Tin Mario

By Crazy Koopa

February 24, 2007

Authorís Note: This story makes Mario save the Star Spirits in a different order. Plus, Email me for cameo appearances!

Itís been well over 1 hour since Mario and Co. defeated Smithy. And in that 1 hour, everyone rebuilt the Mushroom Kingdom! Imagine that! All in 1 hour! And they renamed it from the Mushroom Kingdom to Toad Town! Imagine that! They named it after Toad! And the princess now has a name in this one! Imagine that!

Peach: Yay! I get the first speaking role!

Mario: CHEESE!

Luigi: *sigh*

Meanwhile in Star Haven...

Skolar: We made the perfect security system for the Star Rod!

Eldstar: Yup! No one will find it under that mattress right there!

Now for the main story...

AHEM! Iím going to tell you all a story about the Star Spirits and good wishes. The Star Spirits protected the Star Rod for... uhh... How long have they been guarding it? Uhh... Iím guessing, since the dawn of time.

Eldstar: Actually, we just started guarding it 1 hour ago.

Ok. Now... What the? Who put that ugly-looking hag in the story?

Bowser: Gwahahahahahaha! I, Bowser, the King of the Koopas will steal the Star Rod and... Huh? KAMMY!

Kammy: Yes, Your Rancidness?

Bowser: The Star Rod isnít here!

Kammy: Have you looked under that mattress?

Bowser: NO! Besides, I only check under my mattress. You check under the mattress.

Kammy: Uhh... They stole YOUR mattress and used it for whatever theyíre doing.


Bowser checks under the mattress and finds...

Bowser: Ludwigís wrench, Lemmyís ball, Royís Sports Hall key, Iggyís glasses...


(Note from the author: Iggy is still narrating.)

Bowser: What was that voice? Anyways, Wendyís bow, the Star Rod, Mortonís Speech on Speeches, and Larryís Pet Piranha Plant George... ALL THIS IS JUNK! WHERE IS THE STAR ROD?!

Kammy: My Lord, itís right there.

She points to the Star Rod thatís in his hand.

Bowser: How long has it been there?

Kammy: Right after you picked up Wendyís bow.

Bowser: Oh. Now to turn you all into cards and give them to my strongest minions and let Mario have a chance to stop me so he goes around the Mushroom Kingdom, beats my minions, and fights and beats me!

Eldstar: You fiend!

Bowser: I wish they were cards!

Poof! Poof! Poof! Poof! Poof! Poof! Poof!

Mamar: (Curse you!)

Skolar: (Weíll escape!)

Bowser: Take them, Kammy!

Kammy: Yes, my Lord!

Kammy takes the cards, and Bowser and Kammy fly away to Bowserís Castle.

Now we go to Marioís House.

Mario: Luigi! We got an invitation from Princess Peach!

Luigi: (How did he get smart again?) Really? Whatís it say?

Mario: It says "Dear Mario and Luigi, Iím hosting a party and Bowser may show up in his underground castle, which is directly under my castle, and fly it up into the sky and higher than Star Havenís elevation. He also may have stolen the Star Rod and may use it to become invincible and beat you for once and then youíll end up in Toad Town and start your quest from there. But what are the chances of that happening? Sincerely, Princess Peach. PS: Luigi, that part was to Mario so you have to stay home when you escape." Odd letter.

Luigi: Yeah. To the party!

Mario and Luigi both go to Princess Peachís Castle.

Guard: Invitation?

Mario: Iím Mario!

Guard: Oh! I see, go right on in. But the green guy stays.

Luigi: Iím Luigi! Marioís brother!

Guard: Loo... Lu... What? Mario doesnít even have a brother.

Luigi: &%^&$^&#$%^$%^$%!!!

Inside the castle...

Minister: Ah, Mario! The princess is expecting you on the fourth floor of the castle, where Bowser will probably show up with his Clown Copter and Kammy Koopa. But what are the chances of that?

Mario: Ok.

Mario is now climbing stairs.

Mario: *gasp* Am *gasp* I *gasp* almost *gasp* there?

