The Lost Species

By General Toad

Scene: Peach's Thrown Room, Peach's Castle, Toad Town, Mushroom Kingdom

Mario: Hmm... Not to break the drama here, but isn't Kamella that oversized purple Magikoopa that I fought somewhere in space not to long ago?

Kammy: ... Yes, but that was a long time ago! It's beside the point!

Mario: Not really-

Kammy: And now I'm here to back her up! Now, Kamella, I su-

???: Fwahoohoohoohohohohohohohoooooo!

Luigi: Again with the drama breaking...

MagiBoo appears in an explosion of fire.

Magiboo: And I, MagiBoo, appear!

CRACK! Bowser flies through the roof in his Clown Copter, followed by Kamek on his broom.

Bowser: Bwahahaha! And I, Bowser, appear!

Kamek: As do I, Kamek!

King Boo appears in a cloud of smoke.

King Boo: AND as do I, King Boo!

MagiBoo: The great King Koopa and I have come to a conclusion! We will help each other, and when we dominate all worlds, he gets half, and I get the other! Besides, ALL worlds under your control are a drag. There are no other people to pillage and plunder from.

Kammy: This is excellent news! And Bowser, youíre just in time to witness the coming of Kamella once again!

Bowser: Bwahahaha! Excellent!

Mario: (whispering to Luigi) Bro! We can't handle MagiBoo, Bowser, Kammy, Kamek, King Boo, AND Kamella at the same time! What are we going to do?

General Guy: I will do what I can to help you. You showed honor in the way you fight, but the Koopas are honorless savages!

Luigi: Still, only three? We're going to-

Sergeant Boo floats in, followed by Toadsworth, Toad, Toadette, and a seemingly reluctant General Toad.

Toadsworth: I do say! This is quite a gathering!

King Boo: Just because you have allies now, don't think you can beat us!

Kamek: Hit it, Kammy!

Kammy lifts the two wands into the air and shouts some magic words. The clouds in the sky part, revealing a full moon. Slowly, a purple spot is getting bigger on it. Suddenly, it grows enormous, and Kamella sours down from the sky.

MagiBoo: Now that we're all here...

Toadsworth: Have at you-


General Guy: Who do you think you are, Cortez?


Kammy throws Kamek his wand. From both wands sprouts a beam of energy. Kamek lunges at Toadsworth, but he sidesteps, twirls his cane up, and slides off the end, revealing a rapier. He lunges back at Kamek and they start to duel. Meanwhile Sergeant Boo is fighting with King Boo, both trading blows to the face with their hand... flipper... things. MagiBoo is sending volleys of fire at General Toad, but he calmly sidesteps them. Eventually he spots part of the Beezo staff on the floor, picks it up, and reflects a fireball back at MagiBoo. They engage in a magical form of ping-pong. Kammy has made a lunge at General Guy, but like everyone else, he sidesteps, then claps his hands. A Beezo flies in, hands him his staff/spear, and flies out. They begin to clash. Meanwhile, Bowser and Kamella have teamed up on Mario and Luigi, but considering they're both flying, all the Bros. can do to try to hit them is to jump on them, but they easily float out of the way while launching fire at them through her wand and his ship. This goes on for some time. Toad and Toadette, with all the enemies taken, decide to go inform the Army Toads that the Shy Guys have joined with Mario. The battle goes on for some time, with neither team making much headway until...

Toad: We're back!

Toad, Toadette, the Army Toads, the Army Boos, and the Shy Guys all pour into the room.

Toadette: And we brought help!

The heroes and villains stop fighting.

MagiBoo: Curses! Well, this is where things go back top normal!

In one swift act, MagiBoo rams Mario, who had been holding the Crystal Mask this whole time and now drops it. MagiBoo grabs it, shoots a fireball at Bowser, and disappears in a cloud of fire. The fireball, being fired in a rush, only glances off Bowser's copter.

Bowser: Did he just...?

Mario: OH NO!

Kamek: Letís get out of here, Sire.

The Magikoopas and Bowser take to the shy, and fly back in the direction of Dark Land.

King Boo: Ack! Just a waste of time... mine!

King Boo disappears in a cloud of smoke.

Sergeant Boo: Looks like it's over...

And with that, Sergeant Boo and his... men disappear.

General Guy: Thank you, Mario Brothers. If you hadn't come here, I would still be a puppet of that hag.

Mario: Sure, no problem.

General Guy: The Shy Guys and the Toads will work hard to restore peace to Toad Town and the surrounding areas again.

