Quest for Vengeance

By Blaze Koopa

Larry and Lemmy had just defeated the Axem Rangers, and were now on their way to the mountains in the distance, where Fawful had their sister’s spirit imprisoned. They still were not sure if their dad Bowser was okay or not. They were also very short on ammunition, as they had used up almost all their ammo on most of their previous attackers. All they had left was two wands, a single grenade, a jammed Freeze Gun, an almost useless tennis racket, and their bare hands. As they walked on, Lemmy began to get a little nervous again. “Larry,” he beganm “do you still think we have enough for Fawful?”

“I’m… not so sure,” said Larry. “But we have to try... Remember, we’re doin’ this for Wendy… Besides that, I think that’s what everyone back at home would want.”

“Yeah, you’re right,”

“Do you think your Freeze Gun works now?”

“I’ll try it, but I doubt if it’ll even work…”

Lemmy took out his Freeze Gun and aimed at a tree. Much to his surprise, it worked! “Woah!” said Lemmy. “I stand corrected!”

“Phew! Good! I think we’ll be in much better shape now…”

The Koopalings continued on. It was beginning to get dark, but they still had pretty of energy. The mountains were a lot further away than they looked. Nevertheless, the Koopalings pressed on, determined to get their sister and dad back. To the Koopas, Fawful was considered a top enemy. Ever since their encounter with him and Cackletta during the events of Superstar Saga, they had considered him an enemy.

After walking for about an hour and a half, they began to feel a bit hungry. “Let’s grab a snack,” said Lemmy. “I’m starving…”

“*BLUUUUUUURP!” went Lemmy’s stomach.

“Yeah, me too.”

They stopped and took out some of the fruit that they had packed in their shells. They began chowing down. As they ate, a thought came to Larry’s head. I think I may know who Dad’s kidnapper is, but I’m not so sure… Oh well, we’ll find out when we get there.

Little did Larry or Lemmy know that they were being watched. Three white figures were hiding in the bushes, eyeing the Koopalings sinisterly. They quietly snuck towards the Koopalings. Though Lemmy couldn’t hear a sound, he caught a glimpse of one figure slowly coming up behind Larry. An alarmed Lemmy spat out the berry he was eating and yelled, “LARRY!!! BEHIND YOU!!!”

Larry whipped around. Nothing was there. Larry turned back to Lemmy with an annoyed looked. “Lemmy, there’s nothing there,” he said. “Now stop trying to fool me.”

“I’m not kidding! There was a Boo right behind you! ... And there it is again!”

“Lemmy, for the last time, CUT IT OUT WITH THE…” Larry heard a cackling sound. He turned around to see an unpleasant surprise.


Larry just stared, he jaw hanging open. Then he turned to Lemmy. “Should I scream now?” he asked.

“Uh… Y-y-yeah… G-go ah-h-h-head…”


Larry jumped and backed up. The Boo inched closer to him, laughing maniacally. “Y-y-y-you d-d-don’t s-scare m-me… you l-little rag!” stuttered Larry.

“Ooooooohh!” the Boo taunted coldly. “I'm so scared! BLEHEHEHEHEHEHEHE!!!”

Larry took out his wand nervously and blasted at the Boo, who disappeared, allowing the beam to fly straight into a rock, scattering it. Someone tapped Larry on the shoulder. Larry whipped around to see the same Boo. “Um… you missed!” said the Boo.

Lemmy shot up and charged at the Boo while he was still solid, tackling him. “QUIT HARRASSING MY BROTHER!!!” he yelled. He took out his Freeze Gun and pulled the trigger. Nothing happened. The gun had jammed- again! Lemmy stared at his gun, a both confused and annoyed look on his face.

“WHAT IS WRONG WITH THIS THING?!” he yelled. The Boo disappeared again.

The Koopalings looked all around them. They could see nothing. Then they heard a cold, sinister-sounding voice. “Looking for us?” the voice said. Larry and Lemmy whipped around, and there was the Boo, along with two more! Larry and Lemmy just stared, with nervous looks on their faces.

“And now, Koopas!” said a Boo. “You're FINISHED!!!”

The Boos shot lighting blasts at the Koopalings, who jumped out of the way to avoid them. The Koopalings began blasting at them with their wands, but their shots were dodged by the disappearing trio of Boos. Reappearing again, the Boos shot more lighting blasts at the Koopalings, who again dodged them. Lightning bolts and wand beams flew everywhere.
Finally, the Boos, who were fed up, began circling around the Koopalings. They began to glow in a ghastly white color. They slowly floated upwards. Larry and Lemmy backed up a bit. The Boos continued circling, hovering about twenty feet off the ground. They then fired lightning towards each other, creating one huge lightning bolt, stretching all the way to the ground and slowly moving toward Larry and Lemmy! The two Koopalings began running, while the Boos with their giant bolt of lightning chased them. They fired back with their wands, but to avail, as the Boos were still circling and their wand beams kept missing. Larry and Lemmy continued running, with the Boos still in chase. Unfortunately, for the Koopalings, they ran upon the face of a huge cliff! They slowly turned around, and there were the Boos. “Say goodnight, Koopas!” they all said.

All the Koopalings could say was “Uh oh…” as the giant lightning bolt moved towards them.


Lemmy finally woke up. He looked all around him. He and Larry were in a prison cell in what appeared to be some sort of a cave. Lemmy looked over at his brother Larry, who was still unconscious. He went over to Larry and began shoving on his arm. “Larry! Larry! Wake up!” said Lemmy. Larry didn’t move immediately.

After a few more minutes, Larry finally woke up. He looked around, then he looked at Lemmy. “W-what happened?” he asked. “Where are we?”

“I’m not too sure…” said Lemmy. “But whatever place this is, I don’t like it.”

“You shouldn’t!” said a voice. Larry and Lemmy looked through the bars of the prison cell to see-

“King Boo?!”

“Yes! I am King Boo, king of all ghastly things! BLEHEHEHEHEHEHE!!!”

“Whaddaya want with us?!” Lemmy yelled. “Wait, don’t tell me… you’re also taking part in Fawful’s evil plot to wipe out us Koopas?”

“Good guess…” said King Boo.

“Well, think again, Ghostie!” Lemmy took out his Freeze Gun and tried to fire a beam at King Boo through the bars. Unfortunately, the gun was jammed. Lemmy was annoyed by this. “I hate this thing!” he said.

“Give it up, Lemmy,” said Larry. “That thing’s crazy!”

“And you're crazy if think you can defeat the all-powerful King Boo!” said King Boo. “BLEHEHEHEHEHEHEHE!!! Anyway, while you two fools are sitting uncomfortably in here, we’ll be thinking about what to do with you! Whatever it is, I can assure you that it won’t be good! BLEHEHEHEHEHEHEHE!!!”

King Boo went away, still laughing, leaving the Koopalings sitting there staring at each other. “Larry, we have to get out of here,” said Lemmy.

“I know, but how? ... Wait, I know!”

Larry got up and began pounding on the walls with his fist. Lemmy wasn’t so sure what Larry was trying to do. “Um… Larry?” said Lemmy. “What are you trying to do?”

“Looking for a loose piece in the wall…”

“Huh? ... Larry, these walls are solid…” Before Lemmy could say anymore, the wall Larry was hitting suddenly cracked. It then broke apart, revealing a rectangular hole in the wall. Larry turned to Lemmy. “You were saying?” he said. Lemmy just stared.

