One Final Message

By Flame Chocobo

20 years after the Shroob invasion…

Mario drew a pen from his pocket and pressed it on paper. "To whom it may concern,

“My life is over. Everyone, everything, and everywhere I love is gone. It all started with the Shroob invasion. My life was perfect. I always had something to do, people to love, and a place to call my own. Luigi, his past self, a past part of me, and I defeated the Shroobs easily. Life went on." Mario recapped these memories as he wrote.

"About 5 years later, the Shroobs came back and kidnapped my beloved Peach. Luigi and I were used to this by now. We had an adventure and made it to the newly constructed Shroob Palace. We fought our way through many kinds of Shroobs and made it to the throne room, where the new Emperess Shroob resided. Peach was tied up above a pool of boiling water. Luigi and I fought the new emperess and defeated her in due time. We ran to the water to untie Peach, but she wasn't there. I gazed into the shimmering water and watched as nothing but Peach's crown rose onto the surface. I grabbed the crown from the water and severely burnt my hands." Mario looked upon his burnt hands and began sobbing of the memory.

"2 years later I was still mourning. Toadsworth ran to my bedside and told me Bowser was attacking. I just turned over and faced the wall. Toadsworth pleaded until I grabbed my hammer from my bedside and swung at him. He ran out, shocked, and stained my white carpet with the hot, crimson blood dripping from his face. For the next couple of hours I heard an intense battle from the first floor. It all eventually subsided and I walked to Luigi's bedroom to make sure he was okay. But what I saw was a terribly mutilated Luigi. I ran to his bed and held his hand. 'Luigi, are you okay?' He stared. 'You could have helped. You're dead to me...' Those were Luigi's final words. Why didn't Bowser take ME?! Why did he skip MY room?! Luigi's last words still haunt me." Mario nearly fell to the ground in sorrow.

"3 years later, ten years ago today, Bowser's army had wiped out the entire Yoshi race while I was held up in my room, no more than a rotting corpse. I received this news from an old Toadsworth, still injured from the attack. The only thing that gave me hope was gone. I rose from my bed and grabbed my hammer, still with splotches of Toadsworth's blood on it. I walked alone to Koopa Castle and broke down the door. The Koopalings were not home, nor was Kamek or any of Bowser's guards. I broke into Bowser's throne room, where he was sleeping. I raised the hammer, and before I knew it, I was a murderer." Mario cringed. "I walked home as it began to pour acid rain and my clothes developed many holes.

"Less than a year later, the Koopalings began a dictatorship. It spread quickly throughout the world and eventually to the Mushroom Kingdom. One day I was staring blankly into space when Ludwig flew into the castle with the Koopa Copter. Even though he broke a window and made a lot of noise doing it, I hadn't noticed. He shot me with a tranquilizing dart and put me in the copter. He took me to the desert and left me for dead. I woke up and traveled a long way. I finally made it to Sarasaland. This was the one kingdom that was neutral. Daisy had moved to the Mushroom Kingdom shortly before the takeover and her castle was empty. I took refuge and still reside here today."

Mario wiped his eyes of the tears. He added a note at the bottom. "By the time anyone reads this, I will be as cold as the moon shining upon me...


After he wrote his name he put it in the mailbox for the Parakarry, to deliver it anywhere, just so one person would get it. After he walked back in, a scream was heard from the castle and the entire kingdom of Sarasaland was doomed to silence forever, nothing but faded screams...

The End

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