Toad's Kongtastic Journey

By E-Man

Meanwhile on the Swimming Krock, K. Rool is with Bowser near the B.C.P.

K. Rool: Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha! At last! My greatest creation is completed! With it, I can blow up DK Island!

Bowser: Hey! That sounds cool! Let me try it! Let me try!

K. Rool: No way, Mr. Eager Lizard! We're going to have to wait until tomorrow to start it up. Ok?

Bowser: Uhhhhh. I guess you're right. What can I do in the meantime?

Just then, a fly flies around Bowser's head and Bowser watches it like a mindless zombie.

K. Rool: That should keep him quite for a while. I'd better go get some dinner and spend the rest of the evening gloating.

K. Rool heads towards his room to get his dinner, leaving Bowser standing there watching the fly. Meanwhile in the laboratory of the Swimming Krock, Kracko has just fixed Mad Jack.

Kracko: There we go! All fixed!

Mad Jack: Thank you, Master Kracko! I'd better get back to work!

Kracko: Actually, I want you to take five. You did have a long day.

Mad Jack shuts down.

Kracko: Ahhhhh. Nothing like peace and quiet. Huh? What is this?

Kracko finds a book and opens it up.

Book: March 6, 1988. Today I created my ultimate creation: a super computer! It has an IQ of 150, which makes me sort of jealous because my IQ is 100. With this computer, I can rule many nations! I'm so evil! ... Oh! And I also named this computer, Krackus. ~Kevin Rool~

Kracko: Hmmmm. This has to be King K. Rool's journal. Maybe I should read more. *flips through some pages* Oh! This one looks interesting!

Book: August 14, 1995. UUUUUUG! I can't believe Diddy and Dixie beat me! This is so terribly lame! I just kidnapped Donkey Kong and took him to Crocodile Isle, but they still beat me! I'm never going to use a plan that involves pirates again! I must try something new next time. ~Kevin Rool~

Kracko flips through more pages and finds another entry that catches his eye.

Book: May 8, 1996. Aha! I came up with a brilliant plan! I'll convince the Kremling Krew that they'll have a new leader! All I need to do is create something that will be a leader. Maybe I should make that leader a cloud-like creature with all my capabilities. Also, Krackus doesn't seem to be acting as well as it used to. I wonder why? ~Kevin Rool~

Kracko: Hmmmm. Something tells me that there is going to be something about me in this journal. *turns a few pages* Oh! What's this?

Book: May 12, 1996. This is very sad. Krackus is about to shut down for good. I don't want that to happen because I spent a long time to make it. However, I got an idea that might be able to save Krackus. I'll put all its IQ into the cloud creature I'm working on and name the cloud after my super computer. Yeah! I'll name it Kracko! ~Kevin Rool~

Kracko: K. Rool is my father?! No wonder he was being so nice to me! ... But that doesn't explain why I spent most of my life working for NME. *turns a page* Hmmm.

Book: May 13, 1996. At last! I brought Kracko into this world! ... But before I can celebrate, something awful happened. These goons from Nightmare Enterprises kidnapped my dear, little Kracko (they called it Cracko). Can you believe that? All my hard work has gone down the toilet. I might as well make a robot to replace to cloud that was stolen. ~Kevin Rool~

Kracko: So that's what happened. For as long as I can remember, Nightmare said that he was the one that created me... I'd better do some more research on those wands!

Kracko grabs the seven wands of the Seven Kingdoms and does some more research on them.

[SMB3 Pipe Land]

Meanwhile, Toad and his friends are flying over the Pipe Kingdom.

Toad: Hey! I can see the Pipe Kingdom right now! This is going to be extremely easy because all we have to do is go through a couple of warp pipes and some mines built by moles to get to the president's tower!

Dixie: President?

Toad: You heard me, Dixie. You see, the ruler thinks that he isn't a true king, so he thinks that the title perfect for him is "president".

Karma: Heh. We're taking a balloon trip by using a swelled-up girl as the balloon. Can life get any stranger?

Toad: That's nothing! Mario said that he rode a giant tuna in one of his adventures!

Tuna: That's whale!

Toad: Whatever. Hey! We should be landing soon! Ok, everybody! Let's get this over with!

They land their Susan balloon near a bunch of warp pipes and they all get off.

Dixie: Do we have to leave Susan here? I feel kind of guilty just leaving a swollen girl here.

