The Time Hole Saga

By Fawful the Waffle

Luigi: Nooooo! Mario!

But he could do nothing, just stand and stare at the spot where his brother once stood. He had been taken away. What would happen to him?

* * *

Mario came out of the time hole on a round piece of rock. It was surrounded by darkness, but he could still see. Just then something appeared in front of him. He picked it up. It was a headset, and Mario put it on his head.

Headset: Mario, someone sent this to help aid you when you need help. I will connect you to this person immediately.

Some muzak played while he was waiting.

Headset: Please continue to hold. Somone will be with you shortly.

Some more muzak played.

Peach: Mario?

Mario: Princess!

Peach: Oh, Mario… I saw the whole thing! Where are you?

Mario: Outer Space!

Peach: Oh Mario, I can see what is happening now in the game! I’ll tell you what is happening…

* * *

Cackletta: *creepy laugh* Now he is gone, only you stand in the Shroobs' way, Luigi! Now you don’t stand a chance!

* * *

Twink was lost in Outer Space. He was hurt, and needed help. He saw a red figure on a loan asteroid, maybe he would help! Twink rushed over and accidentally bumped into the red figure.

Twink: Oops, I’m sorry.

Mario: Twink?

Twink: Mario!

Peach: Twink?

Twink: Peach!

Mario: Twink! Is something wrong?

Twink: I’m lost and I’m hurt, but just fine besides that.

Peach: Twink, I’m so sorry, I wish you would be ok…

That’s when Twink started glowing, and getting his energy back. He started to fly around, full of energy.

Twink: Peach! Your wish came true! Only the wish of someone with a pure heart seeking to help someone in desperate would come true, and since you have done that, you get another wish!

Peach: I wish there was some way to beat these awful Shroobs!

Twink disappeared, and the headset was cut off between Mario and Peach. They were all separated.

* * *

Cackletta: Let’s get Luigi gone as soon as possible, ok Doopliss? Prince Shoib is waiting for us to break down the last barrier, and that would be Luigi.

Doopliss: Right!

* * *

Twink appeared in a huge room that looked a bit like a foyer. He looked around and saw stairs leading up. He traveled up the stairs all the way to very top. At the top he found a medium-sized circular room with a book wide open in front of a hole in the floor. He went over and read it. That’s when he got this weird feeling…

At first he couldn’t read what was in the book. After looking at it he could start to pronounce the language. The book was open to a page of instructions…

1st. Say “I summon thee hole”. As a result, the hole should start to glow.

2nd. Take purple Shroob powder and sprinkle it into the glowing hole. As a result, it should start to twist.

3rd. Say “Colors come to my spell”. As a result, it should turn into a twirling yellow with pinkish-purple swirl.

Twink was interrupted by a voice inside his head.

Voice: This is Peach, Twink. I don’t know exactly how, but I can talk to you-

Twink: Peach, I found something that has to do with your Shroob creatures you wished to defeat.

4th. Sprinkle some more purple Shroob powder into the hole and say “I send to (destination, i.e. person’s name or place) and it will lead to (desired destination).” As a result, it should disappear. Congratulations, you have made a time hole! Note: If you would like to redirect certain time holes, say “I summon holes to (person or place) that lead to (place).”

Twink: Peach, who is the person that is causing all this trouble for you guys?

Peach: Prince Shoib, why?

Twink: I have an idea…

* * *

Cackletta’s turn. She rolled a 1, landing on a Mini-Game Space. She gained three coins.

Doopliss’s turn. He rolled a 1. He landed on a Mini-Game Space. He did not gain or lose any coins.

Luigi’s turn. He rolled a 13.


The last tine a thirteen was rolled, this all started…

Cackletta: About time! Prince Shoib, the game has been finished! Luigi has rolled a thirteen!

* * *

Twink: I summon thee hole.

The hole started to glow. Twink then picked up purple Shroob powder, and then the hole started to turn.

Twink: I summon color to my spell.

Then yellow and pinkish purple came into the hole, and it started twirling.

Peach: Twink, what are you doing?

Twink picked up some more Shroob powder and sprinkled it into the hole.

Twink: I send to Prince Shoib, and it will lead to the lone rock in Outer Space where Mario is trapped.

The time hole disappeared.

* * *

Prince Shoib: Cackletta and Doopliss, you will be rewarded for all your help. I have made all the time holes to gather my army, and these time holes will be sent over all of existence, to bring everyone back here to join my army! The world will be-

A time hole appeared under him, and he was sucked into it.

* * *

Mario was frantic. Twink was gone and he couldn’t talk to Peach. A time hole appeared and Mario was relieved. That is, until he realized that someone was coming out of the time hole. Prince Shroob stepped out of the time hole and glared at Mario.

* * *

Twink: I summon thee hole.

* * *

Prince Shoib: Mario. You thought you could beat me? Don’t be ridiculous.

But Prince Shoib looked worried in his eyes.

* * *

Twink: I summon color to my spell.

* * *

Prince Shoib: Shroobs can’t be beaten. There is an entire race of them, just like your kind.

* * *

Twink: I send to Mario, and it will lead to the place where he is safe.

* * *

Prince Shoib: I will overcome you!

At that moment, Prince Shoib lunged at Mario, but ended up missing because a time hole appeared under Mario and took him away. Prince Shoib was trapped and stranded on a lone rock in Outer Space. Prince Shoib was calm, though. He had one way out of this, but he had to wait. Let them think they have their victory...

* * *

Twink: I want to summon holes to Cackletta and Doopliss that lead to separate loan rocks.

* * *

Cakletta: Prince Shoib?

Then time holes appeared under Cackletta and Doopliss and took them off. Luigi was then sucked in by a different time hole.

* * *

Mario was waiting in front of where his house used to be. Now it was just a purple Mushroom. A time hole appeared and Luigi jumped out of it. He ran to his brother and they hugged each other.

* * *

Peach and Éclair we’re jumping for joy in the little monitoring room. The Shroobs had been beaten. Timeholes appeared under the two princesses.

* * *

Twink: I send to me and will lead to Mario and Luigi’s house.

* * *

Two time holes appeared, and Éclair and Peach jumped out of them. They all ran to each other and had a celebration hug. The Shroobs had been beaten. Then another time hole appeared and Twink jumped out of it and ran towards the group, then started flying around their heads.

Peach: Twink, thank you so much for helping us!

Mario: Peach, we should do what we always do when something good happens…

Peach grinned.

Peach: A party?

So they all set off on the walk that would take them to the Mushroom castle. They would have a party there for their victory over the nasty Shroobs. But after that they would each set off…

Going wherever time took them next.

The End


Under Mushroom Castle...

Voice 1: You are the next plan. We have been beaten three times, the first by strength, the second by baby tears, and now this time wit and luck. One of these, baby tears, can be taken care of. Find the babies and take care of them.

Voice 2: I will, Prince Shoib.

The source of the second voice took off his headset. But he wasn’t finished talking.

Voice 2: I HAVE FURY!!!

To Be Continued...

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