Mario: Just one question... where's Peach?

General Guy: Oh... Peach. Bowser took her when he first came here. It took him awhile for his minions to find her in the castle, but I'm assuming that she's locked up somewhere at Bowser's Castle.

Toadsworth: That's terrible news! This whole time we thought that the Shy Guys came and took her!

Luigi: What exactly has happened here...?

Toadsworth: One day, sleeping gas engulfed the town. When we all woke up, the Shy Guys were here! Pretty simple.

Luigi: Ah.

General Guy: You should now go to the Bob-ombs. I recall Kammy saying that she had to contact them for a key.

Luigi: K, letís see... Bro, do you have any idea where the Bob-ombs live?

Mario: The only settlement of all Bob-ombs I've seen is Fahr Outpost, so a visit there is probably worth something. How are we going to get their fast enough, though?

General Toad: Peach has a hidden warp pipe in her room leading there. That room is actually where she hid our key.

Luigi: Yeah, Bro! That makes sense! How else would she have got us to Rogueport so fast before?

Mario: Great point!

Everyone: Good luck!

Luigi: Bye everybody!

The Bros. walk through Peach's Castle until they get to her room. There, a wall is... open, showing a warp pipe.

Mario: That must be it.

They both jump down the warp pipe.

Scene: Rogueport

The Bros. hop out of the pipe behind the Excess Express.

Luigi: I still don't get why we took a boat here when we could have taken a pipe.

Mario: Right, so thereís a warp pipe to the Farh Outpost in the sewers. Letís get moving.

They walk into Rogueport Square. There is a huge gathering of people there, all standing around something.

Mario: Hm. Letís go see what that is.

Voice: Everybody back up! Doopliss needs his room! He's an actor, you know! Not an item to be fawned over!

Mario: Doopliss is here?

Luigi: Who's Doopliss?

Voice: Hey! You in the back! Yeah, you in the red! C'mere! Doopliss wants to talk to you! You should feel blessed!

The crowd parts, revealing Doopliss in the middle along with a white Shy Guy wearing a blue bow-tie and party hat like Doopliss.

Shy Guy: OK! Mr. Doopliss wants a moment alone! Everyone, get outta here!

The crowd walks away, dejected.

Shy Guy: Now you guys, get over here!

Mario and Luigi walk over.

Doopliss: Good to see you, Mario! How ya been? How's life? And I want to thank you so much for, well, everything! Because you defeated me so many times, I got into acting, and now I'm one of the most famous people this side of the Mushroom Kingdom!

Luigi: Great, great.. Hey, we really got to be-

Shy Guy: Don't leave unless instructed by me or Doopliss! I'm his manager, Doopliss Guy, so listen up!

Doopliss: So what brings you guys here?

Mario: Ummm, well... another mission to save the world, that's all!

Doopliss: Really? Well, that's exciting. Well, I should be on my way also. We're actually going to Yoshi's Island to put on a play for the Yoshis.

Luigi: Great, great...

Doopliss: Goodbye!

Doopliss and Doopliss Guy walk off.

Luigi: He's an odd character...

Mario: ANYWAYS, letís get going. The pipe to Fahr Outpost is in the sewers. Letís go!

The Bros. walk to the sewer, pop up the grate, and pop in, all this time getting bewildered looks from the innocent townies. In the sewers, Mario leads Luigi to a rush warp pipe, and they both hop in.

Scene: The Road to Fahr Outpost, Mushroom Kingdom

The Bros. jump out of the warp pipe.

Luigi: Brrr! It's cold here!

Mario: Colder than it was before...

Mario looks up. The sky is covered with a thick, blue smog.

Mario: That's new...

The Bros. start walking towards Fahr Outpost. When they round a corner, they are greeted by a huge, mechanical machine that is belching the blue clouds into the sky. They are also greeted by...


Lemmy: Don't you EVER give us a break?

Larry: I mean, seriously!

Ludwig: Silence, siblings!

Luigi: Great... What are you fools doing here? Didn't you learn from Isle Delfino?

Ludwig: King Dad sent us out to rebuild... Wait, why am I telling you this when I can show you! Huff N. Puff, get over here!

Mario and Luigi look around. From the clouds descends Huff N. Puff, only this time he is bright blue, much like the Ice Puffs.

Ludwig: The Bob-ombs of Fahr Outpost are a hardy people, but we intend to freeze them into submission!

Lemmy: Yeah!

Iggy: That's right!

Larry: POW!

