Mario's Koopamon Adventure 3: Delfino League

By crankymama5452

Chapter 17: Going to the Harbor Might be a Complete Nightmare

Mario, Shellson, and Tatanga are walking through the plaza trying to figure out exactly how to get to the harbor.

Mario: How do we get to Rico Harbor, y'all?

Shellson: Ummm, I think we go that way.

Mario: Okay, but you have to actually point in a direction before saying to go in that direction.

Tatanga: Mario, perhaps I can help. You say you've been to the Harbor before. If that is true you, should know how you got there.

Mario: I jumped face-first into the wall of a house.

Tatanga: ...

Shellson: Not exactly what I had thought of, but... Didn't that hurt?

Mario: No, there was goo all over it that broke me down into particles of goo and sucked me in.

Tatanga: Are you okay, Mario?

Shellson: OH! OH! I REMEMBER! That was when Delfino was taken over by a shadow version of... Mario.

Tatanga: Oh, I heard of that. Bowser was behind it all. His son splattered magic goo all around. But it won't be here anymore. We must find a path.

All Three: ... Hhhhhhhhmmmmm... OH OH... Nah...

Mario: I say we get out of here before the mayor finds us. He scares me.

Shellson: I guess we could try swimming.

Mario: Okay!

Mario calls out B Bass and rides him towards Ricco Harbor.

Tatanga: Oh no you don't. I'm getting there first.

Tatanga calls out a Sniffaro and rides it over the water.

Shellson: ... HEY! WHAT ABOUT ME?!

Tatanga: GET A ROOM!

Shellson: What? ... Mario! Humph.

Tatanga catches Mario.

Mario: Hey, Tatanga, we're almost there. I can see the ships... Where's Shellson?

Tatanga: Who's that?

Mario: ... I don't quite know.

Tatanga: Oh, wow. I love the look of that place. Steel types are here, eh?

Mario: Yup... Another steel gym battle.

Tatanga: Oh. I know of Smithy, but there was somebody else.

Mario: Oh yeah. Tolstar. There appears to be a steel challenge in every league.

They arrive at the Harbor.

Tatanga: Cool. Let's get off our Koopamon and find that gym.

Mario: Let's-a go.

Chapter 18: Surf's Up, Dudes and Dudettes

Mario and Tatanga walk through the Harbor until they come across a Pianta with three Bloopers.


Tatanga: What?

Mario: That is the surf spot. You can get on a Blooper and surf around.

Tatanga: OOOOHHHH I like that.

They walk up to the Pianta.

Pianta: Mario, how nice to see you again. Are you here to surf?

Mario: You bet. I want the green one.

Tatanga: I'll take purple.

Pianta: Good then. Now climb onto them, stand up, and kick off of the dock, and the Bloopers'll, do the rest.

Mario: Okay.

They get on and kick off into the water. Then all of a sudden the Bloopers begin going super fast.


Tatanga is heading straight for the side of ship, but makes a sharp turn and goes flying around the side of the ships.


Mario: Calm down, Tatanga. Watch this.

Mario surfs around all the ships and even jumps his Blooper out of the water and over a lone bar connecting two ships.

Mario: See Tatanga? ... Tatanga?

Mario looks to see Tatanga on his Blooper spinning on the spot, screaming.


Mario: How is that possible? Anybody can surf... right?

Tatanga: I wonder.

Mario: Okay, here I come.

Mario surfs at Tatanga, but his Blooper goes crazy and sends Tatanga riding over towards a ship.

Mario: Oh god.

Tatanga: MARIO!

Tatanga crouches down and jumps to go over the ship, but the Blooper comes up too and he ends up literally jumping the ship's height and landing on it.

Mario: How did he jump so high?

Mario comes ashore and goes up to Tatanga.

Tatanga: Hi, Mario. That was fun. Let's do something else now.

Mario: ...

Tatanga: Maybe catch a Koopamon.

Mario: ... Okay.

They leave that section to try to find a Koopamon.

Chapter 19: A Little Bit of Smithy for Us All

Mario and Tatanga look around the dock until they come across a running Pianta trio.

Mario: What?

Pianta #2: IT'S BACK!

Pianta #3: That beast!

Mario: What?

Pianta #2: Some big mechanical Koopamon comes and terrifies the dock.

Pianta #1: Woah. It's coming!

Mario: I WANT IT!

Mario goes running until he reaches the edge of the dock, where there is bubbling water.

Tatanga: Mario, wait up... OH MY GOD!

A Mecha Bloopa flies out of the water.

Mario: ... Memories.

Tatanga: I know where you've seen it. Catch it, Mario. You'll have a little Smithy as well as a new Koopamon, AND you'll get rid of that "beast".


Tatanga: Oh, you're desperate for it.

Mario: Dark Hole!

Dark Clone uses Shadow Punch and hits it for light damage. The Mecha Blooper fires off some torpedos at Dark Clone.

Mario: Dodge and Dark Hole!

Dark Clone does EXACTLY as told and Mecha Blooper falls into the hole and comes down out of nowhere into the ground.

