Iggy's Depression

By Enchantress Raquelita

Part 1: Darkness Spreads

Iggy was in his room, lying around all alone. His family had just left him behind because they'd gone on a vacation to Hawaii. Iggy got filled with rage, being locked in his room with nothing to do for a whole two weeks. Iggy got up and busted down his door, his sadness broke free as he cried while walking down the hall. He made his way through the dark, dusty castle; he walked into the throne room and sat on the throne. He looked around and began to imagine a country bowing down to him. Iggy stood up; some Koopas walked to him and put a red robe on him. Another Koopa walked up and placed a glimmering crown on his head. Iggy felt power, he sneered as he looked down on his land. Some Koopa guards brought to him his family; he grabbed his magical scepter and blasted his family to oblivion...

Iggy woke up from his trance and noticed he'd destroyed Bowser's favorite statue of himself. Iggy lowered his wand and looked at it, some rock was left in a bad design of himself. With a flick of his wand he transformed it into a statue of himself. With a childish laugh he turned to the next statue and transformed it into another statue of himself.

Iggy ran to his father's room and grabbed Bowser's magical scepter. He grabbed Bowser's red robe and a golden crown made for Ludwig. He placed his glasses on a table and with a whisk of his wand his eyes were zapped by red sparks and he screamed. His eyes began to bleed, but they began to see again, and they turned bloody red. Iggy looked in the mirror; he was satisfied with his transformation.

He looked up at the walls and saw two pictures; they were named "favorite kids" and "least favorite kid". Iggy noticed all his brothers and sister were on the favorite one, while he was on the least favorite one. Iggy roared angrily and blasted the closest thing in sight, which was Bowser's plush doll that looked like Roy.

Iggy walked into Ludwig's room, "So, my brother... you are heir to the throne. Not for long..." With a blast of his wand Iggy transformed all of Ludwig's inventions into small little toys. Iggy blasted them into ashes with his fire breath. Iggy blasted Ludwig's safe open, inside were special chemicals Ludwig was saving for when he became royal, he would turn himself into a powerful magic-wielding Koopa King. Iggy grabbed them and poured the cold liquid down his throat.

"Prince Iggy, you aren't in your room!" Kamek walked in and saw the mess Iggy had made, and caught him drinking a vial of black liquid. "IGGY! WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!" Kamek tried to zap Iggy with his magic. Iggy turned to Kamek, his eyes wide and bloodshot red. Iggy blasted Kamek into a wall with magic, Kamek fell to the ground.

Iggy walked up to him, each step caused the ground to catch fire. Iggy kneeled next to Kamek, an evil grin on Iggy's face. "So tell me, my little slave. Where does Bowser keep all his royal treasure."

Kamek looked up, blood pouring from cuts on his head. "I will never tell!"

Iggy squeezed his hand into a fistl a black aurora surrounded Kamek, he floated into the air squirming and gagging. "Did I give you a choice? Where is it?!" Kamek coughed up blood and pointed down the hall, Iggy walked down the hall, Kamek still in Iggy's magical grip.

Iggy walked into the backyard, he blasted away a brick wall and behind it were riches that were most valuable. Iggy grasped the jewels with his other magical hand, still holding on to Kamek, who was bleeding to death. "Now, my slave, are there any more riches?"

"I don't know, Bowser never told me of other treasures!" Iggy laughed and swiped his hand through the air. Kamek fell to the ground, barely alive. Iggy pulled him to Bowser's room and with a sword he pinned him on the wall. Iggy lifted his hand and drained Kamek's magical powers and walked back to the throne room.

Iggy sat back on the throne; he thought for awhile as his brain was shroud with darkness. He walked out of the castle and into his land. He called all his minions from Giant Land. "Now, my gullible minions! Since I have more power than ever, it is time for WORLD DOMINATION!" Iggy hollered. The giants all cheered and charged into Desert Land.

But the desert minions were too strong for the giants, and defeated them. Iggy was terribly mad and flew over to Dark Land. Iggy stopped in a nearby graveyard. Iggy kneeled down and placed his hands on the ground. The ground began to shake.

