Mario's Koopamon Adventure 3: Delfino League

By crankymama5452

Chapter 1: On the Road Yet Again to Who Knows Where

The sun rises bright up over the Mushroom Kingdom yet again. The Mushroom Kingdom is home to Mario Mario, a world-saving hero and Koopamon champ. Two years ago Mario set off on a quest to be a Koopamon champ starting with a Cheep Cheep. Over time it evolved and Mario caught new Koopamon and made friends as well as become the champ of two leagues, beating Bowser and Luigi for the gold. Today Mario will discover that what he went through was not all of the leagues, and another still remains.

Mario is at his house with Peach when a letter arrives in the mail.

Peach: Mario, you have mail.

Mario: Okie-dokie, Peachy poo-poo

Peach: ... Poo-poo...

Mario: Aren't you going to read it?

Peach: Why? I don't have the note and you're standing right next to the mailbox.

Mario: What?

Mario looks to see he is next to the mailbox, and whips out a bat.


Mario begins beating the mailbox until Peach steps up and throws a block of cheese at the window. Of course MArio lunges at it but smashes through the window. Peach grabs the letter and begins reading.

Peach: Dear Mario Mario. We have heard of your amazing abilities as a Koopamon trainer and would like you to come to our kingdom. Our kingdom is ranked for having the most powerful gym leaders and Elite Four. A boat will arrive for you in ten minutes, so you'd better run.

Mario: Ummmmm, exactly where IS it I am going?

Peach: Dunno, but you'd better hurry.

Mario grabs two Koopamon balls and runs.

Peach: He isn't taking all six…? Which did he take?

Peach goes into the house and looks at the four Koopaballs left.

Peach: B Bass and… Hot Foot. Okay, I guess that is a good choice since they counter most of each other's weaknesses... I think I should follow.

Peach makes a run for it, but Mario is already at and on the boat, which is setting sail. As the boat reaches ten feet away from land, Peach runs up to the edge of the dock and sees she is late.

Peach: DARN IT ALL! Well it's just me, Paragoomba, Star Slap, and Blooper Baby... *sigh*

Mario is seen relaxing on the ship, awaiting his arrival at who knows where. He begins thinking excitedly about what he'll catch as well.

Mario: I think I want a ghost type. Or maybe even a light type. If I'm lucky I'll get a dragon.

The captain comes up to Mario with an Ameboid by his side.

Captain: Sir, we'll be arriving soon. Maybe you should wait at the exit of the ship.

Mario: Okie-dokie.

Mario gets up and goes to the edge of the ship. As he closes in to land he sees Isle Delfino coming up close. Mario is amazed that the place has a League, but the captain informs him that several people from different kingdom gathered together there and set up gyms. Mario gets off in the plaza and begins his journey.

Chapter 2: Through the Plaza and to the Hills

Mario, now off the boat, is walking through the square trying to figure out where he is.

Mario: I wish I was here before... Oddly enough all the people act as if they know who I am.

Mario walks through the square until the mayor of the Piantas comes up to him.

Mayor: Ah, Mario. Nice to see you again. Are you here for the League?

Mario: How do you know my name? YOU STALKER.

Mayor: No-no. Are you here for the League? If so I'd like to point out most people start off in Bianco Hills. Most people start there because the gym leader, Parakarry, is said to be the easiest. Notably he is one of the few gym leaders here who aren't directly from this Island.

Mario: Okie-dokie. So are you like the queen of this island?

Mayor: I am the mayor.

Mario: The jester?

Mayor: The MAYOR!

Mario: Oh, I'm sorry, Mr. President

Mayor: Mario, I am the king.

Mario: OHH! Sorry, Mr. Mayor.

Mayor: That's okay. Now here are ten Koopaballs. Try not to let too many Koopamon bust out or you'll have to buy more. This Island holds some rare, unseen Koopamon, too. Now head out. The mountain trail is over there just between the Shine Gate and lighthouse.

Mario: Okie-dokie.

Mario runs off up to the mountain trail and begins climbing. Along the way he sees a bush shaking.

Mario: Is somebody in there ... Uh oh, stranger danger.

A Strollin' Stu leaps out. Mario hurriedly summons Hot Foot.

Mario: Come on and use Heat Flow.

