Life is Too Cruel

By Enchantress Raquelita

One day... too plain, on a bright and cheery morning everyone was as happy as could be. Ludwig got a date with Karma, Lemmy's website won an award and he got a million coins, Iggy was getting tremendously strong and could even bet up Roy, one of Morton's speeches was published, Wendy got all the makeup she has ever wanted, Larry had just won a prize for the best plants in the history of the whole world, and Roy's football team had been going on a winning streak for months.

Nothing could go wrong for these teens, right? Wrong! It is going to get so bad that they will have nothing left. Let's see, it all started with... Ludwig...

Ludwig for once was combing his messy hair, he was as happy as could be. After an hour or two Ludwig gave up and left his hair the way it had always been. Ludwig ran to his closet and looked through all his clothes. Ludwig chose his black tuxedo and gently lay it on his bed.

Larry skipped by Ludwig's room, whistling a happy tune. Larry skipped back and into Ludwig's room. "Hi! What are you doing on this fine day?" Larry asked.

"I'm getting ready for my date!" Ludwig happily answered.

"Good for you!" Larry happily said and skipped out of the room.

Now, usually another sibling comes in and congratulates Ludwig, right? Nope. Instead an ear-piercing shriek came from down the hall. Ludwig was startled and ran down the hall to see what it was. Ludwig ran to Karma's door and knocked,."Karma, did you hear that scream? ... Karma. KARMA!" Ludwig busted the door open and Karma was lying on the ground. Ludwig fell to his knees next to Karma. He shook her gently, no response. Ludwig rolled Karma onto her back. With a startled scream Ludwig jumped up crying, Karma had a knife sticking out of her chest and was dead. "NO! THIS CAN'T HAPPEN! KARMA!" Ludwig wept.

Iggy ran in to see what was going on. "WHAT THE?! Who did this to Karma?!" Iggy asked, totally shocked. Ludwig just kept crying, Iggy ran out of the room and called 911.

Such heart break for Ludwig, his heart will be aching and breaking for the rest of eternity. The day after Karma's mysterious death it seemed that trouble was brewing. Lemmy was in his room for hours without coming out; he'd missed dinner for a week. A strange, musky smell came from his room and the only thing that could be heard outside Lemmy's locked door were the sounds of crickets.

Wendy had a bad feeling about this, she knocked on Lemmy's door but no one answered. Roy passed by and noticed Wendy trying to bust down Lemmy's door. "What ya doin? Tryin' to get in Lemmy's room?" Roy asked.

"No, I'm cleaning his door. Of COURSE I'm trying to get in," Wendy yelled. Roy easily opened the door with no need of busting it down.

Wendy shrieked while Roy screamed all the curse words he could think of. Lemmy lay in his room, spiders were crawling all over him and cobwebs were covering him. Lemmy's tongue hung out of his mouth and his eyes were wide open. Iggy ran in and screamed as loud as possible, which made everything that was made of glass shatter, including Wendy's so-called diamond ring. "My ring, you RUINED it!" Wendy ran away crying.

Iggy swatted away the spiders and quickly dusted off all the dust and cobwebs that were on Lemmy. "Lemmy, Lemmy are you okay?" Iggy asked. He put his ear on his chest and heard the faint sound of his heart thumping. Lemmy began to cough; Iggy sat him up and patted his back.

"What happen, zid I falz asweep?" Lemmy sai,d breathing very slowly. Iggy quickly gave him a glass of water.

"Lemmy, are you okay? Do you feel sick or anything?" Iggy asked. Lemmy quickly chugged down the glass of water and cleared his throat.

"No, I feel fine. Except, my heart hurts, like I saw something awful happen that broke it," Lemmy said. Iggy
sighed with relief.

"Listen. Bro, you have been in your room for the past week or two. And all you did was lay on your bed with the door locked and your tongue stickin' out of your mouth!" Iggy said and made the same exact face Lemmy was making when he was unconscious.

Lemmy began to think for a while 'til suddenly he jerked with fright. "I just remembered! In my room, I don't know what it was, but it told me awful things! Terrible things! Things that will happen to us whether we like it or not!" Lemmy said with fright.

"Who was it?" Iggy asked.

"I think I saw a picture on my website but that creature RUINED IT!" Lemmy yelled, anger ex[ressed on his face.

Clawdia ran in and hugged both Iggy and Lemmy tightly. "Oh my sons! We will make do; it is not the end of the world. We still can..." Clawdia began to cry hard, still squeezing the air out of Iggy and Lemmy.

