Super Luigi Adventures

By Hyper Link

There once was a kingdom of Mushrooms, named the Mushroom Kingdom. It is a place where little fungi men and women named Toads lived. They had an evil enemy named Bowser, King of Koopas, but his plans were always foiled by a plumber named Mario. Now, Mario had a little brother named Luigi. Luigi wasn't the action type, and was usually left in Mario's shadow, but whenever someone needed a hand, Luigi always burst into action...

PROLOGUE: Evil Cookies

One day, in the Mushroom Kingdom...

The phone rings. Mario picks up.

Toad: (on phone): Mario! Quick! We need your help! Bowser has just kidnapped the princess!

Mario: I'm on it, Toad!

Mario hangs up.

At Toad's house...

Toad: Don't people say "goodbye!" anymore?

Back at Mario's house...

Mario: Luigi, I'm going to go save Peach from Bowser again!

Luigi: Ok! Bye Mario!

Mario: See ya, Luigi!

Mario leaves. The doorbell rings.

Luigi: I wonder who that could be.

Luigi opens the door.

Stranger: Why hello there, dearie! Would you like to buy a box of cookies?

Luigi: Sure! How much?

Stranger: Only $1.

Luigi pays the stranger $1 for a box of cookies.

Stanger: Thank you, dearie.

Luigi: Don't mention it!

Luigi opens the box of cookies. Monsters, ghosts, phantoms, and more fly out of the box.


Stranger: HEE HEE HEE HEE HEE! You fell for it, Fink Rat!

The stranger takes off his cloak and reveals his true identity: Fawful.

Luigi: Fawful! What did you do?!

Fawful: I am taking my revenge on you, Fink Rat! The box you just opened had monsters!

Luigi: I can see that!

Fawful: I also kidnapped your brother and the princess! Oh, if Cackletta were still alive, she would praise my work!

Luigi: Where are they?!

Fawful holds up two crystals.

Luigi: It can't be!

Mario is in one crystal, and Peach is in another.

Fawful: Yes! That's right! I was the one on the phone the whole time! HEE HEE HEE HEE! THIS WILL BE YOUR MUSTARD OF DOOM!!!

Fawful flies away.

Luigi: Mario...

Suddenly, a fairy flies into the Mario Brothers’ house.

Fairy: Are you Mario?

Luigi: Actually, I'm-

Fairy: Oh, never mind! Listen Mario, you opened a box full of monsters, right?

Luigi: Yes, but I'm-

Fairy: I knew it! Mario, these monsters alone can takeover the Mushroom World! Fawful is controlling them somehow! We have to stop him!

Luigi: Lady, I'm-

Fairy: I'm a boy! Oh, how rude of me! I haven't introduced myself yet! My name is Datchi.

Luigi: Hi Datchi. My name is-

Datchi: Mario, we don't have time! We have to go save your friends, and fast!

Luigi: But I'm-

Datchi teleports them somewhere.

In Mushroom Fields...

Luigi: Where are we?

Datchi: We're in Mushroom Fields. This is where I'm tracing the source of the crystals.

Luigi: How can you do that?

Datchi: Special powers.

Luigi: Ah.

A monster appears.


Datchi: That's a Crox!

Luigi: A what?

Datchi: It's one of the monsters from the box!

Luigi: Yikes!

Crox lunges at Luigi.

(Luigi: 10 HP)
(Crox: 5 HP)

Crox: Oooh... Master told all about you... Finally... Dinner...

Luigi: Uh oh...

Crox: Yes, uh oh indeed, my friend.

Luigi: I was talking about you.

Crox: Huh?

Luigi jumps at the Crox.
(Crox: 4 HP)

Crox: Why you!

Crox bites Luigi.
(Luigi: 9 HP)

Luigi: Ouch!

Luigi jumps on the Crox.
(Crox: 3 HP)

Crox bites Luigi.
(Luigi: 8 HP)

Datchi: Mario! You can double jump to do more damage!

Luigi: Right! Thanks for the tip, Datchi!

Luigi double jumps on the Crox.
(Crox: 1 HP)

Crox: Yikes... Looks like I'm going to have to use THAT move!

Crox uses Spike Up!

Luigi: What the?!

Crox is now covered in spikes. Crox attacks Luigi.
(Luigi: 6 HP)

Luigi: How am I going to attack now?!

Datchi: Mario! I forgot to give you this earlier!

Datchi gives Luigi a hammer.

Luigi: Thanks, Datchi!

Luigi hammers Crox.
(Crox: 0 HP)

Crox: Master... I've failed you...


Crox: You lucked out...

Crox faints.

Luigi: FOUR!!!

Luigi uses his hammer like a golf club and the Crox as a ball.

Datchi: Good work, Mario! You're better than I thought!

Luigi: Thanks!

Datchi: Come on, Mario! We have to get to Toad Town!

Luigi: Hey, wait a minute! What's this?

Datchi: That's a Crystal Orb! It will help us on our quest!

Luigi: How? What does it do? I still have no idea what we're supposed to be doing!

And so the two of them go off on their quest...

What is a Crystal Orb?
What does Datchi mean by "our quest"?
Who replaced my ketchup with mustard?
Why am I asking YOU all these questions?

To Be Continued...

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