The Elemental Quest

By Double G Goomba and koopa 13

Chapter 5: The Big Bang Showdown

The three heroes return to Koopenís house to see it in shambles.

G.G: Woah. What happened here?

Koopa 13: It looks like someone destroyed this place while we were out on our adventure.

They go inside to find Koopen on the ground

G.G: Hey, old timer, what happened?

Koopen: *cough* TheÖ Dark Beings came andÖ did thisÖ They were trying to find out where you went so theyÖ beat me up until I spilled the beansÖ and I spilled like a glass of milkÖ Please, this is my last requestÖ pleaseÖ you mustÖ defeat Dark Goomba. Itís all up toÖ *faints*

G.G: Come on, you guys. Letís go.

They arrive at the castle.

G.G: All right, then. Koopa 13, do it!

Koopa 13 summons the Mystic Stars and the force field shuts down, revealing a Bridge.

G.G: All right, guys, itís time to end this! You ready?

Koopa 13: Sure am.

Chompy: Ruff ruff.

They head inside the castle.

G.G: Woah. This place is pretty fancy-looking for an evil villainís lair.

Koopa 13: Who knows what this place has? Keep your guard up.

Chompy: Bark.

Suddenly a door opens and a giant Chain Chomp comes out.

Giant Chomp: BARK BARK!

G.G: Big guy, arenít you?

Koopa 13: You wanna fight, you got it!

G.G: Get him, Chompy!

Chompy rushes toward the monster.

Chompy: Ruff ruff.

A few minutes laterÖ

Chompy: Oh, my dear, sweet, humongous Chain Chomp! How wonderful you are, a woman of all qualities.

Giant Chomp: Oh Chompy, your eyes are like sparkling diamonds that shine in the Night. Let us go to a wonderful chateau in the woods.

Koopa 13: Now now now, hold it right there!

G.G: You canít go on a trip unless you bring us with you!

Chompy: Ah my love, alas, we cannot be. I have my needs that you cannot fulfill, but we will meet again someday and then we can go to a mystic island together forever. Goodbye, my love.

Giant Chomp: Goodbye, my dear Chompy.

Koopa 13: Ahgggg! This is humiliating!

G.G: I hate chick flicks. Letís get out of here before I toss my cookies.

They head up a flight of stairs and the ground starts to shake.

Koopa 13: Donít tell me itís an earthshake!

G.G: *looks over the flight of stairs below* I think itís worse.

A giant Swooper is flying toward them.

Koopa 13: I donít want my blood sucked!

G.G: RUN!!!

They run up the long flight of stairs while being chased by the giant Swooper.

G.G: Look! Thereís a door!

Koopa 13: Is it open?

Chompy: Bark.

G.G: Only one way to find out!

They head for the door, jump through it, and close the door behind them, leaving the Swooper to slam his head into the door.

Swooper: Owwwwwwwwwwwwwww! Mommy! They hurt me! Wah wah wah!

He runs off crying.

G.G: Okaaaaaaaaaaaaaay.

The three heroes find themselves outside on a bridge leading to the throne, but it is guarded by a bunch of Bill Blasters.

G.G: This guy has some top security.

Koopa 13: What do you machine boys want?

Bill Blaster: Ö

Koopa 13: Not much of a talker, I see.

G.G: Dude, they donít have mouths, they canít speak. But still, this could be a problem. If we get any closer weíll get blasted to timbucktwo. What to do?

??: Leave that to us.

Suddenly, Jimmy T and Jimmy P from Wario Ware: Smooth Moves jump down from the sky with a bunch of cats and dogs and start dancing.

G.G: Well, didnít see this coming.

Koopa 13: Iím getting used to this.

Koopa 13 dances along. chompy is seen dancing as well.

G.G: Stop dancing, you morons. First of all, we donít dance: weíre too cool for that. And second, we need to use this time while the Blasters are distracted to get into the throne room. Címon!

The three of them start sneaking past the Blasters and head into the throne room.

Lemmy: Itís about time you guys showed up!

We see Lemmy in a cage hanging above the ceiling.

G.G: Just as impatient as ever, I see.

Dark Goomba: Well well well. You have arrived at last.

They look in front of them and see Dark Goomba sitting in a throne.

Koopa 13: Itís our most dangerous and hated interviewer, the Mushroom Boy, starring Dark Goomba!