"What is going on?!" Lemmy squeaked.

"Mom, you are choking us!" Iggy gasped. Clawdia let go of both of them, still crying.

"Mom, what's wrong?" Lemmy asked.

"It's Larry... He... he has been SHOT!" Clawdia cried so hard Lemmy's room slowly began to flood.

"LARRY WAS SHOT?!" Iggy yelled.

"WHO DID THIS TO HIM?!" Lemmy roared.

"An evil creature! Oh, Larry is now dying in the hospital, you two better go see him, maybe you will be with him when he says his last WORDS!" Clawdia ran out crying her eyes out.

Iggy and Lemmy didn't hesitate. They both ran to the hospital and right into Larry's room, Larry lay there panting. Iggy and Lemmy stood next to him, tears were in there eyes. Larry looked up and smiled. "Lemmy, Iggy, I'm so glad to *cough* see you!" Larry slowly sat up and gave both his brothers a hug.

"Larry, I know you are in pain, but try to remember who did this to you!" Lemmy said, trying not to shed any tears.

"Well, I remember a little man. He had glasses, and then there was a big woman with these little bunny ear
things. And next to her was a purple woman with big puffy hair, she only had two fingers on each hand and... that is all," Larry said.

Iggy took Larry's hand gently; tears streaming down his face. "Larry, promise me you will be brave. No matter what happens you will be okay, I promise." Iggy cried, Lemmy began to cry as well.

"You can't... promise... anything," Larry said. He sat back up and hugged his brothers again. "Just... promise me... promise me that you...will always think of me as your... dear little broth..." Larry fell back down on the
bed; he gasped and slowly let out a sigh. His hand that was in Iggy's slowly fell out and onto Larry's chest. Larry lay there so very still, and his hands became so very cold.

Iggy burst into tears and fell to his knees weeping; Lemmy couldn't control the many tears streaming down his face. "I SWEAR THESE DEMONS WILL PAY!" Lemmy cried. They slowly walked back home. Lemmy had his arm around Iggy, who was so overwhelmed with sadness he could barely walk. When they made it back home everyone was waiting for them, their faces showed that they were concerned about what had happened.

Bowser walked up and hugged both his weeping boys, "Lemmy, Iggy, is Larry all right?" Bowser asked very gently.

"Oh Dad, I wish he was." Lemmy cried.

Iggy grasped Bowser and began to cry louder than ever. "LIFE IS TOO CRUEL!!! I WANT MY BROTHER BACK!" Iggy wept, everyone looked down sadly.

Ludwig walked up to his brothers and hugged them. "It vill be okay," he gently said.

Wendy ran to her room and began to cry loudly, Morton fell silent and slowly walked away. Roy turned and quickly left, his heart felt no grief for Larry. Bowser had tears streaming down his face. "Well... we all should go... to bed... Larry would not want us to mourn for him." Bowser left, his arm around Clawdia.

Lemmy, Iggy, and Ludwig were left all by themselves, all three were crying. "Vhy don't you guys... come to my room? I vould like the company... right now," Ludwig cried.

"Okay, thanks," Lemmy said. Iggy still was too shaken up to say anything. All three made their way to Ludwig's room, where they all rested only for a little while. They were all kept awake by each others sniffs and cries.

All three could not stand the loneliness, images of their little brother came into their minds. Ludwig lay on his bed, crying and whiping the tears from his eyes. He remembered when Larry was young he would always ask Ludwig to read him to sleep. Lemmy sat on a chair, his heart filled with sadness; he could not stop the painful tears. He remembered when Larry would want to learn how to ride a ball; he always looked up to Lemmy. Iggy's heart throbbed with pain and anger, he sobbed while he clenched his fist. He remembered when they would play practical jokes on the rest of the family, they always had fun.

The sound of the tears and sobs were broken when Ludwig quickly stood up and roared. "I'M NOT GOING TO SIT HERE VHILE THOSE MURDERERS ARE STILL AT LARGE!" Ludwig hollered, Lemmy and Iggy jumping up insurprise.

"But what are we going to do? We still don't have enough evidence to find out who these freaks are," Lemmy said.

Iggy thought for a while as his genius mind began to make a plan. "I GOT IT!" Iggy yelled.

"Got vhat?" Ludwig asked.

"Don't you guys get it? Bad things haven been happening to this family. Lemmy was trapped in his room while slowly dying. Your girlfriend died, Ludwig, and Larry, may he rest in peace..." Iggy said while whiping a
tear away.

"So our family is being targeted, but VHY!" Ludwig asked.

