A Koopa Valentine

By Dragoon

Ah, Valentines’ Day. The day where people tell the guy or girl of their dreams how they feel about them. Love was working its way into everyone’s hearts, one person at a time everywhere in the universe. Including Roy’s school…

A week before Valentines’ Day, Roy Koopa had noticed there were dozens of Valentines’ Day posters everywhere in school. “Valentines’ Day is such a joke! It’s just seven days away and I haven’t found myself falling for any girl! Like I would ever have a crush on a girl!” he said as he stared at a poster.

He walked away and laughed and said, “I would never fall for a girl-”

Just then, he stopped. A girl Koopa with long, blonde hair wearing a blue-collared shirt and jean shorts walked by. He found himself starring at her with a weird look on his face. “She has the most beautiful green eyes I have ever seen,” he said.

Then, he slapped himself and thought, “Get a hold of yourself, Roy! You don’t love this girl! She’s just a pretty girl with wonderful, long, blonde hair, and beautiful green eyes and she’s just so great!”

Roy thought about her all day. And the next day. And the next day. Finally, he got the courage to talk to her. He went up to her and said, “Hi. I’m, um, Roy.”

She giggled and said, “Hi! I’m Candy Koopa.”

“So, uh, what grade are you in?” Roy asked.

“Eighth,” she responded.

“So am I. What class are you going to next?” Roy asked, trying to be cool and impress her.

“Math,” she replied.

“Oh. I’m going to math also,” Roy said.

“Cool. Who’s your teacher?” she asked.

“Ms. Arter,” Roy replied.

“I have Mrs. Martel,” Candy said.

“So you’re in the honor’s math?” Roy asked.

“Yes,” Candy responded.

“Well, see you later Candy,” Roy said.

“Bye, Roy!” she said with a smile.

That night, Roy thought about what to get Candy for Valentines’ Day. “Should I get her a flower? Yeah, I think I should. But what kind of flower? A tulip? A marigold? No, marigolds are dumb. I think I should get her a rose. That’ll do! I should also get her a card. But what should be on it? I think she’ll like one with a flower on it. But what if she doesn’t want a card with a flower on it? Maybe she likes cards with dogs on it. Yeah, a card with a puppy on it! That’s the kind of card I’ll get her! I’m all set now! I just have to buy the flower and card and then I’ll just have to wait until Valentines’ Day to give them to her!”

After deciding what to do, Roy fell asleep.

The next day Roy went to a shop where they were having a sale on valentines. As he had decided the night beforem he got one with a puppy on it. When he signed it, he wrote, “With all of my love, Roy Koopa, the boy that loves you.” Then, he sealed it up in an envelope and went to a flower shop. There, he got a rose that was a beautiful red. He got a little card that came with the rose and wrote, “Candy, where have you been all of my life? You’re a beautiful, nice, intelligent girl who should’ve come into my life sooner instead of just a few days ago. You have a lovely smile and are such an intelligent girl. Happy Valentines’ Day, Candy! Love, Roy Koopa.”

Then, Valentines’ Day arrived. No one noticed Roy carrying in a rose and card in, to his delight. He finally found Candy and said, “Um, hi Candy.”

“Hi Roy!” she said with a smile.

“I, uh, have something for you,” Roy said nervously.

“Really?” she asked.

“Yeah.” Roy replied.

He handed her the rose and card and said, “Happy Valentines’ Day, Candy.”

“Oh, thank you so much!” Candy said as she took the card and rose.

Roy watched the expression on her face turn from a smile to a look of shock. When she was done reading everything, she asked, “Roym is this true?”

“Yes,” he muttered.

“Wow. No one has ever loved me like this. Except my family,” Candy said.

“Candy, I was wondering if you would be my girlfriend,” Roy replied.

Candy’s eyes were shining with joy. “So Candy, will you be my girlfriend?” Roy asked.

“Well, you seem to love me this much and now, I like you back. Of course I’ll be your girlfriend! We were meant to be together!” Candy responded.

She threw her arms around Roy and Roy hugged her back, harder than he had ever hugged anyone before. Then, the bell for the start of school rung. “Well, I gotta go,” said Candy.

She started walking away, then went back to Roy and said, “See ya later, boyfriend.”

She kissed him on the lips and walked away.

Roy felt something he had never felt before: love for someone else besides his family. He kept thinking about Candy and decided to call her that night to arrange a date.

To Be Continued...

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