“Uh…” began Lemmy. “Nevermind… A perfect rectangle… Could that mean that someone else jailed here busted out through this way?”

“Could be… Let’s go.”

The two Koopalings entered the secret passageway. As they walked down the tunnel, it began to get darker. Soon the tunnel became so dark that only their eyes were visible. The tunnel was long, cold, damp, and of course, dark. Nevertheless, they kept walking. “We should be reaching the entrance to this tunnel any minute now,” said Larry.


“Yes! Entrance! Why’d you ask?”

“’Cause I’m for finding the exit.”

“… Very funny, Lemmy… Hey, I can see light up ahead. Now I know we’re reaching the entrance to this tunnel… I mean exit.”

Sure enough, there were streaks of light shining across the tunnel floor. Just then, they heard something. “Larry,” whispered Lemmy, “w-w-what is that?”

“Sh-h-h!” said Larry. Larry put his hand to his ear (if he even has ears). “Follow me,” he whispered. “And stay close.” Lemmy, knowing that Larry was a master at being stealthy, nodded and followed. They peeked around the corner to see that the light was coming from two pairs of small holes in the wall. They walked over to the holes. Larry peered through one pair of holes. The other pair was above Larry, and Lemmy had to stand on Larry’s shell to reach it. Looking through the holes, they could see King Boo and several other Boos talking.

“No no no!” said King Boo. “That won’t work!”

“… Okay,” said a Boo. “How about we take them to Fawful and he kills them?”

“NO YOU FOOL!!!” King Boo bellowed. “If we take them alive, they might break loose!”

“I know!” said a Boo. “Let’s kill them and then bring him to Fawful!”

“… That is BRILLIANT!!! Glad I thought of it!”



The Boos rushed off. Meanwhile, Lemmy climbed off of Larry. “Larry, we've gotta get out of here and fast!” said Lemmy. “What now?”

“I-I-I not sure…”

Larry and Lemmy leaned on the cave wall, trying to think of a way out, when suddenly, the wall cracked and fell apart. King Boo whipped around and looked down at the Koopalings lying in the rubble. Larry and Lemmy stared up at King Boo, grinning nervously. King Boo grinned back at them, in a sinister way. The Koopalings' looks changed to scared ones. “You will pay for your attempted escape!” he said coldly. “BLEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHE!!!”

The other Boos came back. “KING BOO!!!” cried a Boo. “THE PRISONERS HAVE ESCA- Oh… I see you already found them…”

“Yes… no thanks to you stupid idiots! ... Now where I? ... Oh yes! Let’s crush them!”

Larry and Lemmy gasped. They jumped up and took off running. “AFTER THEM!!!” bellowed King Boo. The Boos (including King Boo) set off in hot pursuit of the Koopalings.

As they ran through the caves, they came upon a split in the tunnel. “Lemmy!” yelled Larry. “You go left! I’ll go the other way!” Lemmy nodded and went down the tunnel on the left, with a group of Boos in chase, while Larry went right, with King Boo and the other half of the Boos on his tail.

Lemmy ran for dear life. He looked back at the Boos, who suddenly began shooting lightning bolts at him. Lemmy started to weave left and right, confusing the Boos a little and making their lightning bolt shots less accurate. “Wait! Pause! Halt! Oh for Pete’s sake, stop running already!” yelled a Boo.

“Yeah!” said another. “If you do, we promise to make your demise quick and painless!”

“Not a chance!” Lemmy called back.

“Well, okay… If you really want to do this the hard way then that’s fine with us!”

Lemmy continued running, weaving to avoid the lightning bolts. Unfortunately, he came to a dead end! He stopped, with a look on his face that said “Unbelievable!” He slowly turned around. He was cornered!

“You’re dead!” said a Boo. Lemmy took out his wand and aimed it at the Boos.

“D-d-d-don’t move,” he stuttered, “or I’ll sh-sh-sh-shoot!” The Boos laughed. “I-I-I’m serious,” said Lemmy. “Y-y-you m-make one move and I’ll b-b-blast you to the m-m-m-moon!”

“Oh no,” a Boo said. “He’s gonna blast us to the moon. I’m so terrified.”

The Boos laughed even harder. Anger began to build up inside Lemmy. The more the Boos laughed, the angrier he got. “SHADDAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAP!!!” he yelled. Lemmy angrily blasted at a random Boo. The Boo disappeared with a “poof”.

Upon seeing this, the Boos stopped laughing and stared at Lemmy with angry looks. “Now you’ve gone too far!” said a Boo. “You’ll pay for that!!!”

“Bring it!” said Lemmy. Some of the Boos charged towards Lemmy. Lemmy jumped over them and blasted at them wildly. Two Boos were hit and disappeared. The other Boos shot lightning bolts at Lemmy, who retreated into his shell and began bouncing around, the lightning bolts bouncing off his shell. He rocketed towards the Boos, hitting all but four Boos. Lemmy got back out to find himself surrounded by the Boos, their lightning bolts ready. Lemmy had to think fast. What was a Boo’s biggest weakness? Light! That was it!

Lemmy held up his wand. It began to glow brightly at the top. The Boos definitely were not enjoying this. “AAAAAAHHH!!!” cried a Boo. “NO! NO! NOT THE LIGHT!!! GET IT AWAY!!!”

The Boos ran away, their eyes covered. “Phew!” said Lemmy. “Glad I got that over with! Now to find Larry… Those Boos better not’ve done anything bad to him!” With that, Lemmy ran off to find his brother.


Larry was engaged in a vicious fight with the Boos. He was bouncing around in his shell, popping out to blast at the Boos, who wildly fired lightning bolts at the bouncing shell. “YOU FOOLS!!!” bellowed King Boo. “HE’S ONLY ONE SINGLE KOOPA!!! NOW FINISH HIM!!!” Larry popped out again and blasted at the Boos, hitting four of them. Incompetent wimps! thought King Boo. Larry continued bouncing around, eventually hitting the rest of the Boos, except King Boo. Larry popped back out and faced King Boo. “Hmm… You fight well,” said King Boo. “Pity I won’t even pay off for you!”

“You wish!” Larry yelled.

“Oh no… I don’t wish… I know! BLEHEHEHEHEHEHEHE!!!”

King Boo suddenly spat a blue fireball at Larry. It hit Larry, blowing him backwards. Larry was now laying on his back, burned, but still alive. He tried to reach for his wand, which had flown out of his hand when hit by the fireball. “Say goodnight, Cheatsy!” said King Boo. “BLEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHE!!!”

Larry thought to himself. No! It can’t end like this! It just can’t! ... Where’s Lemmy Koopa when you need him?! I hope that he didn’t… *gulp*! King Boo took a deep breath, preparing to finish Larry off with one last fireball. Then, he heard an angry voice.

“Get away from my brother!” yelled Lemmy.

King Boo stopped and whipped around to see the enraged Koopaling charging towards him, his wand glowing. King Boo decided to spit his fireball at Lemmy, which he did, but to no avail. A spiked green shell emerged from the ball of fire. Lemmy jumped, popped back out, and fired at King Boo, who disappeared just before the wand beam reached him. Lemmy looked all around him. Larry sat up and also looked around. King Boo suddenly appeared behind Lemmy.

