Mario's Koopamon Adventure 3: Delfino League

By crankymama5452

Chapter 40: Mario vs Mario: A Championís Battle

Mario and Tatanga proceed down the extended airstrip to the final stop, the end, the end of the elite, the end of the league, and Shadow Mario. On the way down Shadow Mario comes more and more into sight. Coming closer and closer, Mario steps up to the shadowy him and stands at the end.

Mario: You.

Shadow Mario: Me.

Mario: You. I have come to put an end to you for good.

Shadow Mario: You wish. You can't beat you. One can't beat oneself, and to fight oneself one has to fight what one has one on itself.

Mario: What does that mean?

Shadow Mario: Well I'm you. I am at the very least as good as you. And why not take that as far as perfectly like you? A perfect match.

Mario: You aren't me and you never were, and you know it.

Shadow Mario: Stubborn. Well you at least deserve to know the truth.

Mario: What truth? The truth I've always known?

Shadow Mario: Oh my. Well you know I have your appearance. This may seem heavily unreal, but I was created by Bowser Jr. I was a lab mistake.

Mario: What does that mean?

Shadow Mario: Well Jr. had replicated DNA from you in a fight. He took it in an attempt to clone you, but the machine he used to form the body was obviously made by Jr. and Bowser, so it didn't exactly replicate the bodyís good points. Therefore I was created accidentally as an evil clone.

Mario: Well... that makes more sense.

Tatanga: Oh... Oh my. ..

Shadow Mario: Now that all that blah is put aside, why don't we get to why you have come?

Mario: Yes.

Shadow Mario: A champion battle. You against evil accidental you clone.

Mario: Let me take a wild guess. You want this to be six on six, don't you?

Shadow Mario: Yes, and for your own entertainment as well as mine, we will go to a nice, big, open arena. One too familiar to you. Away we go.

The place shakes and everything begins to glow. The end of the airstrip glows and fades away while Jr, Princess Shroob, Crystal King, and Peach look on.

Peach: Good luck, Mario.

Mario sees that he is now in Delfino Plaza at the square with the statue. Mario turns to see the gym leaders rush up and slam to a stop, blocked by a barrier that was put up to block entry and exit.

Tatanga: Why are we here?

Shadow Mario: Because I want us here, here to watch you, the one everybody depends on to stop me, fall as the one who is most powerful, me, becomes the champ forever.

Mario: That is it. Begin this now.

Shadow Mario: If that is your wish. Please pick first.

Mario: Wha... Oh, okay. GO SHAMAN!

Tatanga: How will Mario be fighting himself unless... OH, OH NO! MARIO! HIS KOOPAMON ARE...

Shadow Mario: GO SHAMAN!

Shadow Mario releases a Shaman that comes face to face with Marioís.

Tatanga: ...the same.

Mario: Oh... noÖ

Shadow Mario: You want to prove youíre better? This battle will determine how well you combine your moves to fight off your own Koopamon with matching moves, too.

Mario: I'm doomed.

Shadow Mario: Low self-esteem... better for me. Begin.


Shadow Mario: Confusion and Psy Cut.

Mario's Shaman runs forth but Shadow Mario's levitates Mario's up over him and chops him from underneath.


Shadow Mario: Psychic!

Marioís glows and SM's begins to stretch. Trick Room activates and SM's begins to crush inwards but starts to glow bright blue as Mario's is sent hurtling into SM's, stopping the psychic effects and sending both of them flying across the arena.


Both of them begin to glow, and they fly into the air and begin to hover around shooting balls of psychic energy at each other.

Shadow Mario: PSY CUT!


Mario's Shaman falls under the cut and Psy Cuts upwards, slashing SM's and sending it flying until it crashes into the barrier and is electrocuted.

Mario: WHAT?

Shadow Mario: Oh, didn't I mention the inner wall of the barrier is electrified?

Mario: Grrr.

Shadow Mario: Heh. A little electricity wouldn't be too bad. Ram Ďim.

SM's flies into Mario's, sending electricity through them both.


SM's is sent reeling back along the ground from a wave of energy.

Shadow Mario: Psy Cut.

Mario: Psy Cut.

The two Shamensí glowing hands collide, and they fight against each other.

Mario: Now up.

Mario's swings its arm up, dragging SM's arm up too and causing it to stumble back.

Shadow Mario: Now that can't be good.

Mario: PSY CUT!

Mario's slashes at SM's, sending it down and out.

Shadow Mario: Return. Well... That was most impressive, but remember I still have five. Your five... GO PUPOX... Or should I say Billy Pa Joe?

Mario: Why you littleÖ PSY CUT!

