The Mole: Plitbound Party

By Brandon the Science Toad

Episode 1: Cuisine Oddities

The camera zooms in on Lemmy Koopa, who is standing in a dark attic above a fancy restaurant. Lemmy Koopa turns around on his ball, faces the camera, and smirks sadistically.

Lemmy Koopa: Welcome to The Mole: Plitbound Party. I am your awesome host, Lemmy Koopa. Today, we are in Shiver City, awaiting our players. It is currently... * Checks watch, which he doesn't have on* 7:00 PM. The contestants are...

Brandon Tee Fungi, Age 11, Occupation Chef
Mario Mario, Age 35, Occupation Plumber/Hero
MC Ballyhoo, Age Unknown, Occupation Carnival Owner
Monsiuer Mustache, Age 10, Occupation Baker
Luigi Mario, Age 32, Occupation Hero/Plumber
Wario Wario, Age 37, Occupation Treasure-Hunter
Peach Toadstool, Age 25, Occupation Princess
Daisy Toadstool?, Age 24, Occupation Princess
General Guy, Age Unknown, Occupation Shy Guy General
Yoshi Dino, Age Really-High-Number, Occupation Yoshi....
Blooper, Age Unknown, Occupation Sailor
Doopliss, Age Unknown, Occupation Actor
Koops, Age Unknown, Occupation College Student
Kool-Aid Man, Age Unknown, Occupation Advertiser

Lemmy: Wait, what the %#%@%? Why is the Kool-Aid Man here? ... I'm not even going to question this author's sanity.

Pie Guy; He has none, you fool!

Lemmy: Quite or I'll freeze you like the last cameraman. In this game, these 14 unlucky contestants must compete in 13 grueling episodes to win money that they shall put in a shared pot. But guess what? They're not all gonna take it home. Only one person will! However, in this game, there is a person who we told to try to sabotage the missions and make the team win nothing! We call that person, The Mole. Our players must find out the identity of the Mole, and identify him or her in a quiz. The player who scores the lowest on the test each round becomes the Mole's victim and is kicked out of the game. In the final episode, the winner, the Mole, and the runner-up will be shown. It is time for... The Mole: Plitbound Party! Oh, look! They're here!

14 warp pipes appear, and all of the 14 contestants appear out of them, but the Kool-Aid Man spills.

Kool-Aid Man: Oh-no!

Brandon: Yum! *starts licking the Kool-Aid* Yuck! Cherry!

After one Kool-Aid transplant...

Lemmy: Welcome to The Mole: Plitbound Party, unlucky souls. Are you hungry?

Brandon: After tasting that cherry, not really.

Wario: Cut to the chase and give me the food!

Lemmy: Well, you're in luck. We're in Snowdrift, a popular Shiver City cuisine restaurant. The food here, though... isn't exactly your normal, everyday food.

General Guy: So you’re saying... that this is like Fear Factor.

Lemmy: This challenge, yes.

Yoshi: Well, that's just sick, you-

Yoshi is slapped by MC Ballyhoo.

Lemmy: Er... yes. Follow me.

The 14 people make their way downstairs and take a seat at a big round table with 14 platters on them.

Lemmy: On each of these platters, there will be food. 11 foods are Shiver City's finest, but 3 of them are foods that I doubt you'll turn down. We have a rule, though: If you cannot eat your food, then it is counted as a pass. If you pass more than 3 times, then your chances of winning the first money in your pot, which is 20,000 coins will go down. And, if you barf into this...

He shows the team a bucket that holds a 5,000-coin slip in it.

Lemmy: …your team will lose 5,000 coins off of the total coin amount, iF you win.

Peach: ... Did anyone ever tell you that you’re sick?

Lemmy: Now, please choose your seat.

The contestants chose their seats, and from left-to-right, here in theorder:

Mario, Luigi, Daisy, Koops, Brandon, MC Ballyhoo, Doopliss, Kool-Aid Man, Monsiuer Mustache, Wario, Blooper, Yoshi, General Guy, Peach

Mario: It's-a me! Mario!

Lemmy: Mario, open your plate.

Mario takes the lid off of his.. and screams like a little girl. Luigi looks at the thing on Mario's plate and passes out. Everyone else is either scared or disgusted. The thing on Mario's plate is a chunk of frozen fish that seems to still be moving. It is covered in a red sauce that definitely is not tomato sauce, and has a greenish paste on it. There are yellowish chunks on it.

Lemmy: Yummy! Frozen Fish Raw covered in Wasabi Paste, Cow Blood, and Koopa Intestines.


Koops falls down.