Suddenly the graves of every evil man and Koopa opened up, and a hideous shriek was heard. Black spirits pulled themselves out of their graves and pulled themselves over to Iggy. Out of the biggest grave came an old, darker-looking spirit, who floated to Iggy and bowed. "Oh great one who awakened us, we thank you for releasing us from out lonely graves."

"Spirit Lord, I have come to seek your help. I must conquer the lands my
siblings own. I am willing to give you whatever you want," Iggy said.

The Spirit Lord seemed to be very pleased. "I will help you conquer these lands if you give us riches, and power!" the Spirit Lord said.

"You shall get what you desire," Iggy said.

"We are ready for your orders... Master." The Spirit Lord got on his knees and bowed, the other spirits bowed as well.

With the powerful spirits on Iggy's side, he returned to Desert Land to fight again. The desert minions fought valiantly but they all were taken captive. Iggy locked the dungeon with all the desert creatures inside. "HAH! Your loud-mouth master will never defeat the all-powerful IGNATIUS KOOPA! MWAH HA HA!" Iggy walked out of the room as proud as ever. Next was the land Lemmy owned, Iggy led his troops and conquered the land. In another dungeon Iggy slammed the door shut and laughed at them. "Since you are the minions of Lemmy, I will not torture you... much!" Iggy turned away and left, laughing.

Wendy, Roy, Ludwig, and Larry's kingdoms soon fell to Iggy's insane wrath. Iggy floated over every land as they turned black with evil, and were covered with flames of wrath. Iggy remembered that almost two weeks had passed, and his rotten family would soon be back. Iggy floated into Kastle Koopa. He placed his hands on a wall and they turned black. The whole palace was engulfed in black evil. Iggy finished turning Ludwig's room into his lab. Roy's room became a wreck room, Wendy's was turned into an armory. Larry's became a library, Lemmy's stayed the same, and Morton's was turned into a room with a plasma screen TV and a Jacuzzi. Iggy changed the throne room so that his throne was more impressive and dark-looking.

Meanwhile, on the plane back home...

"Now kids, wasn't that the best vacation ever?" Bowser said happily while taking a sip of wine.

"The best, and thanks for buying all this cool stuff, I just love my camera!" Wendy said, taking pictures of everything around her.

"Yeah, you're the best, King Dad!" Larry said.

"He's right, you are marvelous, wonderful, spectacular, great, super, intelligent, handsome, the best thing
to ever happen to this world!" Morton blabbered. Bowser laughed proudly.

"Yeah, and with that wimpy Iggy out of the way, this was the best vacation EVER!" Roy hollered. He then began to moonwalk for some strange reason.

"Well, anything for my favorite kids," Bowser said.

"Thanks, Dad!" the Koopalings said at the same time.

Suddenly an alarm blasted. "What's going ON?!" Bowser yelled.

"An unknown flying object is coming straight for US!" the pilot yelled.

The Koopalings looked out of the window. "AHH! DAD, IT'S A MISSILE!" Ludwig yelle. Everyone began to scream. The unknown object that was heading for them was Iggy, heading headfirst for the plane. Iggy crashed through the plane, causing it to dive headfirst into the forest. When Iggy collided into the plane Wendy fell and snapped a picture of Iggy going through the plane.

"SEE YOU LATER, SUCKERS! MWAH HAH HA!" Iggy flew back to his castle. The Koopalings shrieked as they were heading straight for the forest. Bowser grabbed his kids and they crashed, killing the pilot.

Bowser and his kids crawled out of the plane, still alive. "Dad, wh-what happened?" Lemmy said.

"I don't... know..." Bowser said.

"Ugh, my head," Larry complained.

"Vhat vas that thing that hit us?" Ludwig asked.

"That I don't know either."

"OH MY! DAD, LOOK AT THIS!" Wendy ran up with her camera. Bowser took it and looked at the small
picture. He zoomed in on it and saw what surprised him,

"Kids, we weren't attacked by a missile... we were attacked by... Super KOOPA!" Bowser yelled excitedly.

"Super Koopa? I thought it was Super MAN!" Roy said.

Ludwig looked at it, "It looks like a king attacked us, vhat vith the crown and all."

"I'm gong to SUE that king, he ruined our vacation!" Wendy cried.

"Yeah, lets tell the Mushroom press, they will put this on the news!"


