kids had stampeded to the chocolate. Larry walked up to the door and tried to open it. It wouldn't budge.

"Darn! Ludwig's security system... oh well. I'll go the other way. I've been around here enough, I know just how."

He ran to another wall and looked up at the vent. He jumped on the wall, kicked it, curled into his shell, and started bouncing around the hallway. Eventually, he hit the vent. It fell over. Larry landed inside and crawled on all fours. "Almost there... Got it!" He punched down the vent into Ludwig's lab and dropped in.

"Same old, same old," Larry grumbled as he passed all of Ludwig's old inventions. "He usually has all of his new stuff in the back."

When Larry reached the back of the lab, he saw the towering Change-O-Matic 4000 before him. "Ludwig's done it this time..." Larry said.

Averting his gaze, he saw all the buttons on the machine. "Cool. I wonder what these do?" He noticed the manual in the corner of the lab. "I don't need manuals!" Larry boasted. "I can work it!"

Larry first pushed one button, which seemed to do nothing. Larry pushed hundreds of buttons, and looked at the last button. He slammed on the button with his fist, then watched the screen.

"Overload," it said. "Maximum overload. Triggering emergency item."

A King Bob-omb popped out. 3, 2, 1, 0...


The whole west wing of the castle exploded.

"RRROOOAAARRR!" Bowser ran up the stairs, just to see all the Koopalings walk up to the lab, just finishing their chocolate bars. Bowser looked at the chocolate-covered remains of the buttons, then looked at Larry's chocolate hands. "LAARRRRRRRYYYYY!!!" Bowser roared. "Out of the Keep!"

Bowser loaded Larry into the cannon on the balcony and shot him into the middle of nowhere. Larry screamed as he flew miles and miles into nowhere he had ever known in his life.

Chapter 3: Enter the Yoshis

Off the coast of an island in the middle of a sea, two Yoshis were trying to get a few fruits out of a tree. Their long tongues were trying to reach the fruit, but the tree was just too tall. They had tried everything on that tall tree: jumping, climbing, even standing on each other's shoulders. But the fruit just wouldn't fall.

"I say we throw eggs," one of them said.

"No, we tried that. It just rustled the leaves," the other one replied.

The Yoshis were trying to get the fruit from the strongest and tallest tree on the island. It had hundreds of fruit branches, but they were very sturdy and tough. The whole tree met up in its middle, where an encased fruit jackpot lay, just waiting to be cracked.

When the Yoshis were about to give up and find smaller trees, they heard a sound overhead and saw something coming down near them.

They leapt out of the way as Larry ducked in his shell and swerved on the sand. He finally came to a halt right next to the Yoshis.

"We must tell Leader!" both Yoshis said, and went galloping off.

"What happened?" Larry whispered to himself as he came out of his shell. "Where am I?"

He spied some fruit on a nearby tree. "I'll eat that until I can find better food," Larry said. He walked over to the tree, took a running start, and hit the tree with his shell. Almost all the fruit fell out, right at his feet.

But before he could eat it, two blurs jumped out of the brush and ground pounded right next to Larry. Hiding in his shell for protection, the last thing he saw was the light being shut out by darkness, then pitch black all around him...

When he started to feel movement again, he was spat out by a large Yoshi onto the ground. Yoshis of all shapes and sizes crowded around him. One large, dark blue Yoshi walked between two large trees, and the other ones parted. The dark blue Yoshi walked through the empty aisle. He sat down in a vine-colored chair at the end of the aisle, looking at Larry's shell interestingly.

"I have never seen a shell like this before," he bellowed. "Yosha, Yoshro: Where did you find it?"

"It flew over our heads," they said together. "It then hit the beach sand, skittering in all directions."

Then, Larry popped out of his shell. Four large Yoshis surrounded him.

"A koopa!" the leader bellowed. "Throw him into Yoshiwa!"

"Wait!" a Yoshi shouted from the group. A mid-sized red Yoshi jumped over the crowd. "Don't throw him in! I'll watch him."

The leader thought for a moment, then looked back at the red Yoshiwa.

"All right, Yosan. Keep a good eye on him. I don't trust him. Meeting dismissed." The Yoshis wandered away, not knowing if Yosan had made a good choice.

Chapter 4: A New Friend

After the meeting, Larry noticed that Yosan had actually saved his behind. He wanted to get off the island, but also wanted to stay a while.

"Thanks back there. By the way, where am I?" Larry said to Yosan.

"You're on Yoshihua. We're thousands of miles from anywhere else, so we aren't bothered much," Yosan replied. "I still can't believe they were going to throw you to Yoshiwa, the biggest volcano on the island!" Yosan said. Larry shuddered.

"C'mon. I gotta show you my place." Yosan grabbed Larry and put him on his back. "Hang on!"

Yosan picked up lots of speed. He swerved through trees and barely made it over spiny bushes. Finally, he slowed down and let Larry off.

"What a thrill ride!" Larry exclaimed. "Can I do it again?"

"Not now. But we made it."

Larry looked over and saw a small clearing with hammocks made from plants, gigantic leaves that held fruit, shelves made from old bark, and even an easy escape route made with wood and sturdy vines. "Welcome to my corner of heaven," Yosan said.

Larry and Yosan stayed in the hangout for hours. They played games, told funny stories, and even drew pictures in the dirt. After a long day of play, they were both getting hungry.

"You know," Yosan said, "do you like fruit?"

"Yes," said Larry.

