Koopa Hearts

By Denny W. Koopa

Chapter 2: A Not-So-Merry Unbirthday

Travel on the Gummi Ship went pretty well. We all sat at the table and discussed our goals. First of all, we would look for Susan and Nick. We’d ask anyone in the world if they had seen Nick and Susan. We couldn’t go back without them. King Dad wouldn’t believe our “ground swallowed us up” theory no matter how unbelievably true it was. We also had to help save the universe from being covered with darkness, by sealing the keyholes in each land, to stop the Heartless creatures from entering and stealing everyone’s hearts.

We saw a planet. From the outside, it looked just like a forest on one side, then, a courtyard on the other side. We landed right at a park. We walked out one by one. It was a pretty nice day. “I wonder what world we’re in,” Ludwig said.

All of a sudden, a rabbit popped out of nowhere. “I’m late! I’m late! For a very important date!” he yelled in a melodic way as he ran into a hole. Iggy shrugged, and crawled in after. We all followed. Perhaps he would know where Susan was. She was into dates.

Of course, knowing our luck, it went on for minutes. The landing didn’t hurt me. I wish I could say the same for Iggy. First one down gets the rest of the group on top of them. The walls and floor were pink, and clocks were everywhere. “Of course, of all the places we go to, it has to be the girliest one,” Roy grunted. Wendy seemed to love it however.

“Come on! We gotta Keyhole to find!” Donald shouted. We all followed.

We opened up the door to find a square room. There was a tiny door on the other side. Its handle seemed to be sleeping. “Wake up, sleepyhead,” Goofy said, touching the doorknob. There was a moment of silence.

“He said wake up, moron!” Roy shouted, kickingd at the wall.

The doorknob woke up easily. “Take it easy. Now where are you going?” He yawned.

“Well, we have to follow that rabbit. I think he knows where our cousins are,” I explained.

“So open up!” Wendy shouted.

“Are you kidding?” the doorknob spat back. “You need to get smaller… ZZZZZZZZzzzzzzz…” He went back to sleep. We all looked at each other, all 8 of us- Wait, 8? Where was Morton?

We looked over near the back of the room, where a table was sitting with two drinks on it. Morton took a sip, then we watched as he shrunk down. I drank some and shrunk, then Roy. “Give me some of that stuff!” Larry shouted as he took a sip.

“No! ME!” Wendy shouted. Larry shrunk, but the glass went flying as Wendy let go, and the drink spilled all over the place.

“Now what do we do?” Ludwig angrily shouted. Goofy just got on the ground and licked some of it up. Donald did the same.

“There is no way I’m drinking off the floor! Who knows what could’ve been there!” Wendy whined.

“Fine, then stay!” Donald shouted. The door was still half asleep, so we ran into a mouse hole next to it.

We were wandering through a forest. Yeah, we weren’t doing so well. We all decided to take a breather and sit on a log we found. All of a sudden, these two fat, egg-like people came. “Hey, have you seen a rabbit go by?” Larry asked.

“Yes, he went that way, and he was rather RUDE!” one of them sternly said.

“Okay, thanks!” I gladly said, and started to get up.

“WAIT! We didn’t get to introduce ourselves,” the other one shouted. I could hear Roy and Donald groaning in the background. They’re pretty much alike, except Roy’s stronger.

“I’m Tweedle Dee,” one said.

“And I’m Tweedle Dum!” the other one said, much like Iggy and I used to do.

“More like Tweedle Dumb and Tweedle Dumber,” I whispered into Larry and Goofy’s ears. They cracked up and went on the floor laughing.

“Secrets aren’t nice!” Tweedle Dum retorted. “Now we have a story we want to share with you.” We all groaned at that. Except for Morton.

“Oooh! Stories! I like stories! I have a story too! I’ll share it after you do! So who are the characters? What are the plots? Where does it take place? What year?” Morton started his endless seas of questions. We all quietly crawled into the bushes and left Morton behind. We continued deeper into the forest.