Karma: Want to try my idea?

Dixie: What's your idea?

Karma pokes Susan's cheeks and lips with her sharp claws, and Susan deflates like a balloon. All this deflating sends Susan to Sub-con.

Karma: I'm so glad I'm rid of that nuisance! She always bothered me about jewelry and boys ever since we met!

Toad: Yeah... That's really nice. Anyway, we'd better get a move on! I'm not getting any younger!

Toad, Dixie, and Karma go up to the pipes.

Karma: Guh. I hate pipes like these! They're the reason why I came to this fungus land in the first place!

Toad: Where did you come from and how did you fall down a warp pipe?

Karma: Well, I was babysitting my little brother because my mom is always off trying to defeat some bear and bird, but then he went down some warp pipe and I had to chase after him. When I got to this Mushroom place, some freak-in-a-sheet turned me into this!

Toad: So you weren't a Yoshi-Koopa-Dragon hybrid to begin with?

Karma: That's right, but it's a long story. Anyway, we'd better get moving.

Toad: Fine with me! Anyway, only one of these warp pipes can take us to the trail that leads to Moleville. The rest will take anyone to... I have no idea. So the best thing we can do is for us to split up. I'll take this pipe, Dixie will take that pipe, and Karma will that pipe. Whoever finds the pipe that leads to Moleville has to tell the others that this is the right pipe.

Dixie: Works for me!

They all go down the pipes they were assigned. Meanwhile on Earth, Karma pops out of a warp pipe.

Karma: Where on Plit am I? ... Hmmm. It looks like there's a lot of humans here.

Some FBI Guy: Hey look! It's some sort of strange alien! Let's lock her up!

Karma: This could mean trouble.

The FBI guy calls a bunch of other FBI guys to get to where he is, and tells them to get Karma.

Karma: All right! You want a fight, you got it!

Meanwhile in Hyrule, Dixie pops out of her pipe.

Dixie: SHOOT! I'm back in magic triangle land! I'd better get out of here before they make me worship that stupid triangle!

Some Hyrule Guy: Hey! It's that monkey we almost got to worship the Triforce! Let's teach her more about the Triforce!

Dixie: Awwww. CRIPES!

All of Hyrule go over to where Dixie is and try to take her to the temple where they worship the Triforce.

Dixie: I know I shouldn't fight good people because I'm a good guy, but these guys are stupid so they don't count!

Dixie goes over to a nearby tool shed and grabs a bunch of barrels.


Back in the Pipe Kingdom, Toad has come out of his pipe to find a trail that leads to a huge mountain in the distance. Behind the mountain is a large, yellow tower.

Toad: Well... that was way to easy. I hope Dixie and Karma are all right, but I can't just leave the trail because I may forget which pipe I used to get here! What should I do? I can't be in three places at once! ... Or maybe I [i]can be in three places at once...

Toad pulls out a Copy Flower from his cap and uses it to make two exact copies of himself.

Toad: Hello, me and me! I want you guys to go through the pipes Dixie and Karma went through to see if they're all right.

Toads 2 and 3: Right! We're on it!

Both Toads go into the warp pipe the original Toad went through and then the pipes Dixie and Karma went through. Meanwhile on Earth, Karma is still fighting the FBI guys.

Karma: Stop this! I'm not a stinking alien!

One of the FBI guys: Well... You look like one. OW!

Karma punches the guy in the face.

Karma: Dang it! I could really use some help here!

Just then, Toad 2 comes out of the pipe.

Karma: Well... it looks like my wish is granted! Help me with these stupid guys!

Toad 2: Right! I'm on it!

Toad 2 grabs a rock and throws it at an FBI guy. The unconscious FBI guy drops a sack of cool FBI stuff.

Toad 2: Hmmmm.

Toad 2 looks through the sack and finds a bunch of bombs.

Toad 2: Score! My favorite thing!

Toad 2 throws bombs at all the FBI guys like no tomorrow and defeats half of the FBI force.

Toad 2: I know it's bad that I'm killing a bunch of people, but I don't care for some reason!

Karma: If that's so, then let's get more violent!

Karma rips the face off of an FBI guy, but she finds out that he wasn't a real person. He was a robot!

Karma: A robot, huh? That changes everything!

Karma breaks a fire hydrant and soaks all of the FBI robot guys. This causes them to short-circuit and deactivate. Meanwhile in Hyrule, Dixie is still fighting the Hyrule people.