Dark goomba: Youíre very humorous. Perhaps it was a mistake to let you live. So I will have to correct that mistake.

He starts walking toward them.

Dark Goomba: I must congratulate you on coming this far, but I am afraid it ends here. You have destroyed all of my minions and ruined my plan, but once youíre out of my way I will become the greatest interviewer in the all of Lemmyís Land, and no one will stop me! Muhahahahahhahahha!

G.G: Think again, freak. Like I already said, anyone who gets in our way gets a beating courtesy of me!

Koopa 13: Donít forget me, Mushroom. I will shell you with style!

Chompy: Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

Dark Goomba: Such brave words for such foolish beings. But now I shall make you eat those words, as well as your lives!!!


Dark Goomba: Say goodbye to your worthless existence, fools. Prepare to die!

G.G: This is it, guys! You ready?

Koopa 13: I am so fired up for the challenge!

Chompy: Bark bark!!!

G.G: Right. Letís do it!

G.G: 70 HP
Koopa 13: 70 HP
Chompy: 60 HP
Dark Goomba: 50 HP

G.G uses Spin Bonk and does 10 damage.

Koopa 13 uses Shell Spin and does 7 damage.

Chompy uses Charge and his attack goes up by 3.

Dark Goomba uses Quake Bonk and does 10 damage to the party.

G.G: 60 HP
Koopa 13: 60.
Chompy: 50 HP
Dark Goomba: 43 HP

G.G. uses Super Multibonk and does 10 damage.

Koopa 13 uses Air Shell and does 10 damage.

Chompy uses Crush and does 13 damage.

Dark Goomba uses Headbutt and knocks the party into each other and makes them lose 10 HP.

G.G: 50 HP
Koopa 13: 50 HP
Chompy: 40 HP.
Dark Goomba: 10 HP

G.G. uses the Fire Stone and does 10 damage, defeating Dark Goomba.


Dark Goomba: *huff, huff* Itís not over yet!

He starts running to another room.

G.G: After him!

Lemmy: Wait! What about me?!

G.G: Weíll come back for you later.

They follow Dark Goomba into the room, where the doom device is.

Dark Goomba: Behold, the greatest invention ever made, the doom device! Its power is capable of endless destruction! During your adventuring I had Dark Buzzy Beetle make a few alterations to it. BeholdÖ again!

The doom machine shoots a laser beam at Dark Goomba, and he grows in size and turns into a giant green monster Goomba.


Koopa 13: Heís transformed!

Dark Goomba: Now you shall witness my true power!


G.G: 70 HP
Koopa 13: 70 HP
Chompy: 60 HP
Dark goomba: 100 HP.

G.G: uses Multibonk and does 7 damage.

Koopa 13 uses Shell Shield and protects G.G.

Chompy uses Crush and does 10 damage.

Dark Goomba uses Quake Bonk and does 30 damage to the party and breaks the shell.


Dark Goomba: Hahahah! Now you see my true power.

Koopa 13: That Dark Goomba has a lot of fire power!


G.G: *huff huff* Canít go onÖ

Koopa 13 nearly faints.

Chompy: *pant, pant*

Dark goomba: Whatís wrong? You canít keep up? Time to finish this!

Suddenly the four Elemental Stars light up.

G.G: What going on?!


Lava Bubble: Dude, I was just reading Lemmyís Fun Fiction, those ugly guys are in trouble, theíre losing to that ugly Goomba.

Lava Bubble 2: Come on, we have to help, we have to give them support so that the Stars can power up.

Lava Bubble 3: Yeah, GO UGLY GUYS!

At Shy Guy IslandÖ

Chief Guy: My fellow Shy Guys, even though they beat me up and robbed me of all my gold, we cant let them lose. Let's give them a rousing shy shout!


At the mole town...

Monty Mole: Oh no, our favorite interviewers are in trouble! We have to help them. Monty Moles, let's give it up for our favorite interviewers!


At the Lakitu city...

Lakitu: We treated them so badly, now itís our turn to return the favor for helping us find that evil Duplighost.

Spike: Well then stop standing around and do something, idiots.


Back at the Dark Beings' castle...

G.G: Woah. Whatís going on?

Koopa 13: Itís the sound of the people we met. They are supporting us.

G.G: Oh yeah, thatís right! The Stars only power up when we get support from our fans, and with all four Stars together they make the ultimate power.

Dark Goomba: No! This cannot be!