Random Toad: Nope! You have exactly 9,945,382,348,358 steps to get to the top of these stairs to the second floor! Then you have to go exactly 456,340,598,250,923,845,082,053,845,647,593,572,985,927,940,000 steps to the third floor! And finally, 48,759,457,239,857,297,568,049,570,345,720,914,709,147,956,086,398,563,985,620,357,656 steps to the fourth floor!

Mario: O_O

Mario gets to the third floor.

Toad Guest: Ah, itís nice and quiet to be on this floor while the other guests are downstairs.


Guests: OK!

Toad Guest: NOOOO!!!

The Toad guest explodes.

Mario: ...

Mario is finally up the stairs to the fourth floor.

Peach: Mario! Itís been two hours since I've seen you!

Mario: Two hurs? Oh, right, after Smithy, then getting up here. You really should get an elevator.

Peach: I do have an elevator! Itís right there!

She points to an elevator right next to the door Mario just came through.

Mario: ...

Peach: Now the reason I called you is...


Audience: Quack?

Yes, quack. Now where was I? Oh yeah, BOOM AGAIN!

Bowserís Castle has lifted Peachís Castle to a higher elevation than Star Haven. Bowser, in his Clown Copter, smashes through the window, then Kammy comes in.



Kammy: Uhh... Youíre supposed to win against Mario, sir.

Bowser: Huh? Oh yeah! BWAHAHAHAHA! That truce ended two hours ago!

Mario: Really?

Bowser: (How did he get so smart all of a sudden?) YES! Now Iím going to defeat you this time!

Mario: Iím gonna win!

Bowser: What makes you say that?

Mario: Because Iím the star of this Fun Fiction!


Bowser: Not this time!

Oh... Thatís a relief.


Bowser: You see this?

Mario: AHH!!! IT BURNS!!!!

Peach: AHH!!! IT BURNS!!!!

Random Goomba: AHH!!! IT BURNS!!!

Kammy: AHH!!! IT BURNS!!!

Bowser: Wha? AHH!!! IT BURNS!!!

Now what are they seeing thatís so... AHH!!! IT BURNS!!!


Bowser: RIGHT!

Mario: Yay! The badness is gone!

(If you want to know what it was, it was a picture of Bowser, blindfolded while holding an X-Box and PS2. Also in the background of the picture are some people looking like they are saying "AHH!!! IT BURNS!!!")

Bowser: I canít believe I mistook a picture for the Star Rod... Kammy?

Kammy: Yes?

Bowser: Where is the Star Rod?

Kammy: Oh, I was trying to tell you before we got here. You left it in Star Haven after you turned the Star Spirits into cards.

Bowser: ... Iíll be right back.

Bowser leaves. And in the distance, you can here various curse words. Bowser comes back.

Bowser: Now to show you the might of the Star Rod!

Mario: So what?

Bowser: Now you can't attack me! BWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

Mario puts on his "Super-Boots-That-Can-Only-Be-Used-One-Time-So-HA!" and attacks Bowser.

Bowser: YEOW! I can't believe it! I only raised my defense! MORE POWER!

Bowser has become completely invincible!

Bowser: Now to finish this!

Bowser breathes fire on Mario. Mario is knocked out!


Kammy: Congratulations, my Lord!

Bowser: Now...


Bowser shoots lightning at Mario with the Star Rod.


Mario falls through the clouds and lands in the center of Toad Town.

Prologue: The Prologue Named "The Prologue"

Mario: ...

Poof! Poof! Poof! Poof! Poof! Poof! Poof!

Misstar: OH NO! He died!

Klevar: He didnít die!

Mamar: Whatís your proof?

Klevar: There are no Star Points around him or on him.

Eldstar: Right. Now to revive him!

Muskular: But Klevar said he didnít die.

Eldstar: I mean revive him from his unconsciousness.

Muskular: Oh.

Poof! Poof! Poof! Poof! Poof! Poof! Poof!



Mario: Zzz...

Muskular appears.

Muskular: MARIO!


Muskular: ... Why was I sent again?

Eldstar: Because, Mario obtained a light blue-colored star in Mario RPG, so he has to see a light blue star first.

Muskular: ...

Mario: Uhh...

Muskular: Oh, right! Mario! Go to Shooting Star Summit!

Mario: Are you magic?