Huff N. Puff: Well, it's been a while, Mario. But this time, as you can see, the tables are turned! Now, the odds are in favor of me!

Iggy: Initiating combat sequence!

Iggy presses a button on the Puff Machine. The ground starts to rumble, and snow starts falling off trees. Mario and Luigi jump back just as a giant, mechanical Lemmy bursts out of the ground. It is twice the size of the normal Mecha Bowsers, and even comes complete with its own circus ball to roll on. Lemmy, Ludwig, Larry, and Iggy climb in a hatch on the ball and are soon seen peering out of the cockpit, which is Mecha Lemmy's eyes.

Lemmy: *sniff* I'm so proud!

Iggy: Forward!

Mecha Lemmy starts rolling forward, much faster then normally possible for a giant robot.

Ludwig: With this Mecha Circus Ball technology, Mecha Lemmy can roll at four times the normal speed of the other Mechas!

Mario: RUN, BRO!

Mario and Luigi start running in the direction of Fahr Outpost. Mecha Lemmy and Huff N. Puff take after in a hot pursuit. Mario and Luigi run into the Outpost. General White and several Bob-ombs are standing in the center of town.

General White: ...and if these clouds don't disperse soon, we're going to have to relocate...

Bob-ombs: Ja, ja.

Mario: General White!

General White: Ah! Mario! What a surprise! What brings you here?

Mario: Well, in case you havenít noticed, there's a colossal Koopa coming this way!

General White and the Bob-ombs look in the direction Mario and Luigi came from. Mecha Lemmy comes into view just then, plowing down all objects in its path.


Luigi: And people comment when I talk like a pirate?

Bob-ombs start pouring out of buildings and form a block in the middle of town.

Bob-ombs: KA POW!

Mecha Lemmy reaches the gates of town.

Ludwig: Hmmm, putting up a fight? NO MATTER! Huff N. Puff!

Huff N. Puff: Ice Puffs! Assemble!

Ice Puffs pour out of the clouds and assemble in a square in the air. Heh, that rhymed.

General White: Ok, THIS ONE'S FOR GLORY!


All the Bob-ombs run forward to Mecha Lemmy.

Huff N. Puff: This one's for REVENGE!


All the Ice Puffs fly forward. The Bob-ombs reach Mecha Lemmy and start throwing themselves at its ball, but to now avail.

Ludwig: Heh! Just a waste of energy! Iggy designed this thing to be bomb-proof! Wait, why am I telling... GAH!

Iggy: Starting Bullet Bills!

Bullet Bills start launching from Mecha Lemmy's fingers. The Ice Puffs reach the Bob-ombs. The two groups start to fight.

General White: Mario! They're too strong! We can't win!

Mario: Youíre right... I have an idea. Luigi, you need to infiltrate Mecha Lemmy and shut down the weapons, and maybe disable a few Koopalings while youíre at it. I'm going to go destroy the Puff Machine. If I'm right, then with its destruction, the Ice Puffs will lose their strength.

Luigi: It's worth a try! BREAK!

Mario: Still not football!

Mario runs at full speed out of town. Huff N. Puff, who is overseeing his Ice Puffs, notices this.

Huff N. Puff: Oh no you don't!

Huff N. Puff flies after him.

Luigi: Here I go!

Luigi runs through the fighting until he gets to the base of Mecha Lemmy.

Luigi: Ok, letís see if I can still pull this off.

Luigi tenses his legs, and sits for a second. Then he jumps up, flying all the way to the nose of Mecha Lemmy.

Luigi: Woah! New record!

Larry: Umm ,Ludwig, it looks Luigi has got onto the robot and is burning a hole into it using a Fire Flower...

Ludwig: Don't be silly! There's no way... Luigi could manage thatÖ

Luigi finishes burning a hole through. He pushes into the robot. Inside, there are pipes and gears everywhere, and the occasional burst of steam. Luigi walks forward on a catwalk, and looks down. The bottom is shrouded in pure blackness.

Luigi: Ok... I have to go up anyways.

He climbs a ladder up to the catwalk above him. There, he finds a door.

Luigi: Ok... That must be where the Koopalings are. Letís go.

He kicks down the door and charges into the room. Ludwig is sitting in a chair in the middle, drinking a cup of hot chocolate. Iggy is at the controls, controlling. Larry is walking around observing the battle, and Lemmy is surfing on a laptop.

Ludwig: WHAT?!

Luigi: Prepare to face the wrath of the Green Lightning!

Luigi charges the stunned Ludwig and punts him into Larry. They both fall unconscious.