"Okay, so we just interviewed the Shroom chargers, who lost their 20th game. Wait, we have breaking news, it appears that Bowser and his kids were attacked while coming home from a vacation. And here they are now!"

A Toad was standing in front of the ruined plane with Bowser and his kids. "So tell us, Bowser, what was this strange creature that attacked you?"

"Well, it was another Koopa King, I SWEAR! He just came flying by and crashed into our plane, and what was weird was that he wasn't even HURT!" Bowser yelled madly.

"... Well, we will ask Wendy, so Wendy; tell us about your attacker."

"He's a meanie, that's for sure. But he was so scary, he was carrying this large, black scepter and his eyes were a bloody red. I got a picture of him!" Wendy handed it over to the Toad.

"Hmm, well, all you people in the Mushroom Kingdom, if you see this guy just call us at 1-800-Peach."

Mushroom Kingdom...

"Luigi... LUIGI!" Mario screamed.

Luigi ran into the room panting. "What's... what's wrong?!" Luigi asked.

Mario was hugging a pillow really tightly and pointed to the television. "If you see this guy call us at 1-800- Peach." The picture of Iggy crashing into the plane and causing it to crash appeared on the screen. Luigi stared at the TV surprised.

"Luigi, I'm a scared. What do we-a do?!" Mario cried.

"I don't know, but since he attacked Bowser and his kids, he MUST be a good guy! We shouldn't worry, he is no threat to us," Luigi said calmly.

Meanwhile, Iggy was floating outside the Mushroom Kingdom staring at the TV happily. "So, my cowardly family, you turn to the good guys for help. Just what I would have expected you to do, I'm ashamed that I am one of your kids, Bowser!" Iggy quickly flew back to his castle, on the way back he noticed that Bowser and his kids were making their way back to the castle. As Iggy flew over he grabbed a nearby anvil and flew way
above Bowser. "HEY BOWSER! CATCH!" Iggy laughed and released the anvil.

Ludwig looked up and noticed the anvil heading straight for Bowser. "DAD! LOOK OUT!" Ludwig shoved Bowser knocking him out of the way.

The anvil fell behind them, missing Bowser and Ludwig, Iggy through a tantrum. "DARN YOU, LUDWIG! YOU ALWAYS HAVE TO RUIN MY PLANS!!!" Iggy hollered, everyone looked up at Iggy, not recognizing his transformation.

"WHO ARE YOU? ANSWER ME!" Ludwig yelled back. Iggy flew way ahead so they couldn't see him.


Everyone's heart fell cold, "WHAT DID YOU DO TO HIM?!" Lemmy cried.

Iggy threw his glasses over and they shattered on the ground. "YOU SHOULD GET THE IDEA SOON!" Iggy laughed. "IF YOU WANT TO SPEAK YOUR FINAL WORDS TO HIM, JUST FOLLOW THE YELLOW BRICK ROAD!" Iggy touched the ground and a black road appeared. "MY BAD! FOLLOW THE BLACK BRICK ROAD!!!" Iggy laughed as he flew on ahead.

Bowser and his kids quickly made their way across the black road. On their way they noticed their castle in the distance, "Well, this vacation got really weird. And that crazy king that keeps causing us trouble, he's insane," Bowser said.

"Well who knows? He may be a... a relative!" Wendy said.

"What happens if he is here to kill us? What if we never see Iggy again?" Lemmy cried.

Roy shoved him. "Who cares? He is the weak link in the family. He couldn't even bet Larry in arm wrestling!" Roy laughed. Lemmy looked at the ground and began to cry some more.

"Don't worry, Lemmy, that sorcerer should have pity on him. I mean, who wouldn't?" Wendy said.

"She's right" Bowser said. Lemmy didn't feel any better.

"Let's just head back home, back to our beautiful lovely cas..." Morton for once fell silent on his own, they saw their once beautiful castle, but now, it was, different...

"WHO DID THIS TO MY CASTLE?!" Bowser yelled.

"That evil sorcerer! He ruined our home! Or else Mom redecorated it?" Wendy said.

"Hmm, you're probably right. Your mom has always planned on redecorating the castle."

They all walked in and began to look around. "HEY DAD! THERE ARE SWORDS AND AXES IN MY ROOM!" Wendy screamed.