Muskular: No, Iím just a figment of youíre imagination.

Mario: But you were talking to someone.

Muskular: Donít question things you canít understand.

Mario: ...

Muskular: GO!

Mario leaves.


Mario: Of course I am!

Toad: Oh yeah.

Jr. Troopa: HEY! If he landed in Toad Town, howíll he fight me?!

No one likes you. Also I know how someone can fight Mario six times.

Jr. Troopa: ^*%^@#^%&#%^*%^#&#&!!!

Mario: Is this Shooting Star Summit?

Toad: No, this is a Shooting Star Range.

Many people are using Shooting Star items.

Mario: ...


Mario: Is this Shooting Star Summit?

Muskular: No, itís just a place filled with happy little unicorns and leprechauns with thousands of pots of gold.

Mario: Really?


Mario: ...

Eldstar: We were expecting you earlier.

Mario: Why? I was knocked out for days!

Mamar: How did you know?

Mario: I guessed.

Skolar: Mario, save us!

Muskular: We're the only ones who can help you defeat Bowser!

Misstar: Bowser imprisoned us with his strongest minions! (Except those Koopa Bros.)

Klevar: You can save us in any order you want.

Kalmar: Also, make sure to find partners.

The Star Spirits disappear.

Mario: Well... time to go!

Mario leaves.

With Peach...

Peach: I'm so bored...

Bowser comes in.

Bowser: I can grant you any wish you want!

Peach: Will you lower your castle?

Bowser: No.

Peach: Free your prisoners?

Bowser: No.

Peach: Go on an all expense paid trip to Isle Delfino?

Bowser: No.

Peach: THAN GO AWAY!!!

Bowser leaves.

Peach: Still bored.

Tap! Tap!

Tap Tap: Yes?

Not you!

Peach opens the windows, where the sounds are coming from.

Twink: Hello! My name is Twink!

Peach: Can you help me?

Twink: That depends.

Peach: Can you get me out of here?

Twink: Sorry, I can't.

Peach: Can you free the prisoners?

Twink: I can't do that either.

Peach: Do you know Mario?

Twink: Who doesn't?

Peach: Then can you deliver this?

Peach gives Twink the Lucky Star!

Twink: Ok!

Twink leaves.

With Mario...

Mario: I wish something exciting would happen.


Mario: OW!!!

Twink: Sorry! Wait... You're Mario!

Mario: OH DAD! Are you going to threaten me like in P.T.'s Fun Fiction!?

Twink: ... No...

Mario: That's a relief.

Twink: The princess wants me to give this to you!

Twink gives Mario the Lucky Star!

Twink: I also heard that Shy Guy's Toy Box is where a Star Spirit is!

Mario: Where is it?

Twink: Somewhere in Toad Town!

Mario: Ok!

Mario and Twink leave.

???: HAHAHA!!!

Magikoopa: Aw crud... I missed them!

Mario goes around checking various places for the Toy Box. He eventually finds the only place he didn't check, an old, abandoned, yellow house.

Mario: I wonder whatís in the old, abandoned, yellow house?

Mario enters.

Mario: Nothing.

Mario goes to enter Forever Forest, but...

Guard: You cannot pass the forest gate!

Mario: ...

Mario goes back to Toad Town and...

Mario: When did Shy Guys takeover? Itís just like the Mushroom Kingdom when Mack took over! I left for about 30 seconds, and when I come back, someone takes over!

Shy Guy: OH NO! MARIO! Iíd better tell General Guy, who put the base in the abandoned, yellow house!

The Shy Guy runs away.

Mario: ...

Mario enters the yellow house and...

Mario: Still nothing.


Pink Shy Guy: Hi Mario.

Mario: Hi.

The Pink Shy Guy enters through a secret door.

Mario: Huh?

Mario enters and finds a Toy Box.

Mario: Iíd better enter.

Mario jumps on the trampoline and enters Shy Guyís Toy Box.

Meanwhile, Kammy Koopa was outside and saw the whole thing. She then flies to Bowserís/Peachís Castle.

Kammy: Almost there... ACK! I CANíT BREATHE IN SPACE!

Bowser (on walkie talkie): For the last time! Weíre NOT in space!