Dixie: Here's another reason why I hate Hyrule! The people here put up a big fight when I just toss around a few barrels!

Just then, Toad 3 pops out of the pipe.

Dixie: Toad! Am I glad to see you! I never thought I would be so glad to see that Mushroom head of yours.

Toad 3: Never mind that! It looks like you ran into a whole mess of trouble, which is my job! Do you know of the best place to get a bomb around here?

Dixie: Check that tool shed right over there! You may find a bomb or two in there!

Toad 3 checks out the tool shed and finds a whole mess of bombs.

Toad 3: Dixie, you lied to me. There isn't one or two bombs in here, but rather a whole mess of bombs. SWEET!

Toad throws all the bombs he could get at the Hyrule people and destroys them all. Oddly enough, when a Hyrule person gets defeated, the defeated person explodes into a puff of purple smoke.

Dixie: Toad?

Toad 3: Yes, Dixie?

Dixie: What I learned from my trip here is that the only creatures that turn into purple smoke whenever they get defeated are the monsters that Ganon creates. That means, these people are nothing but a bunch of monsters in disguises!

Some Hyrule Guy: The monkey found out our secret! Retreat! Retreat!

The guy who said it turns into a black Octorock and runs away. The rest of the people turn into other Zelda monsters and run off.

Dixie: Hmmm. It looks like randomness saved our skins today, Toad!

Toad 3: Hurray for randomness!

Back in the Pipe Kingdom, Karma and Dixie get out of their pipes.

Dixie: Hi Karma! The pipe I went down led me to Hyrule, and these monsters disguised as people attacked me. Luckily, Toad came to save me!

Karma: Hey! I thought Toad was with me! He was there when I defeated the FBI robots with his help!

Dixie: Huh? Did you say Toad was with you? I thought he was with me.

Just then, the two Toads come out of their pipes.


Just then, the original Toad comes out of his pipe.


Toad: Hey, ladies! I see that you met my clones!

Toads 2 and 3: Hi, me! We just saved Dixie and Karma from a bunch of stupid people!

Toad: Is that so? ... Give me five!

The Toads do a three-way hi-five and merge back together to form the one and only Toad.

Dixie and Karma: How did you do that?!

Toad: Well... I put out my hand and the-

Dixie: Not that! We meant the cloning!

Toad: Oh! That? I used a Copy Flower to make two other Toads. Now let's get going!

Toad, Dixie, and Karma go down the warp pipe and onto the trail that leads to Moleville.

Karma: All right. We're at a mountain. Now what?

Toad: Hmmm. I know that there's a warp pipe around here somewhere that we can take to get into the mines. Ah! Here it is!

Toad finds a pipe sticking out of the side of the mountain and goes into it, but he get his butt bitten by a Piranha Plant that lives in the pipe.


Dixie: Well, that's another stupid act committed by the Mushroomhead!

Karma: Does that happen all the time?

Dixie: You have no idea.

Karma: You want me to get him loose?

Dixie: Uh huh.

Karma used her claws to cut the stem of the Piranha Plant and free Toad.

Toad: Thanks, girls! What could I have done without you two?

Dixie: Get eaten by a Piranha Plant?

Toad: (sarcastically) Ha ha. Very funny.

Toad jumps into the warp pipe along with Dixie and Karma and ends up inside the mountain.

Dixie: So this is the mine. Where's the mine cart?

Toad: Oh shoot! I can't believe you asked about the mine cart!

Dixie: What's wrong with asking about a mine cart?

Toad: Whenever something like that happens, we always end up finding whatever is asked about and then using it! I'm still recovering from the last mine cart trip!

Dixie: You know, what you said doesn't sound like you at all.

Karma: Hey guys! I think I found the mine cart!

Toad: Do we have to?

Dixie: It beats walking!

Toad, Dixie, and Karma hop into the cart and head down through the mine. They go over many sharp turns, vertical loops, and tracks that go down vertically.

Toad, Dixie, and Karma: AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!

Just then, a bunch of Kritters in carts chase after them.

Toad: This is why I hate mines!

Dixie: Hey! It's your fault that you convinced us to go here!

Toad: But it was the only way to get to the tower!

Just then, the track begins to make a very sharp turn.

Dixie: We're going to die, aren't we?

