The Composite Adventure

By Double G Goomba and koopa 13

Chapter 4: Stars of the Show

G.G: Woah. Itís night time here already?

Koopa 13: Because we are in a high sky.

Lemmy: So we're in outer space.

Chompy: Bark bark sweet!!!

Lemmy: Koopa 13, where's the Dream Star located?

Koopa 13: Dreams Stars are located in Dreamland, which is where we are, so letís look around or talk to some people for advice.

We see G.G. beating up Waddledee with a bat.

Koopa 13: Donít do that again. Tthose dudes work forÖ King Dedede.

G.G: All right, weirdo, where is the Dream Star? TALK!!!

Waddledee: I, well, itís on Star Hill.

G.G: Good, let's go.

He drops Waddledee off a cliff.

Lemmy: So this is Star Hill, huh?

G.G: Hey, whatís that over there?

We see a blue duck with a hammer running toward them.

G.G: Whoís this weirdo?

Koopa 13: Thatís him, thatís King Dedede.

Lemmy: Watch out! Heís coming toward us!


He runs past them.

Dedede: Run away!!!

He runs off.

G.G: What the?

???: Who dares to take my Dream Star?!

A metal-looking knight comes toward them.

Koopa 13: It's Meta Knight, Kirbyís rival.

Meta knight: What do you think you're doing? Coming here to take my Dream Star?

Lemmy: Look, we need it, itís-

Meata Knight: SILENCE!!!

He slashes his sword at Lemmy, but he ducks.

G.G: What are you doing?!

Meta Knight: You're with that cat in the armor, arenít you? You're trying to take my Dream Star from me, arenít you?!

Koopa 13: No, we just need it so we can-

Meta Knight jumps at koopa 13 and kicks him.

Meta Knight: No one may touch this! Now BEGONE!

He comes at G.G. but he jumps behind him and kicks him toward Chompy, who spits him at Lemmy, who shell spins into him and rams him into the ground. Meta Knight jumps out and slashes G.G. into a wall. Koopa 13 then jumps on Meta Knight and punched him on the mask, but instead hurts himself. Meta Knight then kicks him backwards and jumps into the air, dodging Lemmy as he tries to attack him. Meta Knight then moves to slash Lemmy but then Lemmy ducks before the blow and kicks him upward into the air. G.G. and Koopa 13 follow him up there and G.G. pulls out his baseball bat and starts using Koopa 13 as a baseball, whacking him into Meta Knight. Then he whacks Koopa 13 into him so hard that they both go into the wall and come out the other end. Koopa 13 charges up his fist and punches Meta Knight to the ground.

Meta Knight: You are indeed strong, but my will of the warrior is stronger. En garde!

G.G: This guy is persistent.

Lemmy: Just leave it to my shadow clo-

G.G: You'd better not say what I think you're gonna say!

Lemmy: Sorry.

He makes a whole bunch of himself and they all comes at Meta Knight. He takes out a bunch of them until they come from underneath and kick him into the air, where another clone punches him in the face and sends him into the ground. He then emerges with his mask cracked.

Meta Knight: I see you definitely have the will of the warrior. As I thought, you must be the chosen heroes I have heard about, the ones who are trying to collect powerful objects to stop Koi.

G.G: So you were just testing us?

Meta Knight: Yes, and you have passed. You are ready to take him on, but first you must get the Dream Star. Am I correct?

Chompy: Bark bark.

Meta Knight: I see. If you wish to claim it you must go to my lord King Dedede. That cat in the armor, Koi, he gave it to him and he ran off with it to do who knows what with it. I tried to get it back but he ran from fear of me because Iím so awesome. Anyway I would like to join you on your quest to stop this cat, if you would have me.

G.G: Well I donít mind, but what do you guys think?

Koopa 13: He is super skilled. He will help us beat Koi in a cinch.

Chompy: Bark bark.

Lemmy: Sure, the more slaves the better.

Koopa 13: I donít think he'll allows us to call him a slave.

Meta Knight: Thank you. Now then, let us go to His Majestyís castle.

They head off to King Dedede Castle.

G.G: Soooooooooooooooooo whatís under that mask of yours?

Meta Knight: Nothing.

Koopa 13 takes it off and reveals nothing underneath.

Koopa 13: Well, he is right.

Meta Knight: Told you.

They arrive at King Dedede castle, were they hear Dedede talking to someone

King Dedede: So why are you helping me?

Koi: You lack the power to take on those fools. Also I am feeling very generous.

King Dedede: But I am a king!

Koi: Do not worry. With this new power you will become the supereme ruler of all worlds.

Lemmy: Hey, I know that voice.

Koopa 13: Who, King Dedede?

Lemmy: No, the other voice. It sounds familiar... Wait...