“LEMMY!!! LOOK OUT!!!” cried Larry. Lemmy whipped around. There was King Boo, inhaling, about to spit a huge, blue fireball at Lemmy!

“Larry! The wand!” he yelled. Larry, finally able to move, crawled over to his wand and tossed it to Lemmy, who caught it and held them both up. They glowed brightly in King Boo’s face.

“NOOOOOOOOO!!!” cried King Boo. "LIGHT!!! I DISPISE THE LIGHT!!! GET IT AWAY!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRG!!!” King Boo ran away, eyes covered. While King Boo’s back was turned, Lemmy fired both wands at him. Both shots hit King Boo, who disappeared with a “poof”.

Lemmy ran over to his injured brother and helped him up. “Are you okay?” Lemmy asked.

“Yeah…,” said Larry. “Thanks again for saving me.”

“Oh, no problem… I’m always happy to help a brother… even if it’s Roy… Now let’s get outta here.”

The two Koopalings ventured through the tunnels, eventually finding their way out. Unfortunately, there was an unpleasant surprise waiting for them- Tatanga!

“Oh no!” said Lemmy. “Not you again!”

“Yes! Me again!” said Tatanga. “MHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! And now to pick up from where I left off yesterday!” Tatanga aimed his lasers toward the Koopalings. The lasers began to glow. The Koopalings backed up.

“C’mon Lemmy!” said Larry. “Think of something, ‘cause I have no ideas whatsoever.” Lemmy took out his Freeze Gun. “No! Not that!” Larry yelled. “You know that thing is still jammed!”

“Well it can’t hurt to try. FREEZE!!!” Lemmy pulled the trigger. Surprisingly (to Larry), the gun fired this time, freezing Tatanga’s entire ship solid. The ship fell and hit the ground hard, breaking the ice around the engines. Lemmy noticed this and froze the engines again. Larry just stared. “Uh… I stand corrected,” he said. “It’s works just fine!”

“Yep!” said Lemmy. “The ol’ girl’s working again! C’mon! We gotta see a midget about a Koopaling!”

The two Koopalings looked up at the mountains, of which they were not at the base of. “Soooo… how are we gonna find Fawful in this big place?” asked Lemmy.

“I’m not sure,” said Larry. Suddenly, he looked over and saw four Boos trying to sneak past them. “HEY!!!” he yelled. “Hold it right there!” The Boos stopped. Larry and Lemmy ran over to them. The Boos backed up a little bit, their eyes focused on the Koopalings’ wands.

“Listen!” said Larry. “Tell us where Fawful is, and maybe we won’t make things a little too bright for ya!”

The Boos shivered. “Okay okay!” said a Boo. “He’s in the caverns of that mountain!” The Boo pointed to the next to furthest mountain.

“Thanks!” said Lemmy. “Now get outta here!!!” The Boos ran away, as they never wanted to catch any more glimpses of the light ever again, in this case, especially from a Koopaling’s wand.

Later, the Koopalings reached the mountain. They stood in front of the cave entrance. “Well…” said Lemmy, “I guess this is it…”

“Uh-huh…” said Larry. “Let’s do this…” They walked into the cave.

They slowly made their way through the dark, damp tunnels. Though they were a little tired and weary, they wouldn’t rest until they finished Fawful. The cave seemed endless. Would they ever reach the top? And if they did, would they have enough to beat Fawful? They would find out soon enough. Both were silent as they walked down the various tunnels. The only sound heard was their footsteps. As they walked, they became more and more concerned about Bowser.

Lemmy finally spoke up. “You know,” he said, “I think Fawful was kinda stupid to not have any guards in this cave.” Larry just nodded without saying a word. They continued on.

So far so good, Larry thought. Nothing is gonna happen to us. We’re gonna find Fawful and finish him… and by finish him, I mean kill him!

Lemmy also had his own thoughts. If that idiot Fawful and whoever else he’s working with did anything to my dad, I’ll kill ‘em! Basically, both Koopalings had the same thoughts0 kill Fawful. Suddenly, their thoughts were broken up by a familiar voice.

“Stop right where you are!”

Larry and Lemmy froze. Then they slowly turned around to see Axem Rangers Yellow and Red running towards them! The Koopalings quickly took out their wands and aimed at the Axem Rangers. “How did you find us here?!” Lemmy yelled.

“We figured you’d be coming this way,” said Red, “since you forced me to tell you where Fawful was.”

“WHAT?!” Yellow yelled. “YOU TOLD THEM?!”

“W-w-w-well I-I-I-I-I…”


“As I was saying, you’ll pay for what you did to Pink, Green, and Black!”

Red and Yellow charged at the Koopalings, axes held high, while Larry and Lemmy retreated into their shells and darted at the Rangers. The Rangers jumped over the sliding shells. The Koopalings popped back out and blasted at the Rangers with their wands. The Rangers deflected the beams with their axes and disappeared. Yellow reappeared behind Lemmy, while Red appeared behind Larry. Larry and Lemmy saw the Rangers behind them, and before Red or Yellow could even swing their axes, Lemmy went flying headfirst into Red, tackling him, while Larry slammed into Yellow in the lower waist Yellow staggered back, his hands on his stomach. Red forced Lemmy off him, sending Lemmy stumbling backwards into Larry and knocking them both down. Larry and Lemmy were now sitting back to back. Red and Yellow walked up to them on either side (Lemmy facing Red, and Larry facing Yellow). “It’s curtains for you two!” said Red. “Your quest ends right here… right now! Say goodnight, Cheatsy and Hip!"

Okay, thought Larry, that was new. Red and Yellow raised their axes. Little did they know that the Koopalings had one more trick up their shells.

Just before the Rangers were about to bring their axes down onto the Koopalings, Larry and Lemmy suddenly lunged towards them in opposite directions, with Lemmy slamming into Red’s legs and Larry slamming into Yellow’s, tripping them both. Now Red and Yellow were lying on the ground facing each other, with Larry now behind Yellow and Lemmy behind Red. “Who’s it curtains for now?!” Lemmy mused.

“We truly hate to do this to you,” said Larry, “but you really do deserve it.”

As the Koopalings got their wands ready, all the Rangers could say was “Uh oh!” Larry and Lemmy fired simultaneously, hitting both of the Rangers, who now lay there- dead. “How do ya like that?” said Lemmy. “We terminated all the Axem Rangers.”

“Yeah… I just hope Smithy never finds out… C’mon, Lemmy.”

The Koopalings continued through the tunnel, leaving the now finished Axem Rangers behind. As they walked, they soon began to feel hungry. “Hey Larry,” said Lemmy. “How much fruit do we have left?”

“Who cares?” said Larry.

“I just feel like eating something right now.”

“Yeah, me too.”

The Koopalings, after grabbing some fruit from their shells, sat down and began eating. Unfortunately, their snack was interrupted again. Lemmy looked behind Larry to see another unpleasant surprise. “Um… Larry?” began Lemmy.

“Let me guess...” said Larry. “There’s something really bad behind me?” Lemmy nodded with a scared look to his face. Larry turn around, and there was King Boo, wearing sunglasses. “WHAT?!” Larry yelled. “HOW ARE YOU STILL ALIVE?!!”