We sadly got lost again. There were talking flowers everywhere. Larry was in his fantasy. “These guys are even better then my Piranha Plants!” he exclaimed. I could smell smoke. I followed it. Hopefully, this guy responsible for it had seen the rabbit. I ran up a mushroom path to find it was a caterpillar. Roy was so exited and wanted to squish it. Donald and goofy held him back however.

“Who are you?!” the caterpillar scolded, his smoke spelling out the words. I coughed. Larry was taken back by surprise, and fell backwards into Goofy. Roy got free and then charged into the caterpillar. His blood was orange….

We just continued through the flower fields when we saw a purple cat. We only saw his face at first. “Hey, could you help us out?” I asked. “We’re looking for a rabbit.”

“He went that way, on the opposite way of opposite day if opposite ever was.” He grimly smiled, his tail curling every which way.

“EXACT directions,” Roy ordered. The cat just simply disappeared into the darkness.

“That was random…” Goofy observed.

“No duh!” Larry spat back. He went on ahead, and we followed.

We ended up at what looked to be a heart-shaped arch. “You think it’s safe?” Goofy nervously asked. But Larry and Roy charged right in. I shrugged and followed.

It was a huge maze. I’m surprised we didn’t get lost. There were card soldiers everywhere, painting the roses red. “Umm, excuse me, have you seen a rabbit?” I asked.

“Yes, he went to see the queen. He went that way!” one pointed out. We walked in the direction he pointed us, well, ran, because one got angry with Roy for calling him an Old Maid.

The queen appeared to be playing a game of Croquet with flamingoes as the mallets. Her opponent was a small girl with a blue skirt. You know, sometimes, Disney can be more random then Mario. We started to argue over where the rabbit could be, when a soldier told us to be quiet, as the queen didn’t take things very kindly. When she was putting, I saw one of the little Heartless appear, and pus her down. Larry, Roy, and I laughed instantly.

“WHO DID THIS?!” the queen scolded. Her face was as red as the roses on the trees. She was also very chubby, but I wouldn’t say that to her face. She looked around. The only one in back of her was the little girl. “I ORDER A TRIAL!” she yelled, and the cards skidded around and formed a grandstand. The queen sat in the middle. The king was tiny, smaller then me, even, and then we saw the rabbit come rushing in. Apparently, he was the judge.

What was the crime? The girl, her name was Alice as we found out, was charged with cheating in the game. The outcome? The queen ordered that she was guilty. The sentence? Not jail, just “OFF WITH HER HEAD!”

“I object!” Donald shouted out. “She didn’t do it!”

The queen stared down at us. “Then WHO did?” she asked.

“The Heartless!” Larry explained. “They just popped up at the ground and tried to attack you.”

“You will need evidence. I will give you an hour, then you must come back,” the rabbit told us. We rushed out quickly.

“How in the world do we get the Heartless?” Larry asked.

“Why don’t we try to suck them up, like with a vacuum cleaner, like in Luigi’s Mansion?” I asked.

“That’s a great idea!” Larry exclaimed.

“Where do we get the vacuum, genius?” Roy argued.

“Well, I was hoping that one would pop out of nowhere. This place is random so one can’t be too hard to find!” I laughed.

We saw a clearing in the woods. There was a small cottage, and a huge tea table. On one side sat an old man with a top hat, and on the other side was a brown rabbit. We walked in cautiously. They seemed to dance around the table. “Umm, do you have a vacuum we can borrow?” Goofy asked.

“Come join us in this treat!” the man sang, grabbing us and tossing us into the chair. I looked to Roy and shrugged.

Man: A very merry unbirthday to me, to me. A very merry unbirthday, to you.

Larry: To me?

Rabbit: To you! Just have some tea and stomp your feet, a very merry unbirthday to you! Now make a wish!

They handed over a cupcake with a candle in it. Larry closed his eyes and gave a wish. All of a sudden, a huge bag full of money popped out.

“Larry! You moron! You’re supposed to wish for a vacuum cleaner! Roy, you know what to do,” I said.