Karma: Yeah right! If we all just go to one side of the cart, it should turn very sharply, allowing us to make the turn!

Toad: I don't know where you got that idea, but it sounds like it can truly save us!

They all do as Karma said and make the turn. As for the Kritters, they don't make the turn and fall off the tracks.

Toad: Ha! Looks like we showed them!

They eventually make it to the end of the mine.

Toad: Well, it looks like we survived that one. The next time we ever make it to a mine cart ride, we should forget the cart and walk on the rails.

Dixie and Karma: Agreed!

Toad, Dixie, and Karma leave the mine by using another warp pipe, and end up in front of the tower.

Toad: All right! We made it through the entire kingdom and to the tower! Let's go in!

They enter the tower and end up in a fancy lobby. A Snifit is at a desk doing some paperwork.

Toad: Excuse me, but can we go see the president?

Snifit: Well... He is enjoying the peanut butter he got off of some cloud guy for that magic stick he used to have. But on the other hand, he does need someone to play with today. All right, you may see him on the top floor.

Toad: Uhhhhh... Thanks?

Snifit: Please take the elevator on your right. I'll be busy informing the president about your arrival.

Toad, Dixie, and Karma get into the elevator. Toad pushes a button near the left of the door and the elevator heads toward to top floor. They exit the elevator and enter a room with some sort of train station. Another Snifit is standing on the platform.

Snifit: Greetings, visitors, I would like to present the president of the Pipe Kingdom, the esteemed Booster.

[Booster's Theme]

A small, red train with Booster on it pulls up into the station.

Booster: Hi! They know me as Mr. Booster! It looks like I got some friends to play with today! Don't just stand there! Hop onto my train so we can go to my favorite room in the tower: my playroom!

Dixie: Uhhhh... Toad, what's with this guy?

Toad: President Booster has the IQ of a five-year-old, making him act like a little kid.

Booster: Did the guy with the funny hat say anything about presents? Hey! I want one! ... No, not one, but a whole bunch of presents! Presents for Booster!

Karma: Can we just get on your stupid train so we can get this over with?

Booster: Hey! She said the "S" word! No one's allowed to say it but me! Stupid! Stupid! Stupid! Stupid! Stupid!

Dixie: Can we please get on your train?

Booster: That monkey said the "P" word! Now I can let you on! All aboard! Choo choo!

Toad, Dixie, and Karma get onto Booster's train and it goes down the tracks. After riding the train for 4 minutes, they reach a door that has the words "Booster's Playroom" on it.

Booster: Well, here we are! Everybody off, because it's playtime!

They all get off the train and enter the playroom. Inside it, they find lots of toys and games, as well as a cage that has a green man in it.

Dixie: Say... Doesn't that green man look familiar?

Toad: He sure does. Do you think he's Luigi?

Green Man: That's because I am Luigi! Let me out of here!

Karma: Is that the guy you're looking for in this place? We'd better let him out, then!

As Karma is about to go over to Luigi's cage to save him, Booster gets in her way.

Booster: Are you trying to steal from me?! It's not nice when people steal!

Karma: I was about to free Luigi from that cage he's in.

Booster: So you just barged into my tower by making up an excuse to see me just so you can steal my stuff!

Toad: Something like that.

Booster: Why you dirtbags! For that, you must be punished!

Karma: What's some guy who thinks he's five years old going to do to us? Throw a tantrum?

Booster: You wish! Grate Guy! Knife Guy! Get over here now!

Just then, two clowns enter the room. One is dressed in pink and riding a ball, while the other is dressed in yellow and holding some knives.

Clowns (Grate Guy and Knife Guy): What do ya want, Mr. Booster?

Booster: These rude guests just barged into my tower just so they can steal my stuff! Let's get them!

Grate Guy and Knife Guy: Sure thing, Mr. Booster!

As Toad, Dixie, and Karma are about to attack, Grate Guy throws his ball at Dixie, causing great damage to her, Knife Guy throws some knives at Karma and scrapes her skin, and Booster runs Toad over with his train and knocks him out.

Dixie: I can't believe this! We're about to be beaten by two clowns and a guy who thinks he's five years old!

Karma: Hey! It could be worse!

Just then, Petey Piranha barges into the playroom.

Booster: Hey! What's that baby doing here?! Let's hope he doesn't cry or I'll get mad!

Dixie and Karma: Ohhhhh... SNAP!

