Ludwig and the Ice Dragon

By Flappy

Ludwig was taking a walk on the beach while his siblings were fighting again. He couldn’t help but notice a large hole in the rocky wall. It was big enough for him to go through. Curiosity got the better of him, so he walked in to investigate. “Just a little look…” he thought. But the more he went forward, the more interesting the cave became, and he started to want to go further and further. Every step the cave became colder, until it got to a freezing point. He took a few looks at the icy cave and turned back. deciding his family would be waiting for him before they started eating.

He walked back towards the castle, wondering about the cave. Tomorrow, perhaps, he would go back to look at the cave again, with the proper equipment, of course. He had tea with his family and went to bed.

Larry came into his room and asked, “Where were you? You said that you would only be a few minutes and you took half an hour.”

“I found something interesting and started investigating it. Before I knew it, I’d spent half an hour looking at it,” Ludwig answered.

That night he had a strange dream. He was back in that cave, but when he turned around to go out, a strange creature was blocking the way. He couldn’t make it out because it was only a silhouette, but it looked dangerous. Then ice came towards him in a spiral and he was frozen solid. He woke up after that and comforted himself by saying repeatedly that it was just a bad dream.

Ludwig, not believing in superstitions, got ready to go to the cave the next morning. Ludwig told his parents what he was doing and exited the castle. He was surprised to see Iggy and Larry waiting for him at the front gate.

“We don’t know what you’re doing, but whatever it is, we want in!” Larry said. Iggy nodded.

“Fine. Pack your bags- in fact, I’ll do it for you. But if you’re to come along with me you must not tell anyone else about it, and you two are the only ones that come along. No one else!” Ludwig said impatiently.

The three set off to the cave. Ludwig explained everything along the way. They soon arrived at the cave. Ludwig walked in first and beckoned Iggy and Larry to follow. It took a while, but they finally came to where Ludwig had turned back yesterday. They wrote down notes and drew pictures.

“I’m just going to have a look in this chamber. I won’t be long,” Iggy said.

A few minutes later, though, Ludwig and Larry heard a scream, and rushed in. Iggy stood speechless, pointing at a rock. “It moved! That rock moved!” Iggy suddenly said, sounding very scared.

“Nonsense! Rocks don’t move. They don’t even live. And just to show you, I’ll put my foot on it,” Larry said.

Iggy wore an expression that said “I wouldn’t do that if I were you”, but Larry went ahead and put his foot on the rock. But to his surprise, it felt warm, and he could feel breathing. Larry took his foot off and shouted, “It’s not a rock! It’s a living creature!” Iggy then made an expression that said This may not be a good time for I told you so. But I can’t resist. I told you so!”

The creature then opened one eye. The three brothers found themselves staring into a strange but wonderful large, blue eye. It then lazily got up and yawned, showing a set of sharp teeth. Spikes and horns were now visible. When finally the creature’s mouth had closed, sharp fangs could be seen, a bit like Roy’s fangs. The creature’s tail was thrashing around, luckily it had no spikes on it. When finally it was out of the darkness its colors could be seen. It had a wonderful, light blue body with eyes, a golden underbelly, horns and spikes, and a pair of large, pink wings with a light blue frame. Then it spoke.

“You must not reveal that I am alive. I am a male ice dragon called Kinto. You have entered my home. Leave and don’t tell anyone about me. You do and I might not let you live. I can sense your feelings and I can tell your heartbeat. I can even sometimes hear your thoughts bouncing off my cave’s icy walls. Leave now!” the dragon demanded.

The three rushed out of the cave, terrified but amazed. They had seen a pure living dragon, something that only ever was talked about in myths and legends. Of course there was always Czar Dragon and Hooktail and maybe Bahamut. But they aren’t exactly what you would call pure dragons and they don’t really breathe ice like Kinto. Pure dragons don’t exactly die and come back to life like Czar Dragon, and they don’t fear ice like Bahamut. Not to mention, there are two different types of pure dragons, ice and fire. Each type breathes different things and have different builds. For example, ice dragons are usually less aggressive and fly and run faster then normal and fire dragons.

