Koopa Hearts

By Denny W. Koopa

Chapter 4: Lost in Translation

We had only sealed up one of the many keyholes to keep worlds from being overcome with darkness. We'd gone to three different worlds, and would have to go back to two later. For now, however, we had to seal up some more keyholes so the Heartless wouldn't overrun too many worlds. We also had yet to find Nick and Susan. The map Donald and Goofy had at the start only showed four planets. In Wonderland, we received half of a bigger map. Maybe it could help us navigate to different planets...

After our longest journey yet, we arrived on a lush, forest-type planet. “I think that’s Yoshi’s Island, so we shouldn’t go there,” Wendy said. She obviously didn’t want to go in a jungle during this journey.

“Yes we are going there!” Donald scolded. They were arguing over if they were going there or not.

“Oooh! Look! A Pow button!” Roy shouted, looking at the control board for the first time. “Maybe we’ll need POW Blocks for this planet. It could be tough.” He grunted, and pressed the button.

“No! That’s the power-“ Goofy started, but it was too late and we started to fall towards the planet.

We all got in our parachuting shoots, and then jumped out. This planet looked beautiful. I landed in what seemed to be a huge treehouse in the canopy of the jungle. Wendy, Iggy, and Ludwig landed next to me. I have no idea what happened to the others. “Well, I guess there’s no way to get out of here for a while.” Iggy laughed. Wendy gave an angry snort.

Ludwig was looking out the window. “Wow, we’re pretty high up…” He gasped.

All of a sudden, we heard growling. “Let me guess, you’re hungry,” I joked to Wendy. But her eyes were frozen towards the entrance of the tree house. There was a jaguar, and it wanted a snack of Koopa Soup. Suddenly, it jumped, and Iggy went flying into a pile of banana peels. We took out our weapons. Wendy threw her Bow from a distance. It came back and she kept throwing it. I started slashing my sword at him. Ludwig threw a bomb towards him but it was way off, and landed on a balcony at the top. It exploded, and startled the leopard, who leapt out of the window in fear.

I rushed over to Iggy. “Hey, are you okay?” I asked. He nodded, than pointed with more horror in his eyes. A man was standing there with a spear. Would he attack? Wendy threw her bow boomerang, but it easily missed. Why, oh why couldn’t Roy or Larry, or even Morton be there at the time? The man came over and took a banana from a pile in the corner.

“Oh. This is his home,” Ludwig whispered.

“And YOU exploded the second floor!” Wendy scolded in Ludwig’s ear. I went up to him, however. He didn’t seem so bad.

“Have you seen any more people who look like us?” I asked. “Have you seen where our friends are?”

“Oog Ag. Ooog…” he started.

“Like Roy would say, He don’t speak English!” Iggy laughed.

“Umm. I’m Lemmy, and that’s Ludwig, Wendy, and Iggy,” I explained as if talking to a two-year-old.

He nodded. “I Tarzan,” he said. He walked out and gestured with his hand to follow.

“Where we go?” I asked in simple terms. Without speaking, he jumped off into the jungle below. I looked back with a suspicious look on my face. “Are you crazy? We just came here to kill ourselves?” Wendy shouted. I shrugged, than jumped off. Iggy followed. Ludwig had to throw Wendy off before following.

We landed on a large vine, and Tarzan tore bark off a nearby tree and used it as a skateboard. Wendy, Iggy, and Ludwig did the same while I used my ball to roll down. The vine ended at a little pond, full of hippos. We all followed Tarzan, who simply jumped on the hippos as if they were stepping-stones. Well, except for Wendy. She just swam across. Then, we all just ran through a clearing through a forest. “Something seems strange…” Iggy said. Of course, we were on top of a trap. It was a pitfall trap, over two angry crocodiles.

We took out our weapons. Iggy fired a few bows at one alligator, while I slashed it. Meanwhile, Wendy kept throwing her bow boomerang at the other alligator, while Tarzan just stabbed it with his spear repeatedly. The crocodiles seemed to be invincible, and cornered us. We started to panic, and Wendy let out a scream when one of Ludwig’s grenades exploded. The crocodiles were stunned. Tarzan let out a battle call, and a small gorilla ran up at the top of the ditch. He threw us down a vine and we climbed up. We were all relieved. We quickly stayed by the trees to avoid any more pitfalls.

We ended up at a camp full of tents, pans on the top of a clotheslines, and many walls of suitcases. Tarzan beckoned us into a huge, yellow tent. A lady sat at a small table, writing in a notebook. “Oh, hello, I’m Jane,” she said, looking up at us.

“Thank DAD she speaks English!” Iggy laughed.