“Because,” said King Boo, “ghosts… don’t… die!” Larry shivered. The very phrase made him feel uneasy. “And now that I have the ultimate protection against my biggest weakness,” continued King Boo, “I stall TERMINATE you! BLEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHE!!!”

“Uuuuuuhh… Nice try,” said Larry. “But that still won’t stop us!” Larry got up and blasted at King Boo with his wand. Though the beam hit him square in the face, nothing seemed to happen.

“Now that was just pathetic!” said King Boo.

“I don’t think so!” said Larry. King Boo laughed maniacally, until he realized that his sunglasses had broken in half. “WHAT?!” he cried. “OOOOOOH NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!” Larry and Lemmy both held up their wands. They began to glow brightly. “NNOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!” cried King Boo. “NOT AGAIN!!!” Larry and Lemmy blasted at him, and King Boo disappeared again.

“Wow… That was a waste of time,” said Lemmy.

“No kidding….”

After finishing their snack, they set off again. This time, they carried the wands in their hands. As they walked further, they began to hear voices, and started walking slower. They saw streaks of light coming from around the corner. They peeked around the corner to see a slightly open door. Larry slowly opened it a little more and peered through. Lemmy stood on Larry’s shell and also peered through, and there were Fawful, Cackletta, Bowser (who was wearing a blue cover over his head for some reason), and Bowser’s kidnapper (I won’t tell you who it is just yet, but you may’ve already guessed). Also, there was an incubator in the corner with something in it that glowed with a whitish-light blue color. There were also two prison cells, both of them holding an unconscious plumber.

“I gotta hand it to you, Fawful,” said Cackletta. “Your plan is working perfectly.”

“Yes, I know!” said Fawful. “And once my plan of masteriness is complete, I will have finished those Koopas of Stoopiness... and the Brothers of Marioness! AAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!”

“I don’t know,” said Bowser. “Those guys you hired didn’t look all the tough… especially that frog guy…”

“Oh, don’t be such a worm of worriness, Rookie!” said Fawful.

“… A worm of what?”

“Nevermind! ... But if they did fail, then we’ll just have to handle this ourselves.”

“Hey, sehyee?” said the kidnapper. “I got that feelin’, sehyee? It the feelin’ you bein’ watched, sehyee?”

“Oh great! Now I have two worm of worriness… see?!”

“Hey, sehyee?! Nobody disses me, sehyee?”

“Shut up, you two!” order Cackletta.

Larry and Lemmy were still at the door. Then things were about to get rough. Lemmy’s standing on Larry began to irritate him. “Lemmy…” Larry whispered.

“What?” whispered Lemmy.

“You’re getting kinda heavy…”

“But I only weigh 90 pounds…”

“Well, I can’t hold you… much… longer…” Larry finally lost his balance and fell onto the door. The door swung open, and the Koopalings fell onto the floor.

The others looked over and saw them. Fawful stared, then got a sinister look on his face. “Well well well… Look at what we have here!” The Koopalings got anime sweatdrops.

“Let me guess...” said Cackletta. “You’ve come to rescue your sister! Right?”

“Exactly!” said Larry.

“Dad!” said Lemmy. “You’re okay! ... Why are you wearing that thing on your head?”

“…Dad?” said Bowser (or should we call him Rookie now?). “What are you talking about?”

“… Huh?” said Lemmy. “What is this, Superstar Saga Revisited?! ... If that’s the case… then… YOU kidnapped him!” Lemmy pointed at the kidnapper, Popple!

“That’s right, sehyee?!” said Popple. “I kidnapped ‘em, sehyee?! Whatcha gonna do ‘bout it, sehyee?!”

“We’re gonna… um… well… We’re still thinking about that…”

The glowing object in the incubator suddenly spoke to the Koopalings. “Larryyyyyyyyyyyyy! Lemmyyyyyyyyyyy! Help meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!” it said in an echoing voice.

“Wendy?” said Larry.

“There!” said Lemmy, pointing at the incubator. “There’s her spirit!”

“Yes!” said Fawful. “And you’re not taking it! We’re going to kill you, Bowser, and the rest of your family of ugliness!”


“… Oh, you don’t go around insulting me that way! You shall pay for your use of offensiveness of your dialogue!”

“… We’ll pay for our what?”


“... Meep!”

“One question,” said Rookie. “Who’s Bowser?”

Fawful just stared at him. “Uuuuuhh… We’ll get to that later,” he said. “Now, how about you two finish these Koopas of Stoopiness? If you somehow fail to do so, then Rookie and I have a surprise of unpleasantness for them! AAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!”

“Hey!” yelled Cackletta. “You can’t tell me want to do! I have the authority!”

“But this is a plan of mineness!”

“… Good point…”

“You’re not laying a finger on us!” Larry yelled. The Koopalings charged at them, only to get burned by Rookie’s fire breath. Larry and Lemmy fell back, burnt up, but still okay. Cackletta grabbed Larry, while Popple grabbed Lemmy. Fawful walked up to them.

“Fools!” he said. “As I was saying earlier, once we capture all the spirits of your familiness, we shall destroy them all, and the Koopas will be no more! AAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Now go kill them!”

Cackletta and Popple dragged the Koopalings into two separate tunnels leading to two separate rooms. Fawful snickered as he watched them go. “Fools!” he said to Rookie. “They shouldn’t have interfered! ... But we still would have killed them anyway… it was all part of the plan of mineness!”

“Uuuuuuuh…” began Rookie. “I still want to know who Bowser is…” Fawful stared at him with a wrinkled brow. “What?” said Rookie.


Cackletta dragged Larry into the room, throwing him onto the floor once there. Larry sat up to see Cackletta aiming a machine gun at him! Larry just stared. “Um… Where’d you get that… No wait, let me guess… you know a guy?”

“Yes,” said Cackletta. “Now SHUT UP!!!”

“Um… Don’t I get a last request?”

“I said SHUT UP!!!” Cackletta jabbed the gun into Larry’s nose. “Now give me a second to load!”

This was Larry’s chance to save himself. As Cackletta loaded the gun, Larry shot up and kicked her in the face. Cackletta stumbled back, dropping her gun. She gave Larry an angry look and picked up her gun. “Something tells me you want to do this the hard way.”

“It’s better than no way!” said Larry, aiming his wand at her.

“Last chance, Turtle Boy!” said Cackletta. “Give up now and I promise to kill you quickly!”

“Go suck a lemon!”

“… Okay then… Prepare to fight!”

“Bring it!” said Larry.

Immediately, Cackletta shot at Larry, who retreated into his shell and began bouncing around the room. “Hold still, you idiot!” yelled Cackletta. She continued firing at the bouncing shell, stopping only to reload her gun. Larry took this opportunity to pop out and blast at Cackletta. She reloaded her gun very quickly, giving Larry enough time for only one shot. Cackletta fired another round at Larry, who again retreated into his shell. Cackletta was too angry to think about Larry’s bulletproof shell, and just kept shooting at him until she had to reload again. Larry again popped out and blasted at her, but missed again. Three more rounds of bullets and three more wand blasts followed until Cackletta finally ran out of bullets.

Larry popped back out. He saw Cackletta staring at the gun, dropping it. Then she looked at Larry. Larry slightly grinned. Ha HA! he thought. I think I have this battle won. Unfortunately, he thought too soon. Cackletta wasn’t done yet.