The three Koopalings ran home thinking if they should tell their family or not. It seemed best to tell them even if they wouldn’t believe them. They had completely forgotten what the dragon had said about telling people about him.

“Looks like Kooky’s lost it!” Roy said after Ludwig had told the others what they’d found. The room paused for a bit.

“I’m telling you, we did see a real live pure dragon!” Ludwig said.

“This time, Ludwig, we can’t believe you,” Wendy said, shaking her head. Ludwig looked at the ground, feeling like a fool. Iggy and Larry joined him in looking at the ground.

Lemmy then broke the silence by saying, “It was probably just a dragon like Czar Dragon. I mean, you only find a pure dragon on the dragon worlds like Spyro’s. Next you’ll be telling us that there’s a talking budgie out there!”

A light blue budgie with a white head jumped in though the window. “Hello, Detective Flappy here. Did somebody call for the mental but best detective in the Milky Way? I can’t fly but I can run fast! Oh must have gone done the wrong pipe. Sorry ‘bout that, mates. I keep sending complaints to that Lemmy Koopa. All the warp pipes leading from his Land are faulty. Oh nutty nuts! You’re Lemmy, time to run for my life!” the budgie said. He then jumped out the window and ran away since he can’t fly. Lemmy then fainted.

“He’ll be having nightmares about that talking budgie for the rest of his life,” Ludwig said.

Lemmy then woke up, breathing heavily. “I had a nightmare about that talking budgie named Flappy. Who does that bird think he is, anyway? I’ll teach him to send complaint messages!” Lemmy exclaimed.

“A highly intelligent bird that cocks its head in order to focus a camera-like thing in its eye to see up close,” Ludwig said. His family looked at him.

They all left the room except for Ludwig. He stayed and stared into thin air. He then glimpsed what seemed to be a dark object. He squinted his eyes in order to see it better. Then he noticed that it was moving towards him at great speed. He tried to scream but no sound came out. He was so scared that he couldn’t talk. He tried to run but he couldn’t. He was petrified on the spot. It was like a nightmare. So he just stood and watched as the creature came closer and closer. But then it disappeared. He let out a sigh of relief and walked out of the room.

Knocking was heard at the front door. Then it turned into ramming. Bloodcurdling screams came from downstairs. Ludwig didn’t think at all about what he was doing, it was like some protective instinct had suddenly came into action. He ran downstairs without a weapon, just going to fight whatever it was with all the weapons he had on his body. As he ran downstairs he noticed ice, and plenty of it. The more he descended, the more he feared the ice dragon had struck.

After a bit he could no longer grip anything. Even with his claws, nothing could be gripped, the ice was simply too thick and slippery. He slid downstairs, trying to stay balanced. He hit the bottom to see the whole castle staff and his family shaking in fear. All he could see was the shadow, but that was enough for him to recognize him. Kinto no longer looked cute and cuddly. He now looked sinister and mad. He bared his fangs as he sent out a cold spiral of ice at his hostages, freezing them but still allowing them to still live. Seeing this, Ludwig jumped out the window and ran to the forest, where he hoped he would be safe.

Ludwig decided to camp in a hollow tree. He sat and waited. Rain started pouring down but he still sat. “If I keep waiting here I’ll be flooded out!” Ludwig thought. He ran to the furthest side of the forest, tripping and stumbling along the way. He had never run more in his life. As he came out of the forest he saw a big building. Above the doors he saw Budgie Detective HQ. Flappy was talking to what seemed to be a police budgie, a couple of female budgies, and a cat.

“Well that brings my story to an end. You see, that’s how Sparky lost all his money in a bet that I couldn’t send complaints to Lemmy every hour!” Flappy said. His friends clapped and cheered while he gave a farewell and walked into the building. Ludwig followed him when his friends had left.

Inside he saw a counter with a yellow and blue cobber budgie at the computer. “Hi, I’m Bandy, how may I be of service?” the budgie asked.

“I’d like to talk to Flappy, he claims to be the best,” Ludwig said.

Bandy pushed a button on a control panel and said, “He’s ready for you to go down straight away, he said he was expecting someone but he didn’t say who. His room is on the right, seventh door; said something about it being lucky.”