Hot Foot shoots out a wavy-looking heat wave that hits Strollin' Stu, inflicting a burn. Strollin' Stu, being a normal type, receives a fair amount of damage due to this but uses Tackle, a rather bad choice. Anyway Strollin' Stu runs headfirst into the fire and es ingulfed and comes out completely covered in flames. Mario hurriedly throws a Koopaball. The ball wiggles... and repeats untll it stops.

Mario: WOOHOO! I OWNED YOU! Let's see. You are small and fat, and waddle. I'll call you Fatty.

A nearby Pianta makes a remark comparing Mario to the Strollin' Stu's nick name.

Mario: Let's-a go.

Mario begins strutting down the road until he trips and slides down the hill and lands on a log. He pulls himself up using the long line overhead and walks along it into town.


Mario runs into town, not knowing what awaits.

Chapter 3: A Windy Town and a New Evil

Mario walks through town until he is faced with the same trouble as always: Does he go into the building labeled Gym or Jim?

Mario: Oh which one? ... Oh ooowwwww! BRAIN PAIN!

Mario, from too much thinking, gets brain pain, so he turns and goes for a walk first. A Pianta runs by screaming that Shadow Mario is back. Mario looks to see his shadow form, and his shadow form looks at him head on. He then reveals himself to be Jr, Bowser's son. Jr. walks up to him.

Jr: YOU! You beat my family in the Mushroom Kingdom League. You're a bad, bad man, Mario. I hope you know that there really is a Shadow Mario.

Mario: There is?

Jr: Yes, he is like a mirror of you. Your Koopamon match, and as you power up, he does.

Mario: Mamamia.

Jr: Exactly. They say only the most powerful of trainers will get to challenge him, so I want to battle him. Perhaps if I beat you I'll get to meet him. I WANNA BATTLE.

Mario: Fine. Three on three.

Jr: I only have two now. So how about a double battle?

Mario: Fine. Begin. GO FATTY AND B. BASS!

Jr: GO Sludge Piranha and Sludge Bubble.

Mario comes face to face with two sludge-covered Koopamon. Mario quickly makes his move.


Fatty closes its eyes and starts to glow, while B. Bass fire a massive stream of water. Sludge Piranha jumps in the way and sucks up the Hydro Pump, and on command uses Spit Up and sends it back at Fatty,


Fatty forms the focused energy into a glowing ball and shoots it into the water, drying it up.

Mario: I like that.

Jr: Very well then. Sludge Bubble, use Sacrifice Drench.

Mario: What?

Sludge Bubble jumps at Mario's Koopamon and plops on them, covering them in sludge and poisoning them both. This knocks out Sludge Bubble, so Jr. recalls it. Both of Mario's Koopamon begin to limp around. B. Bass uses Ice Beam and Sludge Piranha absorbs it but is unable to spit it up, so he begins to freeze. In this time it unleashes Toxic Leaf and starts shooting purple leaves at Mario's Koopamon.


Mario: Ice Beam and Tackle.

B. Bass freezes the leaves and Fatty jumps the blast and tackles Sludge Piranha. The poison, ice, leaves, and the collision form a massive burst of purple and white light. When it clears, both Koopamon are down and out. B. Bass drops three seconds later from the poison.

Mario: Just in time.

They recall the Koopamon and Jr. flashes Mario a threatening look before walking away. Mario heads to the gym again and this time picks the right one. The gym battle will finally begin.

Chapter 4: Outdoors in the Spinning Roof Segments of Town

Mario walks through the hall of the gym until he comes to Parakarry. Parakarry looks at him and smiles.

Parakarry: Oh my god, Mario. How long has it been?

Mario: Long time no see.

Parakarry: Last time I saw you, we were together. It was on our quest to save the world... and to get my job done.

Mario: You only joined so I'd help you with the mail, didn't you?

Parakarry rolls his eyes to the left and whistles and looks at Mario.

Parakarry: Good conversation. Now that it is over, I'd say your here to challenge me.

Mario: Yes, but...

Parakarry: Good stuff, let's go outside.

Mario: What?

Parakarry: Oh yeah. There is no arena. We battle outside in the middle of town, where it is nice and extremely windy.

They go outside and Parakarry says the rules.

Parakarry: Three Koopamon each. No timer and the first one to knockout the opponent's three Koopamon wins. Are you ready?

Mario: Yes I am, mailman.

Parakarry: Uggg... I'll pick first. GO GUSTO!


Parakarry sends out a small stream of wind that looks quite like a ghost.

Mario: Flying, eh? Okay then. Flash Fire.