Ludwig ran out of his room, carrying extremely poisonous chemicals. "THESE AREN'T MINE! AND VHAT HAPPENED TO MY INVENTIONS?!" Ludwig roared.


Lemmy walked in looking normal. "My room's just fine."

Morton ran in happily, "Hey Dad, you're the best, the greatest, wonderful, spectacular, magnificent, I love you so MUCH!" Morton yelled happily.

"Vhat happened to your room?" Ludwig asked.


Morton ran into his room and everyone gazed in amazement. "A JACUZZI?! WHY DOES HE GET A JACUZZI?!" Wendy cried.

"Check out this plasma screen TV," Roy said.

"Now kids, let's just leave this place before we ruin anything," Bowser said.

"Oh, but you have..."

A huge cage fell from the ceiling, trapping everyone inside. "WHAT IS THE MEANING OF THIS?!" Bowser yelled.

Iggy laughed while he slowly walked into the room. His hood was up so he wouldn't ruin the surprise; he had to wait for the right time. "You ruined the peace, the silence, the darkness..." Iggy said walking up to the cage.

"What are you?" Wendy asked.

"I am your worst fear, awakened by your evilness," Iggy said.

"WHAT DID YOU DO TO MY BROTHER IGGY?!" Lemmy yelled and tried to slash him.

"I did nothing to that kid, he meant nothing to me. I let him free, and you will probably never see him again." Iggy laughed.

"That brat will come back, he's too scared to stay all alone for even an hour," Roy said. Iggy wanted to hurt him so badly.

"First of all, he seemed fine when I came here, he wasn't scared at all. He is so angry at you guys, he said he was so ashamed of you. No one would leave their brother all alone while they enjoy themselves." Everyone was disappointed in themselves.

"Well, who cares? Iggy needs to learn how to act like a man! This means he has to stay home and take some responsibilities!" Bowser said.

"Oh, he is a responsible young kid. What with helping me kill, Kamek!" Iggy laughed loudly,

"YOU KILLED KAMEK?!" Bowser roared. Everyone was shocked.

"So what if I did? The freak only got in the way; I need him to be dead if I am to rule the world!" Iggy laughed. "MINIONS! Take these rodents to the dungeon!" Iggy yelled and walked away. Some black evil spirits took the cage and threw it into the dungeon. "HOPE YOU LIKE YOUR STAY!" Iggy laughed.

Everyone sat in the dungeon silently, upset about Kamek's death. "So what do you think he will do to us, Dad?" Larry asked.

"I don't know."

"I... I can't believe that Iggy is mad at us... and now I will NEVER SEE HIM AGAIN!" Lemmy began to cry loudly.

Ludwig put his arm around him. "Don't vorry, Iggy vill come back once he learns that ve need help,"
Ludwig said.

"Like that brat will come, he probably freaked out once he saw that sorcerer. I mean, that guy is creepy!" Roy said, shaking.

"We'll just have to wait here until someone helps us," Bowser said.

A few days later everyone was in despair. But Larry saw a chance on how to sneak out; he grabbed the keys from a spirit guard and opened the door. Bowser knocked out all the guards and they all quickly made their way to the throne room.

Iggy was sitting on his throne, waving his magic staff around, Bowser busted open the door and everyone surrounded Iggy. Iggy smiled with no bit of worry in him, as Bowser walked up madly. "WHY DO YOU HAVE MY MAGICAL STAFF?! IT IS FOR WHEN LUDWIG BECOMES KING! AND WHY DO YOU HAVE MY ROBES, AND MY SON'S CROWN?!" Bowser roared angrily, Iggy looked at him and stared back down at his hand, pretending to ignore him. Bowser got red hot mad, he charged and slashed Iggy across the face.

Iggy fell to the ground, blood pouring on the black carpets. "Heh heh, very good. I can feel the power in you, but it is no match for me, the all-powerful Koopa King." Iggy stood back up, the slashes on his face slowly recovered and soon his face was normal. Bowser charged again, Iggy held up his staff and Bowser grabbed it, they both pushed against each other with all their strength. Iggy twisted to the side, causing Bowser to fall to the ground exhausted. Iggy walked to his side, Bowser looked at him full of fear. "Ugh, I'm ashamed that I am your son, Dad." Bowser stared at him like he was crazy, Iggy pulled down his hood and laughed.