Shaman slashes at Pupox but it does no damage.

Shadow Mario: Are we forgetting the immunity Dark has on Psychic? SHADOW SMASH!

Pupox smashes Shaman, knocking it out.

Mario: Return. GO GLUR...

Shadow Mario glows and a Koopaball flies from Mario and Billy Pa Joe comes out.

Shadow Mario: Heh.

Mario: What the?

Shadow Mario: Who I pick, you pick, and vice versa. Have a problem? I don't care.

Mario: Fine. SHADOW SMASH!

Billy Pa Joe prances forward.

Shadow Mario: Power Smash!

Pupox swings at Billy Pa Joe's swing and the mallets slam together and force against each other.
Mario: Quake Smash.
Shadow Mario: Jump up and use Hammer Toss.
Pupox jumps up over the tremor formed by Billy Pa Joe and falls down and throws his hammer at Billy Pa Joe, causing him to stumble back.
Shadow Mario: Let's take our chance. POWER SMASH!
Pupox pulls a hammer from nowhere and swings at Billy Pa Joe.
Mario: Block it.
Billy Pa Joe uses his hammer as a shield and blocks the oncoming swing. He proceeds to block all of the swings until Pupox switches to Quake Smash and pounds the ground, causing the ground to burst up under Billy Pa Joe and sending him flying.
Shadow Mario: Shadow Smash.
Mario: You too.
Both hammers glow purple and smash together.
Mario: Finish it with Power Smash, then Hammer Throw.
Billy Pa Joe side swipes Pupox, sending him flying before being hit again in the air by Billy Pa Joeís hammer.
Shadow Mario: Oh, we aren't done yet. SPIN YOUR HAMMER!
Pupox starts to fall and holds his hammer out as he begins to spin like a wheel. Pupox lands to spin along the ground at Billy Pa Joe.
Mario: How is that possible? Billy Pa Joe, try to get him to hit one of the barrier walls.
Billy Pa Joe begins to prance around along the edge of the arena with Pupox right behind and catching up. Billy Pa Joe jumps up and smacks Pupox in the side and knocks him into the barrier, electrocuting him.
Shadow Mario: NO!
Pupox  begins to emit smoke and is thrown back and down.
Shadow Mario: Return. That went way too fast. I need a new plan. GO GLURP!
Shadow Mario calls out Glurp to fight.
Shadow Mario: Classic, that is the common form of move. RIDE IT AND ICE BEAM!
Billy Pa Joe smashes the ground, causing pieces of land to fly up. Glurp moves onto a piece and rides it through the air, firing ice beams down at Billy Pa Joe.
Billy Pa Joe jumps back and hits the barrier, and electricity is sent through the hammer into him.
Billy Pa Joe spins and hits Glurp, sending electricity into it as well.
Shadow Mario: Good, good. Youíre still going strong, PB&J.
Mario: THAT'S BPJ!
Shadow Mario: Oh, don't mind me. I tend to forget silly, pointless names. USE POISON GAS AND MIX WITH ACID ARMOR AND BITE!
Mario: A three-move combo.
Glurp blocks Billy Pa Joeís vision with purple clouds. Billy Pa Joe begins to try to see into the smoke but it fades, only for him to find Glurp gone.
Billy Pa Joe begins to spin in circles as Glurp comes up behind and slides in for the bite and latches onto the hammer.
Shadow Mario: Ice Beam.
Glurp sends ice down the hammer and freezes Billy Pa Joe, knocking him out.
Mario: Return. Darn, I thought he could do it. Go Glurp, I guess.
Mario calls out Glurp.
Shadow Mario: Very well. This will be quick and painful, so sit back and relax. ICE BEAM THE GROUND!
SMís Glurp shoots the ground and begins to build up a wall.
Mario: Go under it... Weird plan.
Shadow Mario: Knock it over and go down with Acid Armor.
SMís Glurp knocks the ice wall down, blocking Mario's Glurp from coming up. Then SMís Glurp goes under the ground.
Mario: NO! BITE!
The ground begins to shake.
Shadow Mario: Up and down with Acid Armor.
SMís Glurp comes up behind the wall and goes back under.
Mario: Keep it up.
The ground shakes some more and both Glurps fly out of the ground through the ice with Mario's biting SMís Glurp.
Shadow Mario: You aren't hurting my Glurp, you know.
Mario: How?
Tatanga: Mario, its Acid Armor. You never use that move. It works just like going underground, it just boosts defense with it. Glurp is immune to Poison Gas and resists Ice Beam. All you have is Bite...
Shadow Mario: And I'm building a wall against it.
Mario: Oh really? ACID ARMOR!
Glurp goes under the ground.
SMís Glurp shoots Ice Beam into the air. It bursts and causes ice bits to rain down. They are coated in purple so that they glow. The shards hit the ground and as Mario's Glurp moves under them they fall into the ground and into him.