Hot Foot glows and the whole area flashes red, blinding everyone. When it clears, flames are falling all around.

Parakarry: Hehehe. Simple! USE BLOW OUT!

Gusty spins around and disappears. A massive wind blast shoots through the air and puts out the fire and spins all the spinning platforms on the roof tops. Gusty magically reappears behind Hot Foot.

Parakarry: Wind Burn.

Gusty shoots at high speed through Hot Foot, blowing him up into the air where he comes down to land. Hot Foot gets up and some of his flame is black.

Parakarry: Wind Burn inflicts the burn status. Better yet, it does so on even a fire type.

Mario: Grrrr. Use Fire Spin.

Hot Foot shoots a ring of fire up around Gusty.

Parakarry: Oh Mario, you should have stuck to saving the world. I can't believe you have come so far in the Koopamon world. TWISTER!

Gusty uses Twister, which turns the Fire Spin into a twister.

Mario: I have my tricks. HEAT FLOW!

Parakarry: Interesting. Well then, we'll use Wind Burn. Whose burn works? Will I burn or will be double burned?

Gusty shoots at the Heat Flow and slices through it. Gusty then engulfs itself in flames and shoots at Hot Foot.

Mario: YES! Use Heat Absorption.

Hot Foot stands still and absorbs the flaming Gusty. Gusty is then shot out unburned, but Hot Foot is now cured.

Parakarry: DARN IT!


Hot Foot blinds everyone again. When the flash ends, the trainers see a massive fire cylinder with fire falling into it.

Parakarry: BLOW OUT.

Mario: Good night.

Gusty spins around to disappear, but ends up touching the fire cyclone and goes up in flames. The Fire Spin closes in and bursts on Gusty, and the flash fire's falling flames drop down on Gusty.

Parakarry: Darn. Looks like a dry wind is arising. BLOW OUT!

Mario: What?!

The flames go flying in all directions and everything seems to be gone. Gusty comes out of nowhere and launches at Hot Foot. Hot Foot uses Fire Blast and fires a massive, flaming stream right into Gusty, knocking it out.

Parakarry: Return. You have some skill, Mario. I must admit, more skill than I thought. Now let's see how you handle this one. GO FUZZY!

Mario sees a fuzzy flying ball of fluff.

Mario: Ummmmm, set it on fire! FIRE BLAST!

Parakarry: Nice choice. Now let's use Wind Blow By.

A blast of wind shoots in front of Fuzzy and the Fire Blast is put out on contact with the wind.

Parakarry: Use Drunken Touch!

Fuzzy slams Hot Foot and Hot Foot begins to stumble around like it's drunk.

Mario: What?

Parakarry: Use Wind Ball!

Fuzzy generates a ball of wind which shoots at Hot Foot and slices through it, knocking it out.

Mario: Ah man. Return. I feel so dumb.

Parakarry: Don't let that put you down. Let's keep going and you never know, you might just win. I must say, though, that that move was the stupidest thing you've done.

Mario: Actually, no, that move wasn't the stupidest move I've used on my journey. There was once this time with a Hot foot and a Fuzzy…


Mario: Ummmmm, set it on fire? FIRE BLAST!

Parakarry: Nice choice. Now let's use Wind Blow By.

A blast of wind shoots out in front of Fuzzy, and the fire is put out on contact with the wind.

Parakarry: Now use Drunken Touch.

Fuzzy slams Hot Foot, causing it to stumble around like it's drunk.

Mario: What?

Parakarry: Use Wind Ball!

Fuzzy generates a ball of wind and shoots it at Hot Foot, slicing through it knocking it out.

End Flashback…

Parakarry: Ummmm… Mario, that happened just five minutes ago. In fact, that's what I said was your stupidest move.

Mario: Oh, look at you acting all high and mighty. GO FATTY!

Parakarry: Ehhh… Now there's a nickname weird enough to put someone in a coma from laughter.


Fatty begins to glow.

Parakarry: Heh. Use Updraft.

Fuzzy sends a vertical wind blast, blowing Fatty up onto one of the rotating roofs in between the two crossed sails on it.


Fatty generates a ball of energy and goes to fire it, but the wind spins the roof and the shot is sent in the wrong direction.


Parakarry: Again. Use Drunken Touch.

Fuzzy closes in.

Mario: Keep charging.

Fuzzy gets closer.


