By Lemmy's Campfire Tales

It was the beginning of the summer. Everyone in the Mushroom Kingdom was as happy as ever as this was the season that shined the brightest. Our story begins at the Mushroom Kingdom airport, where Toad and Toadette were waiting for their flight to Sarasaland.

Toad: This vacation is going to rock! Don't you think so, Toadette?

Toadette: Toad, to me, the summer is going to be great no matter where we are.

Toad: I figured that much. Anyways, do we have everything packed up?

Toadette: Yes we d-

Toadette was interrupted by the speaker system at that very moment.

PA: Attention! Flight 742 to Sarasaland is going to takeoff soon! Any passengers to this flight are to report to Terminal 3, immediately!

Toad: That's our flight, let's go!

Toad and Toadette ran to Terminal 3. As their flight left, an airplane full of immigrants came into the terminal. All the residents of the airport congregated in the terminal to welcome the Kingdom's newest residents. They cheered as the passengers stepped out of the plane and into the terminal. The passengers looked around at the residents, waving their hands at them.

Passengers: Hello, all of you!

The residents waved back.

Residents: Hi, hope you enjoy this place! It's great!

In the back of the passengers, there was one immigrant who did not wave at or greet the residents. This immigrant was a Goomba. His face seemed bitter and it showed anger.

The Goomba: Oh shut up, all of you.

One of the passengers glared at the Goomba.

Passenger: Be polite!

Goomba: Make me.

Another passenger walked up to the first one.

Passenger 2: Now, now. If he doesn't want to be nice and happy, that's his fault.

Passenger 1: Hey, what's your name, anyway?

Goomba: Irate, now shoo.

The two other passengers walked away to meet the current residents. Two residents, a Koopa Troopa and a Shy Guy, looked over at Irate.

Shy Guy: I think that guy needs friends.

Koopa Troopa: Let's go over and see what we can do.

They walked over to Irate.

Irate: What'dya want?

Shy Guy: We want to welcome you to the Mushroom Kingdom!

Koopa Troopa: And we want to be your friends! If there is any way we can help you get settled in the Mushroom Kingdom, let us know.

Irate: Yes, you can help by looking over there.

Irate pointed at an information booth. The Shy Guy and the Koopa Troopa both looked at the information booth.

Shy Guy: How is this supposed to help?

Koopa Troopa: He's gone!

Wherever he went, Irate had ditched them both.

Shy Guy: Well, I'm sure that he is just going to find a house. The guy has to live somewhere to be a resident.

While the Shy Guy and the Koopa Troopa walked away, Irate was hiding around passengers and residents. Somehow he managed to blend in to the other people, because no one noticed him. However his "camouflage" didn't last long. A Mushroomer said “hi” to the unexpecting Goomba, and the Mushroomer came to him.

Mushroomer 1: Do you need help finding your way through the Mushroom Kingdom? I know a lot about this place and I can guide you around.

Irate: No, now go away! I don't need help from any of you.

Another Mushroomer walked to Irate, and greeted him.

Irate: Leave me alone, you rats!

Mushroomer 2: That's just not nice...

Irate walked away from the two Mushroomers. Irate walked while getting more agitated by the minute as more and more Mushroomers talked to him and said "May I help you?" He was getting quite angry with the whole ordeal. Why wouldn't they leave him alone? Irate then saw a door that was an exit from the airport.

Irate: (Maybe there'll be less people out there bothering me.)

He opened the door and exited the airport. He saw lots of Mushroom shops and stores around him.

Irate: (This place is huge!)

He saw people walking by the buildings. He tried to stay away from them but failed to do so, as a resident came out of the airport and saw him. The resident was another Mushroomer.

Mushroomer: Hi! You must be one of the passengers inside.

Irate: No, I've actually lived here for quite a while. I just got on the wrong plane.

Mushroomer: Well, you could be a little nice!

The Mushroomer walked away a little angry. By now, the word had quickly spread that Irate was one to be avoided, due to his mean attitude. Irate now looked around, and continued to walk gloomily along the path.

Meanwhile... a Shy guy dressed like a clown called Jester Guy saw Irate and heard the gossip that he was one not to converse with.

Jester Guy: Well... I bet I can cheer him up!

Jester Guy walked behind Irate. Somehow Irate did not notice that the Shy Guy was behind him. Jester Guy tapped on Irate's back. The Goomba sprung around quickly. Irate was surprised by the tapping on his back, but then he was back to his usual self. His face was depressed and he looked mean again. Jester Guy was the first one to talk.

Jester Guy: Jolly! Hello!

Irate: Shut up! Get out of my face!

Jester Guy: Come on. Cheer up.

Irate: No, I'll never cheer up! Now get out of my face!

Jester Guy: I know there's something I can do to cheer you up.

Irate: I've got an idea. Just let me go into that coffee shop!

Jester Guy: Sure thing!

Irate walked into the coffee shop and came out with a cup of piping hot coffee. He took off Jester Guy's mask and poured coffee all over his face.

Jester Guy: YEOW!!! What was that for?

Irate: Like you don't know.