Roy was already intent in his wish. They started handing cupcakes to me, Donald, and Goofy. A football popped up on the table, signed by all of the Chargin’ Chucks. “Grr. I wish my brothers were smarter!” I yelled.

“Two plus two does not equal five!” Roy just randomly said.

“Aww, we should’ve voted off Yoshi instantly when he got in the tribe, because we know everyone likes him,” Larry grunted.

“Wait! No, that wasn’t my wish!” I shouted. They had grown smarter. Just by a brain cell though. There were now blue sneakers on Donald’s feet. Goofy was our last hope.

“I wish for a vacuum,” he said, and Thank DAD.

All of a sudden, Heartless appeared everywhere. Larry and Roy got up and started killing them. “Goofy! Quick! Suck one up before these two geniuses kill them all!” I ordered. He willingly did so.

“Come on guys! Let’s go!” Donald shouted. We all ran after him.

Back in the courtyard, we stood in the middle, and put the vacuum in reverse. The Heartless popped out, but then it changed its form to look like the queen. “WHAT?! YOU CALL ME CLUMSY?!” she shouted.

“Oh no…” I muttered.


We were all sitting in a small prison cell behind a bush. Our weapons were in a cell next to us. The Keyblade has the power to unlock any door.

“Donald!” I shouted over. He nodded and grabbed the Keyblade from the other cell.

“Goofy!” he whispered as he passed it on.

“Larry!” Goofy muttered, as he passed it on.

“Lemmy!” Larry nudged me as he handed me the key.

“Roy!” Roy just randomly shouted out. We all stared at him. “What? I wanted my name to be said,” he muttered.

I unlocked the cell, and we ran out. Of course, a guard blew his whistle. The queen spotted us and shouted “OFF WITH THEIR HEADS!” She had locked Alice in another cell next to her, and put a blanket over her cell so nobody would try to save her.

What seemed to be hundreds of cards stormed into the courtyard. We all took out our weapons, which I had unlocked a few minutes before, and prepared for a battle.

Goofy continued his tactic of just running into them with his spiky shield in front of them. Larry kept spinning on the ground and swinging his nunchucks around. Roy hit one with a powerful punch, then that one flew into about 5 more cards. Donald kept on setting fire to the cards, and I kept swinging my sword in a circle so nothing would get to me. Once they were all defeated we stared at the queen. Then, I saw Larry crawling over by the cage that Alice was in. He ripped off the blanket, and revealed that Alice had disappeared!

Donald cast a sleep spell on the queen, and we ran off while she was unconscious. We found the house where we started off. I wondered where Morton was. When we got on the Gummi Ship, we’d search for him and rescue him. We crawled through the hole to find a Huge Heartless Monster standing at the front of the table. Ludwig, Iggy, and Wendy were nowhere to be seen. The monster was tall, with four legs. There seemed to be a glowing eye near its center. We would have to jump to attack there. Donald just sent fire flying up, and Larry threw his nunchucks up at the center. Goofy and Roy climbed up the chairs to the table, then, they jumped in to attack. I just kept jumping, then vertical slicing.

After about fifteen minutes, the battle seemed like it would never end. The creature had already sent Donald and Goofy flying back. Roy was running out of breath. Larry had jammed one of his fingers when he was catching the nunchucks. I jumped up to get another slash, than slipped on my ball. It flew a distance away, and the creature grabbed it and held onto it high in the air. There was no way we could win this now. Then, all of a sudden, I heard a zapping noise. I looked over. Morton was over by the mouse hole and had shot his laser gun. The creature dropped the ball, and I got on it. I gave a final leap and a powerful slash. The creature let out a screech, then disappeared.

“Where were you guys? What happened? Did you find the keyhole? Did you find Nick and Susan? Did you find the rabbit? Did you get into trouble? Who was that tall Heartless? How long were you battling it? Where are Ludwig, Iggy, and Wendy? The story was great! I’ll tell you about it! Once u…” Morton blabbered on.

“What a battle,” Larry said. He was holding the finger he had jammed. Roy was panting heavily.

The Keyblade started glowing as the doorknob yawned again, revealing a keyhole. It sealed it up, and then a piece of paper fell out. I picked it up. It seemed to be part of the map.

