Bad Day for Bullies

By John

Roy Koopa was in his room planning out his agenda for the day. "Let's see, bark orders at my minions in Sky Land for 30 minutes, then bully everyone in the castle except Bowser!"

Ludwig walked in, munching on a Butterfingers bar. "Hey Roy, how about I help you pound the others until we get tired?"

"Okay," agreed Roy

They walked into Wendy's room and began trashing everything in sight. By the time they finished, Wendy was clearly very upset.  She decided to yell at them through her new megaphone. "YOU TWO IDIOTS HAVE TOTALLY TRASHED MY ROOM!!! NOW I MUST WASTE MY PRECIOUS TIME RE-ORGANIZING EVERYTHING!!! NOW GET OUT!!!"

Wendy's yell was so loud that it blasted her two brothers out of the room at a very high speed. "Remind me to have Dad make her get rid of that stupid device," grumbled Roy

"Not if I break it firstm" replied Ludwig.

"Who's next on the list?"


They went to Ptooie's room and tried to make him give up all his coins, but Ptooie wasn't in a very good mood.

"I'm NOT going to tell you again. GIVE UP THE COINS!" demanded Roy

"Or I'll be forced to join him in pounding you." added Ludwig

"I'm not about to give up my hard-earned coin stash to you two losers! I am now forced to hurt you both!"
Ptooie's live Ptooie jumped off his head, and started spitting at Roy and Ludwig.  Ptooie then brought out a Nipper Plant, which began chewing on them both.  The pair retreated into the hallway.

"I think we'd better head for Larry's room now.  That would be easy enough, and we can break this bad luck streak if we beat him." said Ludwig.

Nick Koopa suddenly appeared from behind and offered, "Maybe you're just short an extra pair of arms and legs. I'll help out."

"Okay," agreed Roy.

The trio stormed into Larry's room, where he was tending to his plants. They took him and tossed him aside, and then began trampling his indoor tomato garden.  Hearing Larry crying, Troopa entered through a door in
the next room to help his brother. "Hey!" challenged Troopa, "Why not pick on someone your own size?!"

Roy, Ludwig, and Nick just laughed.

"You're the same size as Larry, so what can you do?" remarked Nick.

"THIS!" yelled Troopa.  He picked up Roy by his shell, spun him around, and flung him into the wall. Larry managed to find his wand and bonked Nick on the head with it so hard that Nick screamed louder than Wendy. Troopa then picked up the screaming Nick and threw him into Ludwig. "Okay, now if you don't leave, I'll call Daniella!" warned Troopa.

The three bullies laughed even harder than before.

"HA!" said Roy "I'll beat your precious Daniella into tomato paste!"

"I'll second the motion" stated Ludwig

Nick kept laughing, and the others joined him, while Troopa went to fetch Daniella.  When he returned, they were on the floor, rolling with laughter.  "Okay," said Troopa "I warned you.  Now meet... Daniella!" The three bullies laughed as they slowly looked up.  Their laughs grew faint as they found themselves staring at a large, vicious Siberian Tiger.

"Uh-oh..." the three said together.

Daniella pounced on them and pretty much beat them to death.  They ran out of the room, bruised and battered.

"This day just keeps getting better and better." mused Ludwig.

"I'm not giving up yet!" snapped Roy.

"Let's bug Morton!" Nick suggested.

The three bullies headed for Morton's room.  They went in to bug him, but ran out after five seconds.

Morton stuck his head out after them. "Oh, come on! The edited version of my speech is only 27 hours.  Be glad you're not in time for the 67 hour version!"

The three bullies kept running. They headed right for Shelley's room.

"Oh good, more fools to annoy me!" sighed Shelley. "First Iggy comes in to show off his 'studly' body, then you three imbeciles drop by."

"You're so cute when you're losing your temper!" smiled Nick.

"Boy, he's got it BAD!" Roy told Ludwig

"I hope she's got some chocolate to steal!" was all Ludwig said.

Shelley blasted the ceiling with her wand. Seconds later, hot melted chocolate poured all over Roy.  Hot melted marshmallow goo poured all over Ludwig.  Nick was covered in molten lava.  Shelley then turned up
the air conditioning to cool them. After the lava, chocolate, and marshmallow hardened, she blasted them out of her room. "Oh, Ludwig," called Shelley, "I ate all of your chocolate!"


The trio licked off their coatings (Roy didn't mind his but was too scortched to enjoy it), and then went to Iggy's room.

"Oh, no!" shouted Iggy  "I'm going to beat YOU up for a change!"

Ludwig was about to pull off Iggy's glasses and break them when Lemmy rolled in and kicked him.  Ludwig fell over, but Roy was ready to attack.  Then Disc O. Koopa surfed in on a black disc.

"Leave Iggy alone..." started Lemmy.

"...or we'll have to hurt ya!" finished Disc

"Oh, brother!" said Roy. "The Triplemint Triplets! I'm sooooo scared!"

"That's it..." started Iggy.

" three are..." continued Lemmy.

"...about to be toasted!" finished Disc.

Disc sent a disc flying at Roy. It hit him in the head and knocked his sunglasses off.  Lemmy tossed a ball at Nick, who was charging him. Nick ran right into it and was bowled over.  Iggy charged Ludwig and hit him in the gut with full force.  Ludwig was doubled over, and he fell to the floor.  Disc then picked up Nick and threw him out the window into a warp pipe back home.  Disc merely kicked Roy and Ludwig back out
into the hallway.

"Teamwork, partners!" smiled Iggy.

"As always, we put the bite on bullies!" agreed Disc.

"And I'm sure they'll leave us alone for a while, if they know what's good for them!" concluded Lemmy. They did a triple high-five.

Outside, Susan B. Koopa walked right over her defeated cousins. "I can't wait to see my two boyfriends!" Susan exclaimed, as she continued.

Moments later, Larry and Troopa blazed out of Larry's room, screaming. Each had lipstick on their cheeks, where Susan had kissed them.  Roy and Ludwig were standing in their best fighting stance at the end of the
hallway, ready to try their luck once more.  Larry and Troopa ran into them at top speed, and kept going. When they reached the end of the hall, they stopped, having pushed Roy and Ludwig out the window in the
process.  The two landed on the ground with a loud BOOM.  Troopa, Larry, and Susan looked out the window at them.

"Well, THAT was certainly unexpected!" stated Troopa.

"Yeah, I never figured those two would have a bad day at bullying anyone," added Susan.

"You said it!" exclaimed Larry. The three walked back to Larry's room. Troopa and Larry actually were glad to have Susan along, despite her kissing them (about 700 more times).

Below the castle, Roy walked away, heading to Sky Land to bark orders at his minions.  Ludwig walked back
into the castle. "I guess I'll have to get more chocolate later.  Nobody better lay a finger on my Butterfingers this time!"

The End

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