Mario: Shadow Punch.

Dark Clone uses Shadow Ball and begins beating the machine with it.

Mario: Still effective. USE PSYCHIC TO FINISH IT!

Dark Clone uses Psychic to rapidly pound Mecha Blooper into the wall. It falls down and out, and Mario catches it.

Mario: WAA-HOO!

Tatanga: Very good, Mario. Congrats.

Mario: Good job, Dark Clone.

Dark Clone smiles again.

Mario: You deserve a rest.

Tatanga: Gym time.

Mario: Yup.

Tatanga: You going to try out Mecha Blooper?

Mario: Yup... Probably Eeker and Fatty, too. No Dark Clone. He gets a break.

Tatanga: Let's go then.

They head off to the gym.

Chapter 20: The Battle Ruled with an Iron Fist

Mario and Tatanga arrive at the gym only to see a sign that says it has moved..

Mario: Well now, this stinks.

Tatanga: Where could it be?

Lord Crump comes up.

Crump: You!

Mario: You... I have no time for you! I have a gym match.

Crump: Oh really? I just so happen to be the leader, bu-bu-buhuhuhu. The gym is THERE!

Crump points over to the helicopter pad.

Tatanga: Let's go then.

The three of them head over to it. They get on a pully lift that lifts them up and swings them over there. They get off and stand at each end of the pad. Tatanga stands on the lift and is pulled to the side.

Crump: Okay, Mario. Three on three. Let's see what you've got, Plumber. Buh-buh-huh-huh-huh! GO BRISTLE!

Mario: GO FATTY!

Crump releases a metal ball with a face and spikes all over it.

Crump: Come get some, Mario. He won't even move off the spot.


Fatty charges an airball but Bristle shoots a spike off it into Fatty, pushing him back and causing the airball to fly through the air.

Mario: Darn. Try Energy Smash.

Fatty glows multicolored, then flies headfirst into Bristle, who doesn't move but instead fires a spike into Fatty, disrupting the attack.

Crump: Now we attack. USE RAPID SPIN!

Bristle spins on the spot and goes up in the air and launches at Fatty.


Fatty sends off big blocks of sand that smash into Bristle, sending him flying to the edge of the helicpoter pad. His rapid spin continues and he spins loops around the edge until he forms a tornado. He goes to shoot at him, but Fatty evolves into Strollin' Stack.


Three Strollin' Stus in the pack launch into Bristle like bullets and explode, blowing smoke up.

Crump: No way I'm beating that. IRON BOMB!

Bristle bounces into Fat Stack, blowing himself up and knocking Fat Stack around for a double knockout.


Both release a Mecha Blooper.

Both: NO WAY!

Mario: Oh no. There is no way my newly captured one will beat his. USE AQUABALL!

Mario's M Blooper covers itself in a bubble that begins causing his life to slowly increase.

Crump: Oh, so you want this to go slow, eh? I don't care. USE TORPEDO RAIN!

Crump's M Blooper causes torpedos to shower down on Mario's, creating many explosions.

Mario: I need some advantage... I KNOW! GET IN THE CENTER HOLE!

Mario's jumps into the hole on the grated floor. Crump's flies in after it. The collision flips the platform, dropping them down onto a ship below. Mario's M Blooper hides on it.

Crump: Buh-huh-huh-huh. That won't work. BLOW THAT SHIP UP WITH WATER BOMB!

Crump's M Blooper floats up and releases his torpedos, revealing a hole in its place that fires out huge water bombs, blowing holes in the ship. Water fills and the ship sinks.

Mario: Oh, advantage. USE HYPER BEAM!

Crump: You know what to do in this moment.

A beam fires out of the water to no avail as Crump's Mecha Blooper sucks it up into its mouth and fires into the water again. Mario's Blooper rises up and is knocked out from the blast being sent back.

Mario: Oh boy, I'm scared. COME BACK! GO EEKER!

Crump: Fire... over water. USE WATER BOMB!


Eeker does a dance, then flames fly everywhere. They rain down on Mecha Blooper and set it ablaze. It is sent crushing down into a ship for the count.

Crump: Return. I have to say, you're good, but the end is near. All seems easy but now it gets fun. I CHOSE DARK KOOPATROL!

Mario: If only he had a fighting type move. USE HEAT EXPLOSION!

Crump: Use Dark Rust.

Dark Koopatrol sends out a wave of darkness that hits the heat, turning it into a group of rusty-looking balls that topple into the water. Dark Koopatrol lunges at Eeker and uses Iron Slap to knock Eeker over the side. He lands on a bar moving towards a grated wall.

Crump: JUMP AT AT!

Mario: Jump to the side.

Eeker barely dodges Dark Koopatrol and Dark Koopatrol ends up flying into the grated wall, which he clings onto as he fires a flamethrower at Eeker.


The two flamethrowers collide, causing a blast of heat waves that heat up Dark Koopatrol's metal armor. D Koopatrol pounds a small, grated block on the wall, which spins him around to the other side. Dark Koopatrol lets go and drops to a ship below, from which he sends up Dark Rust at Eeker.