The wind blows but due to the close distance the blast hits Fuzzy before the wind can spin the roof and Fuzzy can dodge. This puts a hole through Fuzzy but it uses Updraft to blow itself up into the air and down in front of Fatty, where it uses Windball to slice through Fatty.

Mario: Use Violent Rage.

Parakarry: What? A suicide move?

Fatty lunges into Fuzzy. The contact causes Fuzzy's drunk contact ability to kick in and a flash occurs. The violent strike causes an explosion and does damage.

Mairo: YES!

Parakarry: What?

Both Koopamon drop drunkenly and collapse.

Mario: Strategy. Using rapid strike motion, I caught the drunken affect and sent it right back into your Fuzzy with another strike, so it's a double drunken effect and you're down with my guy.

Parakarry: Well done. Bravo. Now let's settle this with our last Koopamon.

Both trainers throw a Koopaball. B Bass comes face to face with a Paratroopa.

Parakoopa: It's like my twin, only… ya know I'm not a Koopamon.


B Bass fires a stream of ice.

Parakarry: Oh, hold on there. Paratroopa, use your Shield Dust.

Paratroopa flaps its wings, and dust and powder fly from them and hit the Ice Beam, which freezes over the dust and turns into glitter dust that falls in sparkles to land.

Parakarry: HAHAHAHA! Anyway, as I was saying. You can't win, Mario. Why? BECAUSE I'M TOO GOOD! SHELL SHOT!

Paratroopa gets into its shell and launches at B Bass, hitting it and sending it up onto a spinning roof.

Mario: Darn! Use Ice Beam and don't miss.

Paratroopa swerves out of the way and uses Swift Shooting Stars into B Bass, hurting it. B Bass ends it by using Hydro Pump as wind and hitting the sail to spin his roof so he's out of view.

Parakarry: GUST!

Paratroopa spins B Bass' roof with a gust. When it gets around B Bass is gone.

Parakarry: What? Where is he? FIND HIM NOW!

Paratroopa flies around the town trying to find him.

Mario: Stay hiding, B Bass.

B Bass is seen hanging from one of the ropes of the town by latching onto it with its mouth. It then hangs by its tail. Parakarry spots it.


Mario: Now it's your time to fall. HYDRO PUMP!

B Bass uses the water to make him spin fifty times a second around the wire. B Bass begins using the water as a spinner until it is spinning so fast only a blur can be seen.

Parakarry: What?

Mario: NOW LET GO!

Parakarry: Uh oh.

B Bass lets go and fires at over a hundred miles a second right into Paratroopa's chest. Both areshot right into a spinning roof, making the thing spin at a blinding speed. Both Koopamon are shot out into the lake.

Mario: Done. HYDRO PUMP!

B Bass uses the Hydro Pump to push Paratroopa under the water until it comes up in a knockout.

Parakarry: Ah... Umm... Return. This is it. I have not seen a battle like this in a very long time. Mario, here is the official Wind Badge in recognition of your victory. Take this. Under the Delfino League law I need to give you a TM and 500 coins. The TM contains a move you can instantly teach one of your Koopamon. It contains Wind Ball. Teach it to a winged Koopamon or one that blows high wind. I'd say your Fatty can learn it. Strollin' Stu can breathe heavy amounts of air, so give it a go if you like. See you later, Mario.

Mario: Byebye... you.

Parakarry: It's Parakarry.

Mario: That's a funny name. Bye!

Mario walks away towards the plaza again.

Parakarry: … Poor Mario. If only he had a brain.

Chapter 5: No Time to Talk, I've got a Cannon to Catch

Mario arrives back in the plaza, where he is imedeatly greeted by the mayor.

Mayor: Mario, how did it go? You got a badge, didn't you? You would not have come back without one.

Mario: I did get a badge. Can you tell me where the next one is, Gramps?

Mayor: Gramps... Watch it, buddy. I myself am a Koopamon trainer, and I have the power to win... Trust me. Either way, the next badge is out in Pinna Park, but you need to catch the daily cannon, and soon.

Mario: Okie-dokie.

Mario runs and does a triple jump right up onto a building and leaps off onto the second half of the plaza and makes a dash, when he meets up with a cloaked figure. Red eyes can be seen through the opening in the face part of the suit.

Mario: Who are you?

????: ...

Mario: What's that?

????: ... *gurgling noise*

Mario: You're scaring me.

Mario makes a run at the figure but it appears to move backwards at an equal pace and moves right through the Shine Gate.

Mario: ... What?