She grinned at Larry sinisterly. Larry’s own grin narrowed to a frown. Cackletta then drew out a large knife and suddenly charged at Larry, who blasted at her. Cackletta ducked to avoid the beam, while still charging. She tackled Larry, knocking his wand out of his hands. She tried to jab the knife into Larry’s neck, but Larry grabbed her arm, trying to force the knife back. “Fool!” said Cackletta coldly. “You and your pathetic brother really should’ve just minded your own business!”

“This is our business!” snapped Larry, still holding her arm. “And we’re not gonna let you destroy us! You’re the ones who are gonna be destroyed!”

“You wish! BWHAHAHAHAHA!!!”

The knife began to get closer and closer to Larry’s neck. “Say goodnight, Cheatsy!” said Cackletta. Unfortunately for her, she shouldn’t have said that. The very phrase filled Larry with anger. He became so angry he threw Cackletta off. Larry shot up and blasted at her hand. Cackletta winced in pain and clutched her hand, dropping the knife. Larry jumped towards her. He grabbed onto her chest and began punching her in the face wildly, leaving Cackletta no time to defend herself. Larry jumped behind her and kicked her hard in the back. Cackletta stumbled forward. She whipped around to face Larry, just in time the get blasted five times in a row in the chest by him. Cackletta felt onto her back. She lay there motionless.

Larry examined her. Did I just kill Cackletta? he thought. Unbelievable! Wait until Lemmy hears this… LEMMY!!! Is he okay?! Worried about his brother, Larry looked around for another way out of the room (going back the way he came would only lead him back to Fawful and Rookie). He saw a small door in the corner. He hastily opened it and ran off to find his brother.


The fight between Lemmy and Popple had already ensued. Lemmy was badly bruised, as Popple had thrown several hammers at him, most of which were direct hits. Lemmy was jumping around the room while avoiding the beams from Popple’s laser gun (he knew a guy). As he did so, he returned fire from his wand. “All right, sehyee?!” said Popple as he shot at Lemmy. “Ya better hold still, sehyee?! Or I’ll blast ya to pieces, sehyee?”

“Why do you talk like that?” Lemmy taunted, still jumping around. “That really gets annoying!”

“Now listen here, sehyee?! You don’t make fun of the way I talk, sehyee?!”


Lemmy blasted at Popple wildly. Popple’s dialogue was really getting to him. Popple shot back at Lemmy in a wild manner, fed up with Lemmy’s taunting. Popple fired again and again and again until he finally shot Lemmy’s hand. “OOOOOOOOOOOWWW!!!” screamed Lemmy. He dropped his wand, clutching his hand in pain. Popple smirked evilly. Lemmy reached for his wand, only to see it get kicked away by Popple. Lemmy was still clutching his hand. Popple shoved him, and Lemmy fell onto his shell.

Popple stood over him and aimed his laser gun at him. “Now you’re dead, sehyee?!” Lemmy thought it was over for himself. If he died, it would all be up to Larry. Just then, Lemmy remembered something.

He took out his Freeze Gun and aimed it at Popple. “FREEZE!!!” he yelled. He pulled the trigger, but nothing happened. The gun had jammed again! I hate this thing! thought Lemmy. He dropped the gun, knowing that it wouldn’t save his life.

“Now that was pathetic, sehyee?!” said Popple. Lemmy just stood there and stared at Popple’s gun. The tip of it started to glow. Lemmy shut his eyes. Then, just when all seemed lost, Larry busted through a small door in the corner! He aimed his wand at Popple.

“Back away from him!” said Larry angrily. Popple then took aim at Larry, giving Lemmy the opportunity to sneak away from Popple and grab his wand. Larry grinned, snickering a little bit.

“What are you laughin’ about, sehyee?!” asked Popple.

“You might wanna watch your back,” Larry said. Popple turned around to see Lemmy, his wand aimed at him. Popple was about to fire at Lemmy, but Larry blasted at his arm while his back was turned.

“YEEEEEEEOOOOOOOWWWW, SEHYEE?!” cried Popple. He dropped his laser and grabbed his arm. Larry blasted at the laser, blowing it up! Popple stared at his gun. It was in pieces. Then he looked at Larry, and then Lemmy. Both of their wands were glowing. “Now this just ain’t fair, sehyee!?”

“Too bad!” said Larry.

“Hey Larry!” said Lemmy. “Before we blast him, let’s beat him up! He deserves it for kidnapping Dad!”

“Yes! Let’s!” said Larry.

They put their wands back in their shells and pounded their fists together, making Popple feel uneasy. “Uuuuhh… Can’t we just talk about this? ... Sehyee?” he asked nervously.

“Let me think about it… NO!!!” said Lemmy. Larry and Lemmy charged at Popple from both directions, headbutting him in the back and the stomach. Popple staggered, and Larry began punching him in the face. Larry kicked him in the stomach, then turned him around, allowing Lemmy to charge at him and slide-kick him. Popple cried in pain. Larry let go of him and turned him back around, his fist meeting Popple’s face. Popple staggered again, and Larry tripped him. Popple fell onto his stomach. “DOGPILE!!!” yelled Lemmy. Popple then felt ninety-five pounds drop onto his back. Then he felt another one-hundred and four pounds drop on him. The Koopalings got back off of him.

Popple just lay there, wincing in pain. He looked up at the Koopalings, their wands now in their hands. “G-g-guys,” he said. “H-have m-m-m-mercy… S-s-s-sehyee?”

“Sorry, Popple,” said Larry, “but you did this to our dad twice already, and we’re not gonna let you do it again.”

“Or anything else for that matter,” added Lemmy.

Popple, knowing that there was no hope for him, simply shut his eyes as the Koopalings blasted him simultaneously.

The Koopalings walked back into the room where the Marios were locked up, but they were now awake, Fawful and Rookie were nowhere to be seen, and the incubator was gone

“I was wondering where you guys were,” said Mario.

“Well,” said Larry, “Cackletta and Popple are finished. Now we just need to find and finish Fawful and snap Dad out of acting look Rookie.

“Where are they anyway?” asked Lemmy.

“We’re not so sure,” said Luigi. “But they left you a note… right there.”

Luigi pointed at a note taped to the wall. Lemmy took it down and read it.

“Dear Koopas of Stoopiness,” Lemmy read. “In case you two ended up beating Cackletta and Popple, come up top and see us… if you dare! We want to discuss something with you! Hurry, or you’ll never get your spirit of Wendy O Koopaness… not that you ever will! HAHAHA!!! PS: Follow the arrows of directioness.”

“And this one isn’t signed,” said Larry. “Not like we don’t know who wrote it.”

“Well Larry… it’s almost our time to shine.”

“Yeah… Let’s do it… Let’s do it for Wendy.”

“We wish you two luck,” said Mario.

Larry and Lemmy were shocked. Were the Mario Bros. actually wishing them luck?

“Oh… Thanks…” said Larry.

The two Koopalings walked into a tunnel with a red arrow taped to the wall, pointing into it. They followed the next arrows leading into the dark tunnels. Later, they reached the end of the tunnel. They walked out to find themselves on a huge, rocky ledge high in the mountains. There Fawful and Rookie were waiting. The incubator was off to the side. Fawful spoke coldly to the Koopalings. “So,” he said, “you did manage to beat Cackletta and Popple after all!”

“Yep!” said Lemmy. “Now hand the spirit over!”