And Irate walked away from Jester Guy, who was walking toward a clinic to get the burns treated. While Jester Guy was walking, he was getting pretty mad at Irate. This anger seeped into his thoughts and made him say something that he had never said to anybody in his life.

Jester Guy: Irate! I'm going to get you back for that if it's the last thing I'll ever do!!!

Jester Guy had never felt this emotion. He had never been looking for revenge before in his life. I guess this will be the first, Jester Guy thought. He reached the clinic and went inside.

Receptionist: May I help you, sir?

Jester Guy: I have burns all over my face. Can I see someone to treat them?

Receptionist: Sure, just wait in our waiting room! We'll see if any of our employees are available!

So Jester Guy walked into the waiting room. Meanwhile, with Irate...

Irate: Let's see, one of these houses must be for sale...

At that moment, Irate found a house with a For Sale sign in front of it. It was a dark and gloomy house; it didn't look like it had been cleaned for years. Irate walked up to the house and looked at it for a while before saying...

Irate: Perfect!

Irate looked at the For Sale sign and thought about it.

Irate: (I'm sure no one will notice the sign gone…)

He looked around and saw no one. He made a smile that didn’t really look too happy. He charged at the sign and broke it with his head. Then he picked up the sign and looked around again. He walked back to his house while looking around to see if anyone was there. He went inside his house.

Irate: Where should I hide this stupid sign? Ah, I know...

So Irate walked to the door and opened it. There were stairs that seemed to lead to the basement. He walked down the stairs. The stairs indeed led to the basement. The basement was covered in mold and dust, decked with a dusty couch, a dusty comfy chair (which didn't look comfy), a broken, dusty TV, and other such things. In the corner, Irate found a dusty, moldy wardrobe, which he quickly shoved the sign in. When he shut the wardrobe, the clean, white sign practically shined. Grumbling, Irate opened it again and smeared dust all over the sign to prevent it from shining. Shutting the dresser, he walked up the dusty stairs.

Irate: I should probably check out my new house.

Irate found stairs leading up and climbed them to find a moldy and hot hallway, with a bathroom in desperate need of cleaning and a bedroom with a hole in the floor. He walked back downstairs and found a kitchen. The refrigerator was horribly broken; the door hung crooked on its hinge. The cabinets were the same. Some didn't even have doors. There was no food. He walked into the den. It wasn't as dirty as the rest of the house, but it was still piled with dust. A broken vacuum lay beneath a moldy table. A television stood imbedded in the wall with a clicker in the screen. A bunch of nails hung in the wall. Irate walked over and sat on a stack of dictionaries.

Irate: Yep, this is the place for me.

Meanwhile, a house seller walked through the neighborhood. He took a look at the old house and saw an indentation in the ground where the sign had been.

House Seller: Not another one of these again...

The House Seller (who was a Toad) walked up to the door and rang the doorbell. Inside the house, Irate heard the ringing doorbell. He stomped to the door with a very gloomy look on his face. He opened the door and saw the house seller. The house seller looked disappointed.

House Seller: All right, I know you tore that sign off. You have to buy the house first in order to live there or else.

Irate: So? Why can’t I live here? What kind of stupid rats want to live in this house?

The house seller shook his hand as Irate spoke those words.

House Seller: Pay me now.

Irate: Fine! How much is it?

House Seller: 1,000 coins.

Irate: Stupid people with stupid prices. Here are your coins. Now get out, loser!

Irate held out 1,000 coins. They looked rusty and dirty, but the house seller accepted them. However, the house seller looked as if he wanted to punch Irate on the face, but he turned around and walked away with the coins. He said something in a low voice.

House Seller: Thank you...

Irate: Yeah yeah, whatever. You're not welcome. Now get out!

So Irate went outside and started to walk around. A Koopa Troopa saw him.

Koopa Troopa: Hi. Are you new here?

Irate got mad and beat him up.

Koopa: Ow! You’re mean!

Irate: Shut up.

Irate walked to a McBowser's

Puni at counter: Welcome to McBowser’s, the place where Koopas and Toads live in harmony!

Irate: Shut up.

Puni: I guess I’ll have to call the manager!

The Puni called the manager.

Bowser: Yes Puner?

Puner: This guy is being mean to people here!

Irate: No, that Toad was.

He pointed to a Toad

Bowser: Well then I hate Toads!

He and all the Koopas walked out evilly.

Irate: Boring.

So he left. Irate saw a grocery store and went inside.

Irate: I might as well buy something to eat.

He looked around in the grocery store and bought some food and drinks. During his search, some other people greeted him, but he scolded them. They walked away, upset and grumpy. He then went to a line in front of a cashier. After a few minutes, he began to get impatient.

Irate: Hurry up, you slowpokes.

The line and the cashier looked at Irate in a disturbed manner.

Cashier: What's with you?

Irate: Stop talking and get back to work faster so that I can get out.

The cashier got back to work, but talked to the customers in a disrespectful manner. After a while, Irate paid the cashier what he’d bought, but still scolded the cashier for not hurrying up. After the Goomba left, the cashier was in a state of scowling and trash-talking people. Outside, Irate's groceries fell on to the ground. A Koopa Troopa walked up to him.

