Arrival of an Error

By Dry K. Bones

Slowly... the doors creaked open to Kastle Koopa. An unknown figure stumbled in, coughing and retching. He walked up a flight of stairs to a ventilation shaft. In spite of his immense pain, the mutant yanked off the cover and crawled. Slowly, he relaxed... and slept.

Next Morning...

Ludwig yawned. He had been up late last night, and he found that he couldn't be idle in his mind long enough to get some rest. He slowly devoured some fried eggs and departed from the kitchen. He was up much later than the rest of his family, just how he liked it. It was much more peaceful while everyone was out of his hair. He walked up the steps to his room.

Suddenly... he heard something...

A snoring sound...

He looked around. It was coming from a shaft on the wall. Carefully, he put his hands around the lid... which was loose for some odd reason... and tore it off.

The site he saw made him scream.

He fell on his behind and watched as something fell out and stood up.

"Owww... GRRRRR... WHADDYA WANT?" it said.

Ludwig examined him, but it was a little hard to see with the bad lighting. It looked like an orange Boom Boom with no claws and no shell, just 3 huge, purple spikes on the back. Ludwig scrambled up.

"Who are you?" Ludwig questioned. It was filled with confidence, but Ludwig was shaken up bad inside.

The mutant stared at Ludwig for a while, as if examining him. Suddenly, he snapped his fingers.

"I know you! You're that loser Koopaling with the Metbond! Man, that's gotta STINK! HAHAHAHA! To answer yer question, I'll be leaving shortly anyway, so it don't matter," the mutant mocked.

Ludwig was suddenly angry. "How stupid do you have to be to sneak into KASTLE KOOPA... and think you're not gonna get caught?" he retorted. He was shocked to see the creature turn his back and start walking down the steps. "HEY! I am speaking to you, mutant!" Ludwig grabbed his offender by his odd, petal-shaped, flat tail. It stopped. It turned around...

...and grabbed him by the throat. Slowly, Ludwig became aware of himself being lifted up, and slammed against a wall. The creature walked up.

"NEVER... EVER... CALL ME THAT!" it screeched. Ludwig was let go and fell into a crumpled heap. The monster wiped its forehead to get rid of the sweat.

"If you'll leave me alone, I'm BK. Don't ask what BK stands for, cuz I don't know."

And with that, BK stomped down the stairs and left out the front door, just like that.

What just happened? Ludwig got up and slumped against the wall. He had been overpowered by a hybrid, it looked like, and it was no older than himself. He started to think about what to do. The fool named BK looked ill... VERY ill... That should make catching him easier. Ludwig smiled and ran to get the guards.


BK winced from the pain, but kept running. Bah, typical of the Ludwig brat to get a bunch of idiots in armor to do his dirty work. But... it was probably the smart thing to do. Lately, BK had become sick, and his spikes had become brittle. That's a pretty bad sign, usually. For some reason, he couldn't help but despise the older Koopaling, He wasn't sure why, he just hated him. Suddenly, he heard the Koopatrols get behind him.

The unfortunate mutant paced in his cell. He slammed a fist on the wall and yelped from the pain.

He heard the door open, and watched as Ludwig von Koopa entered and simply stared at him for a while.

"This ain't a zoo, ya know, and as much as ya think, I ain't an animal." BK snarled.

Ludwig seemed slightly shocked by this outburst, but quickly recovered. "Now... I have some questions I need to ask y-" he stated before he was interrupted.

"Oh, am I being interrogated? Oh please, Mr. Gatekeeper, don't hurt me," BK countered.

Ludwig sighed. He KNEW this wasn't going to be easy... but if he could find some stuff out, he might supress the rage inside.

"Look, all I want to know is-" Ludwig started.

"What I am. Yeah, yeah, heard it all before. I'm a MUTANT, idiot. What did you think?"

This was getting kind of awkward, so Ludwig decided to just press on.

"That wasn't what I was shooting for," a quick snort in reply, "but it... helps... I have other questions, however. First, what were you doing in the vent?"

"Sleeping, idiot, until you woke me up."

Ludwig ignored the insult.

"Second, why were you thinking about treading on King Koopa's territory?" It wasn't a question that needed to be asked, but the Koopaling couldn't deny curiosity.

BK actually growled in the background of his answer. "I honestly couldn't care less about yer stupid dad and his irrational rules. I saw it as a place to rest, and I slept. So shut up about it, will ya?"

Ludwig couldn't take this volatileness anymore. He started to walk back toward the exit without a word, when he heard his prisoner shout one last thing.

"Good luck with that Metbond! Although I may be in a cage, it's me who has the freedom!"

That made Ludwig start to act without thinking. He ran over and banged on the bars. Talking about his unfortunate situation triggered a rage.

Ludwig suddenly collapsed and lay gasping on the floor. He looked up at BK.


The little freak was LAUGHING.


"Oh, nothing. Just how well things are going for me."

It was then that Ludwig saw something strange. BK wasn't sick anymore. Where a fever once was, healthiness was there. His abnormal spikes were glowing in the dark, too.

BK noticed the observation.