Shadow Mario: If I can't see him under there I'll force him out through internal poisoning.
Mario: WHAT?
Shadow Mario: Glurp, look for where it'll emerge and fire Poison Gas.
SMís Glurp begins to look around until a blue spot forms on the ground. SMís Glurp proceeds to launch a poison gas cloud onto the spot, and Glurp comes right into it and the internal poison worsens.
Mario: I thought he couldn't get poisoned.
Shadow Mario: He can't head on, however if you can get at him internally he can be poisoned.
Mario: Why didn't I know that?
Shadow Mario: I don't know. Maybe youíre missing a brain. Glurp, just avoid his Glurp. The poisoning will do its job.
Glurp begins to launch ice all over the ground, forming ice patches.
Mario: .... Oh, OH OH! I KNOW, I KNOW!
Shadow Mario: Hmmm... You do, do you?
Shadow Mario: OH, OH, OH NO!
Glurp poisons the ice patches. SMís Glurp goes under one and the ice inflicts it with poison, too. Unfortunately Mario's Glurp falls due to poison.
Mario: Return.... Sorry, Glurp.
Shadow Mario: Well, well, well. Pick, Mario. You will decide how the next phase of battle will go.
Mario: All right. GO EEKER!
Shadow Mario: So obvious. I have some time. ACID ARMOR AND ICE BEAM!
Glurp goes underground and ice flies up through holes in the ground.
Mario: Let's do this, and let's do it now. AIM AHEAD OF THE BEAM AND FLAMETHROWER!
Shadow Mario: And there goes my moment.
Eeker aims at a hole and moves closer towards himself and fires sy the ground as Glurp moves under it and is scorched into a knockout at long last.
Shadow Mario: Return. Go Eeker.
Shadow Mario: Psychic.
Eeker fires Flamethrower, which is split up by a wave of Psychic.
Shadow Mario: Chemical Wave and Psychic.
SMís Eeker fires a greenish-purple wave of smoke and mixes it with psychic powers to crush it into energy balls that he begins to launch at Eeker. Eeker fires Flamethrower, burning down some of the balls, but he is struck by others and begins to get infected with various conditions.
Mario: Run and use Heatwave.
Eeker goes to run but is slowed Eeker by his condition. Eeker fires the Heatwave but it comes out smaller.
Shadow Mario: He was slowed and had a drop in offence and special defense... All the better to use PSYCHIC!
Tatanga: What? Why?
Both Eekers begin to fight each other off with waves of Psychic, but the Psychic of SMís Eeker pushes through quickly and blows Eeker back.
Shadow Mario: Flamethrower.
SMís Eeker fires a stream of fire that hits and knocks Eeker back.
Mario: Thank the lord for resistance. I need to fight with a combo.
Shadow Mario: Finish it with Heatwave.
Eeker fires a stream of fire that is formed into a spiral and zooms through SMís Eeker, holding its arms apart and negating the attack.
Eeker sends a blast down through the spiral and hits SMís Eeker, knocking it out.
Shadow Mario: Ugh... My oh my, youíre being a pest right now. Come back, Eeker. GO BOSS BASS!
Shadow Mario calls out Boss Bass.
Mario: Darn it. PSYCHIC!
Boss Bass goes wild bouncing about, dodging Psychic and launching off Hydro Pumps that hit Eeker down and on the edge of knockout.
Shadow Mario: Finish with Bounce.
Mario: Good pick. Wait.... wait... FLAME THROWER!
Boss Bass bounces over Eeker and comes down right into a Flamethrower that burns it. The hit is still put in and Eeker goes down.
Mario: Return. GO B BASS! ICE BEAM!
Shadow Mario: Bounce and use Hydro Pump with Ice Bomb.
B Bass shoots a beam of ice but Boss Bass jumps it and shoots Hydro Pump and then flashes the arena with a blue light, resulting in falling ice chunks. The chunks pelt both Koopamon but B Bass takes more damage for some reason.
Shadow Mario: Hehehe. HYDRO PUMP!
Two Hydro Pumps are shot and connect, causing both Koopamon to be forced apart and closer to the electric wall.
B Bass jumps the Hydro Pump and freezes the Hydro Pump stream.
Mario: Time to slide.
B Bass slides down the ice and slams Boss Bass across the arena.
Shadow Mario: HYDRO PUMP!
Boss Bass uses the hydro pump to repel back into B Bass and send both flying.
Mario: ICE BEAM!
Shadow Mario: Spin and use Hydro Pump.
Boss Bass begins to twirl about firing Hydro Pump, which disrupts the Ice Beam by hitting B Bass over and over.
Shadow Mario: I see an opening, Mario, and here I come. HYDRO PUMP!
B Bass springs up and fires Hydro Pump, and the two begin to push each other towards the wall yet again.
Shadow Mario: BOUNCE!
Mario: MOVE UP!