The five of them jump on a spring and get to the top to see King Dedede talking to Koi.


Koopa 13: Thatís the cat in the armor. He sure looks buff and tough.

Chompy: Grrrrrrrrrrrrr!

Meta Knight: So that is him, huh?

Lemmy: I knew it, youíre the guy who beat me up and tried to make me your slave.

Koi: So we finally meet face to face, huh? It is a pleasure to meet you, but unfortunately this will also be the last time.

Koi pulls out his staff and transforms King Dedede into a vicious monster.


Koopa 13: I've never seen that thing before.

Chompy: Bark bark

Lemmy: Unbelievable.

Koopa 13: I donít even know its weak point.

Meta Knight: The rule of fighting, when you donít know a weak spot then just attack.

G.G: Good plan.

They charge at the vicious monster, then jump on its head and start banging on it. The monster then grabs Koopa 13 and throws him into the wall. As he does, G.G. bangs into it, and when it turns around Meta Knight starts slashing its head. Lemmy comes in holding Chompy by his chain and throws him into the monster. The monster spits out blocks, knocking them back, before sending a wave of beams at them. G.G. ducks and runs under the beams and kicks the monster into the air, where Koopa 13 starts spin kicking. He then headbutts the monster. . Then Lemmy uppercuts him in the stomach as he is about hit the ground.

G.G: Well it looks like we won. Now Koopa 13, get that Dream Star.

Koopa 13 grabs it.

Koopa 13: I got it.

Chompy: Bark bark.

Lemmy: Yeah, thatís right. We have all the powerful objects this world can offer. Now let's head back to Koopen's house

Koopa 13: Well, what can we say about King Dedede?

Meta Knight: He was posseszed by a dark power the likes I have never seen. This Koi is a powerful enemy.

G.G: All right, we have enough. Now we can meet Miyamoto.

Dimentio: Ah ha ha, so there you are.

Dimentio and crew make their appearance.

Koopa 13: Not them again!

G.G: You are really cruising for a bruising.

Chompy: Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

Dimnetio: Ah, such lively hood, like Little Red Riding Hood in the belly of a beast.

G.G: Geez, your puns are as annoying as Koopa 13ís.

Koopa 13: Oh thank you!

Dimentio: Now then, I am willing to collaberate if you five surrender your objects.

Lemmy: Not happening.

Meta Knight: We decline your offer, ungood sir.

Dimentio: Very well then, let us begin like a newborn baby seeing his new life.

He snaps his finger and two sprouts pop out of Popple and Doopliss' heads.

Popple: Master Dimentio, we are at your bidding!

Doopliss: Yes, order as you please.

Dimentio: Ah, how adorable. They're like little children waiting for the dad to command them. Now then, let us see if you are ready for the challenge.

In a flash of light, Popple kicks Meta Knight and sends him flying, while Koopa 13 and Dimentio collide into each other at fast speed. G.G. and Lemmy run alongside with Doopliss and he turns into a giant Blooper. He then gets them with his tentacles and throws them around the forest and into some trees until Popple runs into him and returns him to normal. G.G. and Koopa 13 start pinballing them and ram them into Dimentio. They all fall to the floor.

Dimentio: Ah ha ha, you are indigently strong.

G.G: How about you call it quits now?

Koopa 13: Yeah, we're not even breaking a sweat here.

Chompy: Bark bark!

Lemmy: Give it up.

Meta Knight: You cannot fight the inevitable fate that you will lose.

Dimentio: Ah ha ha, your words are like a basketball missing the hoop and ramming into the head of an audience member. Soon I will rule this world and conquer all.

??: Is that so?

In a sudden quake, Koi falls from the sky and stands between them.

Koi: You wish to conquer my perfect world? Ridiculous!

G.G: Itís him!

Koopa 13: Itís ummmmÖ Koala bear.

Koi: No, it is I, the ruler of this new world, KOI!!! You fools have stooid in my way for too long. You cannot win, no matter what. I am the ultimate being!

Meta Knight: Why do you wish to conquer all worlds anyway?

Koi: Itís very simple. This world is controlled by Miyamoto. He tells everyone how they should be and how they are, like this clown man for instance. He wants to conquer the world because Miyamoto made him like that. He is programmed by Miyamoto to be evil, and you are no different. So I plan to save this world from Miyamoto by making it my world and freeing all from his grasp, and if you intend to stand in my wayÖ

He suddenly bursts into an explosion, causing a wave of power to flow out.