Lemmy: NO! I won't let myself, Iggy, or other me fall! Iggy, keep controlling!

Iggy: I had all intentions to.

Lemmy pulls out his wand and blasts Luigi with it. Luigi rolls to the side, grabs a wrench that is lying on the floor, and throws it at Lemmy. Lemmy conjures a circus ball in front of him as a shield, then launches it at Luigi. Luigi jumps onto it and pushes off of it, aiming straight at Lemmy. He collides with him, and sends him flying into the wall.

Lemmy: Ugh...

Iggy: Great. Just great.

Iggy presses a few buttons, pulls out his wand, stands up, and faces Luigi.

Iggy: Prepare to get an epic fail!

Iggy waves his wand and conjures a sphere of electricity. He launches it at Luigi.

Luigi: NOW I'm in my element!

The sphere hits Luigi, but he channels it through him and back at Iggy. Iggy deflects it though the window, and it shatters Mecha Lemmy's eyes.

Somewhere in Lemmy's unconscious dream...

Lemmy's Thoughts: I sense a disturbance in the Lemmy.

Back in the cockpit...

Iggy waves his wand again, and a line of electricity flies out and heads for Luigi. Luigi catches it and channels it back at Iggy. The two start to struggle for control of it.

Iggy: You are strong in the lightning, Luigi!

Luigi: I know.

And with that, Luigi gives one final burst of strength. Iggy's wand cracks and explodes from the amount of power. He falls unconscious.

Luigi: Time to clean up...

Luigi pulls the Koopalings over to a corner of the room, opens a door marked "Escape Pod", and pushes them in it. The pod takes off and flies away, in the direction of Bowser's Castle.

Luigi: Now to work this out.

He sits down at the controls. There are buttons and nobs of every kind in every nook and cranny. In the section of the board marked "Weapons", he flips the switch marked "Bullet Bills". The barrage of Bullet Bills stops.

Luigi: Now to help out Mario!

He takes the steering device in hand, turns the Mecha around, and rolls back to the Puff Machine.


Mario skids into the Puff Machine, with Huff N. Puff right behind him.

Huff N. Puff: You can't destroy it this time! Ludwig fitted it with the same bomb-proof plating that fits Mecha Lemmy!

Mario: Well, I won't be able to destroy it while you spout all this negativity, at least.

Mario makes a jump for HNP, only to become frozen on contact.

Huff N. Puff: Heh! You think you can beat me by jumping?!

HNP blows Mario into a tree.

Mario: That just means I'm going to have to melt some ice.

Mario pulls out a Fire flower and starts shooting fireballs at HNP. HNP spreads out to avoid them.

Huff N. Puff: You touch me, you freeze. You send projectiles my way, I dodge. I am invincible!

HNP blows Mario into the remnants of a stone wall. The wall breaks upon impact.

Huff N. Puff: Now, to finish you! This one's for DISTANCE!

HNP starts inhaling air, when suddenly, he starts to be pulled apart.

Huff N. Puff: What's going on?

Mecha Lemmy rolls into the scene, with its hand transformed into a vacuum, sucking up HNP.

Luigi: Your game is over!

Huff N. Puff: No! NO! I was just only starting...

HNP is completely sucked into Mecha Lemmy. Luigi presses a button and hops out.

Mario: What did you do to him?

Luigi: Put him in the dehydration chamber. The water in his cloud form will be absorbed, making him... nothing.

Mario: Wow. Nice vacuuming!

Luigi: Thanks, I've had some practice rescuing you. Now, letís destroy this thing!

Luigi hops back in the cockpit, and rolls Mecha Lemmy forward. It crushes the Puff Machine like a pancake. The clouds disperse.

Mario: Great! Letís go back to the outpost and help clean up the remnants!

Mario hops in, and Luigi starts rolling back to the outpost.


When they get there, the battle is over. All the Ice Puffs are gone, and the Bob-ombs are being treated by other Bob-ombs.

General White: Mario and Luigi! Youíre back! And you did it! Thank you!

Luigi: Now for the real reason we came...

Mario: We need to know if the Bob-ombs have a key to the lost species.

General White: Well, umm... We did. But centuries ago, when the Koopas dominated us for the first time, they stole it. Of course, they had no idea what it was, or what their key, is for that matter-

Luigi: Wait, did you say the Koopas have a key?

General White: Yep. They do. And ours, to make a long story shorter. And they don't even know what they're for.

Mario: So we have to infiltrate...

Luigi: Bowser's Castle?!

To Be Continued...

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