"Iggy, what are you doing?" Bowser said, confused.

"What am I doing?! Why, I just defeated my father in a game of strength. Did you possibly believe that I would sit around and cry my little heart out because my worthless family doesn't care for me? Well, Lemmy is the only good one, but the rest of you!" Iggy turned around and pointed his staff at all of them except Lemmy. "You ought to be ashamed, of all the brothers to pick on, you chose me. ME! Well, you will be sorry, you will pay for this." Iggy growled, raising his staff into the air. Roy jumped forward and kicked Iggy in the stomach and caused him to trip over Bowser.

"Well, well, the weak link decides to play with the big boys. Did you get tired of crying and peeing in your pants? I thought you enjoyed doing those things since you did them so often!" Roy laughed, everyone chuckled except for Lemmy,

"You'll pay for this," Iggy growled to himself.

"Ohh, big bad Iggy is going to hurt us! What are you going to do, annoy us to death?" Roy laughed.

"Face it, Iggy, even with that stick you still won't be able to beat us. We are too strong for you!" Wendy laughed.

Iggy got back up, flames were in his eyes. "I once cared for you guys, I once called you guys family, I once loved you... BUT THIS ENDS NOW!" Iggy slammed his staff on the ground, causing the ground to tremble violently. Everyone fell to the ground except for Bowser, who was still on the ground. "I once had everything..." Iggy began to cry bloody tears of pain. "I once loved,... Iggy roared causing the shock wave. "I once laughed, I once was happy..." Iggy swung his staff, causing everyone to crash into the wall. "I once cried by you when you were hurt... but you ruined that, all of you... and I won't feel any shame when I defeat you. I had no shame when I killed Kamek, AND FOR ONCE I FELT GOOD ABOUT HURTING OTHERS!" Iggy gripped his hand into a fist; everyone was engulfed in a dark aurora.

"IGGY, VE ARE SORRY!" Ludwig screamed.




"Please Iggy, STOP!" Lemmy said, shaking Iggy vigorously.

"... You deserve no apology from me," Roy whispered,

Iggy roared with rage as everyone else fell to the ground, still alive and barely wounded, but Roy was still in the black aurora. "YOU, YOU NEVER GAVE ME A CHANCE! I WAS ALWAYS UNDER YOU, THE LAST ONE! I HAD ENOUGH OF BEING YOUR WEAK LITTLE PUNCHING BAG! FOR NOW ON YOU WILL BE MY WEAK LITTLE PUNCHING BAG!"

Iggy blasted Roy with black magic and Roy turned into a punching bag. "WHAT THE?! HEY IGGY, I'M SORR,Y

Iggy laughed, everyone stared at the pink punching bag screaming and rolling around on the ground. "If you were truly sorry, you would have stopped abusing me a long time ago. But that ship has sailed, now I will have the joy of abusing you."

Iggy grabbed the bag and hung it in his wreck room. "And the rest of you, since you guys said you were sorry and really do care for me, relax, enjoy your time in my palace, I think you will find it rather pleasant," Iggy said to his remaining brothers and sister.

"Can ve invite our friends?" Ludwig asked.

"Why are you asking me? Tthis castle is still part yours, do whatever you want," Iggy said. Everyone cheered and ran off except Larry and Lemmy. "Is there something wrong?" Iggy asked. Larry and Lemmy shook their heads.

"Can I put a force field around the castle that will keep Susan out? PLEASE!" Larry begged.

"There already is a force field, now enjoy yourself." Larry screamed with joy and ran out back to enjoy his new, better plants.

Lemmy was still there, a confused look on his face. "What's wrong, Lemmy?"

Lemmy sighed. "It's just that, I want to know why you changed. You seem so different," Lemmy asked.

"Well, I guess I began to take the responsibilities of a man. And because I need payback on the ones who treated me badly," Iggy said.

Lemmy began to think for a while. "Are you sure that you won't get taken over by this evil?! What if you are?!" Lemmy said.

"Don't worry, I am totally capable of protecting myself," Iggy said.