Koopa Troopa: Would you like help with that?

Irate: No! Why is everyone in this town about helping and stuff?! Get out of my face!

Koopa Troopa: You don't have to be so rude about it.

Irate: Well I AM being rude about, so deal with it! Now go away!

Koopa Troopa walked away, muttering to himself.

Koopa Troopa: Sheesh, you try to help a guy and you get kicked in the butt.

Irate: Wait…

The Koopa smiled. He was expecting a thank you.

BOOT! Irate kicked him right in the butt, but then the Koopa punched Irate in the head.

Koopa: Hahaha!

The Koopa Troopa left.

Irate: Who dares do that to me?!

Irate beat up the Koopa Troopa. Irate was then spotted by the local authorities, and taken to the police station. This, of course, did not improve his mood.

Police Toad: You have committed a crime.

Irate: Shut up! Um, look over there on the ground, there's 20 coins!

Police Toad: Where?!

The Police Toad looked to see if there were 20 coins. At the same time, Irate ran away.

Police Toad: Hey! Where'd he go?

Irate: Sucker!

Irate was almost home now. Irate got home and sat down on the floor.

Irate: Man, the people here are so STUPID! Why can't they just be more assertive like I am?

The rest of the summer went on like this; Irate went out, got angry at someone, and spread his anger all around. With each passing day, more and more people got angry for the littlest of reasons. Pretty soon, the nice and vibrant Mushroom Kingdom became as mean as Irate was. It was now the fall, and over at the Mushroom Kingdom airport, Toad and Toadette had come back from their vacation.

Toadette: That vacation was just what we needed, wasn't it, Toad?

Toad: I agree, but it's still nice to be back home. Now let's get our luggage, go back to Toad Town, and celebrate our return! I'm sure our friends will like to see us back.

Toadette nodded.

So both Toad and Toadette took their luggage and stepped out of the plane. Toad and Toadette got to the doors to exit the airport, and there were many people there.

Toad: Excuse me.

Shy Guy: I'm not moving out of your way!

Toad just ignored him. Toadette then bumped into a Paragoomba.

Paragoomba: Do you dare to push me again?!

Toadette: Sorry.

Toad and Toadette, after knocking into a few more people, finally got a taxi back to Toad Town.

Taxi Koopa: So where'ya headed?

Toad: Back home to Toad Town.

Taxi Koopa: Gotcha. Toad Town it is, bud.

Half an hour later, Toad and Toadette arrived back home.

Taxi Koopa: Your fare'll be 20 coins.

Toad handed Taxi Koopa the money.

Taxi Koopa: Thanks, bud. You two have a good evenin'.

Toad: You too.

As the Taxi Koopa drove off, Toad unlocked the front door of their house and stepped inside.

Toad: Those people at the airport were acting weird, don't you also think so?

Toadette: Yeah, I wonder what their problem is.

Toad: Yeah, me too.

Toad and Toadette unpacked their stuff. Toadette screamed.


Toad rushed over to see a ragged-looking Koopa sleeping. Then he woke up.

Bum Koopa: Who er yu?

Toad: Umm... We own this house and we would like it if-


Toadette then called the police.

Toadette: Hello, Police? There is a weird bum guy in our house!

Cop: Knock knock!

Toadette: Who's there?

Cop: Karen!

Toadette: Ummm... Karen who?


Toad and Toadette could hear laughing.

Toadette: What on earth?!

Toad: Um, you misdialed. You must’ve called some weird guy instead.

Toadette: Huh? Oh, silly me.

Toadette proceeded to dial the correct police number.

Police Officer: Toad Town police service. How can I help?

Toad: Hi. I live at 54321 Fungus Way. I just returned home from vacation, and I found a homeless guy hiding in my closet!

Police Officer: Grubby-looking Koopa? Blue shell?

Toad: Yeah, that's the one. You know him?

Police Officer: He was arrested a few months ago for hiding in a Goomba's house just a few blocks away from your place. We'll send someone over right away.

Toad: Thank you.

Toad hung up the phone.

Toad: A police officer's on the way.

Toadette: Good. That guy is starting to creep me out.

The cop came over to the house in very little time. He went over and knocked on the door.

Toadette: Thank goodness he's here!

Toadette opened the door.

Cop: It took you long enough to open this dumb door! Now what's the matter?

Toadette: There's a homeless guy in our house! Could you please get him out?

Cop: Whatever.

The cop went over to where the Bum Koopa was.

Cop: Hey, hobo! Get out of this house before I beat you with my club!

The Bum Koopa came out and knocked out the cop using a hammer.

Bum Koopa: No way, man! I found this joint first!

He spat on the cop. Toad and Toadette looked in awe.

Toad and Toadette: What... happened while we were away?

The hobo Koopa whacked Toad and Toadette with his hammer and then stole some of their money and ran away.

Bum Koopa: Haha! Suckers!

Toad: Something is seriously wrong around here.

Toadette: Yeah I agr- HEY!

Toadette saw the cop stealing her purse and running off. Toad and Toadette quickly ran after him. The cop ran across the street and then some cars drove by. Toad and Toadette didn’t see the cop anymore.