“Not so fast!” snapped Fawful. “You Koopas of Stoopiness have caused me enough trouble already! Now I will make sure that you are destined for a demise of painfulness! AAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!”

“And just what makes you think you can kill us?” Larry asked indignantly.

“Because I HAVE FURY!!!”

“… Well anyway,” continued Larrym “your ‘Rookie’ will come to his senses sooner or later. He’ll realize who we are!”

“As IF that will ever happen! AAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHA!!!”

“Uh… Master Fawful?” said Rookie.

“WHAT?!” said Fawful. “Don’t interrupt my moments of evilness!”

“Sorry, but you never told me who Bowser is.”

Fawful became annoyed. “Okay!” he yelled. “You’re Bowser!”

“… Huh!”

“You heard me! You’re Bowser Koopa, and you are gonna help me take care of these fools! ... Oops! ... Why did I just tell him that?”

“Uh, Fawful?” said Lemmy. “That is probably the dumbest thing you’ve ever done in your life!”

“HEY!!! I DIDN’T ASK FOR AN OPINOIN OF YOURNESS!!!” Fawful yelled. Then he turned to Rookie (or maybe I should call him Bowser again). “As for you!” he said. “Fuse with me!” Bowser looked at Fawful, then looked at the Koopalings. “No!” he said.

Fawful stared at him. “What did you say?” he asked.

“I said NO!!!” Bowser bellowed. “I am King Bowser Koopa! Those are my sons! You can’t control me, and I’m NOT going to kill my own sons!”

“See?” said Larry. ‘I told you he’d come to his senses!”

“Who cares?” said Fawful. “You’re fusing with me whether you like it or not!”

Fawful grabbed Bowser’s arm and held up a large gem. The gem glowed, and before Bowser could do anything, he and Fawful were already fusing together. Larry and Lemmy watched, their jaws dropped, as Fawful and Bowser fused together to become Fawser, Bowser with a red cape and skin as green as Fawful’s! Fawful’s brain somehow dominated Bowser's. Fawser spoke to the Koopalings in a booming voice. “PREPARE TO DIE!!!” he bellowed.

Larry and Lemmy had their wands ready, hoping it was enough to beat him. However they were not so sure if it was. “Now is our moment to shine,” said Lemmy.

“Uh-huh,” Larry replied.


Fawser suddenly began spitting fireballs at the Koopalings, who jumped out of the way. Lemmy began blasting at him, jumping out of the way to avoid fireballs, while Larry ran around and behind Fawser to grab his tail and paralyze him. The problem was, Fawser had no tail! Fawser knocked Lemmy back, then turned to face Larry. Larry blasted at him, but the beam just bounced off of Fawser’s chest! Fawser laughed maniacally, then grabbed Larry and threw him into a big rock. Larry rubbed the back of his head. Okay, he thought, so the wands won’t work. Oh well.

Fawser charged at Lemmy, who jumped out of the way. Fawser stopped and breathed fire in Lemmy’s general direction. Lemmy jumped again. Larry jumped up after recovering from the hit and charged at Fawser, who turned just in time to get jump-kicked in the face by Larry. Fawser staggered back a little, but charged at Larry. Fawser began spitting fireballs at Larry, who retreated into his shell and began bouncing around as the fireballs bounced off his shell. Lemmy jumped up and ran towards Fawser. He jumped onto Fawser’s shell and bashed him in the head several times with his wand. Fawser threw Lemmy off and then stomped a few times. The huge ledge shook a bit. Larry’s shell jiggled as the ledge shook. Larry popped out and lay on the ground, dizzy from the mini-earthquake.

Lemmy got back up and ran towards Fawser, who was about to breathe fire at Lemmy’s shaken brother. Just as Fawser was inhaling, he was jump-kicked in the side of the head by Lemmy. Fawser staggered. Larry quickly got up and punched Fawser in the stomach. Fawser kicked Larry in the face, sending Larry flying onto his shell. Larry slowly got back up, blood streaming from a cut on his left cheek. Fawser walked over to him, only to get kicked by Lemmy again. Fawser turned to Lemmy and punched him back. Lemmy went sliding on his shell, straight into a rock. Fawser then picked up Larry and threw him into the same rock, knocking him out. Lemmy, rubbed his head, then charged at Fawser, who easily grabbed him and threw him into the incubator, causing it to fall over towards the edge. The incubator hit the ground and broke, causing Wendy's now loose spirit to fall towards the edge. Lemmy jumped and caught her. Spirit Wendy looked up at Lemmy, a smile on her face.

“Lemmy,” she said. “You guys are the best brothers I could ever have.” Lemmy smiled too.

Unfortunately, the moment was interrupted by Fawser, who now stood over Lemmy! Lemmy got an anime sweatdrop. “Nice catch!” said Fawser. “Unfortunately for you, it won’t pay off! Face it! You and your brother of patheticness have failed! I shall triumph over your little souls of patheticness! Then I shall triumph over the souls of patheticness of your family of patheticness! The Koopas will be no more! And I shall triumph over the Brothers of Marioness as well! BWAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!” Fawser backed Lemmy and Spirit Wendy to the very edge!

Larry was just waking up. He saw Lemmy holding Spirit Wendy and standing on the edge.

Lemmy wasn’t so sure if there would be a miracle this time. It looked so much like it was the end for him. Then he suddenly remembered something. He saw Larry staggering towards Fawser. “Larry!” he called. “Your tennis racket!”

Fawser looked back at Larry. Larry didn’t know what Lemmy wanted with his racket, but got it out anyway. Seeing the racket, Fawser laughed. “You actually think you can defeat me with that?!” he taunted. “I shall make quick work of you! BWAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!” Fawser charged towards Larry.

Lemmy quickly took out his last grenade and threw it towards them. It flew over Fawser’s head and headed towards Larry. Larry, now getting Lemmy’s message, volleyed the grenade at Fawser, exploding in his face! “AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRGH!!!” cried Fawser.

The explosion caused Fawful and Bowser to separate. Fawful lay there on the ground, scorched, but still alive, as was Bowser. Fawful looked up to see Larry and Lemmy standing over him. Fawful gulped.

“Let’s finish this!” said Lemmy. Larry nodded in agreement. They picked up Fawful by the arms, carried him over to the edge, and held him over the edge.

“Fawful,” began Larry, “as an enemy of the Koopa Troop, and for killing our sister, we have no choice but to execute you.”

“WHAT?!” screamed Fawful. “NO! YOU CAN’T DO THIS TO ME!!!”

“Give us one good reason why we shouldn’t!”

“Because I HAVE FURY!!!”

“… That was stupid! ... Larry, was that even in the script?”

“Uh… yeah.”

“Just checking! As I was saying, this is for the good of the Mushroom World  and…did I just say that? ... OOOOOOHHHH FORGET IT!!! Byebye!”

Larry and Lemmy released Fawful, who grabbed onto the ledge with one hand to avoid falling. “He just doesn’t know when to quit, does he?” said Larry.

“Nope!” said Lemmy. “Woah! Since when did Fawful have hands?”

“Of course I have hands! I just keep them hidden under my cape!”

“Oh… oh well.” Lemmy bent down and began plucking Fawful’s fingers off the ledge. “This little Koopa went to the market, this little Koopa stayed home, this little Koopa ate a roast beet…” Before Lemmy could finish, Fawful was already falling to his doom.

“NNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!” screamed Fawful, his voice getting softer as he fell further from the ledge.

“Well whaddaya know?” Lemmy mused. “I ran out of Koopas!”

Larry and Lemmy laughed. Then they went over to their father, lying on his back breathing heavily. The Koopalings and Koopaling spirit stared at their dad. Bowser finally sat up. He looked at his sons and spirit daughter.

“Dad,” began Larry. “Are you okay?”

“I think so,” said Bowser, rubbing his head.

“Sorry about the grenade,” said Lemmy.

“Don’t worry about it. You did what you had to do… Thank you.”

“Yeah!” chimed in Spirit Wendy. “Thank you very much!”

“Group hug?” asked Lemmy. The others looked at him.

“Oh why not?” said Bowser. “Group hug!”

They all hugged. Then Lemmy remembered something.

A flashback started.

“We’re gonna help them,” said Mario.

“Oh really? Well that’s good… Maybe one day they can return the favor,” said Peach.

The flashback ended.

“Dad, could you excuse Larry and I for a second?”

“Sure,” said Bowser, “I guess…”

Larry and Lemmy walked about ten feet away from Bowser and Spirit Wendy. “Lemmy, what’s the matter?” Larry whispered.

“Larry,” said Lemmy, “don’t you remember when Princess Peach was talking about us returning the favor for the Mario Bros?

“Um… yes.”

“And you remember that the Marios are locked up, right?”


“Well, letting them out would count as returning the favor, since Fawful was planning to kill them too. But the thing is, will Dad let us?”

“Well… let’s just tell him and hope he doesn’t yell.”

Larry and Lemmy walked back over to Bowser. “Um… Dad?” Lemmy said.

“Yes?” said Bowser.

“Um… We have something to tell you.”

“What is it?”

Larry and Lemmy began telling them that the Mario Bros. had indeed helped them out a little bit, that Princess Peach wanted them to return the favor, and that the Mario Bros. were still locked up. Bowser looked at them for a second. Then he spoke up.

“You can return the favor if you want,” he said. “The Mario Bros. never really had anything to do with this whole destroy-the-Koopas thing.”

Larry and Lemmy wiped their foreheads in relief. Later, they went back to the Marios’ prison cells. “Oh! You beat him!” said Mario.

“Now could you please get us out of here?” asked Luigi.

“Well sure,” said Lemmy. “But where’s the key?”

“We’re not sure if there even is a key… We were knocked out before they threw us in here.”

Larry looked over and saw a speaker in the wall next to Luigi’s cell. There was one next to Mario’s cell, too. Larry walked up to it. “Guys,” he said, “something tells me that the key is actually a password.”

Lemmy looked at the speaker. “Uuuuuuuuuuuuuh…” he said. "End transmission?” The cell opened up, and Luigi walked out. “Woah!” said Lemmy. “Well that was easy.”

Lemmy walked over to the other cell and said the same password, and Mario’s cell opened up. Mario walked out. “Mamamia!” said Mario. “I’m glad to be out of there… Oh yeah… Thank you.”

“Me too,” and Luigi. “Thank you.”

Larry and Lemmy looked at each other. They had just been thanked by, of all people, the Mario Bros. “Come on,” said Mario. “Let’s go home.” Mario and Luigi walked out of the room back into the tunnels.

Bowser looked at the two Koopalings. “Larry, Lemmy,” he said, “when we get home, I’m gonna make sure that you two are honored for your bravery.” Larry and Lemmy looked at each other, smiling. Then they followed the Marios out.

When they were finally out of the cave, a full moon shown. “Well,” said Larry, “let’s go… We've got a looooooooong walk home.”

“Walk?!” said Mario. “Why walk... when we can fly!”

Mario and Luigi took out five Cape Feathers. They took two and became Cape Mario and Luigi. “Um…” said Lemmy. “In case you forgot, Cape Feathers don’t work on Koopas!”

“Come on, Mister Game Expert!” said Larry. “Don’t you remember the Super Koopas from Super Mario World?”

“… Oh yeah.”

Larry, Lemmy, and Bowser each took a Cape Feather. Surprisingly to them, they became Cape Larry, Cape Lemmy, and Cape Bowser (Spirit Wendy couldn’t wear a cape). “If the Mushroom Kingdom sees us like this,” said Bowser, “we’ll never be able to show our faces again!”

“Relax,” said Mario. “You guys can take a detour around the Mushroom Kingdom instead of through it if you want.”

“Sound’s good to me!”

“Oh, and promise us you won’t use the capes to your advantage in the future,” said Luigi.

“Ooooooohh… Okay!” said Bowser.

With that, they flew off, with Spirit Wendy riding on Bowser’s shell. Later, they reached the Mushroom Kingdom, where the group parted, with the Mario Bros. flying down to Peach’s castle to greet her and the Koopas continuing around the Mushroom Kingdom.


Iggy was looking out the window of his room at Koopa Castle. Ludwig walked in, his hair sticking out in all directions after yet another invention had blown up. Iggy looked back. “Oh… Hey Ludwig.”

“Still vorried about Larry and Lemmy, huh?”

“Yeah…” Iggy kept staring at the moon. Ludwig could see his brother was uneasy. Ever since Larry and Lemmy left, they had been all he was thinking about, especially Lemmy.

Ludwig put his arm around Iggy’s shoulder. “Don’t vorry, dear brother,” said Ludwig. “I’m sure they’ll be okay… In fact, they could be on their way back right now.”

Iggy just continued staring out the window. Then something caught his eye. He saw three figures flying in the moonlight towards the castle. “Huh!” said Iggy. “Is that… Where are my binoculars?!” Iggy ran to the closet and slipped on a ball. He mumbled something, then shot back up. He flung the closet open and rummaged through, eventually finding his binoculars. He ran back to the window and put the binoculars to his glasses. The figures were just shadows at first, but as they got closer, Iggy recognized them as Larry, Lemmy, and Bowser, all flying to the castle in capes!


“THEY'RE BACK?!” asked Ludwig.

“LOOK!!!” cried Iggy. Ludwig hastily took the binoculars and looked out the window.

“IT IS THEM!!!” he cried. Iggy and Ludwig charged out of the room to wake up everybody else.


Larry, Lemmy, Bowser, and Spirit Wendy landed just outside the castle. They threw the capes off and ran to the castle door. Before any of them could even get their hands on the door, it was opened by-

“IGGY!!!” Lemmy screamed.

“LEMMY!!!” The two “twins” ran towards each other and squeeze-hugged.

Clawdia, the rest of the Koopalings, Karma, and Kamek came out seconds later. Larry was so happy to be home he just ran to a random sibling and hugged him. That Koopalings happened to be Roy, who surprisingly returned the hug, and Kamek joined in. Even Bowser Jr. hugged Larry. Morton tried to hug Spirit Wendy, but went through her and hit the ground. Bowser walked up to Clawdia, who joked with him. “Don’t ever leave me like that again!” she said. Then the two embraced, and began hugging others. Bowser was so happy he didn’t care who he hugged, even if it was Karma (whom he did indeed hug). After all this, they all engaged in a big family hug.

“Larry?” said Ludwig.


“You’ll never believe who took care of your plants.”

“Well, who did?”


