A Backwards Koopalings Adventure

By Danny Koopa

One day, Danny Koopa is drawing anime in the Valley of Bowser Ghost House. But then he gets a letter:

Dear Danny,

Do you wanna come over? I'm so bored!!! IT'S INSANE!!!

~ Your cousin, Ludwig von Koopa

Danny: Finally!!!

But when he gets there, he doesn't see what he would've expected. The castle is nearly in ruins. He checks in all the Koopas’ rooms but finds nothing. But then, he walks into Ludwig's lab...

Ludwig: Danny... Mario came... Siblings gone... King Dad, too...

Danny: LUDWIG!!! Hmm...

Danny walks outside and smashes tons of blocks. He finds a 1-Up Mushroom. He then returns to Ludwig. He shoves it literally down his throat.

Ludwig: Yes! Now... we find those jerky plumbers and get my siblings back!

Danny: Even Wendy? *shiver*

Ludwig: Yeah, she owes me ten coins!!!

If you need to know, Danny Koopa is a normal-colored Koopaling, has Kooky's hair (not Ludwig's), and has no teeth showing unless mouth is open. He and Ludwig have fun with their twin-like looks to confuse people. Anyway, they are now stepping on to Chocolate Island, Wendy's land. Ludwig notices something.

Ludwig: Look, a map!

They pick up the map and viewed it. All it shows is how all seven sections of Dinosaur Land are now split up. Mario got Yoshi's Island, Peach got Donut Plains, Yoshi got Vanilla Dome, Daisy got the Twin Bridges, Donkey Kong got the Forest of Illusions, and Toad got Chocolate Island.

Danny: So looks like we have to defeat Toad first. Then... Ludwig... You ok?


They walk into Toad's castle. Toad is too scared to put up traps in his own castle, right? Wrongo. They notice 7 Mushroomers. They all surround the two Koopas, spears in hand.

Mushroomer: We were told to kill a kid named Ludwig. Hmmm... Combed hair, one tooth?

Ludwig: (whispering) Danny! I got a plan. Run around in circles, then cover your mouth!

They both run around in circles. Ludwig's hair gets messed up and is totally identical to Danny's now, and they both cover their mouths. They are now twins.

Ludwig and Danny: Haha!

The Mushroomers all faint in confusion. Toad comes out, and faints too.

Ludwig and Danny: Yes! ... No!

A Reznor is now chasing them out of the castle. Not fun.

Ludwig and Danny: Aaaaaaah!!!

???: Hiyah!

The Reznor falls down. A mysterious figure jumps on top of it, victorious.

Danny: Larry!

Larry: Hey guys! I watched the whole thing! That was so cool!

Ludwig: We have no time for talking!!! Let's just go!!!

They near the Forest of Illusions. It has big, looming, eerie, creepy trees, with smiley faces on them. Odd. As they walk into the forest, they notice something strange.

Danny, Ludwig, and Larry: ROY'S CASTLE IS GONE!!!

As they get closer, they see a sign.

Banana prezerve areeya. Violatowrs will be hurt.

~Owner of da fourest,
Donkey Kong


Larry keeps calling out for DK for five minutes, but nothing happens.

Danny: This is not working. If only we had Morton.

Ludwig: Oh, I'm so smart! I just got a genius plan! Larry, Danny, GO BANANAS!

They destroy the whole forest by punching, kicking, and tackling.

Ludwig: That'll get that dumb ape over here! But we all know who Roy's gonna blame this on.

Larry: Us?

Ludwig: Nah, probably Iggy.

Then there is a huge crash, as DK land right in front of everyone.


Larry: Hmmm... I've got it!

Larry picks up a banana and runs to the top of the forest fortress with DK on his tail, but then...

Diddy: DIDDY!!!

Larry: Hmmm... I need the perfect shot...


Larry chucks the banana at Diddy. The banana bounces off of him, and straight into Soda Lake. DK and Diddy both fall out of the fortress, into the Lake...

Five minutes later...

Danny: Ludwig! How do you climb this huge ladder every day?!

Ludwig: I told you there was a secret elevator, but you weren't listening!

Daisy: Yoohoo!

She is there at the top of the cliff, and is about to tip the ladder.

Danny: I've got it! Climb through the ladder!

Ludwig: But-

Danny: NOW!

They all go through the ladder as Daisy pushes it. Expecting more weight, she trips, right into the water, where DK is enjoying his banana.

DK: Hey, I got an idea! Let's go old-school!

Daisy: Aaaaaah! Curse you, Koopalings!

DK runs off with her, all the way to the nearest construction site. The Koopalings are still falling from the ladder, until they land on Cheese Bridge.

Ludwig: I knew I've always loved this bridge! Now let's go get that stupid Yoshi thing and move on.

???: Wait!

They all turn around.

All: IGGY!!!

Iggy: Hi guys! I was trapped and you guys saved me! Now let's go get Yoshi so my bro’s castle will live.

So they jump into the Vanilla Dome pipe. They are now nearing "Lemmy's Castle", when out of nowhere...


All except Danny: DANNY!!!

Yoshi ate Danny!

Iggy: Hmmmm… No apples... Nothing to hurt him with... Oooo! I got it!

Iggy cautiously walks up to Yoshi and shoves his glasses onto his head.

Yoshi: Awowowowowo!

He walks off the edge of the Vanilla Dome's cliff, dazed and confused. He hits the bottom with such force, he spews out two figures.