Toadette: I hate stupid robbers!

Toad: I really wonder what is going on here.

A Koopa Troopa then came up to them and punched them and then ran away.

Toad: Hey!

Then a Chargin’ Chuck tackled Toadette and ran off.

Toadette: HOW RUDE!

Irate was walking by and he saw Toad and Toadette. Toad decided to ask him what was going on.

Toad: You, the Goomba, do you know what's going on here? Because people were stealing our money, punching us, and other things like that.

Irate: I don't know, but it's a dream come true!

Irate beat up Toad and Toadette, then walked away cackling.

Meanwhile, Jester Guy came out of the hospital.

Jester Guy: I feel much better now, but I still need to get my revenge for what that stupid Goomba did to me!

Jester Guy walked up to a Paratroopa.

Jester Guy: Have you seen a Goomba named Irate around here?

Paratroopa: Yes. He's over there, stupid.

Jester Guy: Thanks.

Jester Guy started walking toward where Irate was.

Jester Guy: Man, that guy's attitude stinks. Now to get some revenge on Irate. HEY IRATE!


Jester Guy then took a big mug of hot, black coffee from his pocket and splashed it in Irate's face.

Toad: Uh oh!

Toadette: Uh oh!

Bum Koopa: Uh oh!

Cops: Uh oh!

Whole City: Uh oh!

Plit: UH OH!

Irate: Grrrr….

He then let out one of the loudest screams that many of you would ever hear. Irate immediately tackled Jester Guy down to the ground. Jester Guy spat in his face and got back up. Before long, an all-out fight was going on between the two.

Irate: Die, you coffee-obsessed dipstick!

He punched Jester Guy.

Jester Guy: You just shut up, Goth-King!

He kicked Irate. Toad turned to speak to the cop.

Toad: Why aren't you doing anything?

Cop: Why should I? This is not my problem!

Toad turned to Toadette.

Toad: Toadette, I'm going to go see if Mario and Luigi are home. If anybody can fix this mess, it's them!

Toadette: But how do you know that they haven't become like everyone else?

Toad: I don't, but it can't hurt to find out!

Toad started running towards the direction of the Mario Bros' house. Little did he know that things would start getting a lot worse once he got there.

Many people stood in front of the warp pipe to the Mario Bros. house.

Toad: Excuse me. Can you please move?

A Koopa Troopa punched him. It took Toad a long time until he was able to get through the crowd and reach the warp pipe. Toad jumped down it and reached Mario and Luigi's house. He couldn't believe his eyes.

Toad: Mario... Luigi... Oh my... What happened?!

Mario and Luigi were lying unconscious on the floor, broken bottles and a splintered chair lying next to them. Toad managed to revive them with some water.

Toad: Mario! What happened?!

Mario: Uh... uh...

Luigi: It... was... him... He came and... uh...

Toad: Who? What? WHAT HAS HAPPENED?!

Luigi: It was... this Goomba named Irate!

Toad: What?! We saw that guy! I was wondering why he liked everything to be like this.

Mario: He said that the world was too nice and wimpy! Ohhhh....

Luigi: He wanted someplace... worthy to live...

Toad: So this is what happened?

Mario: Yes, the kingdom is in an aura of undeniable gloom...

Luigi: An aura of hatred and violence...

Mario and Luigi were becoming too weak to speak.

Mario: If there were a way to fix it, you would have to find someone who hasn't become gloomy...

Luigi: Yes......

Mario and Luigi fainted from exhaustion. Toad was trying to make sense of what Mario and Luigi said. This gloom had apparently affected every resident of the Mushroom Kingdom. How would he ever find anyone here that was outside the influence?

Toad went back to Toadette and told her what the Mario Bros. told him.

Toadette: Well, what can we do now?

Toad: Where would we find someone to help if this is affecting everyone in the Mushroom Kingdom?

Toadette: What about someone from the Beanbean Kingdom helping us?

They searched in the phonebook

Toad: I found someone!

Toadette: His name is... Parcly?

Toad: I don't think that's a real person.

Toadette: Yeah, I actually agree.

Toad: What about Prince Peasley?

Toad: Sounds great!

Toadette: Let’s go!

Toad: Wait; if we leave, we can’t risk leaving the city to become even gloomier!

Toadette: True, but who can we trust to make sure of the city’s condition?

Toad: Well; there is one person I know.

Later, at the Creepy Steeple…

Doopliss: You want me to do WHAT?

Toad: Guard the town while we are in the Beanbean Kingdom.

Doopliss: Why would I do that?

Toad: You’ll get to call people Slick.

Doopliss: Okay! Why didn't you tell me that at first?

Toad: Now, let's go to the BeanBean Kingdom and get Prince Peasley to help us.

So they went to the airport to get to the Beanbean Kingdom. Unfortunately, none of the flights seemed to go to the Beanbean Kingdom.

Toad: (going up to one of the airport employees) Excuse me, when is there going to be a flight to the Beanbean Kingdom?

Employee: (rolling her eyes) Why is it so important to get there?

Toad: So we can, um... how do I put it? Save the Kingdom?