Grate Guy: Crackle!

Knife Guy: Pop!

Petey spits out a lot of goop all over the spot where Karma and Dixie are standing, and they sink into the gunk.

Booster: Hey! It looks like we win! Hurray!

Toad: (barely talking): Uhhh... That's... What you think... Booster...

Toad slowly gets up and limps towards Booster's face.

Toad: You stopped me from saving Luigi, you ran me over with a train, you made clowns hurt my friends, and now a baby Piranha Plant just spit goop on them! You're going to pay, Booster! PAY!

Booster: This Toad is scaring me!

Grate Guy: Pha! We can take care of him!

Grate Guy throws his ball at Toad and sends him flying into a wall.

Knife Guy: Hey! This guy's a piece of cake!

Knife Guy throws some knives at Toad and pins him to the wall.

Toad: You're making me angry! You don't like me when I'm angry!

Booster: Didn't some green guy who's very big and strong say that?

Knife Guy: What's a Mushroomhead going to do to us?


Toad breaks free from the wall with all the strength he has. This causes all the knives to fly all over the room. One of them pops Grate Guy's ball.

Grate Guy: WAH! MY BALL!

Toad grabs what is left of the ball and ties it around Grate Guy's neck. He swings him around in great circles and lets go of him. This causes him to fly out the window and hit the ground.


Knife Guy throws all his knives at Toad, but Toad blocks all the knives with his hands just like a ninja.


Knife Guy jumps out the same window Grate Guy was thrown out of.

Toad: Come and get me, you stupid baby!

Petey Piranha, angered by the insult, hovers into the air while spitting goop everywhere. Toad leads him to a water fountain and shoots tons of water into Petey's mouth. This causes him to get extremely fat, fall to the floor on his back, and reveal his belly button.

Toad: DIE!

Toad hits Petey's belly button really hard and causes him great pain. This causes him to get up and fly away. Toad shoots water all over the floor to melt the goop, and frees Dixie and Karma.

Dixie and Karma: Thanks Toad! You saved us!

Toad: Don't mention it! Now let's take care of this goofball!

Booster: You think you can win just because my clowns are gone?! As if! I'm getting back to the Booster Express and running you guys over! Choo choo!

Booster is running towards his train.

Toad: Not so fast, Booster!

Toad throws a Bob-omb at the train and blows it up.

Toad: Karma! Burn the top of Booster's head off!

Karma shoots a fireball at Booster and sets the top of his head on fire.

Booster: HOT! HOT! HOT!

Toad: Dixie! Hold him down so I can give him something that he should have gotten a long time ago!

Dixie jumps on Booster and pins him to the floor with his back facing upwards. Toad goes over to him ank gives Booster what he needed a long time ago: a good spanking!


Toad: Well... All right! You had enough punishment anyway!

Toad stops hurtign Booster and tells Dixie to let him go.

Dixie: It's amazing what a guy can do to defend a green man.

Booster: You want the guy who's in the cage? Go ahead and keep him! He's nothing but a total drag on my life!

Dixie: Then why go through all that trouble of fighting us?

Booster: I thought you were going to steal all my toys! I had to do something!

Toad: Is that so? ... All right, I forgive you. Just let me free Luigi, ok?

Toad goes over to Luigi's cage and opens it.

Luigi: Wow! That was some fight you guys had! I liked the part where Toad got angry and killed those clowns.

Booster: Don't be silly! They're not dead! They just landed on my giant marshmallow I have at the bottom of my tower!

Karma: Why do you have a giant marshmallow?

Mallow: Because I left it there when I was on vacation! Thanks for watching it, Booster!

Booster: You're welcome, Mallow! Want to get some sleep? The Booster Inn is always open!

Toad: Why do you want us to sleep at the "Booster Inn"?

Booster: The sun went away because it's tired, and I bet you guys are too!

Toad: Why decline an offer for some rest? Sure! We can do that!

Booster: That's great! Let one of my Snifits take you to your rooms!

Snifit: You're rooms are this way, sir and madams. Let me take you to them.

Toad, Dixie, and Karma follow the Snifit to their rooms.

Toad: Are you going to sleep too, Booster?

Booster: Are you kidding me?! This is the night I eat lots of sugar! Nobody can sleep when they have a sugar rush!

Booster eats 137 bags of sugar and has the biggest sugar rush in the history of Plit.

To Be Continued...

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