Kammy: Right...

Kammy flies in through the door.

Bowser: Kammy! Are the Star Spirits safe?

Kammy: Well, sort of.

Bowser: ... Mario is alive, isnít he?

Kammy: Yup.

Bowser: %^&$^%^@$@^@#%&%^&%^*&$%^#%!!!

Kammy: What shall we do?

Bowser: I donít trust my minions to be alone! Send the Koopalings!

Kammy: ... How? They arenít here?

Bowser: ... I know youíre behind me, Larry.

Larry: What are you doing?

Bowser: Plotting! What do you think?

Larry: Scheming?

Bowser: That was yesterday!

Larry: ...

Bowser: Now bring your brothers and sister up here!

The Koopalings arrive.

Bowser: Here is a chart for who youíre protecting:

Bowser Jr: Six places in Bowserís Castles
Larry: Koopa Bros.
Morton: Tutankoopa
Wendy: Lava Piranha
Iggy: General Guy
Roy: Huff 'N Puff
Lemmy: Crystal King
Ludwig: Tubba Blubba

Iggy: I canít go to Shy Guyís Toy Box!

Bowser: Why?

Iggy: Because I have two reasons. One, Mario is already there; and two, Iím the narrator!

Bowser: Too bad! Koopalings, go now!

The Koopalings leave through the doors to the front yard or whatever it is, but...

Ludwig: ... Ok... We just ran off of the castle grounds...

Koopalings: ACK! WEíRE FALLING!!!

End of the Prologue:

Will Mario save Peach? Will Mario save the Star Spirits? How did Mario get smart? Did the Koopalings survive? Find out on Chapter 1: Trials in the Toy Box!

Chapter 1: Trials in the Toy Box

Last time, Bowser managed to beat Mario for the first stinking time in his life! Mario landed in Toad Town and got a message from the Star Spirits. Now Mario is in Shy Guy's Toy Box...

Mario: It's a good thing I'm prepared for anything! Let me see my inventory... Bob-ombs, Repel Gel, Shells, Flashlight, Tattle Book, Portable Boat, Jugem's Cloud, Cannonballers for going over gaps, Life Shrooms, and my secret weapon.

Mario heads off and goes to the Blue Train Conductor.

Blue Train Conductor: Sorry, but without a train, you can't go anywhere.

Mario: ...

Mario heads to the only path left, which is to the left side. There Mario encounters Groove Guys, Shy Guys, and an Anti Guy.

Groove Guy: I love dancing!

Shy Guy: I like stealing!

Anti Guy: Don't you dare touch my treasure!

Mario: Uhh... Hi?

Shy Guys: IT'S MARIO!!!

Mario: I'm not Mario.

Shy Guys: You aren't?

Mario: No, 'cause I'm... Luigi!

Shy Guys: Than you're welcome here, Mr. Luigi!

Mario: (Idiots... which reminds me of those Terrapins from the other story.)

Mario enters the room with the Shy Guys that stole the stuff. Well... some of the stuff, anyways. Mario grabs a Shy Guy with a calculator.

Mario: Tell me where everything is, or die.

Shy Guy: You don't threaten a poor little kid! *starts crying* WAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!

Other Shy Guys: *GASP!* KILL MARIO!

Mario: Oh no.

The Shy Guys start pelting Mario with blocks, bombs, their own masks, their own friends, Cake Mix, the Calculator, for some reason the Storage Room Key for the shop, a Mailbag, a Dictionary, a frying pan that is 100 degrees Fahrenheit, and other various things.

Mario: X_X

Shy Guys: HA!

Unfortunately, Mario came prepared.

Mario: HA! Thanks for the stuff!


Mario: Man that was too easy.



Mario runs to the trampoline.

Mario: Phew! I got out alive!

Mario goes to the nearest shop since he is too lazy to go to the other one next to the dojo.

Mario: Are you missing a key?

Shopkeeper: Yes, my Storage Room Key.

Mario: ... Couldn't you just explode the door?

Shopkeeper: Oh no I can't!

Mario: Why?

Shopkeeper: RPG game laws and adventure game laws clearly state that you can't use bombs or any other weapon inside towns, shops, inns, etc.