Employee: I don't believe you. Your getting to the Beanbean Kingdom is not my problem, I'm afraid. Now get out. Maybe if you're lucky, we might have a flight tomorrow... But don't count on it!

Just then, the arrogant, annoying Prince Peasley floated in on his little, winged pillow thingy and flipped his stupid, shiny hair.

Toad: (Peasley is still doing that lame hair flip?! Oh, how I hate that!

Peasley: I came the second I heard there was trouble here from the kind Mushroom diplomat!

Toadette: What do we do, Prince?! Everyone's all mean and stuff!

Peasley: *chuckle* Not to worry, my Toadstool friend! I solved a crisis just like this a while back in the Flower Kingdom!

Toad: Okay, but I think it'll be a little hard.

Prince Peasley: I'll be able to do this really easily.

Toadette: Are you sure?

Prince Peasley: Of course.

Toad: Then let's go do something about this.

Toadette: Like what?

Toad froze for a second before he spoke again.

Toad: I don't exactly... know...

Prince Peasley: We do what I did in the Flower Kingdom, take it over and force everyone to be cheery! That works!

Then, everyone around them stared at Prince Peasley, who had been stupid enough to say this out loud. They started walking towards Prince Peasley.

Someone: You want to takeover our Kingdom?

Someone Else: The Mushroom Kingdom?

Prince Peasley: Yes! Why? Do you have some kind of problem with that?

Toad and Toadette slapped their own faces.

Someone: Yes. Yes, we do!

Another Person: As you may have guessed, we don't like to be taken over by anyone!

Toad and Toadette pushed Prince Peasley away and didn't stop pushing him until they were in an abandoned alley.

Toad: What did you do THAT for?!

Prince Peasley: Because I knew the idea would work!

Toadette: No it won't! Bowser's ten times more powerful than you and HE never managed to take over the Kingdom!

Prince Peasley: Well, then what do you suggest, Ms. Smarty McSmart Smarty?

Toad: The Kingdom won't take kindly to being taken over; I know that for sure...

Toadette: What about trying to cheer everyone up?

Prince Peasley: (sarcastically) Like that would work!

Toad: It’s way better than your idea!

Prince Peasley: Fine, we'll go with Toadette's idea.

Toad: I wonder if Jester Guy isn't all gloomy like everyone else, because he may be able to help us.

Toad walked up to a payphone.

Toad: Hello, may I have a collect call to Jester Guy’s Circus?

Operator: Why should I?

Toad: Because It’s your job.

Operator: Then I quit.

The operator walked away.

Toad: ...

Phone: WHO IS THIS?!

Toad: Toad.


Toad: We just want to connect to Jester Guy!


The other end of the phone was slammed down.

Toadette: What'd he say?

Toad: Never mind.

Prince Peasley: Why don't we use my magic bean to fly over to Jester Guy?

Toad: Why didn’t you suggest that earlier? Let's go!

In the sky above Bowser's Castle, Toad and Toadette were clinging onto Peasley's legs as they traveled towards the circus. Suddenly Toadette fell and landed on one of Bowser's turrets.

Peasley: This is going to be hard...

Toad: How will we get in?

Peasley: I know that this will be hard, but I'm pretty sure we'll be able to do this.

They then saw some Koopatrols.

Toad: We'll have to get past those guys first.

Peasley: Don't worry, Toad, I'm all over this!

Prince Peasley let Toad down on the ground and flew away from him. He started to yell once he was far away enough from Toad.


The Koopatrols turned their attention to Prince Peasley and started to chase him.

Toad: Well, now they're out of the way.

Since there were no more Koopatrols around, Toad found an entrance into the castle. Once inside, he wondered how to get to the turret to find Toadette. Toad found a door and entered it. Five Koopa Troopas were in the same room along with a ! Switch.

Toad: Uh oh, now I have to fight some Koopa Troopas! I have to hit that ! Switch, I'm guessing.

So after a bit of thinking, Toad finally decided to throw a rock at one of the Koopa Troopas. It hit him.

Koopa Troopa: OUCH!

The Koopa Troopa fell over in pain. The other Koopa Troopas rushed to his aid.

Other Koopa Troopa: Are you okay?

Koopa Troopa: (reeling in pain) No... That rock nailed me in a very uncomfortable place!

Other Koopa: Ouch. That sounds painful.

Toad: (whispering to himself) Yes, it worked!

So since the Koopa Troopas were distracted with aiding their friend, Toad ran over to the ! Switch and jumped on it. A section of the wall noisily opened up. Toad ran down into the new passageway, but a Koopa Troopa noticed, and, leaving his other three friends to care for the injured Troopa, ran off in hot (but silent) pursuit of Toad. Toad eventually came to a pit of lava with little platforms floating above the lava.

Toad: Look's like I'll have to cross over those...

Toad hopped onto the first one, which rumbled from his weight. He leapt over to the next one and turned around to see the previous platform crumble. Feeling this one shake, too, Toad jumped and barely made it. He continued to do this until he reached a more stable platform. Toad noticed that the platforms he had jumped over somehow had come back, but would still crumble if he walked on them. The Koopa Troopa who had followed Toad entered the room and saw Toad standing on a platform.