A Pianta runs up.

Pianta: What was that? Was it a ghost?

Mario: I have no idea.

Pianta: Spooky. Listen, I run the cannon spot. Are you in need of a shot? I can tell you're in search of the badge as I see you have one on your belt.

Mario: A shot... You mean you really are going to shoot me?

Pianta: Yes, come on.

The Pianta drags Mario towards the cannon.


The Pianta puts Mario in the cannon and shoots him out.


Mario is flying over the horizon to an island. Will he land safely? Will he get his badge? Keep reading and find out.

Chapter 6: We Meet Again So Quickly.... Whoever You Are

Mario crashlands on the island outside the gate to the park itself.

Mario: YAY! The door won't open.

A Toad comes up.

Mario: (crying) I NEED AN ADULT!

Toad: Mario, what's wrong?

Mario: The door won't open.

Toad: Are you sure? Try again.

Mario steps on the mat in front of the gate and does nothing.



Mario pushes the door.

Mario: Ummmmm...

He rolls his eyes to the left, then to the right, and then runs in.

Toad: ... If he wasn't a world-saver so many people would be chasing him with weapons now, I'm sure.

Mario enters to see a rollar coaster, Ferris whell, merry-go-round, swinging pirate ships, a fountain, a fruit producing face tree, and other forms of entertainment. He then spots a figure looking at him from the center of the merry-go-round.

Mario: YOU!

The figure jumps over to Mario, showing it is the cloaked figure from not too long ago.

??????: *gurgle*

Mario: Come again?

The figure pulls out a Koopaball.

Mario: You wanna fight, huh? Okay. GO B BASS!

The figure releases a Jester.

Mario: What the? B BASS, HYDRO PUMP!

The figure gurgles, then the sound of wind comes from the opening in the face piece. The Jester throws a card out and splits the Hydro Pump, pushing it left and right away from Jester. The card keeps going and hits B Bass. B Bass is thrown far back into a wall.

Mario: Wha? HOW? ICE BEAM!

The figure points at B. Bass and gurgles. Jester holds out its hands and the Ice Beam stops.

Mario: Psychic.

The Ice Beam fires back.


The Hydro Pump goes through the Ice Beam, canceling it, and moves in on Jester. The figure makes a louder gurgle. Jester responds to this by throwing a card that absorbs the Hydro Pump, glows, and explodes on B Bass, knocking it out. The trainers call back their Koopamon.

Mario: How? Who... What are you?

A Noki comes up.

Noki: IT'S YOU! ... But to him... Appear to him? He's a plumber.

The figure looks at him. His eyes glow and he automatically starts speaking in the Noki's voice.

??????: I thought he would be a good challenge, but we all make mistakes. I knew I should just wait for them to come to me rather than come to them. If they reach me... they are good.

Noki: You act as if you're the League champ.

??????: No, I'm not. I'm merely saying that it takes skill to reach me in level. If I were the League champ I wouldn't challenge anyone due to lack of challenge except the trainers with legends, and rumors about them spread actively about.

Noki: You look... like... you'd think he would be a challenge.

??????: Yes.

Mario: Turn around, weirdo.

The figure turns around.

??????: For you, you get a glimps. A glimpse of the face all trainers, even the League champ, fear.

The figure pulls down his hood to reveal... Mario.

Mario: What?

??????: Mwahahaha... Try this.

His face becomes all wavey and blueish black.

Mario: Shadow Mario...

Shadow Mario: Yes... I believe you've heard of me. Say from Jr? I've been watching you apon arrival. When I saw the more life-like version of me arrive, I thought you'd be equal to me. But it appears to be you're not... That or you held back.

Mario: I don't hold back. I GO ALL OUT!

Shadow Mario: Then you aren't Mario.

Mario: What?

Shadow Mario: I AM YOU! I AM THE DARKNESS OF YOU! When you first saved the world it proved you were all good... nobody is all good. We all have evil somewhere in us. When you were declared pure of heart and good, that evil left you. It made me. This would be true, but since you aren't Mario there is somebody else out there who is all good.

Mario: I am Mario.

Shadow Mario: You could be unless... Were you more evil than good before you saved the world?

Mario: What...?

Noki: Mario, is this true?

Mario: Yes.... No.... I don't know. I don't remember when I first saved the world. I save it so often, I forget which time was which.