"Ah, ironic, isn't it? I was outside and was sick, and I'm stuck in this rathole cell and I am healthy. That's how the ball bounces, I suppose."

He moved towards the bars and clenched them between his hands.

"Let me tell you what happens now, Ludwig. You decided that you were wrong in imprisoning me for a crime so minimal it didn't matter. You went and unlocked the cell for the sad little thing that was me. But you didn't expect your newly released prisoner to suddenly beat you up in a rage."

BK spat while smiling.

Ludwig just looked at BK in shock. Was he crazy?

Suddenly, BK chuckled.

"Oh, forget your part? No problem,"

Ludwig watched in terror as the cell door creaked open and the mutant stepped out with a mad grin.

"I'll do it for you."

Chapter 3

Owwwww... It hurt all over. Ludwig didn't expect the mutant to throw him against the wall...

His body ached and groaned as he got up. He quickly ran towards the exit and went into the hallway. He needed to find that freak.


BK couldn't help but laugh at what he had done. He never hurt anybody, just roughed them up. But man, did Ludwig scream when he got picked up by the shell. A little rattle, then a toss was good enough before BK escaped. He was gonna get outta here, and make good time to reach some town. But for some reason... he liked it here. He didn't exactly know why, he just did. It felt like a key going into a keyhole, it just fit well.

Bah... I'm going crazy.

He finally saw the front door. That was a lot easier than he thought. Slowly, he opened it and walked outsi-


What the-?

Did it just block him out? It was like an invisible wall. He tried to leave again, but got repelled by the same force. He started to fume. Thsi was getting him angry. He walked backwards, then ran forward with all his might.


He heard the loud crash, then a yelp. Ludwig ran to the front door, and finally found the mutant. He was being crushed under a pile of wood.

BK looked up and acknowledged Ludwigs existence.

"Ah man, I thought I got rid of you." He sighed.

Ludwig was so angry right now, words couldn't describe it. He went over and started grabbing the wood off.

"A change in manners, I see?" BK chuckled.

"Be quiet! I cannot deal with you right now, and I have to get you back to the dungeon," Ludwig snapped.

BK slowly got up on his feet. "I ain't goin back there, dude. I need to get out... as soon as you remove this freaking wall," he blandly said while brushing sawdust off.

Ludwig looked at the doorway. It was free of the door, as that was what BK had apparently tried to ram. There was no wall. "What wall, you imbecile?" he questioned.

"The invisible one that keeps me from leavin'," responded a slightly angry BK.

Ludwig walked through the arch, and felt no force keeping him in. "I do not have time for this. C'mon."


Overpowered. I got freaking OVERPOWERED BY LUDWIG VON KOOPA. How could a guy I could have easily beaten up be able to prod me back to this place? Angrily, BK sat down on a bench.

"All right, ya got me. Now, whaddya want this time?"

"I want to talk some sense into you."

"Ah, so it's the Dr. Phil show then. Go on."

"Why do you make fun of me and my Metbond?"

"You've got a freaking mental curse, dude, that's hilarious. It can't be that bad, so don't take it personally."

Ludwig was really angry now, but supressed it to remain calm. "Not that bad? I'm chained to a dirty HYBRID."

"You enjoy that, don't you?"

"SHUT UP! I HAVE ENOUGH PROBLEMS RIGHT NOW! STOP PRODDING AT THEM!" Ludwig wasn't sure where his outburst came from.

BK seemed not surprised.

"Problems, eh? Well, fine. They can't be so tough I can't relate."

Chapter 4

"Well... Kamek couldn't break it up," Ludwig said as he rested against the wooden bench outside the cell. BK had been surprisingly attentive during the whole retelling of the Karma incident.

"I found out that I had a future all planned out. I hated it, I can't bear to even think about what has been set. I will not allow it to become true at all. No matter what it takes," he finished.

BK started speaking again, but seemed sad, if anything.

"Ah... A victim of destiny... You mustn't worry. This Metbond has no power over your life, it is just a side effect. You don't need to accept it. It is hard, having to live under those circumstances with your dad and your siblings. I can relate... to an extent. I myself used to have some trouble with my future. I chose an easy way out, however, and I do not wish to talk about it. Well, Ludwig, you have plenty of problems, and I think I can finally respect you."

Ludwig was shocked by this. BK... respect... They just didn't seem right from what he knew. But... Ludwig felt like a burden had been taken off. He didn't think it necessary to imprison BK anymore. Nobody knew of this. Slowly, Ludwig got up and set him free. BK stepped out, happy for once in his life.

"Hey... uh... I can't leave this place... sooooo... Can I get a job?"


Ah yes, an odd being, BK was. After researching what stopped him from leaving, Kamek found a curse had been placed on the unlucky mutant from birth. It was made to stop BK from leaving a place he got settled in. When asked about this, BK said that sleeping in the vents was the first time he had slept indoors. Wow, that stinks. BK also revealed that he thought his own parents might have cursed him, to keep him home. Many more mysteries surround this creature, and he refuses to solve them. Perhaps I'll write a story about Kamek's attempts to decipher these dilemmas?

The End

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