Koopa Troopa: Hey, what do you think you're doing?

Toad: I'm trying to cross this lava pool. You see, I need to-

Koopa Troopa: Yeah, yeah, shut up. You will pay for hurting my friend!

The Koopa Troopa jumped onto the first platform and stood, glaring at Toad.

Toad: Hey, don't stay on those too long, they'll break!

Koopa Troopa: Yeah, right.

The Koopa Troopa started stomping on the platform, which started to shake. Toad dashed over towards him.

Toad: No! Don't do that! Hop to the next one, quickly!

It was too late. The platform had already broken, and the Koopa Troopa was falling. Toad reached the falling Koopa and grabbed his flailing arm to try to rescue him. Toad pulled the Koopa Troopa out.

Koopa Troopa: Thanks for saving my life!

Toad: No problem.

Koopa Troopa: Okay, let's get out of here!

Toad: Okay, let's get across to the other side.

Toad jumped onto the next platform and quickly jumped off to the next. The Koopa Troopa followed him. They continued to jump from one platform to the other until a Podoboo came out of the lava.

Podoboo: You cannot get past me!

Toad: Yes we will!

Toad and the Koopa Troopa jumped onto the next platform.

Podoboo: Come back here! I thought we were supposed to fight!

Toad: Too bad for you. Haha.

Toad and the Koopa Troopa came to a large, bottomless pit with a switch on a platform and a door on the other side. There was a rope swinging between the switch platform and the platform Toad and the Koopa Troopa were on. Toad prepared to jump on the rope.

Koopa Troopa: Wait! Don't jump! Look at what it's attached to!

Toad looked up and saw the rope was attached to a weak-looking Donut Lift.

Koopa Troopa: No doubt it would plummet straight down if you jumped onto that rope.

Toad: Thank you for pointing that out. How are we going to get to that switch, though?

The Koopa Troopa retreated into his shell.

Koopa Troopa: Kick my shell. I'll go flying towards the switch and I'll hit it.

Toad did as he was told, and the switch was hit. A row of platforms were created, leading to the door on the other side of the pit. The two hopped across to the other side. Toad opened the door.

Toad: I think I hear Toadette. We must be almost there. Come on.

Toad was right. Toadette was on the other side of the door, tied to a chair.

Toad: (calling to Toadette) Toadette!

Toadette noticed and turned her head in Toad's direction.

Toadette: Toad? How did you get in this castle? Where's Prince Peasley, and who's that?

Toad and the Koopa Troopa ran up to Toadette and began untying her from the chair.

Toad: Peasley is outside, distracting some Koopatrols. This is...  um...

Toad turned to look at the Koopa Troopa.

Toad: What's your name?

Koopa Troopa: It's Cal.

Toad: (continuing to untie Toadette) Yeah, that's Cal, I sorta saved his life when he was following me.

Cal and Toad untied Toadette. Just then, two Hammer Brother guards came around the corner and saw them.

Hammer Brothers: Halt! Who goes there?

They turned to see the two Hammer Brothers. Cal whispered to Toad and Toadette.

Cal: Don't talk; I'll try to talk to them.

Toad: Ok.

Cal walked toward the two Hammer Brothers.

Cal: ... Uh, these are new slaves for Bowser that me and some of the other Koopa Troopas captured.

Hammer Bro 1: Really?

Cal: Yes, not to mention they could be hostages next time King Bowser tries to take over the Mushroom Kingdom.

Hammer Bro 2: Well, fine. Just make sure nothing goes wrong.

Hammer Bro 1: There will be something that goes wrong.

Hammer Bro 2: I don't care. Don't you argue with me!

Hammer Bro 1: Blah!

The two Hammer Brothers left and went in a different direction.

Toad: Good job, Cal.

Cal: Thanks.

Toadette: Can you help us rid the Mushroom Kingdom of not being gloomy?

Cal: Of course.

Toad: Now, is there an easy way out of here?

Cal: I don't think so.

Toadette: I think we should get a little bit more help. We probably need someone who they're likely to listen to.

Toad: Hey, what about Princess Peach?

Toadette: What if she's just as gloomy as the others?

Toad: We should try. I doubt Peach would be like the rest.

Cal: Okay, so are we ready to go?

Toad: Yeah, but first we should stop outside the castle and get Peasley.

Cal: Okay then, follow me.

Cal led Toad and Toadette through a secret tunnel leading from inside to outside the castle walls. Once back outside, they stopped to see an out of breath Peasley being chased by Koopatrols.

Peasley: Come *wheeze* and get *cough* me...

Peasley fell over and the Koopatrols handcuffed him.

Koopatrol #1: We finally gotcha!

Koopatrol #2: It's about time. Now let's see what our King Bowser has to say about you trespassin'!

Cal: Hey, is that Prince Peasley?

Koopatrol #1: I believe so.

Cal: Well, I'm pretty sure Bowser wouldn't like it very much if you sent him to the throne room to be dealt with, would he?

Prince Peasley put on an "I'm going to be very annoying to your king and he'll take it out on you" look on his face.

Koopatrol #2: No, he wouldn't. But Cal, see to it that he and those other trespassers don't come around here again!