Ludwig walked down the hall and came to the door where Flappy was casually waiting for him. He opened the door to his office and beckoned for Ludwig to go in first.

“I came to ask you about-“ Ludwig said but was cut off by Flappy.

“I know all about it; Kinto, wasn’t it? He’s a friend of mine. I’ve been piecing together his origin for a long time. You’re lucky he left your family alive! Everyone heard about that famous musician that was frozen solid in the middle of that park, no one could even find any clues. Well Kinto did that, that crazy man told somebody about Kinto. You’re lucky that dragon is rather fond of you, Ludwig,” Flappy said.

“Fond of me?!” Ludwig said.

Flappy threw a folder to Ludwig. In silver writing on the tab it had Kinto. Ludwig opened up the folder. He was shocked to see Kinto’s past, so horrid and unforgiving. But when he read about Kinto’s present day life he found out that the dragon was searching for his mother and father that were thought dead. But the most interesting thing Ludwig saw was the letters P.D.K.S. He threw the folder back to Flappy, who caught it like a cricket player would catch a ball. The two then decided to team up.

Ludwig ran to Castle Koopa. When he reached the castle he waited for Flappy to come. Flappy finally arrived a few minutes later. The two made their way into the library. Flappy squeezed himself through the bars into the restricted area. Just as he had said to Ludwig earlier, it was in the furthest part on the highest self. Flappy flipped up to the top self and pushed it down. He then dragged it to the gate and pushed it under. Ludwig opened the book and found out what P.D.K.S. meant: Pure Dragon Killing Society. Shocked by this, he dropped the book. He then opened it again and read it. Back in the 1800s pure dragons were thought to be a menace because they were thought to be unruly and a lot more dangerous then normal dragons. He even found a photocopy of a wanted poster, which read:


Wanted Dead

Escaped capture and in hiding

Reward: $100000

This explained a lot. Kinto was scared that someone would try to kill him. But he was fond of Ludwig because Ludwig had come to his cave and considered him friendly.

Flappy looked at Ludwig and said, “In the morning you have to go to the cave yourself. Take nothing. If stays in one spot and keeps looking at you, beware: he is about breathe fire. Most likely he will take to Silver Light Mountain because of its snowy environment. In snow and on ice he is most dangerous. Watch your back!” Flappy said.

Ludwig set off at the break of dawn and adventured to the beach. It took a while but he managed to find the now cleverly disguised cave. When he got to the main chamber he noticed the icicles had been smashed, with only patches of ice remaining. A sudden roar came from Kinto’s sleeping chamber. Fearing that the worst had happened, he ran in.

There stood a dozen Koopa Troopas attempting to kill Kinto. There were also a number of frozen Goombas. The Troopas turned to look at Ludwig, and Kinto took the chance and froze the Koopa Yroopas. Kinto then looked at Ludwig, who was hiding behind a big icy rock. “What do you want! As far as I know you might have sent those P.D.K.S. members!” Kinto yelled. He yelled so loud that the icicles begun to shake.

Then a familiar voice echoed across the room saying, “He did not send them!” Ludwig and Kinto both turned around to see Flappy standing in the entrance of the chamber.

“Ludwig, I’ll give you a chance. Fight me on Sliver Light Mountain!” Kinto said as he flew off.

Ludwig followed Kinto and climbed the mountain, which had never been climbed by man nor Koopa. But something made him go up. It was like something was pushing him all the way.

Ludwig saw Kinto waiting for him. Kinto then jumped into a wheel shape and rolled at Ludwig. Snow went flying everywhere, and before he knew it, he had been struck on his right leg by Kinto. He tried to fight back but the snow was hard to move in and he sunk, while Kinto could walk on the surface of snow.

A few minutes into the battle, Kinto opened his mouth and a blue sphere started forming. It got bigger, and then he shot a deadly beam of ice at Ludwig. Kinto turned his back to Ludwig to see where a noise was coming. Ludwig could have hit Kinto but didn’t, he just didn’t feel like it was right. Out of the darkness came two figures. They were shaped like Kinto but much bigger. Another little shape appeared beside them.