Mario: ... Well I do have a key.



Koopalings: AHH!!!

By dumb luck, Iggy, Lemmy, Larry, Ludwig, Wendy, Morton, and Jr. land safely on a pillow truck going to Toad Town. Unfortunately, Roy lands safely on Cloudy Climb.

Ludwig: Vhat are the odds of that?

Iggy: 95,697,329,473,495,734,957,294,723,947,239,472,937,492,397,239 to 1.

Koopalings: ...

Iggy: What? It's in the script!

Koopalings: What script?

Iggy: ...

Back to Mario...


Mario: Ever met the Rose Town Gardener or Morton?

Shopkeeper: No, why?

Mario: They can talk like that.


Mario: No you're not melting.

Shopkeeper: Really?

Mario: No, but you're burning.

Shopkeeper: Than what's the difference?

Mario: ...

The shopkeeper burns into the fiery depths of...

You: *GASP!* He's going to say the bad place!

... I was actually going to say that he burns into the fiery depths of the furnace in his basement.

You: ...

Now, Mario then goes to the Storage Room and steals everything and eyes a Toy Train.

Mario: I'll give this to Peach for her birthday!

Mario takes the Toy Train.

Mario: Now to deliver these things again.

Mario delivers the Mailbag to the Postman.

Postman: Thank you, Mario! But your mail is in another castle!

Mario: ...

Mario delivers the Dictionary to Russ T.

Russ T: How did you know this was my dictionary?

Mario: It said "Russ T's Dictionary, property of Russ T, do not touch except for Russ T."

Russ T: Thank you, Mario! But your help is in another castle!

Mario: ...

Mario goes around with the calculator and stumbles into Rowf's Badge Shop.

Rowf: Thanks, bud!

Mario: It's your calculator?

Rowf: Yes!

Mario: Ok.

Rowf: Thank you, Mario! But your badges are in another castle!

Mario: How did you know my name?!

Rowf: Who doesn't know you¡r name?

Mario: True...

Mario goes into the wrong yellow house because he wants to go back to Shy Guy's Toy Box.

Tayce T: OH MY! My frying pan!

Mario: But you have a few right there.

Tayce T: I don't use them.

Mario: Why?

Tayce T: Because they are collectables!

Mario: Ok...

Long pause...

Tayce T: ... What?

Mario: You know you'll say it.

Tayce T: You mean something like, "Thank you, Mario! But your cake is in another castle!"

Mario: ... Yeah, that.

Tayce T: Well... here is your cake!

Mario: How did you make that?

Tayce T: I cooked it in my frying pan!

Mario: But that's not how you make a cake!

Tayce T. Do not question things you cannot understand.

Mario: ...

Mario leaves and enters the Toad House because he is tired.

Innkeeper Toad: MARIO! A Shy Guy is on the bed!

Mario ignores him and sleeps anyways, even though the Shy Guy is bouncing on him.

Mario: I feel so much better! That massage machine was great, Innkeeper Toad!

Innkeeper Toad: ...

Mario heads to Shy Guy's Toy Box, and when he enters...

Shy Guy: Hello Mario! Nice day, isn't it?

Mario: ...

Mario heads to the Blue Train Conductor.

Blue Train Conductor: Do you have a train?

Mario shows him the tiny Toy Train.

Blue Train Conductor: How will you ride that? It's too small!

Iggy: Excuse me, but do you know where General Guy is?

Blue Train Conductor: Red Station.

Iggy: Thanks!

Iggy walks along the tracks to Red Station.

Mario: Why can't I do that?

Blue Train Conductor: RPG game laws and adventure game laws state that the hero has to do certain things to continue, while NPCs can just move on.

Mario: ...

Mario leaves the Toy Box.

Mario: I wonder what happens if I throw something in the Toy Box?

Mario tosses the Toy Train into the Toy Box.

Blue Train Conductor: Why do I get the feeling a train will fall on me?

The Toy Train Mario tossed lands on the Blue Train Conductor.

Blue Train Conductor: OH %^#$% DAD! SOMEONE HELP!!!

Mario: Oops.

Mario grabs the train and throws it on the tracks.

Blue Train Conductor: Well I'll be! A train just fell from the sky!