Both teams come at him, but he instantly disappears and starts punching Popple in a fiery explosion, and then slams him into Doopliss and blasts them away. He jumps up as Lemmy comes at him and slams into the ground. Chompy spits out a Bob-omb but he throws it back at him along with Lemmy, and blows them away. Suddenly Koi is hit in the back with a bat and G.G. comes in riding on Koopa 13's shell. He throws a swing at him but Koi catches it and blows him away. Then koopa 13 bounces back to him again but he kicks him into the air. Meta Knight knocks him into koi, who blocks it, but Meta Knight knocks him backwards. They start slashing each other back and forth until Koi knocks him into the ground. Dimentio tries to blast him with energy balls but he is hit with an even bigger ball that destroys almost all the forest and knocks them all to the ground

G.G: Man, we're losing. I can't get up.

Koopa 13: This guy is more powerful than I thought.

Koi: Fools. I should kill you all where you stand, but I am going to let you live because that was so pathetic. I know what you are planning. Once you see Miyamoto, come to me and I will crush you beneath my foot.

He leaves. Later at Koopenís house...

Koopen: So then, let us see what you have collected.

G.G: We have a Jiggy.

Koopa 13: The Triforce triangle.

Lemmy: A Dream Star.

Meta Knight: And a Chaos Emerald.

Koopen: So this is it, now we must create a dimensional void so you can go to Miyamoto's world.

He takes the heroes outside where the doom machine is.

G.G: Isnít that the doom machine?

Koopen: Yes, I rebuilt it so that it can absorb large amounts of power and create large amounts of power. Now then, let us begin.

Koopen puts the objects into the machine and shoots a giant laser beam into the sky, creating a dimensional void.

Koopen: So the time has come at last. Now you must find Miyamoto and ask him how to stop the eternal staff Koi carries.

G.G: Um, how are we supposed to get into the sky?

O'Chunks from Super Paper Mario chucks them into the sky.

G.G: Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

Koopa 13: Iím flying! WHEEEEEEEEEEEEE!

Chompy: Yiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiipe!

Lemmy: YAHOO!

Meta Knight: ...

They go thought the rift and arrive in a realistic drawing room.

G.G: So this is the real world, huh?

Koopa 13; Yeah, and we can find Miyamoto here.

?: Huh?

Miyamoto enters the room.

G.G: You must be Miyamoto.

Miyamoto: Yes, that is me.

Koopa 13: You will have to give me a Nintendo Wii.

Miyamoto: You are my creations. How have you come to life?

Lemmy: Please, we donít have time to explain.

Metaknight: Our world is in danger. The cat known as Koi is trying to destroy our world.

Lemmy: You must tell us how to stop the eternal staff that he uses.

Miyamoto: So he has returned. This is my fault. I was young when I banished him to another dimension. I thought that it would be better, but now that I see you, I realize that not all drawings can be thrown away, I must make an atonement for my creations.

He gives them a bottle.

G.G: What is this, a medicine bottle?

Miyamoto: The staff was supposed to be a weapon in a game, but it was too powerful, so I got rid of it, or in your worlds, it was sealed away. This bottle is the Holy Bottle. It takes the pureness of your hearts and turns it into power. Use it against Koi, and tell him sorry for me.

Koopa 13: Where is he right now?

He shows them a drawing of a dark wasteland.

Miyamoto: Go to this place here. I will warp you here if you would have me. Find Koi and stop him for my sake as well as his. Good luck.

He draws a hole in the drawing and they go thought the hole into the wasteland.

Chapter 5: A Quiet but Fierce Battle

The five arrive at the wasteland with the wind blowing against them. They stare at Koi, who is meditating in silence. He then opens his eyes.

Koi: So you have come. I have been waiting.

G.G: So itís finally come to this.

Koopa 13: And time to defeat you so I can get back to sleep where we once were.


Lemmy: We will restore the worlds back to normal.

Meta Knight: As a noble knight of Dream Land, I will save the world.

Koi: Save? What makes you think itís great now? It has many problems and flaws. Why should we have to live in a world where we are controlled by that fool Miyamoto and have no free will of our own? My dream world is a world where I rule and everyone has their own free will.

G.G: They already do have free will. Miyamoto just helps us along the way. If it werenít for him we wouldnít be the cool guys that we are; you just want revenge on him for what he did to you.

Koopa 13: Yeah, and you wonít be so cocky once I shellshock you.

Chompy: Bark bark bark bark.

Lemmy: Miyamoto even said himself that he made a mistake by isolating you; that takes courage.

Meta Knight: Courage that only a truly honest person can have. That is what you lack, courage!

Koi: Hmm. I see you truly are slaves to that pathetic man. Very well then.

He pulls out his staff.

Koi: It seems we cannot see eye to eye, so it means we can only solve this problem by our strength. En garde!

G.G: Letís put an end to this.

Koopa 13: I hope you have life insurance, you're gonna need it when we're done with ya.

Chompy: Grrrrrrrrrrrr!

Lemmy: We will save the land even if it means beating you.