“How do we get back to size?” Roy grunted.

“Why doesn’t Donald use his magic, because we can’t take a drink because its too high to reach on the table and it would be too heavy so Donald’s magic would just be easier and”… Morton started.

“Fine! I’ll use my magic! Just shuddap!” Donald shouted.

We became big again. Ludwig, Iggy, and Wendy walked into the room. “Oh, you’re back,” Ludwig said. “What’s that you got there?” Ludwig asked, grabbing the map from my hands. “It’s only half there! Where’s the other half?” he shouted.

“How was it? Was it pretty? Who was there? Tell me about it in the ship, okay?” Wendy asked, as she walked back through the hallway.

“So where’d you guys go?” I asked Iggy.

“Starbucks,” he simply answered.

“Well, our work here is done. Let’s go to the next world,” Larry said and walked towards the Gummi Ship. We all followed.

“The next world better not be girly,” Roy snarled.

Chapter 3: Hero Training Camp

So we’re on our way to the next world to seal up. Our last adventure was in the planet Wonderland. Only half of us set out to find our friends. When we left Morton behind, he picked up nine of the missing ninety-nine puppies, which he found in the forest. After about a half hour, we finally saw the next planet! It seemed like a sandy desert. There was a huge arena in the center. We landed right next to it.

“Woah! This must be the Olympus Coliseum!” Goofy exclaimed.

“What makes you think that?” Donald asked grumpily. Goofy pointed to a sign that said, “Welcome to the Olympus Coliseum”. “Oh….” Donald muttered.

We walked through the archway to find a building full of ancient architecture. On each side was a huge, golden statue of a gladiator engaging in a battle. “Woah! That’s what I’m gonna remodel my Sports Arena to look like,” Roy gasped, astonished.

“Hey! Let’s read this!” Iggy said, running over to the side of the lobby. There was a large, purple flag hanging down.

“Are you a strong force, or do you make a great team? Join the upcoming Tournament to win a great prize,” Larry read.

“AWESOME! I’m gonna win!” Roy shouted as he ran towards the entrance.

“I guess we’ll have to sign up then,” I muttered.

Wendy didn’t look too excited to be there. “On this journey, we’d better go to some place of MY liking!” she demanded.

“We will, just later,” I said.

In the lobby of the Coliseum, there was a pig-like creature scrubbing on the walls. “Umm, excuse me, can we-“ Ludwig started.

“Sure you can help out. This place is a mess for it’s the first tournament of the year,” he grunted, completely ignoring Ludwig.

“How rude! How mean! How ignorant! How-”

“You can start by moving that pedestal over there,” he said, pointing to a square rock in front of a trophy display. Me, Iggy, and Larry tried to move it, but it wouldn’t budge one bit. Then, Roy and Morton tried to move it, but they couldn’t either.

“Umm, it won’t budge,” Goofy told the pig.

“Fine, I’ll do it myself!” he snorted. He walked over to the pedestal, and tried to push itevery single way he could, then he collapsed on the ground. “I’ll get it handled. My partner went out to save a city from another monster. By the way, name’s Phil,” he grunted.

“We’re going in this tournament, so sign us up!” Roy demanded.

“Ppppft! Weaklings like you? You guys don’t stand a chance! I could give you guys a training lesson if you want,” he snorted.

“Sure,” I yawned. “We’ll show him how tough we are, then he’ll be surprised,” I whispered to Roy.

The Arena was amazing. The seats seemed to go up towards the sky, and in the center was a square arena with four pillars at the corner. Goofy was first in the training. It appeared that we had to break barrels as fast as we could. Goofy just ran into them with his shield. I still think it’s the stupidest move in the world, but it amazingly works. Donald just set the barrels on fire, as simple as that. If I had my magic wand with me, I’d send a bunch of Bullet Bills to go around to destroy them.