Boss Bass bounces up but B Bass moves his aim up so the blast stays locked. Both Koopamon are forced into the barrier, which sends tons of volts of electricity through them.
Mario and Shadow Mario: NO WAY! DO SOMETHING!
The electricity does its job too well and both Koopamon fall down for the count.
Both: Return.
Mario: It all comes down to THIS!
Shadow Mario: Yes, but I have a very unfortunate surprise for you.
Mario: I bet. GO CLONE!
Mario calls out Clone.
Shadow Mario: Remember our first meeting and what I told you....
Mario: You gave me Clone because you had two.
Shadow Mario: Yes. Two of how it was...
Mario: Right and.... Oh.... Oh, not like that.
Shadow Mario calls out the evil, black Duplighost.
Shadow Mario: You can't win, Mario... Evil Koopamon can't be stopped.
Mario: We'll see. SHADOW BALL!
Shadow Mario: Transparency.
SMís Dark Clone disappears and the Shadow Balls miss.
Clone disappears.
Shadow Mario: That'll never work with me, Mario. Shadow Ball.
Dark Clone reforms and closes its eyes. After a few seconds it turns and shoots Shadow Balls that explode in thin air. When the smoke clears Clone is there, heavily damaged.
Mario: How did that hit?
Shadow Mario: Through the power of evil. USE SHADOW PUNCH!
Mario: Shadow Ball the ground and up.
Clone shoots in front of Dark Clone, stopping him, and then hits Dark Clone with three Shadow Balls in a row, sending it on its back.
Mario: Shadow Punch.
Shadow Mario: Transparency.
Clone goes to hit but misses when Dark Clone disappears.
Shadow Mario: Shadow Ball.
Shadow Balls begin to fly from nowhere at Clone.
Mario: Dodge quickly. I need to hit him even when I can't see him.
Shadow Mario: Shadow Punch.
Clone spins while shooting Shadow Balls until one blows up in thin air followed by the electric barrier going off.
Shadow Balls go flying everywhere, smashing into things and blowing dust up.
Shadow Mario: Shadow Punch.
The smoke lowers to reveal Dark Clone punching Clone, sending him reeling back.
Shadow Mario: SHADOW BALL!
Mario: Transparency.
Clone disappears just as tons of Shadow Balls fly by and blow up all over.
Shadow Mario: Shadow Ball.
Dark Clone aims up and shoots, and once again strikes Clone. Clone goes flying and lands. Clone begins to shake while trying to stay on his feet.
Mario: Not now. I can't fail now. I have come too far to fail, and to fail because something like you beat me.
Shadow Mario: I don't think you have a choice anymore. Shadow Ball.
Mario: Please Clone, do something... Please.
Clone shakes as Dark Clone forms and fires a Shadow Ball. Clone begins to flash white and then lets rip a huge, black shockwave out from around him, blowing up the Shadow Ball. Propelling forward by its shockwave, it hits Dark Clone and a huge shadow explosion erupts, emitting a massive cloud of black smoke that comes up around Dark Clone.
Mario: What in the world was that?
The smoke clears to reveal Dark Clone on one knee with black electricity running through him.
Tatanga: DARK PULSE! Mario, now's your chance. Dark Pulse does damage and stuns the foe.
Clone fires a Shadow Ball right into Dark Clone, blowing it into the air at high speed towards the electric wall.
Dark Clone takes aim and begins firing like crazy.
Clone fires the shockwave and it extends into the Shadow Balls, blowing them all up and hitting the barrier, filling it with dark energy too. Dark Clone flies into the middle of the wall and electricity goes through him along with the dark power.
Clone fires a Shadow Ball that hits so hard it crushes Dark Clone against the wall. The barrier is unable to withstand the pressure and explodes, leaving Dark Clone to falls to land with electric barrier chunks raining down into him and blowing up smoke. Mario stands with a face of panic while Shadow Mario looks freaked out. The smoke begins to fade out and a Shadow Ball flies through it and hits Clone. Clone flies back and lands on his chest, and begins to struggle to get up. Dark Clone emerges, looking like it was knocked out and revived numerous times, and is covered in smoke. Electricity still flows through him as he limps towards Clone.
Clone fires a Shadow Ball that Dark Clone slaps aside.
Shadow Mario: It looks like I win. You came close... closer than you should have. Shadow Punch.
Dark Clone limps closer and closer.
Tatanga: Mario, you have to do something.
Mario: Shadow Ball.