Lemmy walked up and gave him a brotherly hug. "Thanks for turning Roy into a punching bag," Lemmy said and left.

Iggy sighed and walked down the hall. Payback on the ones who treated him badly... That meant the whole mushroom kingdom, but Iggy was not going to back down. He walked outside in the rainy afternoon, he walked up to one of the spirit guards and told him to tell all the spirit people to get ready for battle.

That night a fierce storm was bellowing outside, Iggy stood in the rain and watched the lightning strike
places far away. The spirit minions pulled themselves out of the cold ground and waited for Iggy's orders. Iggy began to float and turned towards the spirits. "We will rule this world, and the spirit people will no longer have to sleep in the cold, dead bodies that they were once in. And TODAY WE WILL TAKE CONTROL!" The spirit people cheered. "CHARGE!" Iggy yelled and quickly flew towards the Mushroom Kingdom, the spirit people followed as quiet as could be.

Meanwhile in the Mushroom Kingdom...

"Luigi, can you a scrub my-a back?"

"I don't want to," Luigi said from outside the bathroom.

"But it is-a itchy!" Mario complained.

"You can scrub your back by yourself. You are a grown up, aren't you?"

"I DON'T-A WANT TO-A GROUP UP! WAAAAAAAAH!" Mario cried while screaming like a little girl. Luigi
opened the door and began to scrub Mario's back. "Oh, that's a nice," Mario said and began to sing.

Iggy was now floating outside the castle with his minions behind him. Iggy pointed his staff at a metal bar sticking out of the top of the castle. With a blast of lightning the power went out.


"The power went out, stupid."

"I-a think I-a peed in the a bath tub," Mario said and began to sing some more while still bathing.

"You are sick," Luigi said.



"We have to a save them!" Mario said.

"Get dressed, I will handle this monster." Luigi ran into the throne room while Mario began to drink from the toilet.

Luigi busted open the throne room door and jumped in victoriously. "Never fear, Princesses, Luigi is here," Luigi said. Suddenly a chill went down his spine, the princesses were lying on the ground unconscious. And beside them was Iggy, who had a proud smile on his face.

"Who are you?!" Luigi yelled.

Iggy looked at him and growled, "Guess."

Luigi looked at him again. "You almost look like Iggy, but that kid has glasses and he doesn't have a crown," Luigi said.

Iggy laughed at Luigi. "I am Iggy, I guess no one recognizes my handsome looks," Iggy said proudly,

"You are Iggy, but I thought Ludwig was the heir to the throne," Luigi said.

"Yeah, we ALL expect the great and powerful LUDWIG will become king. I AM KING, FOR I AM BETTER THAN HE!" Iggy roared.

Mario walked in, his mouth filled with toilet water. "Mario, what are you doing?"

Mario burped and he splattered the toilet water all over Iggy. "GROSS! You sick little FINK RAT!" Iggy yelled.

"Oh, hi-a Iggy, nice to-a see you," Mario said. Iggy got so mad the toilet water on him evaporated.

"I am sick and tired of you... always foiling my plans and making me look weak. BUT THE DAY HAS COME WHEN ALL KOOPAS AND DEMONS COME FORTH AND DESTROY YOU!" Iggy yelled and slammed his staff on the groun. The spirit people jumped from the ground. "MY MINIONS, ATTACK!" Iggy hollered. The spirit demons all attacked Luigi and Mario.

After a few minutes of fighting roughly, the spirit people were laying on the ground. "Hah, my-a little-a foe. Your little a friends fell to my-a might." Suddenly the spirit people got back up, stronger and angrier.

"Ghosts don't die. Of all people, you should have remembered!" The spirits grabbed Mario and Luigi and pinned them, Iggy raised his hands into the air. "I HAVE DEFEATED THE MARIO BROS. AND NOW WE
SHALL TAKE WHAT IS RIGHTFULLY OURS!" Iggy laughed with pride.


"Breaking news, the Mushroom Kingdom is shrouded under a black cloud of evil. The Mario Bros. are being held prisoner and the princesses have disappeared. Many dark creatures have been floating around the castle, and they all attack us when we get near. I'm afraid that the all powerful Dark Lord of the Spirits has come for us all," a Toad said,

"Um, excuse me. That is not the Dark Lord of the Spirits, he's much worse." A young Toadette whispered something into the news reporter's ear.