With us, however, it was more of a contest over who was better then the others. Larry just jumped in his shell, then slid to a spot quickly, jumped out, and swung his nunchucks around. Morton shot the barrels one by one. Wendy threw her boomerang bow at the barrels. Iggy just charged back the bow, then sprung it towards the Barrels. Roy punched one of them towards the others, making multiple barrels break at once. I just ran around swinging my sword. Ludwig was the fastest. He just threw in a bunch of grenades and they all exploded.

The contest was kind of rigged considering how the weapons worked. Ludwig came in first, then Roy, then Morton, than me, Larry, Wendy, and Iggy. Donald and Goofy didn’t know it was a contest, so they tied for last.

We went back to the bleachers, where Phil was sitting. “I must admit, you guys are better then I thought.” He laughed.

“So can we go in the tournament?” Ludwig and Roy asked excitedly.

“Of course not! You need a hero’s license to participate!” He laughed.

“Grrr…. Let’s go!” Roy grunted, storming out towards the exit.

The lobby was empty. Larry called a group meeting, and we all huddled together. “Okay, so we’re going to cruise around this planet and search for that guy’s partner. You guys distract him by battling him, while I sneak behind him and steal his hero’s license.” Larry snickered.

“Aw! Great idea!” Iggy exclaimed.

“Yeah, that was clever,” Wendy admitted.

“Well, come on, what are we waiting for? Let’s go before the tournament starts!” Donald shouted.

“We only have two hours!” Goofy worriedly cried.

We were all running towards the exit of the Coliseum gates when a blue, fiery figure appeared. “Watch out! A Podoboo!” Morton shouted out. “Wait, I thought we were the only ones who escaped the Mushroom Kingdom, so that can’t be a Podoboo, because they only exist in the Mushroom Kingdom, and everyone’s there but-”

“Shut up, Morton,” Ludwig muttered, elbowing him.

“Ow!” He shouted.

The fiery figure walked towards us. “Greetings, I’m Hades, nice to meet ya. I was watching you the whole time. That Phil is a real bad man. And his partner, Hercules, is even worse. I want you guys to rise to the top in that tournament and others. When you face that Hercules, destroy him!” he ordered. His flame turned red whenever he mentioned Hercules.

“Wow… You were spying us the whole time? You’re good!” Larry exclaimed.

“We can’t enter the tournament! We don’t have a hero’s license!” Iggy complained.

“Here, take it as a thank you gift in advance,” Hades said, handing us a card as he disappeared.

Roy took it from Iggy’s hands and looked at it. “It’s a hero’s license! We can enter!” He cheered as he ran into the Coliseum. All my siblings followed, while I slowly walked in with Goofy and Donald.

“Something doesn’t feel right about that guy,” Goofy whispered. He was right. Just because we’re the bad guys in our world doesn’t mean we have to be the bad guys in other worlds. We know right from wrong. Sometimes, we just choose wrong on purpose, but something told me this was a lot more serious.

“Yeah, I think he’s trying to bribe us to kill Hercules,” Donald whispered back.

“Phil! We have a hero’s license!” I heard Roy shout.

“What? Where’d you get it?” Phil suspiciously asked.

“Left it in the Gummi Ship!” Ludwig lied.

“Oh, well, okay then. You might as well stay here then. There’s not much time. The tournament goes in rounds, so just fight your way to the top!” he simply said.

We waited in our locker room. We were all pumped up. I wondered how hard the competition was going to be. “Can’t be worse then the Glitz Pit,” Iggy said. “At least we get out own locker room.” He smiled. We heard the bell ring. It was time- No turning back now!

“The First Round is the Koopa Troop vs. The Black Wave!” Phil yelled through the megaphone. We walked out slowly. People were everywhere! It was amazing! Wendy was waving to all her “adoring fans”, and tripped. She got up, and smacked me, because I couldn’t hold back my laughter. Phil shot the gun, and the Battle began.

Half of the other group shrunk into the ground and appeared behind us. Larry, Roy, and I were heading to attack the force in front of us. Meanwhile, Iggy and Morton with a combined effort killed one off. I managed to kill one. Larry tangled two up with his nunchucks, and then Roy punched another other one towards them to eliminate three. Behind us I heard a Boom. All the enemies were gone. “CAN’T YOU WAIT FOR US TO GET OUT FIRST!” Wendy screamed at Ludwig, then ran off towards the locker room. Her face was all black with the dust from the grenade.