Mario jumps into the Toy Box.

Blue Train Conductor: Mario! A toy train fell from the sky! You can continue!

Mario: Yay!

But before Mario gets on the train...


A train shaped like a Koopa destroys the Toy Train and goes to Pink Station.

Mario: ...

Repair Guy: Hello! Would you like me to repair your train?

Mario: Sure!

3 hours later...

Mario: Where is that Repair Guy? And why did he make us wear these fake beards?

Blue Train Conductor: Who knows?

Mario: He's taking too long.

Blue Train Conductor: Well I guess you have to WALK through the train tunnels.

Mario: What's so bad about that?

Blue Train Conductor: Other trains running you over and making you gutless, make your brain go to your feet, dislodge your esophagus, and other things that are too graphic.

Mario: O_O

Mario goes back to town.

Mario: Wait a minute... I just thought of something!

Mario goes back outside.

Shy Guy: Nothing can go wrong today!



Mario: It's a good thing this Toy Box is light!

Mario drops the Toy Box and jumps in.

Mario: Yes! Red Station! I think...

???: HEY!!!

Mario: ... Who are you?

???1: I'm a Koopatrol!

???2: I'm a Hammer Bro!

???3: I'M A TORPEDO!

Mario: ... This isn't P.T.'s Fun Fictions.

Torpedo Ted: Your point?

Mario: ...

REAL ???3: That was random. But I'm a Pokey!

Mario: Why are you all here?

Everyone except Torpedo Ted: To kill you!

Torpedo Ted: Except me! I should be in water or else I'll die! Wait...


Everyone: ...

Mario: Uhh... I'll give you a nickel if you don't kill me.

Baddies: Ok!

Mario: ...

Mario leaves.

Baddies: Wait a minute... Nickels don't even exist on Plit!

Mario enters a new room and finds out he is in Red Station.

Mario: Wow! A convenient sign here says this place is Red Station!

Spy Guy: Eek! It's Mario! I'd better tell the boss!

Pyro Guy: AHH!!! I'M ON FIRE!

Mario: ...

Mario enters a very dark room.

Mario: Where am I?

???: Ehehehehehehe!!! SoMeOnE iS hErE? iN tHe DaRk?

A Big Lantern Ghost appears.

Big Lantern Ghost: Ehehehehehehe! It'S mArIo! I bEtTeR fInIsH yOu BeFoRe YoU cAn MaKe It To GeNeRaL gUy!


Big Lantern Ghost: New Stats: HP: 20 ATK: 1 DEF: 0 Mario: 10 HP

Lantern: SAVE ME!!!

Mario: Huh? Oh well! Must be hearing things! Now... DIE!!!

Mario jumps on a block...

Big Lantern Ghost: Hee hee! YoU cAn'T sEe Me!

Mario: I know what to do! Take this, vile Lantern Ghost!

Mario turns on his flashlight!

Big Lantern Ghost: GAH!!! TOO BRIGHT! I'M GOING BLIND!

Big Lantern Ghost runs away.


Mario: That was the cheapest battle I ever fought.

Lantern: Break me open!

Mario: Ok!

Mario puts a Bob-omb next to the lantern.

Mario: Fire in the hole!!!


Watt: *cough, cough* You're crazy, Mister!

Mario: ...

Watt: Are you Mario?

Mario: Yes. Why?

Watt: Because this script right here says after freeing me, I join you!

Mario: You mean this whole adventure is actually a play or something?!

Watt: I think so.

Mario: ... Fine, you can join.

Watt joins the party! In battle she can shock enemies and ignore defenses! Outside of battle, she can be held and you can see in the dark!

Watt: It got dark! Use my ability!

Mario: I have a flashlight.

Mario turns it on, but...

Mario: Dang! Out of batteries!

Mario grabs Watt.

Mario: It's way brighter than the flashlight ever was!

Mario and Watt exit, and on their way out...

Shy Guy: Mario! Do you want this Super Block?

Mario: Sure.

Mario hits the Super Block and upgrades Watt.

Mario: To General Guy!

Mario and Watt enter the block wall section.

Mario: How come this didn't fall down?

Than Mario notices a sign.