Cal: Got it!

The Koopatrols left.

Peasley: Thanks, whoever you are; but I could've handled it myself!

Cal rolled his eyes.

Cal: Sure you could!

Peasley: YES I COULD! Now get me out of these handcuffs.

Cal: I would if I had the keys.

Peasley then screamed REALLY loudly.

Cal: SHUSH! I'll go look for some keys!

So Cal went looking for the keys, but then he was stopped at the front gate.

Peasley: Bring me back a soda, please!

Cal: We're all out.

Cal walked away, in search of some Koopatrols. Sure enough, Cal found some. He walked up to them.

Cal: Um, I really hate to bother you like this... but um...

Koopatrol: What is it?

Cal: Well, I found an intruder, but the problem is, I lost the handcuff keys to handcuff him in... So do you think I can get a spare, please?

One of the Koopatrols sighed and gave Cal a handcuff key.

Koopatrol: (whispering) What is it with you inferior officers and losing things? You're lucky all the handcuffs work with the same key!

Cal: Thank you very much. I promise not to lose this key again!

Cal went back to Toad, Toadette, and Peasley. He uncuffed Peasley.

Peasley: Nice job, but why don't you have my soda?

Cal: (whispering to Toad) Can I punch him?

Toadette: Hey! Everybody! We have to get out of here and continue our mission to find help!

Cal: Right, so off to Princess Peach's castle!

Peasley: I thought we were headed for Jester Guy's circus!

A silence cut through the air. Peasley and Cal stared at each other.

Toad: I forgot all about Jester Guy... I guess we have to agree on where we go first.

Toadette: Maybe going to get Jester Guy first will be a better idea.

Toad: Does everyone else agree?

Cal: Okay, fine, we'll get Jester Guy first

They walked to Jester Guy's circus and went inside. They saw a large crowd surrounding Jester Guy.


The crowd parted and walked away.

Toad: Geez, you seem pretty irate.

Jester Guy: DON'T SAY THAT NAME!!!

Toad: Why? It's not we said anything bad or anything!

Toadette: (whispering) I just remembered, Toad! He was the one fighting a Goomba with hot coffee! I also remember him yelling "HEY IRATE!" and-

Jester Guy interrupted Toadette.


Toad: (ignoring Jester Guy and going off what Toadette was saying) Of course! Mario and Luigi said that this whole thing started with a Goomba named Irate, and the otherwise usually cheerful Jester Guy was fighting a Goomba named Irate vengefully! The gloom all started with Irate!


Cal: (ignoring Jester Guy) So we know who started this whole thing, but what good does that information do for us?

Toadette: Well we don't know, but since Jester Guy isn't going to help us at all, should we go head for Peach's Castle now?

Toad: Of course. The faster we can do this, the better.

Toadette: Then all right, let's go.

Toad, Toadette, and Cal then went to the front of Princess Peach's castle. A Toad guard was guarding the front door.

Toad: Can we please get in?

Toad Guard: No! Get out of my face, punk!

Toad: I did nothing to you.

Toad Guard: I told you to shut up!

Toad threw a few coins into a nearby bush.

Toad Guard: Money!

The Toad Guard jumped into the bush to take the money and Toad, Toadette, and Cal entered the castle.

Toad: That was close.

Toadette: I know.

Cal: Let’s get a move on!

Our three heroes entered the castle only to find about fifty more Toad Guards in the foyer.

Toad: Oh... uh, may we co-

All 50 Toad Guards: NO, YOU CAN'T!

They promptly picked up Toad, Toadette, and Cal and threw them into the dungeon. As soon as they left, Toad jumped up.

Toad: I somehow expected that to go differently...

Toadette: Yeah, we're usually welcome visitors!

Cal: And every time I've been caught by guards, they only throw me out!

Toad and Toadette looked at Cal.

Cal: Hey, I'm part of the Koopa Troop, remember?

Toad: Well, we still need to get out of here.

Cal: Well, there should be some way out of here.

Toadette: Well, than let's look around here if there are any hidden paths out of this room or something.

Toad pushed a chair over to the side to see if there was anything behind it.

Toad: Nothing over here.

Toadette then started to pound the wall.

Toad: Um, Toadette? What are you doing? I know you must be frustrated with the situation, but...

Toadette: I'm not pounding the wall because I'm mad; I'm pounding the wall because there should be a place where the wall is weak!

Cal: How do you know that the wall could be weak in areas?

Toadette: I remember watching this dungeon being built. I was just a little girl back then, but I do remember that the people building the dungeon did, at best, a half-job.

Toadette punched the wall again and it crumbled, but just so little that any of them could've totally missed it. Toadette then started making the hole bigger.

Cal: Is it large enough for us to climb through it?

Toadette: I think so.

So they crawled through the wall. After climbing through the wall, the group ran. They just ran until they collapsed somewhere near Princess Peach's courtyard.

When they finally got back up, they saw Irate and Jester Guy fighting, destroying the courtyard, and unless Toad missed his guess, the whole kingdom would collapse as well.

Peach: How could I let this happen to my Kingdom?!

Toad heard her and walked up to her.