The Stars give off a giant flash, and suddenly a giant Rabbid holding a plunger appears.


G.G: What in the world is that thing?!

Koopa 13: A Rabbid in the Mushroom Kingdom?

Chompy: HUH?!

Dark Goomba: HAHAHAHAH! Is that it? A weak, little bunny? How pathetic!


The Rabbid hits Dark Goomba with his plunger and slams him against the wall.

Dark Goomba: What? You hurt me? IMPOSSIBLE!!!

Koopa 13: Donít think Rabbids are cute. They are very aggressive.

G.G: Then letís use it to our advantage!

They jump on the Rabbidís head.

G.G: Ok, dummy bunny, we are your master, you hear? So let's go and beat the snot out of that Goomba!

Rabbid: Ok, as you wish. I mean, DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH!


Rabbid: 100 HP
Dark Goomba: 100 HP

Rabbid uses Toilet Plunger and does 20 damage.

Dark Goomba: This can't be! This dumb bunny is equal to me in power!

Koopa 13: That's not true. It is stronger.

G.G: And stupider.

Rabbid: Eh?

G.G: Sorry. Anyway, let's cream this punk

Dark Goomba uses Headbutt and does 15 damage to Rabbid.

Rabid: 85 HP
Dark Goomba: 80 HP

Rabbid uses Suction and absorbs 20 HP.

Dark Goomba uses Spin Bonk and does 25 damage.

Rabbid: 75 HP
Dark Goomba: 60 HP

Rabbid uses DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHH and raises his attack by 5.

Dark Goomba use Headbutt and does 15 damage.

Rabbid: 60 HP
Dark Goomba: 60 HP

Rabbid uses Plunger and does 25 damage to Dark Goomba.

Dark Goomba uses Spin Bonk and does 25 damage to Rabbid.

Rabbid: 35 HP
Dark Goomba: 35 HP.

Rabbid uses Absorbsion and absorbs 15 HP from Dark Goomba.

Dark Goomba uses Quake Bonk and does 15 damage.

Rabbid: 35 HP
Dark Goomba: 20 HP

Rabbid uses Toilet Plunger and does 20 damage to Dark Goomba, defeating him.


Dark Goomba: This cannot be! how could I lose? I am Dark Goomba, the ultimate being!!!

Dark Goomba turns into a dark fog and fades away.


Koopa 13: Now letís go get Lemmy.

G.G: Ok, giant rabbit thing, you take care of the machine.


They return to the room and free Lemmy.

Lemmy: Who would have thought I'd get saved by you guys?

Koopa 13: Yeah yeah, show's over.

G.G: I wonder what the rabbit did with the...

A machine can be seen getting thrown out the window.

G.G: Ok, that answers my question.

Lemmy: All right, letís get this place back to normal.

After a day of hard work, the three heroes return Lemmy Interview Show back to normal. Later at the award ceremony...

Princess Peach: We are here today to honor the three heroes who saved our land from the Dark Beings, who braved the dangers and saved everyone. Thank you Double G Goomba, Koopa 13, and Chompy.

G.G: That was nothing.

Koopa 13: All we had to do was make a comeback, and we would win.

Chompy: Bark bark.

Princess Peach: Now if there is anything you want, just name it.

G.G: Well first, we would like to have a cool place to live.

Peach: Done.

She pulls out a piece of paper.

Peach: this is the deed to the fanciest house in Poshley heights.


Peach: And for you, Koopa 13?

Koopa 13: I would like all of your prized possessions.

A whole bunch of Toads come to their side.

Peach: Here are all my servants to use at your whim.

Koopa 13: Now I command you to eat two bowls of spinach each in less than a minute! GO!!!

The Toads rush off.

Peach: And for you, Chompy?

Chompy: BARK BARK.

Peach: Done!

Tutankoopa is lowered by a chain.

Tutankoopa: No no no! This isnít fair!

Chompy chases after him.

G.G: Well, looks like allís well that ends well.

Koopa 13: A dream comes true.

G.G: So... what do we do now?

Koopa 13: Throw eggs at all the people in Poshley Heights.

G.G: You read my mind. Come on, Chompy!

Chompy comes with them with Tutankoopa in his mouth.

G.G: Hey, you know something? I feel like we're forgetting something...

The Rabbid is seen eating a bunch of restaurants in Toad Town.

Food Guy: Business is really booming.

The End

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