Stuper Paper Mario

By Koopra

Chapter 7 1/2

We see our five heroes walking around trying to find the next Heart Pillar, when they find something that scares them.

Nolrem: Hi.

Bowser: No, you died!

Nolrem: What are you talking about?

Mario: Mama keechie krampie.

Nolrem: You killed Merlon?!

Tippi: He had a Heart Pillar in him.

Nolrem: Oh, I'm a copy of him. I'm Nolrem from Flopside.

Peach: That's nice, but if you're a copy of him that would mean… HEART PILLAR!!!

Peach points at Nolrem and shoves the Pure Heart down his throat.

Nolrem: Oh n-

Nolrem explodes and everyone teleports to the front yard of Castle Bleck, where they find O'Chunks gardening.

Chapter 8: The Ultimate Transformation!!!

Bowser: Wahahahahahahahahahaaaa!!! SISSY!!!!

O'Chunks: Me no sissy, prepare to d-d-d-d-d-duel!!!

Bowser and O'Chumks ham it out in a "manly" game of Yugi-oh.

Bowser: Blue Eyes White Dragon!

O'Chunks: Noooo!!!

B.E.W.D. comes out of its card and eats O'Chunks.

Bowser: Ewww… Let's g-

Bowser disappears.

Koopra: Cool.

They go into the castle and find Mimi sleeping on the floor.

Peach: Shhh…

Peach walks up to Mimi and whacks her with her parasol.

Mimi: Noooooo-

Mimi and Peach randomly disappear.

Luigi: Weird.

They walk even farther into the castle and they find Dimentio playing with dolls that look like Count Bleck and his minions.

Dimentio: (talking like Count Bleck) Why Dimentio, you have done a wonderful job. Here, take the Chaos Heart.

Dimentio is about to continue when he notices the heroes.

Dimentio: Hey, stop.

Koopra turns around and zaps Dimentio with a laser.

Koopra: Awesome!!!

Koopra, Luigi, and Dimentio all disappear.

Mario: Woah!!!

Mario runs into the main room, where he finds Count Bleck.

Count Bleck: So you actually made it this far. Too bad you have to die.

Mario: Oh no!

Mario jumps up and defeats Count Bleck with a single blow.

Count Bleck: Owie! Hrumph, you beat me, now I have to restore the dimensions…

Dimentio: Wait!

Dimentio jumps up and grabs the Chaos Heart.

Dimentio: Now I can show you my true form!!!

The Chaos Heart lights up the whole room. When the light goes away in Dimentio's place there is a fly.

Dimentio's true form: This isn't what I expected…

Mario steps on Dimentio. At the same moment everyone else appears.

Koopra: Sweetacool! Let's have a wedding!

So in the end, Tippi and Koopra got married, Count Bleck turned into a lonely slump, and Count Bleck’s minions all flew to Tahiti and never came back. All was peaceful… for now…

???? ????????: Bwahahahahaa!


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