Meta Knight: Let us dispose of our enemy and restore peace to the world.

Our team charges at Koi. He charges back at them. As they collide with each other they make an explosion and jump into the air. G.G. and Koopa 13 try to attack by spinning into him, but are being blocked by Koi's staff as he spins it. Meta Knight comes from behind and knocks Koi at them. G.G. and Koopa 13 then uppercut him and pass him back to one another until they knock him through a hill. As he falls onto the ground, he sees Lemmy and Chompy coming at him, and strikes them with lightning. As they fly back, Chompy swallows and spits Lemmy at Koi, but he ducks and flipkicks him. As he is about to land, Koopa 13 starts charging his super attack.

Koopa 13: SuperÖ Shellshock.

Koopa 13 rams into Koi, but just when Koopa 13 is about to do it again he gets hit multiple times by the staff.

Koopa 13: Ow ow!

Koi knocks Koopa 13 away. Meta Knight comes from behind and slides underneath him as he turns around. Then G.G. and Meta Knight start slashing him like crazy until he jumps before they can hit him again and they ram into each other.

Koi: Lightning Tiger Blade!

He jumps into the air with his staff held high, striking the two with multiple blasts of lighting and slamming them away with a lightning shockwave. Then Lemmy tries to hit him with his shell, but he dodges multiple times and then knocks him away. Chompy catches him with his mouth and spits Lemmy into Koi, and Lemmy starts spinkicking him. Then Koopa 13 gets back up and heads to Chompy

Koopa 13: Chompy, I need a hand. Whack me into Lemmy while I'm in my shell.

Chompy : Bark bark.

He does exactly that, and as he hits Lemmy, Lemmy rams into Koi. Then they all regroup.

G.G: Ok, itís special attack time.

Chompy swallows them all and spits them all into Koi, and the four of them start pinballing Koi until they all land on their feet.

Koi: I see, you are stronger than I thought. It looks like IÖ MUST GET SERIOUS!!!

He raises his staff in the air and a cloud of darkness covers him and transforms him into a monstrous beast.


G.G: Uh oh.

Koopa 13: Not good.

Chompy: Whimper.

Lemmy: What is this power?

Meta Knight: So he has shown his true power.

G.G: Looks like we gotta use the Holy Bottle.

They open up the bottle and send out a giant energy blast from the bottle towards Koi.


He unleashes an energy blast of his own and the two blasts of energy collide with each other as they push back and forward.

G.G: This power is strong.

Koopa 13: I feel like a warrior from the past!

Chompy: Hrrrrgh.

Lemmy: We canít give up.

Meta Knight: We must use our strength of heart to win!

Koi: This is the end! You canít-

Suddenly people start gathering around the battle zone. They close their eyes and suddenly the five heroes start glowing.

G.G: Whatís going on? I feel incredibly strong!

Koopa 13: I've never felt anything like this. People must be helping us.

Meta Knight: They are giving us the pureness of their hearts. Miyamoto said that the Holy Bottle is powered by the pureness of our hearts.

Lemmy: Awesome.

Koi: No! This cannot be.

G.G. and the gang's beam becomes bigger and bigger until it blasts away Koi blast and consumes him, destroying him completely.


As the blast disburses and the smoke clears away, it is revealed that Koi has been completely destroyed.

Meta Knight: It is over.

Koopa 13: Well, what can we do now?

Chompy: Bark bark.

Lemmy: Yes, we must restore the worlds to their original form.

G.G: Leave it to me.

G.G. raises the Holy Bottle high and a light beam emerges, covering the planet and separating it into the original forms. Later...

G.G: So Meta Knight, what are you gonna do now?

Meta Knight: I wish to remain with you guys helping this Interview-type show of yours, if you would allow it.

Lemmy: Well we could use a security guard.

We see Meta Knight standing at the door, shooing away people with his sword.

Lemmy: Ok, that's one problem solved.

G.G: So here we are again. We have saved the world twice and are back at the Interview show.

Koopa 13: Hey, I just remembered something.

Lemmy: What?

Koopa 13: I wonder if that Rabbid from out last adventure is still around.

We see the giant Rabbid sleeping behind them.

G.G: Well I guess we only have thing left to do now.

They all fall asleep on the Rabbid's head.

G.G: Zzzzzzzzzzzzz fuzzy goodness zzzzzzzzzzzzz...

Meta Knight: Yes, heroes, sleep. You deserve the rest. There may be another time when the world will need you, and you will most certainly be there to help. But for now, sleep, sleep to your heart's content.

As Meta Knight leaves, Dimentio suddenly appears.

Dimentio: Ah ha ha, so they eliminated him, did they? Well then, now that Koi is out of my way, it is time to get to work on my ownÖ project.

The End

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