Sign: This block wall is so sturdy, an earthquake can't make it tumble!

Mario: ... Time for the alternative!

Mario touches the wall and...

Shy Guys on the other side of the Wall: AVALANCHE!


Mario: It works!

Watt: Let's go!

Mario and Watt enter the next room, which is dark.

Mario: I can't see!

Shy Guys: There he is! Get him!

The Shy Guys fight Mario, but...

Shy Guy 1: OW! You hurt me, Shy Guy 2!

Shy Guy 4: Take this, Mario!

Shy Guy 13: That's me! OW!

Mario: ...

Mario grabs Watt.


The Shy Guys push the wall on the other side of the room, and...


Shy Guys: RUN!!!

Mario: I wonder what's in that room.

Mario and Watt enter and find...

General Guy: MARIO!

Iggy: MARIO!


Watt: IGGY!

Shy Guy: SHY GUY!

General Guy, Iggy, Mario, and Watt: ...

Shy Guy: ... I'll shut up now.

General Guy: Now sir, prepare to face our army, sir!

An army of Shy Guys and Giant Koopas appear.


Author's Note: Partners will have HP unlike in the game.

Mario: 10 HP
Watt: 10 HP

Shy Squad: 15 HP
Giant Koopa Squad: 20 HP

Mario: Bob-omb!
Shy Squad: 10HP
Giant Koopa Squad: 15HP

Watt: Electro Dash!
Shy Squad: 7HP

Shy Squad: CHARGE!!!
Mario: What?
Smack! Smack! Smack!
Mario: 7HP

Giant Koopa Squad: CHARGE!
Mario: Oh boy...
Mario: 4 HP DANGER!

Mario: POW Block!
Shy Squad: 5HP
Giant Koopa Squad: 13HP
Giant Koopa Squad has been flipped!

Watt: Electro Dash!
Shy Squad: 2 HP
Shy Squad: Oh no! We're out of here!
The Shy Squad runs away.

General Guy: You may have defeated my army, but you won't defeat me!

General Guy rolls in on his tank and knocks away the Giant Koopa Squad.

General Guy: Oops. Err... Now Stilt Guys, away!

Stilt Guys: DIE!
Mario: Jump dodge!
The Stilt Guys go under Mario and crash into the wall.
Stilt Guys: X_X

General Guy: ... Shy Stacks! Away!

The Shy Stacks appear.

Shy Stack: DIE!
Watt: Um... Excuse me, but the guys on the top called the guys on the bottom an idiot.
Both Shy Stacks: Which stack?
Watt: Both.
Both Shy Stacks: ... DIE!!!
The Shy Stacks attack Watt.
Watt: Ow!
Watt: 2 HP DANGER!
Shy Stacks: You think we're stupid enough to fall for that?

Then Gourmet Guy appears.

Gourmet Guy: Since you guys skipped me, you have to die!
Gourmet Guy jumps and lands on the Shy Stacks...
Shy Stacks: ... Pain...

General Guy: 30HP

Iggy appears in a Doom Tank.

Iggy: I'm still here!
Iggy: 40HP

Mario: Time for my little friend...

Mario brings out his secret weapon which is...

To Be Continued...

You: HEY!

Just kidding!

You: ...

... His secret weapon is a Bob-Ulk!

Mario: Back, evil villains! Or else I'll use this!

General Guy: YOU WOULDN'T!

Mario: I would!

Iggy: You couldn't!

Mario: I could!

Watt: You can't!

Mario: I can!


Mario: YES!

General Guy: All right! I'll give you the Star Spirit!

Mario: Thank you.

Bob-Ulk: 3... 2... 1...

Everyone: Oh boy...


General: AHH!!!

Iggy: AHH!!!

Watt: WEE!!!

Mario: MAMAMIA!!!


General Guy lands on an island and gets captured, Iggy lands in lava, and Mario lands in Toad Town. Watt doesn't land because she can fly.


Than the Star Spirit card lands in front of him.

Mario: ... Never mind.

Muskular: Thank you!

End of chapter:

Did General Guy survive? Did Iggy survive? Where will Mario go next? Why am I still asking these questions like in the prequel? Find out in Chapter 2: Dark Days in Flower Fields!

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