Clone fires two more that both get slapped aside. Dark Clone moves in and stands over Clone and pulls his fist back. Mario looks up at the barrier roof.
Mario: Good night, Dark Clone. SHADOW BALL!
Shadow Mario: Pathetic.
Clone shoots a Shadow Ball up as Dark Clone bends away from it. The Shadow Ball flies up and shatters the roof. The electric pieces rain down and fall into Dark Clone, who throws out an arm to block some damage but fails to see the unbalanced remaining wall falling right at it.
Shadow Mario: GET OUT OF THE WAY!
Dark Clone spins around and backs up just as the wall falls down and flattens him. Dark Clone is down and out.
Shadow Mario: What? Impossible... How? WHY? The power of evil.... It has to be better.
Mario: Completely wrong, you freak. You have lost. I now rein as the Champion of this League.
Shadow Mario: Heh... Not if you go byebye.
Shadow Mario pulls out his magic brush. He then points at Mario and the tip glows
Shadow Mario: And no last words for you. Last words usually result in a comeback somehow. Say goodbye, Mario.
Mario backs up against the wall of the Pianta statue as Shadow Mario pulls the paintbrush back. Mario looks by Shadow Mario and smiles.
Mario: I think you are the one to say goodbye.
Shadow Mario: What?
?????: HYDRO PUMP!
Shadow Mario spins to see Peach riding up on Super Blooper, who jumps out of the water and emits a massive Hydro Pump that sails straight into Shadow Mario and keeps going into the wall of a house, which begins to crumble. The blast ends and Shadow Mario is gone.
Mario: It's... over.
Peach rides in with the other members of the Elite 4 except for Jr.
Peach: Mario, you did it.
Crystal King: I don't know how, but you did it, and I am proud.
Tatanga: Good job, Mario.
Princess Shroob: I am so glad that you are the new Champion here.
Mario: Thank you so much. Thank you for the support.
Peach: Our support is nothing. Without you this League would probably be filled with his evil Koopamon by now, but you came and stopped him. Mario, I will come home with you. I can't stay here.
Crystal King: Yes. Me and Princess Shroob need to go back. Jr. fled after we left for here.
Crystal King and Princess Shroob jump on a boat and sail away while waving.
Parakarry: Mario, I remember when you first started. I gave you your first badge. I am glad to have given it, and I'm glad to know that this League will remain safe.
Crump: Buh-huh-huh-haa, I hate that laugh. Mario, thanks to you I can stay here without being in a world of evil Koopamon. Thank you.
Vivian: Thank you, Mario: If I knew exactly what was going on I'd have just given you the badge. At least I'll have the memory of seeing and battling you. Thank you so much.
Sandy: Well done, Mario. I knew it. I just knew you'd do it. You are an inspiration to us all.
Noki Manager: Well done, Mario: The match we had when you still had Clone as evil was horrible. But now that he is all better I wouldn't mind you coming back for a full match. Pinna Park will welcome you.
Hotel Manager: Good job, Mario. Good news, too. The hotel is back up and running, so whenever you wish to come back feel free to stay for free. Congrats, and thank you.
Grandpa Noki: Well Mario, Noki Bay will be a safe place knowing that he is gone. Who knew water had THAT big an impact on him, though?
Mayor: Mario, Mario, Mario, how can I ever thank you? When you came here and I stalked you, I knew you were the one. I knew you had what it would take. Mario, let's go. I'll take you home in my copter.
Mario: Thank you all so much. I'm glad to be your champ. Goodbye.
The Mayor gets into the copter followed by Tatanga, Mario, and Peach. They fly up and away.
Tatanga: Thank you, Mario. I'm glad to have been able to join you and to know that you were able to make use of my Koopamon. I hope we will be able to battle again sometime. Maybe visit us. Smithy and Cackletta will be happy to see you, I'm sure.
Mario: I will.
Peach: Mario, I can't wait to get back. Can't you?
Mayor: I hope you can't wait, because your stop is coming into sight.
Mario: All right. Thank you for all the help, guys. The Leagues are overÖ Right? ... Right?
Mayor: Yes Mario, they are. Those are the only three. You are the Champion.
Mario: Yay me...
With that the copter moves in and begins its landing as the story ends. Mario is the champ of all three leagues and has saved the world from the creation of evil Koopamon. Mario is truly done...


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