A Koopa Kidnapping

By Fire Flower

One dark night, a sinister evil fell over Castle  Koopa. Normally, this wouldn’t be odd, but this was REAL evil. You know, like evil spirits. Or… debt collectors. Yeah. Well, anyway... Back to the story.

The darkness crept through an open window, into the room of a Koopaling. This Koopaling had a rainbow mohawk, a sometimes lazy eye, and red markings on his head. His name was Lemmy. Wait, that was pointless. Of course it’s Lemmy. Drat, I’m rambling again.

So, the darkness transformed into a shady figure. It was too dark to make out the appearance, so the being was safe. It produced a ball of dark energy, and threw it dead at Lemmy. It disappeared on impact, and a prison of dark matter materialized around the smallest Koopaling. Lemmy awakened, and tried in vain to break free of the sphere. The figure cackled, and flew away with Lemmy trapped in a ball of darkness.

Who was this being? What does he plan to do with Lemmy? I don’t know! That’s why I’m asking you!


“Hey! Stop that! You’re gonna ruin my new dress!” Larry giggled as he fired another mudball at Wendy using his wand.

“And why should I?” Wendy glared at Larry as she stomped off in her high hewls.

"Heh. That’ll teach her.” Larry suddenly shuddered as he started to hear heavy breathing behind him. He
slowly turned around, and… BAM! Larry fell to the floor, dazed.

"Hey! I’m da one who does the bullying around heres!”

Larry’s vision cleared to reveal Roy, face pinker then ever. He shrieked like a girl as Roy wound up another
punch. Larry shivered until Roy suddenly stopped to say, “Hey, have yous seen LemLem? I’s been wanting to punch da shrimp, but I haven’t seen him anywheres.”

Larry was shocked. Lemmy was always rolling everywhere on his ball. Could the Marios have done something to him? No, they’d have burned the place down with fireballs. How about… wait. Larry couldn’t think of anyone else who had a grudge against them.

“Well?” Roy looked at Larry, still with a  baffled look.

“Why don’t we check Lemmy’s room?”

Roy’s face lit up. “Dat’s a great idea!”

Therefore, they went to Lemmy’s room.

“Oh, my!” The room was a disaster.

“But it’s always sparkling clean!”


“So Lemmy was kidnapped? WAHOO!”

Iggy punched Wendy. “Don’t do that.”

“Well, shouldn’t we consider whom to inquire for assistance?” Ludwig asked.

“He means we should discuss who to ask for help,” Iggy translated.


Lemmy awoke in a glass container. The dark figure was about seven feet away.

“What do you plan to do with me?”

The being  turned around. He had a scar on his left cheek, blood red eyes, two fangs, purple skin, and messy, black hair. “Why should I tell you?” it said in a cold, shaky voice.


The figure chuckled. “Well, you wouldn’t understand anyways. NOW BE QUIET!”


Ring! Ring! Mario picked up the phone. “Hello?”

“Hey, Mario? Lemmy was kidnapped. Even though we are your enemies, we could REALLY use help. Wario won’t help, neither will King Dad, or anyone else. You’re the last person we would ask, but…”

Mario thought. Why should I bother helping the Koopalings? Well, I AM a hero. And they ARE in need...

“I-a don’t want to, but okie-dokey.”

“Thanks! Meet us at Pleasant Path at 2:00 PM.”

Mario looked at  the clock. It was 1:30! He rushed to the closet, got on his hat, brushed his teeth, and left a note for Luigi, saying: “Dear Luigi, I went on an adventure to rescue Lemmy.” He then ran out the door.


“Morton, Wendy, Ludwig, Roy, Larry! He’s coming!” They all waved to Mario. He waved back.

“So-a. This isn’t a trap-a, is it?”

The  Koopalings replied, “Nope.”

“Well, let’s-a go!”

And so they set off to find Lemmy…

To Be Continued...

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