Shadow Mario: Well, well, well. Mario, we must part. Perhaps we'll meet up again... when I choose. For now I have a gift... a Koopamon. Yes, that's right. Let's see how you handle it.

Mario: What is it?

Shadow Mario: It's a Duplighost... named Dark Clone.

Mario: Why that kind of name?

Shadow Mario: It is dark powered just like my others. The Duplighost, like Boos and other ghosts, is powered by darkness, which is why no ghost Koopamon is good or at least full good. It's my ghost type. If your heart is pure its heart will purify... Maybe you will go down in legends for changing the heart of a ghost. Consider it a test. If you can change it, your good power should be intact with my evil power... Then I'll come to you again.

Shadow Mario walks over to the fountain and sinks into it. Mario and the Noki stare on, mortified.

Chapter 7: Trying to Make the Best of What Comes to You Can be Hard When Spooked

Mario walks through the park with a look of sheer horror placed on him.

Mario: Okay, Mario, that did not happen.

Mario walks along, literally mortified of everything, even the bugs and people. He looks down and sees his shadow, and screams and falls back. A Pianta comes running.

Pianta: What's wrong?

Mario: What do you mean? I'm peachy.

Mario tries to smile, but ends up with a creepy grin that scares the Pianta.

Pianta: Mario, what's wrong?

Mario: I've seen my shadow.

Pianta: ... And you're scared why? ... Unless, did you see... IT?

Mario nods.

Pianta: Well then... I'm sorry to bother you. Maybe if you go on a ride or two it'll calm you down.

Mario: Thank you. I'm-a- going-a to-a go-a on-a the-a Ferris-a wheel-a.

Pianta: Ummmm, okay... OH OH OH! THE GYM IS UP ON TOP. You're a trainer, so why not go there?

Mario: Okay.

Mario skips off down the path and falls over.


Ten minutes later Mario gets up and goes over and on to the Ferris wheel, which starts spinning. Mario sees the gym as he gets closer and closer. Signs showing that Mario could be about combat electricity can be seen, with lightning bolts desings on the building. Mario gets off and goes in.

Chapter 8: The Power of the Evil Ghost... Boom-Boom-Boom Knockout

Mario goes throug the halls looking around for the leader. He enters a room with a generator. A Noki ib it reveals himself to be the owner of Pinna Park.

Noki Manager: Mario, how wonderful to see you. Are you here to battle?

Mario: Yes... if you're not busy.

Noki Manager: Of course not. Come, I like to battle outdoors as do many gym leaders here. It poses as a good field for battles, especially in a place like this.

Mario: Wow.

The two go out and get positioned at each side of the fountain.

Noki Manager: Now don't think this is it. The Koopamon are free to battle everywhere in the park... We just have to stay here, so if the Koopamon go... we can't follow to give orders, and we get to see how they do on their own. Three-on-three.

Mario: Okay.

NM: I go first. GO MOKURA!

NM releases a green cloud thing.

Mario: What the? Well, new things are good. GO DARK CLONE...

Mario release the Duplighost.

Mario: Use your...

Dark Clone dashes forward and beats the tar out of Mokura, knocking it out.

NM and Mario: WHAT THE?

Dark Clone withdraws from its Violent Onslaught ,ove.

NM: That attack was Violent Onslaught... Why would you let your Koopamon learn it? It possesses much, MUCH power, but could turn the Koopamon into a monster.

Mario: I got it as a gift... I guess you could say.

NM: Never mind. Return. GO SPARKY! USE THUNDER MASS!

Sparky sends out a massive number of bolts of lightning, but Dark Clone without command uses Transform and become Sparky. It then aborbs the bolts, transforms back, and beats the tar out of Sparky the same way as with Mokura.


Mario gasps in horror.

NM: Mario, that's not normal. You need to get rid of that thing.

Mario: Right.

Mario goes to recall Dark Clone, but it hisses evilly at him.

Mario: Maybe not.


The Electrokoopa fires out a massive spark that Dark Clone beats away with Dark Punch before proceding towards Electrokoopa.


Electro Koopa shocks the ground with a discharge, sending out shockwaves that hit Dark Clone from below but do nothing. The plasma ray then hits it, paralyzing it.


Electrokoopa begins bombarding it with electricity until it finally gives in and drops. Mario recalls it.

Mario: I can't release it. I made a promise I'd purify its heart.

NM: A good thing you're doing, Mario, but be careful. The damage done... if I didn't paralyze it, it would have dropped Electrokoopa too the same way. Mario... I'd like a rematch. Normaly we gym leaders don't do this, but something says this was uncalled for.