"There's a huge tree on the beach that no Yoshi can ever reach. It's supposed to have enough fruit to feed 100 Yoshis, since it has been growing for a long time."

"Why can't the Yoshis reach it?" Larry asked.

"It has an inner section that is supposed to be a jackpot. It only has a small opening about this big." Yosan showed an opening about the size of Larry's shell. "I have a plan to get all the fruit and feed every Yoshi on this island!" And so the plan was in motion.

After Yosan and Larry made it to the big tree, Yosan climbed up a smaller tree next to it. He then put Larry inside his mouth and shot him into the small opening in the inner chamber. Larry squeezed through in his shell. He climbed his shell and popped right out. Using a sharp slate of rock, he pounded away at the opening, making it bigger and wider. He then took a very long, thick vine, tied it securely to a wide limb, and let it hang down to the ground.

"Good work," Yosan said. "Now stay up there. I'm gonna move my hangout stuff here."

For the next hour, they put all the stuff in the tree. Soon, word got around to all the Yoshis that someone had made it into the tree. Even the leader wanted to see this. When all the Yoshis crowded around the tree, Yosan stuck his head out. The Yoshis cheered.

"I have an idea! We've got all this fruit, people to enjoy it with, and the whole night ahead of us! Let's party!" one Yoshi said. The others cheered.

All that night, there was a big party with games, egg throwing contests, and of course, lots of fruit. Yosan and Larry were the guests of honor.

But the leader still didn't trust Larry. "He may have gotten all the fruit from the tree," he said, "but it may be a trick to gain our trust.

After the party, Yosan and Larry went back up the strong vine, said good night to each other, and fell asleep.

Chapter 5: The Triclyde Threat

When Larry woke up the next morning, Yosan was still asleep. He walked over and nudged him with his hand. "Wha?" Yosan said.  "Oh, it's just you, Larry." They ate a fruit each and strolled outside.

As the started to enter the forest, a Cobrat jumped out at them and aimed at Larry. Luckily, Yosan saw it coming and pushed him aside. "Triclyde must be hunting," Yosan said. He gulped.

"Who's Triclyde?" Larry asked.

"Triclyde is a three-headed Cobrat that lives on this island. A Yoshi has never survived a fight with him, and he is our only danger."

"Maybe we can stop him," Larry said.

"Are you crazy? He'll eat us!" Yosan said hastily.

"Not if all the Yoshis and I work together," Larry said.

Loud hisses were heard from the other side of the island, getting closer. "I'll go ask Leader," Yosan said.

After about 30 minutes of waiting, Yosan came back.

"He says that it is a good idea, but he needs to know when we strike."

"Tell him dawn," Larry said. "The crack of dawn."

At sundown, all the Yoshis were asked to come to a meeting next to Yoshiwa. Every Yoshi had enough eggs to fire at a long range, and they practiced ground pounds. They went over battle plans and discussed Cobrat's weaknesses. "We are ready," Larry said.

Just before dawn, the Yoshis moved very close to the Cobrat's lair, but not close enough that they would be noticed. When the crack of dawn hit, all the Yoshis ran out of their hiding spots and started attacking the Cobrats. Yoshis were bit, but shook it off. Cobrats were ground pounded in large numbers, but a few just kept on fighting. Soon, only a few Yoshis remained on the battlefield while some had run away. Most of the Cobrats were dead, but they had been holding back something.

Then, Triclyde rose from out of nowhere. He faced the Yoshis and hissed.

Suddenly, Yosan and Larry jumped onto the battlefield and faced Triclyde. All the Yoshis and Cobrats stood

Triclyde darted over and tried to bite Yosan. Larry climbed on Triclyde's back and dug his nails into
Triclyde's skin. Triclyde screamed in pain and bucked Larry off his back. Then, Triclyde used all three heads and tried to bite both of them. Yosan picked up Larry in his mouth and shot him in his shell. Triclyde tried to swallow Larry, but Larry's spines caught in his smallest throat. He tried to spit out Larry, but it was no use. He let out one last gasp, then fell over.

The Yoshis cheered. The Cobrats retreated into a corner, still wanting to fight but greatly outnumbered. Yosan helped Larry out of Triclyde to go celebrate. The Yoshis never had and problems with Cobrats again.

Chapter 6:  Goodbye

After the fight, Larry and Yosan were remembered as heroes. Even though Larry really liked Yosan and the Yoshi way of life, he was wondering if he would ever go home. One day, his question was answered.

A few weeks after the battle, Larry and Yoshi were out for a walk with the other Yoshis when something big was spotted on the ocean. Bowser's army fleets had come to the island. Larry ran to the seashore.

"Don't attack! It's me, Larry!" Larry shouted at the boats.

Ludwig looked over in his binoculars at the island. "Is that... Larry? And Yoshis?" Ludwig said. "King Dad, hold your fire!"

Bowser looked over at where Ludwig was pointing. "That is Larry!"

"King Dad!" I'll be right back!" Larry yelled, and ran into the bushes.

"It is all right that you have to go back where you belong," Leader said.

"You have helped us greatly, and you will be remembered. You are always welcome here, Larry."

"Bye, Yosan," Larry said sadly. "I'll try to visit."

"I will never forget you," Yosan said, and they hugged.

As Larry boarded the ship, he waved to all the Yoshis.

Fading into the sunset, the boat sounded one last horn as it disappeared.  "What a nice, relaxing, heartwarming, cherishing..." Morton said.

"SHUT UP!" everyone said to Morton.

The End

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