Wendy got angry when they didn’t let her leave. “I’m getting back at you for this!” she scolded everyone in our group.

“Harsh…” Goofy muttered.

“Red Fire vs. Koopa Troop!” Phil shouted and shot his gun. These were different Heartless. They were triangular and red, and had red witches’ hats on. They were floating above our heads, and flew away whenever we got close. They shot fire from a distance, and Larry got hit.

“Ooooh, burn!” I joked.

“Be quiet.” Larry laughed back.

Donald blasted fire at one. It absorbed it and became larger. “They absorb fire!” Morton observed.

“No duh, Genius!” Ludwig grunted.

Donald fired ice at them and they shrunk. Wendy threw her Boomerang, Morton fired his laser, and Iggy launched his bow. They were all eliminated quickly.

“Next, The Koopa Troop vs. Blue Ice!” Guess what, they did the same, except they absorbed ice and shot out ice. They froze Goofy in his tracks. Roy started punching the ice away. Larry threw his nunchucks to eliminate two, and I jumped up to slice two more. The rest finished them off with their long-range weapons.

“That was easy,” I said.

“What are you? The Staples Easy Button?” Iggy joked.

“Now the Koopa Troop takes on “The Big Guy”. We looked to the other side of the arena. It was a big, huge, round Heartless. He looked heavy.

Roy ran in and gave a jab. “Ouch!” he yelled. “He has a shield in the front!” he warned us.

I kept slicing towards the front, than backed away when I saw a bomb next to me. Ludwig has to warn us about this stuff! The bomb didn’t even break the shield. The Fat Guy charged at us and dove into us. Wendy and Iggy went flying away. Then he swiped at us. Me, Ludwig, Roy, and Morton went flying away. He stomped on the ground and Goofy and Donald went flying into the air. Was this guy impossible? I had to take a breather. I sat in the corner for a second. All of a sudden, he was charging at me. I tried to roll away but I tripped and fell. Then I watched as he disappeared. Larry was revealed behind him, swinging his nunchucks. “We just had to attack from behind.” He chuckled.

“Here is the Championship! It is Cloud versus the Koopa Troop,” Phil shouted.

“Cloud? That’s a girly name!” Roy laughed. Then, we saw a teenage boy with a huge sword. He had spiky blond hair, and wore a cape. He looked tough.

The gun shot, and he charged towards me instantly. Apparently, he knew that I was the best one there. Then, I heard the clash of a shield. It was Goofy! Then Roy gave a powerful jab, and Larry wrapped him up with his nunchucks so they would get a hold for a second. Ludwig came on and stuck a bomb on his sword. We all ran back, and BOOM! When the smoke cleared, he collapsed on the ground. He may have been tougher than Roy, but teamwork did it for us.

“Fellows! Our hero Hercules has returned from his journey!”

We all looked over and saw him. “Woah! Look at him! Look at his muscles!” Donald exclaimed.

“OOOOOooooh!!!” Wendy ran over.

Out of the audience we heard a “DOH!” No, it didn’t come from Homer Simpson, it was Hades. I stared back at him. He blew a whistle, and the back of the Coliseum, as a huge, three-headed black dog rushed in. “Cerberus! Attack!” Hades ordered.

The dog didn’t follow his owner’s directions, but cornered the unconscious Cloud. It looked like he wanted a snack. Then, we watched in awe as Hercules ran in and held it back “COME ON, GUYS! WE HAVE TO GET AWAY!” Phil yelled. We all followed.

“Aww, this is horrible! The whole Tournament is ruined. We’ll reward you guys later, but we have to handle this mess. Herc might be in trouble.” He sighed. “I’ll see ya in a few days.” He grunted as he headed in there.

“No! We can help!” I exclaimed. Without an answer, I ran in. Larry and Roy quickly followed. The rest nervously came in.