We introduced ourselves and explained why we were here, about the Heartless, and how we needed to find our siblings and Nick and Susan. “Well, there haven’t been any Heartless here yet,” she said worriedly. “You'd better find the Keyhole before they come, though,” she added.

“Yeah, let’s go,” I agreed. We ran out of the tent towards another exit of the camp. “Look! It’s Lemmy!”aA cranky voice shouted. It was Donald and the others. They ran over to meet us. Behind them slowly walked a man in a yellow shirt. Then he walked towards the jungle again.

“Jeez! Where were you guys?” Morton shouted. “We hiked through jungles, ponds, marshes, swamps, bamboo groves-”

“Yeah, we’re bushed.” Roy sighed.

Jane walked out. “You guys can rest out here if you’d like,” she said. Nearly everyone ran in the tent.

“Who’s gonna help me find the keyhole?” I asked. “I’ll give you an extra Koopaling vote if you do!” I bribed. Larry came out immediately. So just the five of us went on; Donald, Goofy, Larry, Tarzan, and me.

We walked through a bamboo grove. “That guy was creepy,” Goofy said, referring to the man that guided them to camp. “Who? Clayton?” Larry asked. “Yeah…. He seems kind of strict….” he said thoughtfully.

All of a sudden, the same leopard jumped out. Donald let out a surprised quack. I was too into the fight to laugh. I quickly took out the Keyblade and started to run towards him. Tarzan rolled around and attacked from the other side. Then Goofy ran over and ran into him with his shield into one of the bamboo walls. I couldn’t hold back my laughter at that. Larry started to finish him by flying into the hand by spinning his nunchuck fast so it would propel him, then he would drop down on him. The leopard let out a growl, then ran into the bamboo. We continued to an opening in the bamboo wall.

The next area was a collection of cliffs. There was a herd of gorillas up at the top of the tallest cliff. Tarzan spoke a few words to them. Ooog, Agg, I didn’t follow it. The leading gorilla sure seemed cranky. He left, and his pack followed him. Tarzan looked depressed. Maybe all he wanted was to make friends with them. We looked around the area, but it was only a dead end. We gave up, and headed back to camp.

In the tent, Jane told us about how Tarzan was abandoned in the jungle and raised by the gorillas. The lead gorilla never really liked him, but the rest took care of him. Now, none of them trust him, because the researchers came. Clayton’s form of “researching” includes hunting the gorillas. All of a sudden, shouting and a gunshot was heard outside. We all ran outside the tent.

Clayton was gone, and a ring of small, blue monkeys with red eyes appeared. “It’s the Heartless!” Wendy shouted out. We took out our weapons and prepared for a fight. They were fast, and would slide on the ground, feet first, to attack. They also threw many punches. Morton and Ludwig, as slow as they were, couldn’t keep up, as the monkeys easily ran up to them. Wendy got scared and was caught up in dodging them. Iggy’s weapon took too long to charge up so he wasn’t a big help either. However, the rest of us did pretty well.

Larry kept on swinging his nunchucks, and Goofy kept running into the enemies. Roy, as slow as he was, was still able to punch the monkeys so they couldn’t get close enough to him to hurt them. Donald sent fire spells at the monkeys, and Tarzan kept stabbing them with his spear. After they were defeated, two red monkeys with circular mouths appeared. They kind of looked like mini-Birdos. They were super fast, and threw out bananas.

Here was where Morton came in handy. He just shot them until they disappeared. After they were all gone, we ran back to the tent. Jane was gone! Tarzan let out a gasp, then flew out of the tent. We chased after him. “We can’t get out of this world without him!” Donald shouted. We climbed up a tree slowly, after he done it fast. When we got to the top, there was no trace of hi, except for swinging vines, which he had obviously used to travel from one tree to the other. One by one, we took the vines, and swung to the next. We ended up back at his treehouse. There, we saw Tarzan holding Jane. He had been cornered by the leopard.

I instantly ran forward, and started swinging the Keyblade at him. Roy was jabbing at him, and Larry threw his nunchucks at him. Goofy pushed the leopard over to the other side of the treehouse, and Ludwig threw a bomb at him. You think he would’ve learned the first time… Anyways, it worked this time. The leopard collapsed on the ground. “We finally defeated the pest!” Wendy exclaimed.

We quickly returned to camp and let Jane rest for awhile. When we got out of the tent, more of the heartless monkeys popped up out of the ground.

Donald froze the ones far away, and Wendy, Iggy, and Ludwig attacked those ones, while Larry, Tarzan, Roy, and I fought the upcoming ones. Ludwig climbed atop a tent and threw a grenade down. Of course, it exploded. We all groaned. It didn’t hurt us since it only had a powder that could eliminate the Heartless. The noise it made was horribly loud, however. It gets annoying after about 15 times.