Ludwig: I know Danny was in there, but who's that other person that got flung out of that stupid little dino-pest?


Wendy: Come back here, Danny! I need to kiss you!!!

Danny: No! You want to kiss me!!! Remember the song? YOU CAN'T ALWAYS GET WHAT YOU WAAAAANT!!!


All: ...

Larry: We still have two castles to go, Peach's and Mario's. If we can kidnap Peach, we can defeat her, too.

As they walk into the fresh air outside the Vanilla Dome, they notice something strange.

Iggy: Haha! Look at Morton's Castle!

Iggy has a point. There are flowers and butterflies, and Mushroomers are painting the castle pink!

Danny: This is not good. Do we really need a 20,000-word speech on how girly the castle became?

All: NO!!!

They all start ripping down every pinkish, girly thing on the castle, knocking away Mushroomers and other girly items within 10 feet of the castle. Peach walks out, in her normal peach outfit.

Peach: Oh no!!! Koopalings!!! EEEEK!!!

She runs into the castle. All the Koopalings high-five each other. But then there is a massive rumble...

Danny: She's got a robot!!!

Wendy: Teehee! He's so funny when he rhymes!

Danny: D’oh! I mean, look at her giant robotic device!

Ludwig: I knew I never should've given a robot to Morton!!! Hmmm… But luckily I built the robot...

Ludwig takes out a remote control.

Ludwig: So I can stop the robot, too!

Ludwig mashes the self-destruct button, but nothing happens.

Ludwig: Something is throwing off the electrical waves emitting from my device-


Ludwig: Someone is interfering with my remote!!!

Danny: Look!

Everyone looks into the window of the castle. A Mushroomer is pointing a Wii remote at Ludwig's remote!

Ludwig: It must be on backwards! Someone switched the Wii remotes-

Danny: Actually it's called a Wiimote.

Iggy, Larry, and Wendy: Mmmmmph! Mmmmmmph! Hahahahahahahahaha!!! WIIMOTE!!! HAHA!!!

Ludwig: *moan* They put the "Wiimote" on reverse so it wouldn't send electrical waves, but instead, take them in. So anything we do, they take it in, make it the opposite, and throw... it... back... at... Peach...

There is a greater rumble as Peach, sitting inside the robot, pushes a button. The robot grows taller, with Peach still inside.

Larry: Hmmmmmm...... Opposite......

Larry snatches the remote and presses "UPGRADE". The Mushroomer tries to point the Wiimote away but it's too late. The robot crashes to the ground, along with its owner. A figure does three frontflips and lands in front of everyone, safely balanced on a ball.

Iggy: LEMMY!!!

The two bros. hug.

Wendy: Don't get too jumpy, we still have to get that icky, meany plumber.

Iggy: Yeah, or else my castle will live no more. So let's-

Lemmy: Go!

As they near the castle, Iggy's eyes widen in horror.


Iggy is nearly ripping his hair out.

Iggy: Let's get him!!!

As they walk up the castle steps they notice something.

Lemmy: They still have our wands!!! They're in that case!

Danny: And that gives me an idea...

Mario wakes up. He notices something out in the hall. He jumps out of bed and walks toward it. As he gets to it, his eyes widen and his jaw drops. He is standing in front of a giant cheese monster, about 12 feet tall. His eyes turn into hearts.

Mario: Hey, baby.

Danny: (whispering) I made it have human feelings, like anger...

Mario tries to bite the monster.

Monster: Raghhhhhhhh!!!

The monster picks up Mario, throws him into the air, then swallows him whole.

Koopalings: Yay!!!

Iggy: Now let's get our wands back and head out of here.

Iggy grabs his wand, walks outside, and thinks.

Iggy: Ok. First, byebye cheese monster. The first monster cheese on Dinosaur Land... Haha...

The cheese monster disappears.

Iggy: Next, my castle. I think I can spice it up more than ever now! And one more thing... *groan*

Roy and Morton appear in front of them. Iggy winces at the sight of Roy.

Roy: Don't worry, Bro! You saved my life and I'm never beating you up again!

Iggy goes nuts. He dances and cheers!!!

???: Don't get too happy, Koopas. You forgot about me!

Luigi climbs out of the water.

Roy: Why yes, we did.

Roy punches him in the face. He goes flying, all the way to where DK is throwing barrels pointlessly in another universe.

Iggy and Lemmy: Let's party!

Morton: No way, hold on, wait a second, hold your horses, stop for a minute. I'm not going anywhere until I know what went on, not going, zip, zero, nada, nope, yeah right, no way jose-

Ludwig: Who wants to play pin the tail on the Morton?

All (except Morton, of course): YAY!!!

Later everyone is back in their castles, including Roy, who blames Iggy for the loss of his castle and hurts him again. Danny, back io the Valley of Bowser Ghost House, gets to thinking.

Danny: Hmm... I bet that note was a fake, to lure me to the kidnapping. But just to make sure...

He walks to Neon Castle, Seeing it is empty, he leaves.

Danny: I guess it was fake... But I still feel I am forgetting something... Nah...

Meanwhile, tied up, Bowser is still sitting in Larry's castle. Larry sees him and...

Larry: King Dad? Can I rule all of Dinosaur Land?

Bowser: Mmmmmph! Nmmmmmmph!!!

Larry: Thanks, King Dad!!! Now, off to Neon Castle!!!

Mroton walks into his castle.

Morton: Why are there Mushroomers in my castle?! OUTOUTOUT!!!

The Backwards End!

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