Larry’s jaws dropped to the ground. He looked at Roy, who smiled innocently. “I just wanted ta show youse dat I can be a plant lover if I want to,” said Roy.

“He’s telling ze truth, by ze way,” said Ludwig.

Larry was speechless, so he simply gave Roy a look that said “Thank you”.

They all looked over at Spirit Wendy, was very eager to get back into her body. “Don’t worry, Wendy,” said Bowser. “We’ll have you back in your body soon… your body? ... AAAHH! YOUR BODY!!! WE HAVE TO DIG IT UP!!!”

Everyone rushed to the garden and Wendy’s gravestone. They hastily dug, only to find that all that was left of Wendy’s body was the skeleton! They all just stared at the skeleton. “Oh nooooooooooo!” cried Spirit Wendy. She sat there and cried loudly. The others looked at her sadly. It seemed like Wendy would just have to get used to being a ghost. Suddenly, a thought came to Kamek’s head.

“Wait a minute!” he said. “We may just be able to reunite you with your body after all!”

“What?!” Spirit Wendy yelled. “What are you talking about?! I don’t wanna be a Dry Bones!”

“You won’t have to!” said Kamek. “Can someone go get a big sack?”

“I’ll do it,” said Iggy. He ran into the castle. Later, he came back with a large sack (hey, that rhymed). They put Wendy’s bones in the sack and headed inside.

Everybody was in Kamek’s room, watching anxiously as Kamek stirred three magic potions together in his cauldron. He was trying to make a magic potion that would put Wendy’s body back together. Kamek walked over and grabbed another potion. This time, he had to add precisely one drop. He carefully tipped the vile over, being careful not to add too many drops. Unfortunately, Karma grew impatient.

“How long will this take?” asked Karma.

“Karma,” said Kamek, “I strongly advise you not to talk.” Losing his concentration, Kamek accidentally added one drop too many. The cauldron exploded, leaving everyone in the room scorched. Kamek got back up, a little dazed. Then he spoke sternly to Karma. “Very impressive, Karma,” he said. “Now I have to start all over again!”

Everyone looked at Karma. “Well how was I to know that asking a simple question would be so much trouble?” she asked innocently. Kamek tried again, this time with another cauldron. Karma had duck tape over her mouth. I thought this was only supposed to happen to Morton, Karma thought.

Kamek began adding potions again. When Kamek got to the potion where he had to add only one drop, Bowser looked at Karma. Karma shrugged, with a look on her face that said “What makes you think I can talk with this thing on my mouth?!” Kamek successfully added the one drop and continued stirring. Finally, the potion was ready.

“Okay, Iggy,” Kamek said, “pour the bones into the mixture.”

Iggy did so. Spirit Wendy looked on nervously. After a few more minutes of stirring, Kamek reached his arms into the cauldron and pulled out Wendy’s body.

Spirit Wendy grinned widely. She went over to her body. Then she turned to Kamek. “Kamek,” she said, “you are a genius. Thank you.”

I thought I was the genius! thought Ludwig. Oh well.

Before going back into her body, Spirit Wendy went over to Larry and Lemmy. “Guys,” she said to them, “I just want you to know that if it weren’t for you, I wouldn’t even be here… and we’d all be dead. So… thank you very much.”

“No problem,” Larry said. “We’re always willing to help a broth… I mean, sister.” Lemmy nodded in agreement.

Spirit Wendy went back over to her body and went into the chest. Everybody stared anxiously. Moments later, Wendy woke up. She looked around, then she looked at herself. She was back in her body- alive! “I’m… alive!” she said. “I’M ALIVE!!!”

“Yes,” said Bowser. “You’re alive, thanks to Larry and Lemmy.” Wendy got up, and walked straight over to her second youngest and second oldest brothers and hugged them both, her brothers returning the hug.

“Mmmllllccm mmmakk mmmmnnndy,” said Karma.

“You can take that off now,” said Bowser. Karma yanked the tape off.

“Ouch! ... I said welcome back, Wendy!” said Karma.

“And now for a real group hug!” chimed in Bowser Junior. And they all did.

The next day, Bowser organized a welcome home celebration for Larry, Lemmy, Wendy, and himself. Everyone, including Kammy, the Koopa Troop, and the whole Mushroom World (not Mushroom Kingdom) was there. Later in the party, Bowser was about to make sure Larry and Lemmy were honored for their bravery.

“And so,” said Bowser, “gor their bravery in rescuing both me and Wendy, I am proud to award these Medals of Honor to my sons, Prince Larry ‘Cheatsy’ Koopa, and Prince Lemmy ‘Hip’ Koopa.” The crowd applauded as Bowser placed the medals around his sons’ necks. Larry and Lemmy were both speechless, but happy.

“And,” continued Bowser, “I would also like to welcome back my daughter, dead for a few days, and brought back to life, Princess Wendy Ocean Koopa.” The crowd applauded again as Wendy waved. “Wendy,” said Bowser, “do you have anything more to say?”

“Well…” Wendy began, “I… I’m just… too happy to say much… My… my brothers just saved my life… and the entire Koopa Troop at that… and… I’ll… I’ll…” Tears started to come from her eyes. “I’ll… never forget this… I just can’t thank them enough.” Wendy ran over to Larry and Lemmy and hugged them again. Her brothers returned the hug, tears coming from their eyes as well. The crowd applauded again, this time even louder, and their eyes were also tearing a little bit, as were those of Clawdia, Kamek, and rest of the Koopalings and Karma.

Later that evening, after the party, Larry and Lemmy were playing Mario Kart Double Dash (the Shroom Bridge track), with their newly revived sister watching (she had decided to spend the rest of the day with them, instead of looking at herself in the mirror), along with Iggy. Morton and Roy walked into the room. “Hello guys!” said Morton. Lemmy was startled, and while driving on top of the bridge, he fell off.

“Aww man,” said Lemmy. He paused the game and turned to them. “Oh… Hey guys,” he said.

“You got mail,” said Roy. He walked over and handed him a letter. Then he and Morton walked away.

“Hey!” said Lemmy. “It’s from Princess Peach!” Larry got up. Lemmy opened the letter and read it in Peach’s voice. “Dear Larry and Lemmy,” he read. “Mario and Luigi told me about all that happened. I understand that you two rescued them from Fawful. And what’s more, I heard you defeated him along with Cackletta and Popple. Something tells me that’s the last anybody will ever see of him. So I just wanted to say… thank you. You have returned the favor nicely. With loads of thanks, Princess Toadstool… Peach.”

“Finally!” said Larry. “We got a message that is signed!” They all laughed. Then they went back to playing.

Within weeks, Wendy was back to her old self, gazing at the mirror. However, as she said, she never forgot about her brothers and their saving her life. Meanwhile, Wart had spent all this time in Princess Peach’s dungeon, and Nick had been found and taken to the hospital. The Axem Rangers were finished. King Boo still lurked, but wasn’t active just yet. No one new what had become of the Wario Bros. or Tatanga. All that mattered for the Koopas was that Fawful, Cackletta, and Popple were finished, Wendy was alive again, and the Koopa Troop was safe again… well… as long as Smithy never found out that the Axem Rangers were dead…

One day, Lemmy decided to test his Freeze Gun again on a random ball. Surprisingly, the ball froze solid. “Oh… Now it works,” said Lemmy.

The End

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