Mario: Right. I'm sorry about this... Let's just look back on this and laugh when this is all over with.


The two trainers heal their Koopamon and start again.


Mario: GO FATTY. Let's try this again. Air Ball!

NM: A gym move, eh? Let me show you this gym move. GENERATE!

Sparky sucks in air and converts it to energy. It discharges a plasma shock that hits the windball, causing an explosion that turns the air into an unusually dry breeze.


Sparky does the same process but the shock hits Fatty.

Mario: NO! TACKLE!

NM: Charge.

Fatty and Sparky connect and electricity fills both of them further and causes an explosion. Both Koopamon go flying.

Mario: Air Ball and combine with Mini Sphere.

Fatty lets loose an airball with a glowing ball in the center.


Sparky generates energy and fires it off at the airball, but due to the sphere the blast magically ends and the ball bashes Sparky out.

NM: Return. You did good... You lasted more than a second again. GO MOKURA! PLASMA CANON!

Mario: AIR BALL!

Mokura lets loose a masive beam of green electricity that comes at high speed, smashing the airball to bits and then Fatty into a knockout.

Mario: Return. I'm kind of wishing I could use Dark Clone now. GO B BASS!


Mokura fires out many lightning bolts at B Bass.


B Bass uses the water with Ice Beam and moves up, forming an ice wall that takes in the electricity and slides into Mokura, which seems to take minimum damage.

Mario: Uggg, HYDRO PUMP!

B Bass fires a large stream of water out that hits Mokura. Mokura uses Generate to shoot out electricity, but B Bass bounces away.


The Ice Beam hits and knocks Mokuka out.

NM: Return. GO ELECTROKOOPA. For safety, let's take this to the park. RUN, ELECTROKOOPA!

Mario: Chase it.

B Bass chases after Electrokoopa up to the pirate ships and up onto them. The two are being thrown off by the spinning. The ships make a big spin, sending both of them flying to the merry-go-round. It spins and the two try to hit each other but Hydro Pump mixed with Thunder Jolt causes an explosion that knocks B Bass out.


Electrokoopa and Hot Foot run through the park trading shots of fire and thunder, all being dodged. They close in on the Ferris wheel when Electrokoopa uses Shell Shot to hit Hot Foot up into one of the Ferris wheel carts. Electrokoopa leaps in one and they begin going in circles. Electrokoopa fires a blast of electricty up into Hot Foot's cart dropping it into his, and then it falls off and they go rolling into the rollar coaster. The coaster moves at high speed. Hot Foot begins leaping from one cart to another towards the front. Electrokoopa, however, is making leaps into the carts too and is coming after Hot Foot. Hot Foot turns around and uses Heat Bullet to shoot out small flame pellets, which Electrokoopa blocks with Volt Shield and then fires Generate into Hot Foot, knocking it over and slowing it down while Electrokoopa closes in. The coaster moves in towards a loop.


Hot Foot gets up and heads to and reaches the front cart. With nowhere to go, Hot Foot spins and fires his flamethrower ,which Electro Koopa stops by putting up his Volt Shield. Hot Foot then gets an idea and holds up the flames until they hit the loop.


At the last second, Hot Foot lets go of the flame and the cart spins. Due to being in the front, Hot Foot drops down into the back cart when the front hits the top of the loop, and the middle hits the top and drops Electrokoopa down, but it bites onto a pole and pulls itself up onto the grated path. Hot Foot is hurled off onto the top of the grated path. Electrokoopa makes a dash up the grated trail towards Hot Foot.

Mario: Come on, Hot Foot, think of something.

NM: It's over, Mario. Either it jumps into the water or lets Electro Koopa knock it down into the water.

Hot Foot turns and looks down into the water. It then looks at Electro Koopa and gets an idea. Electrokoopa comes up faster, and just before it hits Hot Foot jumps onto its back and rides it off the edge.


Hot Foot leps off onto land in midair and Electrokoopa falls in the water and blows a fuse, knocking it out. Mario and NM run up and recall them.

NM: Electrokoopa... you did well. Good job. Mario, congratulations. You did amazing and you won with your normal Koopamon. Mario, take this. It is the official Battery Badge and the TM for Generate. Also, Mario, as a last word... be carefull if you use the Duplighost again.

Mario walks off, not knowing what's to come to him in the future.

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