"Wait, that lady, the one who locked me in my room. SHE SAID THIS WOULD HAPPEN!" Lemmy said, surprised.

Everyone fell silent, they looked at each other with fiendish smiles. "You thinkin' what I'm thinkin?" Lemmy said.

"Sure am, Bro." Iggy giggled.

"But ve are going to need bait," Ludwig said.

They all smiled widely. "Roy!" they all said together.

The next day Roy was outside tripping some old ladies. Ludwig, Iggy, and Lemmy hid in their own little areas and waited for the right time. "Psst, psst! Look over there, those three people. They kind of resemble the people Larry described." Iggy pointed over to a small group of people.

There was a small little boy wearing glasses and his skin was green. Beside the little kid was a tall, green woman holding the little boy by the hand. Beside the tall, green woman was a smaller girl that was wearing a black veil and her body was completely covered. These three people slowly made their way to Roy. Iggy gave the signal and all three ran over to Roy. They stood beside him, looking all tough.

"What are you losers doing here?!" Roy demanded. They paid no attention to the people walking up.

"So Roy, any feelings for that little brat of a brother?" Iggy said, pain going through his heart just by saying that sentence.

"Well... No, I don't care, why should I?" Roy laughed, the three people stopped dead in their tracks.

"So who do you think murdered the vimp?" Ludwig asked.

Roy laughed. "Oh probably some sissies, like Larry's death would make me feel sad! HAH!" Roy said bravely. The three people slowly backed away and left.

"Well, see you, Roy, it seems you are too busy tripping old ladies. Bye!" Iggy said and they left, Roy contining  to hurt the old ladies.

"I KNEW IT! Those people are targeting are family!" Iggy growled. They were in Ludwig's room again. Lemmy was busy thinking of what to do next while Ludwig was on

"So, we need to find out who these people are, stop them from destroying the rest of our family, and then kill them, sounds like a good plan!" Lemmy said while trying to do a handstand on his ball.

"Hey look! There is this purple lady who has some resemblance to that dark-looking lady and Larry's
descriptions!" Ludwig said. Iggy and Lemmy quickly went to see who it was.

"She doesn't look to bad, but still, yuck!" Iggy said.

Well, here is when I usually tell you who the bad guy is. Well all you wonderful people, here is your bad guy! PRINCESS SHROOB!

Sent in by Paperlemmy

"Well, we still need to find the other guy. No way am I letting a guy go without getting killed by ME!" Lemmy yelled.

"Stop yelling, Lemmy! You are distracting Ludwig from finding this other guy!" Iggy said. After a little while longer Ludwig found the next guy. "I think I found our next murderer," Ludwig said. "Eww, he is UGLY!"

Well, now would probably be the time when all you fine people get to see who this evil person is. The evil person who killed Larry and locked Lemmy in his room. The person is (drumroll, please) FAWFUL!

Sent in by ShotNtheDark

"FAWFUL! FAWFUL KILLED MY BROTHER!" Iggy yelled. Lemmy and Ludwig were still freaked out by that picture.

"Wait, next is that taller green woman... just give me a moment."

A moment later...

"Found it!" Ludwig yelled. All three looked at the picture.

"Well, she isn't as bad as the first guy..." Iggy said.

This week's winner of the stupid person who dare lay a finger on one of my favorite Koopalings is... CACKLETTA!!!

Sent in by ShotNtheDark

"So Fawful, Cackletta, and Princess Shroob killed Larry?" Lemmy said, his heart feeling oh so cold.

"Vell at least ve know who killed our precious Larry. You guys think of a plan, I'll go see if I can get Larry's body," Ludwig said, heading for the door.

"Make sure he is wrapped up, we don't want to attract attention," Iggy quietly said, his heart burning with anger.

Ludwig quietly left the room and went to the morgue. Iggy and Lemmy began to think. "Where do you think those monsters will be?" Iggy asked.

"Well, they might be aiming to attack Morton or Wendy. They weren't attacked yet," Lemmy said. Both of them fell silent as they began to think. Suddenly, Lemmy felt a painful feeling go through his body. He suddenly realized that Iggy had not been attacked yet, and was afraid of what might happen.

Iggy looked up and noticed that Lemmy was pretty upset, "What is wrong, Lemmy?" Iggy asked.

"I don't really know," Lemmy said quietly.

Ludwig suddenly came back in carrying a blanket with something in it. He gently lay it on his bed and unwrapped it, and the poor little Larry lay there so still. Ludwig felt the burning tears in his eyes, he
felt so sad for Larry. They left Larry in a small little chamber where he wouldn't rot or anything.