"More horrible news, it seems that the young Koopa Prince Ignatius has taken over. He has learned the powers of sorcery AND is ruler of the Spirit Lord! It seems that Dark Lord Ignatius is the strongest foe we have to face. Everyone must take shelter, I repeat, TAKE SHELTER, YOU DORKS!" The Toad ran off and everyone ran away in fear...

Meanwhile, Bowser and his kids were watching the TV with pride. "I can't believe that Iggy has taken over the Mushroom Kingdom and has defeated the Mario Bros. I'm so proud of him!" Bowser said, crying with pride.

"I can't believe that Iggy could change from a little kid into a fierce sorcerer," Larry said.

"But Dad, if Iggy becomes king of the whole vorld, vhat vill I become king of?" Ludwig asked.

"He might share some land, son. Besides, you are nice to him. He might want to return the favor," Bowser

There was a knock on the door and Wendy opened it. A Paratroopa was standing there with a letter. "This is for Bowser, this is his house, no?" the funny-accent Paratroopa said.

"Yes this is the house," Wendy said.

"Lord Iggy has sent you a letter." The Paratroopa handed over a letter and quickly left. It said.

Dear Koopa family,

As you know I have defeated those puny bros. Now I have become the strongest force known to man. I just wanted to say I miss you guys and that the castle you are in now, I want Ludwig to be the king of it. Ludwig, I am sorry about your inventions, I will try to make up for them. I hope you enjoy your new home!

Sincerely, Lord Ignatius

"YEAH! I rule this kingdom!" Ludwig yelled happily. Everyone was happy for Ludwig. But Lemmy was sitting alone, he felt something bad was going to happen to Iggy.

Roy, who was still a punching bag, was thrashing around madly. "THAT IGGY!" Roy began to punch at the darkness around him, he began to claw at it. With an awful ripping noise Roy fell to the ground screaming. He clawed himself and fluff came out of the punching bag. Roy madly pushed out all the fluff and crawled out, panting heavily. "That Iggy, no one and I mean NO ONE DISRESPECTS ME!" Roy stormed out of the castle and straight towards the Mushroom Kingdom.

Iggy was inside it happily eating a large, juicy steak and lobster dinner. Outside the spirits were floating around and talking with each other. Roy walked up and shouted to the closest spirit. "HEY YOU! Where is your so-called master, that wimpy Iggy?" The spirits all froze and glared at Roy.

"Dark Lord Ignatius is not wimpy! He is the strongest force known to man!" a spirit guard said.

Roy rolled his eyes. "Well, take me to the Dark Lord of the Spirits, your old master."

The spirit brought forth a rather old but fiery-looking spirit. "What do you want from me?" The Spirit Lord said. Roy pushed the Spirit Lord a little ways away so no one could hear the conversation.

At the end the Spirit Lord was furious. "COME, TROOPS! OUR LORD IS A FRAUD! HE USED US AND NOW WON'T GIVE US WHAT IS RIGHTFULLY OURS!" The spirits were furious, they all flew up and through the walls. Iggy noticed them coming through the walls and quickly threw his tray aside and grabbed his staff. The spirits charged straight for him and Iggy blasted them with his staff. The spirits slowly recovered and became stronger, Iggy was overwhelmed by the spirits.

"WHAT IS THE MEANING OF THIS?!" Iggy roared. Roy walked in standing next to yhe Spirit Lord. "Roy, brother, what have you done?" Iggy asked.

"I told them the truth, you weren't going to give what was rightfully theres, so they want payback!" Roy laughed.

"But, but I have given you what you asked for. I gave you power, I gave you my father's valuable riches! WHAT MORE DO YOU WANT?!" Iggy shrieked. The Spirit Lord said nothing and laughed.

"Now my friends, take this rodent to the far end of the world. So now I can rule and give you the whole world!" The spirits lifted Iggy up, Iggy struggled but the Spirit Lord bashed him across the head with a rock. A large gash was left that dripped blood. Iggy's eyes slowly closed, everything, so dark... Iggy fell into the darkness, he had failed...

To Be Continued...

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