Hercules was stuck in a corner with Cloud in his arms. Cerberus was about to end it when he let out a yelp. Roy had been ferociously punching his tail. The dog turned around and snarled at us. This would be the toughest battle yet. There were nine of us. If three of us attacked each head, it should be easier to tame it.

“Morton! You fight with Goofy and Roy on the right. Iggy, you fight with Larry and Ludwig on the left. Donald, you fight with Wendy and me on the center,” I ordered. I separated the groups so there was an experienced Koopa on all sides with the more inexperienced ones.

I went up and kept slashing at the dog’s nose. Wendy threw her boomerang at its neck. I looked to the left to see Larry spinning one of his nunhucks to cause himself float in the air like a helicopter, and then would swing the other one at his sensitive nose. Ludwig set a bomb under its paw, and Iggy was charging up to shoot an arrow at one of its eyes. I looked to the right to watch Goofy run and jump into it only to get thrashed away. Roy had one of his fists up its nose to hang on, and kept jabbing with the other fist. Morton shot his laser towards the dog’s eye, blinding him. With this, he thrashed around angrily and Roy went flying into the bleachers.

Ludwig went flying over into the center dog’s head, as Cerberus’s paw swiped at him in that direction. The damage caused the dog to swing around, and I got slammed down. Fortunately, my ball served as a cushion. I looked at Donald, who was casting fire spells quickly at the raging beast, causing it even more rage. “Donald! Freeze its heads!” Ludwig yelled. Donald did so, and the heads dropped down frozen. We all attacked them instantly. When they unfroze and broke up again, he let out a stomp and we all went flying. We tried to get back, but Cerberus was breathing purple fire.

Morton and Iggy were shooting their weapons, and Wendy was throwing hers. I looked over, Larry was slowly moving forward, using his nunhucks as fans to blow the fire back.
“Lemmy, shall I throw you over?” Roy asked.

“What- Oh, yeah, good plan. Throw Donald too.” I added right as I got thrown over.

I landed on the dog’s back. Donald landed next to me. “What was that for?” he spat.

“Donald! Freeze their heads, then the fire!” I ordered, and he did so. I jumped down. I forgot my ball was left on the other side. We’d have to finish this one quickly. “Ludwig! Grenade!” I welled. He threw it and I started to run away. Then, I tripped and fell. I gave a relieved sigh when I felt myself being picked up. It was Donald and Goofy. Perhaps they weren’t so bad after all.

We watched from a distance as the dog’s heads unfroze, and the explosion came. Cerberus gave one last yowl, then collapsed onto its side.

“We did it!” Larry cheered.

“That was awesome!” Roy exclaimed. “I know! It was cool! Amazing! Brilliant! Fun! Unbelievable! Once in a lifetime! Incredible! Su-”

“Shut up, Morton…” Donald laughed. We all walked slowly into the lobby.

“See, we’re not that bad after all!” Iggy said.

“Yeah! We beat the dog-thingy…” Wendy agreed.

“Fine, I’ll dub you Mini-Heroes.” Phil sighed.

“Mini-Heroes?! What? We deserve more!” Ludwig argued.

“Oh well.” Goofy shrugged.

“Just tell us where the Keyhole is so we can get out of here.” I sighed. It had been a very action-packed day.

“The Keyhole? Hmm… Oh, that’s in the Champion’s Hall, isn’t it?” Hercules asked Phil.

“I think… Well, only Major League Champions can go there. You’ve only won the Little League. We have to fix it up from the damage Cerberus did anyways. Why don’t you guys come back later and try?” Phil said.

“Might as well…” I sighed.

“Come on, let’s go!” Larry angrily snorted. “They can’t tell a true hero when they’re standing right in front of them!” Larry spat.

“Let’s just take a nap. I’ve had enough action for one day.” I sighed. I heard a murmur of agreement behind me from everyone. So we flew back to our “base” in Traverse Town. There were only two beds there, but Goofy and Donald reserved rooms for us in the hotel. After we slept, we would set off to the next world.

To Be Continued...

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