“Kinto, son! You have a little sister!” came a sweet voice. It was Kinto’s parents along with his little sister.

“Mother, Father! Mother, you did give birth to my sister! I know her name, too! Fifton, you’re five years old! I’m your bigger brother!” Kinto said gleefully.

Kinto then turned to Ludwig. He looked at him in the eyes and said, “You have won this battle, Ludwig. Not because you defeated me, but because you didn’t defeat me when you had the chance.” Ludwig looked up and felt hope. Kinto made an expression that said thank you, you made me the happiest dragon alive!

Ludwig returned to Castle Koopa by flying on Kinto’s back. Kinto then moved his right front leg horizontally in front of Ludwig’s family and minions, and like magic, sparkles of multicolored light went across the land, defrosting all that he had recently frozen.

This may seem like the end, but more is still to come and questions remain to be answered. Tales and myths will be told as a whole new doorway has opened. There is still more to come, so keep on waiting for the next edition.

The next day Bowser asked Ludwig for a private conversation. “Ludwig, I have a confession to make,” Bowser told Ludwig.

“Flappy where are you going?” Kinto asked.

“That conversation is going to be nowhere near private! Kinto, you’re flying me to that castle and we’re going to eavesdrop! Of course, if you want to,” Flappy yelled.

“I thought you’d never ask,” Kinto said with a smile. Flappy jumped on him and within minutes they were eavesdropping on Ludwig and Bowser.

“What do you mean this whole thing was a test?!” Ludwig yelled.

“Son, I wanted to see if you were fit for the throne. So I gathered up a few budgies and some dragons. Both were incredibly stupid. The budgie wasn’t even a detective! And his friends don’t have any jobs either. They just had a translation chip put in them to make them speak English,” Bowser explained.

Flappy and Kinto jumped into the room with angry expressions. “You're just telling lies now! I am a real detective! And I can naturally speak English! You want me to start blackmailing you?!” Flappy yelled furiously.

“I guess we were expecting too much from a villain. I bet his family is just the same. Come on, Flappy,” Kinto said while turning away. Flappy quickly followed.

Months passed and it was soon January of the next year. Flappy was meeting up with Kinto about an invitation to a get-together.

“It’s from Ludwig. I vote we burn it,” Flappy said.

“Maybe scratching it up into tiny pieces is better,” Kinto said.

“How ‘bout we scratch it up first and then burn it!” Beaky suggested.

“Brilliant, just brilliant!” Flappy and Kinto said together.

“You two could at least show some respect and go!” Candy, Goldy and Snowy said.

Candy was that cat I mentioned earlier on. Beaky is that police budgie. Goldy and Snowy are those other two budgies and Flappy and Beaky’s girlfriends. They’re thinking about getting engaged some day.

“But the Koopas backstabbed us!” Flappy said.

Candy pushed them all the way to Castle Koopa. “Fine, I’ll knock! I least I still have my dignity!” Flappy said as he approached the castle. Ludwig answered. “Hello and goodbye!” Flappy yelled as he slammed the door in Ludwig’s face.

“I guess they only came because they were forced,” Ludwig said while rubbing his face.

“Don’t think like that, sweetie. I’m sure they came out of the good in their heart,” Clawdia said.

Kinto walked in followed by Flappy. “We only came because we were forced!” Kinto said.

“I have been wrong,” Clawdia said as she hurried off.

Bowser walked past the door and the two friends gave chase. Bowser ran as fast as he could but Kinto soon had him on the ground. Bowser looked back and tried to get out from underneath Kinto. Flappy and Kinto laughed loudly. They had never had so much fun chasing someone in their life. “Did you see how he tried to jam the door?” Flappy said while laughing.

“A cabinet! A bed! He may have blocked the door but we got in though the window,” Kinto answered. The two continued laughing. Ludwig walked into the room.

“Can we be friends again?” Ludwig asked.

“Sure! With this type of entertainment all the time, I’m sure we can be friends,” Flappy said with a motion to shake wing and hand. Kinto nodded in approval and all three shook on this.

“Looks like it all worked out in the end,” Candy said to Clawdia.

“It sure did,” Clawdia said as she watched the three start making a conversation.

The End

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