Peach: Their rage and the rage of the rest of the kingdom will destroy us all...

The others copied what Toad did and approached the princess.

Cal: There must be some way to stop it!

Toadette: Surely there must!

Toad: Irate started this... We have to somehow get him to finish this!

Cal: How will we be able to make him finish this?

Toad: I still haven't come up with an idea.

Toadette: Maybe we can trick him into fixing what's going on?

Cal: But how would we do that?

Toad: We really need a plan. I wish the Mario Bros. were here to help out.

Toadette: Let's get started making a plan.

Cal: So everybody is all mad and such, so what do we do the make them cheery again?

Toad: Maybe make everyone some good, homemade Egg McMuffins?

Toadette: ... No, doesn’t sound plausible.

Toad: We could have a concert filled with positive music.

Cal: That sounds like a good idea, with the exception of rap music, which seems to calm down people.
Peach: But... Wait a minute... CALM?! And Jester Guy was mad! That means that... maybe that Irate guy is messing with the Vibe Wand! And if rap music calms everyone down...


Peach: Uh oh. I've got to find a type of music that cheers everyone up again!

Toadette: Try something artsy and relaxing... like classical music!

Cal: That may not have a chance of working.

Toad: I'm going to get Peasley to fly me to wherever the Vibe Wand is! I'll be back in a few minutes. In the meantime, you should try to hold Jester Guy and Irate away from each other!

Cal: Do you even know where the Vibe Wand is?

Toad: Yeah, I think it's on Vibe Island. Bye.

Cal: Wouldn't that take a while to get there?

Toad: Not sure, though even if it does, it'll at least make all the people not all gloomy again.

With that, Toad left and went looking for Prince Peasley. After a while, Toad saw Prince Peasley flying on his bean thingy.

Toad: Prince Peasley! Down here! Peasley!

Peasley didn't hear Toad’s cry.


Peasley: Sor-ry! I can't heaaar yoooou!

Since Prince Peasley was not cooperating, Toad picked up a rock off the ground and threw it at him. He fell of the flying bean thingy, and right in front of Toad.

Peasley: OW! I am hurt! And so is my CD player!

That explained why he hadn’t heard Toad.

Toad: (angrily) Well, can you hear me now?

Peasley: Yeah...

Toad: GOOD! Now, we need to fly to Vibe Island and get the Vibe Wand. After that, we organize a concert to start lifting the mood of the Kingdom.

Peasley: Then let's go!

Prince Peasley then used a remote to bring his flying bean down to the ground. He and Toad hopped on. After many minutes of flying, Toad and Peasley reached Vibe Island. The volcano was erupting, the glacier was starting to melt, and just about everything was burning to bits.

Peasley: What the?

Toad: I don't know, but we don't have time for this!

Toad ran through the embers and emerged a few minutes later with the Vibe Wand.

Peasley: So now back to the castle?

Toad hopped onto Prince Peasley's cloud. He stared at the Vibe Wand, wondering whether or not its effects would be a good or bad thing.

Toad: Yes, let's just hope the order can be restored...

So Peasley and Toad flew back to the castle, where it looked like Irate and Jester Guy were going to fight to the death. And death would only contribute to the gloom, if not for Cal and Toadette holding them both back.


Toad winged the Vibe Wand at Peach, who caught it. The Wand glowed brightly.

Peach: Oh yeah! Now we can end this!

Irate: Not if I can help it!

Irate leapt at Peach and kicked the Vibe Wand out of her grasp.

Peach: Oh no!

Toad dived at the Vibe Wand and retrieved it.

Toad: I got it!

Irate then charged towards Toad, who immediately threw it back to Peach before he got hit by Irate.

Peach: Hey, Irate!

Irate: What?

Peach: You seem really sad!

A beam of blue light shot out of the Vibe Wand and smacked Irate in the forehead. He immediately looked a lot gloomier than he already was.

Irate: You're... you're right... WAHHHHHHHHHH!

Irate ran out of the room, sobbing.


So he left as well. After all, he had a circus to run; even though he now didn't like running the circus as much as he used to.

Peasley: Well, that was anti-climactic!

Toad: We're not finished yet.

Toadette: We still have work to do!

Cal: That's right!


A few days later, the weather became a bit more cold. But throughout the Kingdom, the mood was lifting. The Kingdom was to become its old self again. It wasn't there yet, no, there was a long way to go.

Toad found the address of the worn-down house that Irate lived in. He knocked on the door and Irate answered. He seemed rather lethargic.

Irate: What do you want?

Toad: Y'know, you were one of the big contributors to this mess.

Irate: Yeah, so?

Toad: Would you mind helping some of us clean it up?

Irate could not believe what Toad had said. He was expected to make the Mushroom Kingdom all nice again? He wasn't sure if it would help him much, but Toad seemed mighty sure this would be a good thing for him. So Irate decided to do a good thing back.

Irate: All right, I'll see what I can do.

The End

Credit goes to MJ, Tail Koopa, Freezy Toad, Mr.Nose, Hammer Bros, Crabio & Goombigi, Petalburg Koopa, Bear, and MagnusKoopa for writing, editing, suggesting, or in any way enhancing this story.

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