Crump: Give up.

Mario: Jump down there with a Fire Dive.

Eeker engulfs himself and leaps down at Dark Koopatrol. Dark Koopatrol leaps aside and gets a on a swinging bar and gets lifted up to the huge maze of metal bar paths above.

Mario: Find a way up there.

Crump: Oh really? FLAMETHROWER!

Dark Koopatrol sets the maze ablaze to prevent Eeker from moving, then begins throwing iron balls. The powerful attacks keep missing Eeker, but the balls burst holes in all the platforms. Eeker leaps onto a moving bar.

Mario: No fire move will help, but... USE PSYCHIC!

Eeker uses Psychic and begins detatching the bars so they fall into the water. Eeker, however, does not notice Dark Koopatrol leap onto a trampoline in the air that is holding up the big cage. He then throws an iron ball that smashes Eeker right on the head and knocks him off the platorm onto a very low boat.

Mario: You need to get up there. Levitate yourself with Psychic.

Eeker flies up and smacks headfirst into Dark Koopatrol, throwing him up into the cage. He drops to the bottom of it.


Eeker burns away the trampoline and the cage drops into the water. Dark Koopatrol avoids touching the water by jumping and clinging to the side, and begins to climb it. He then fires an iron ball up and gets it lodged in the opening in Eeker's head.

Crump: No more fire.

Mario: Use Psychic.

Eeker lifts Dark Koopatrol up and hurls him at a ship, smashing a hole in. Eeker jumps down into the hole. The ship passes by the Blooper surf spot and crashes into it. A hole blasts in the side of the ship and Eeker rides out on a green Blooper with Dark Koopatrol coming out right behind him on a yellow Blooper. The two surf around the harbor with Dark Koopatrol trying to use Iron Slap on Eeker. They close in on a low horizontal bar which Eeker jumps and rides along while Dark Koopatrol throws an iron ball into it, breaking it so it falls out of his way. Eeker makes his way around back of a boat only to have Dark Koopatrol fall from the ship top in front of Eeker and slap him upside the head. Eeker loses his balance and almost falls off, when Dark Koopatrol surfs right into him and shoves their Bloopers across the water. They approach a metal fence coming out of the water. Eeker prepares to jump and cling to it, but Dark Koopatrol shoves their Bloopers off course and they head towards the wall of the town part of the harbor.

Mario: Oh no.

Crump: Hum... Buh-huh-huh-huh. This could go well. USE FLAMETHROWER

Dark Koopatrol hits the wall, building pressure between him as the wall slows down his Blooper. Eeker's keeps going.


Eeker raises a metal bar out of the water and ramps it so he surfs up into the town and through the town. Dark Koopatrol lunges onto land and begins firing off metal balls at him. Eeker jumps his Blooper onto a house and off towards Dark Koopatrol, blowing the Blooper up and sending Dark Koopatrol into a wall.

Mario: Get that iron ball out of your head with Dlamethrower.

Eeker tries but it won't work.

Crump: Let's just end this.

Mario: COME ON!


Dark Koopatrol lunges forth, but from so much fire building inside Eeker, the pressure builds up and rockets the ball out at a massive speed. It belts itself right into Dark Koopatrol's chest, sending him flying into the side of a house with an explosion.

Mario: Is it over?

In a matter of seconds Dark Koopatrol lunges from the smoke and tackles Eeker, and they roll towards the water.

Mario: If he goes in, the water will put out his internal flame, knocking him out.

Crump: If he goes in, he'll rust into a knockout.

The two roll over the side but thankfully land on the elevator, giving them a matter of seconds before they get lowered into the water.

Mario: Ummm, ummm... OH! PSYCHIC!

Eeker encases them both, accidentaly instead of just himself, in a mystic power and they fly up and roll through thin air. They begin making their way towards a set of four trampolines spread out in a 2x2 format. They land on different ones and bounce from one to another in a clockwise motion.

Crump: Ugh.

Mario: You're through, Crump.

Crump: Buh-huh-huh- Wha?


Eeker begins blowing away the trampolines until Dark Koopatrol is left trampolineless and is sent towards the water. He lands on a small bouey on the water.

Crump: Oh poot.


Eeker sets ablaze several bars of steel and then uses psychic powers to drop them down onto Dark Koopatrol, pushing him and the bouey down into the water. Dark Koopatrol comes out on his back, rusted and down for the count.


Tatanga: ...


Crump: ...


Both: ...

Mario: YYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY- *gasp, gasp, pant* God, I can't even say yes anymore.

Both: Ummmm... You won, Mario.


Crump: SHUT UP!

Mario: Oh... Sorry.

Crump: I don't know how you did, but you did. Congrats to ya. Buh-huh-huh-hhh... Oh my god, I hate that laugh. Take the Rust Badge and the TM for Iron Balls.

Tatanga: Wow, Mario. That was an awsome fight.

Mario: Thank you both. Now come on, Tatanga. I want you to see my next gym match.

They both say goodbye and head off.

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