The next day Iggy was in the bathroom looking at himself in the mirror. Ever since Larry's death, Iggy couldn't sleep, and every day things became harder for him. He looked at the bags under his eyes and the red veins in his eyes. Iggy felt a sick feeling in his stomach like a knot keeping him from eating. Iggy tried to drink some water but his dry mouth made it taste disgusting.

Iggy washed his face and walked out of the bathroom, rubbing his soar eyes. Iggy was walking down the hall thinking about what he would do since he was starting to get weak and sick. He kept telling himself that Larry's death was not the worst thing in the world, he kept saying he would be back. Iggy whiped the tears coming from his eye. "Of course he won't come back, Larry is dead, and there is no way to get him back."

Iggy continued to go down the long hall when he looked up and saw three people staring back at him. There was a small little man, a large, nasty woman, and a tall, young princess. Iggy suddenly realized that these three people were the ones that killed Larry.

"YOU MONSTERS! WHY DID YOU KILL MY LITTLE BROTHER?!" Iggy yelled. Cackletta began to laugh.

"Oh, stupid kid with brains of oozing slushies. We shall kill you like your brother of big blue hair!" Fawful laughed.

"But why did you have to kill Larry, why couldn't you kill Roy?!" Iggy yelled.

"Because, you stupid kid, Roy meant nothing to you guys, we will just let him torture you more! Hah ha hah!"
Princess Shroob giggled.

"I am going to tell my dad that you killed my brother!" Iggy hollered.

"Like he will do anything, he is too weak! EYAH HAH ha!" Cackletta laughed.

"My father is not WEAK! He is the strongest bad guy around!" Iggy roared.

"Oh stupid little kid, your dad is as weak as an ant in a field of anteaters," Fawful babbled. Fawful kept
telling Iggy terrible things about his father, and what they would do to the rest of the family.

Iggy quickly turned around and ran screaming for help, Fawful chased after him with a knife in his hand. "HELP! SOMEONE HELP! PLEASE!" Iggy cried while running down a hall that seemed like it went on forever. Lemmy and Ludwig heard Iggy's cry for help and quickly tried to find him. Fawful caught up to Iggy and pushed Iggy down onto the cold ground. Iggy cried and tried to slash at Fawful. Iggy slapped Fawful's headgear off and it rolled across the ground. Suddenly Iggy noticed a soul in the headgear, it was small and crying for help...

Iggy realized that the soul crying for help was Larry. Iggy socked Fawful in the face. "How dare you steal Larry's soul?!" Iggy yelled while getting up from the ground. Fawful ran and got his headgear back. Princess Shroob walked up and pointed a revolver at Iggy! Iggy stared at the gun, his eyes wide with fear. Princess Shroob had her finger on the trigger, one little tug would take Iggy's life away.

"Since you know our plan we must terminate you!" Princess Shroob said and slowly began to pull the trigger.

Iggy knew that he wouldn't survive and began to cry. BANG! Iggy felt the hot lead pierce into his arm. BANG! He now felt the burning sting of the bullet penetrating his chest. BANG! Iggy felt the final shot hit him in the heart. Iggy fell to the ground, blood pouring from the large wounds in his body.

Cackletta and Fawful began to laugh, Princess Shroob slipped the gun back into her pocket. "EYAH HAH HA! Now that little Koopaling won't stand in our way!" Cackletta laughed. Iggy slowly turned his head, the last bullet had barely missed his heart.

"IGGY! IGGY WHERE ARE YOU!" Lemmy cried.

"O great Cackletta, we must leave!" Fawful said. All three villains quickly left, Iggy laying on the ground helplessly crying for Larry.

Lemmy and Ludwig ran to him and got on their knees. Lemmy had tears pouring down his cheeks.

"Iggy, Iggy, are you okay?" Lemmy cried; although the bullet missed Iggy's heart, Iggy was still dying. Iggy couldn't say anything, his strength was pouring out of him like the blood pouring from his wounds.

"Iggy, don't vorry. You vill not die, you vill not die!" Ludwig wept.

Iggy felt a burning pain in his heart. He wanted to be with Larry, he wanted to be with his little brother. But Iggy tried to keep his eyes open, and tried to keep death away.

"Iggy, I promise you won't die. I PROMISE!" Lemmy couldn't control the burning tears of pain pouring from his cheeks.

Iggy tried to smile but couldn't. "You... can't... promise... anything..." Iggy gasped. He closed his eyes and fell into eternal rest.

To Be Continued...

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