A gunshot was heard in the distance. We had to find Clayton before he tried to shoot the gorillas. We all ran through the bamboo grove. More monkeys came. Morton, Wendy, Donald, and Iggy stayed to fight them while we went on. The cliff was full of the monkeys. But in the middle of them all was Clayton. He was trying to shoot all of them, but they were too fast for him. Tarzan jumped in to help right when his eyes turned red. Clayton all of a sudden fired his gun at Tarzan, who flew into a cliff behind us.

Then, we saw Clayton go up with a blast. He flew over to the farthest wall in the area. We all looked to our left. Yep. There was Ludwig, laughing. Suddenly, he started floating in the air, and he fired his gun rapidly at us. We all just guarded with our weapons. We ran up and we all jumped in the air. There seemed to be some invisible force holding him up. We all slashed at him until he jumped off. The invisible form took color to reveal a Heartless Lizard.

Roy and Ludwig stepped in to fend off the lizard while Goofy, Larry, and I attacked Clayton, who had just leapt up to another cliff. Goofy ran at him and pinned him into the wall. Larry kept swinging his nunchucks, and I kept slashing until he got exhausted. Roy and Ludwig had made the lizard dazed for a few minutes. Roy came up and with a punch sent Clayton flying into the jungle. Ludwig threw one last grenade at the Lizard Heartless and the explosion did it for him, and also exploded part of a cliff, revealing a stairway to a cavern behind some waterfalls.

Wendy, Iggy, Morton and Donald ran in while the Lizard Beast disintegrated. “We saw Tarzan run off. Is he okay? Was he scared? Was he hurt? Was-”

“Everything’s fine now, Morton.” Larry sighed.

We all climbed up the stairway and entered the cavern. We were right behind the waterfalls. Iggy’s glasses got fogged up quickly. He took them out and put them in his shell. Tarzan and Jane ran in.  “Friends,” he said, pointing up to another cave up at the top. Were Susan and Nick up there? We’d have to see, no matter how much we didn’t want them. Nick would be a strong force for our journey anyways. Not so much Susan, however. We had to climb vines and jump across platforms to reach the area.

In that small room was a tree bark with a heart carved in it. “Friends…” He pointed to the heart.

“Oh,” Jane said quietly. “I think he means friends are in your heart,” dhe explained. All of us groaned.

“That wasn’t what I had in mind.” I laughed. All of a sudden, a shape glowed inside the heart. It looked like a keyhole. My Keyblade shone, and a beam shot to the shape to seal it up. Our second world was sealed.

There was a vine to our left that Goofy climbed up. “Hey guys! Look!” He exclaimed. We climbed up to the top of the waterfalls, on a dry piece of land. There was the Gummi Ship. Chip and Dale, the two engineers of it, had fixed it up while we were gone. We all said our goodbyes and went inside the Gummi Ship. I was the last one to get in. Before I did,  Tarzan pulled something out from behind his back. It was a version of a Keyblade that had a longer reach, and was more tribally decorated. I thanked him.

He also gave everyone else weapons of the same type. Larry’s nunchucks were longer, Wendy had a traditional boomerang, Morton’s gun shot out watermelon seeds, and Ludwig got a coconut bombshell. We all left. We were especially tired from this trip. We decided to head back to Traverse Town, to rest, and maybe find its Keyhole.


Meanwhile, we never realized we were being watched. Up in a eark fortress was a group of villains.

“Look at those fools. They barely got through that world alive!” one tall mistress said. Her face was green.

“Maleficent! I tell you! They’re tougher then they look!” Hades said, his fire remaining the same blue color, as he wasn’t really getting angry.

“True. He beat that Clayton guy….” a chubby monster agreed. It appeared to be dressed up in a sandbag.

“Oogey Boogey, you know very well that that guy was too weak for our group anyways! What do you think, Jafar?” spat a purple sea witch with 8 long, black tentacles.

“Yes. He was too caught up in his ego and his greed for hunting to focus on the battle,” a tall, skinny man said.

“We just have to capture the other six Princesses of Heart in order to open the door to get our true power,” another tall man with a huge hat laughed. There was a blanket beside him. With his hook, we removed the sheet to reveal a very scared Alice.

“Aurora, Snow White, Jasmine, Belle, Cinderella, and… that turtle thingy,” Jafar chanted.

“I still don’t get how that creature qualifies as a princess!” Ursula shouted angrily.

“Why not Ariel?”

“Or Wendy?”

“Or Sally?”

“Well, they definitely won’t get passed me,” the tall man with the hooked arm laughed again.

“Of course, Hook,” Maleficent laughed. “We’ll just see how far they get…”

To Be Continued...

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