Mario: ... You, sir, are sick. How the $#@%#@ am I supposed to eat FROZEN FISH?!

Lemmy: I dunno.

Mario sighs and picks up a piece of fish and pops it in his mouth. Mario chews for a second, and starts to gag.

Brandon: Oh my god...

Mario looks green as he swallows his fish and starts to choke. Mario picks up a bigger piece with lots of green Wasabi paste on it and eats it. Mario's ears start to smoke, and Mario starts to choke. He chokes and falls on the ground.

Monsiuer Mustache: He's choking! Zee mustachioed plumver is choking!

Mario: *gasp* Water!

Star Gal rushes by with a cup of water. Mario downs it and then downs the whole pitcher. Mario gasps and stares at his plate. He has finished two thirds of his Frozen Fish Salad. Mario picks up the whole plate and just dumps the whole fish into his mouth and chews it. Crunching and grinding is heard, and then Mario suddenly vomits out 2 chunks of Koopa intestine.

Daisy: Holy...

Yoshi: Yoshi glad he's not Mario.

MC Ballyhoo: Yeah. Wait, oh wait... OOOOOHHHH!

General Guy: You, sir, are SICK!

Luigi: That's-a my brother!

Brandon: Whatta man!

Mario had picked up the fallen chunks of intestine and forced it down his throat.

Lemmy: Mario, you brave soul... 5,000 coins are saved!

Everyone cheers and Luigi looks down at his plate.

Lemmy: Luigi, open your plate.

Luigi opens his plate and gasps and faints. Brandon screams and jumps out of a window. Daisy sobs for Luigi and everyone else just stares. On his plate is a sausage covered in black squid ink, and topped off with something that looks like beans...

Lemmy: Ooh... Unlucky Luigi, eh? Freeze-mee Sausage with a side of Squid Ink and Bumpty Eyes.


Lemmy: Hey, I'm used to it. Start!

Luigi looks at his sausage, which is 3 inches long. Luigi bites it and immediately barfs. He barfs a little bit into the bucket, almost enough to destroy the 5,000-coin ticket, but doesn't. Luigi sighs and picks up a half inch of sausage and gulps it down. Then, Luigi suddenly spits some Squid Ink out of his nose.

Kool-Aid Man: Oh no!

Luigi gulps down, and grabs 1 whole inch of sausage. Luigi eats it, and then picks up a Bumpty eye and forces it down. After 1 long minute, Luigi has finished his meal.

Lemmy: Luigi, you have saved another 5,000 coins, but barely.

Luigi: Yah! Luigi's the winner!

Lemmy: Daisy Toadstool… Open your plate.

Daisy: I don't wanna know what's on it!

She starts sobbing as Luigi opens it for her. Everyone stares at Daisy's plate and laughs. Daisy looks down and squeals happily.

Lemmy Koopa: Wow! You got a slice of Choco Cake, made by Tayce T. and Zess T.

Brandon: Aw, I wanted that cake.

General Guy: That, sirs, is not fair, sirs!

MC Ballyhoo: Har har har! What a cheap shot!

Kool-Aid Man: Not fair! Oh yeah!

Monsiuer Mustache: Shut up.

Doopliss: Chocolate! I love chocolate!

Daisy: Chocolate! My favorite! I wanted vanilla, though.

Daisy happily gobbles down her Choco Cake and starts to lick off the chocolate sauce from the plate. After Daisy has finished her cake, Lemmy applauds.

Lemmy: Well done. Three players done, with no coins off and no passes so far. Koops, open your plate.

Koops opens his plate, hoping for a yummy treat, but instead, finds a Koopa head on his plate with something overflowing out of it.


Lemmy: Aah... Sadly, Koops has gotten the Stuffed Koopa Skull, which is stuffed with Goomba Brains, Koopa Fat, and Soy Sauce.

Koops: No way... No way I can do this...

Blooper: C'mon, Koops! You can do this!

Everyone starts to cheer for Koops as Koops takes his first bite. Instantly, Koops suddenly starts to blow chunks into a bucket, engulfing the first 5,000-coin ticket. Brandon looks remorsefully at the first bucket victim.

Lemmy: Oh... dear... He's still going for it... He's still barfing... Gross! Ugh, sadly, this counts as a 5,000 deduction, but also counts as a pass.

Remaining Coins to Earn: 15,000

Luigi: Poor Koops.

General Guy: Hey, I could do that. I love stuffed Koopa.

Koops: *sniffle* You jerk!

He kicks General Guy.

Lemmy: Woah, break it up! Brandon Tee Fungi, please open your plate.

Brandon gulps and opens his plate. Brandon just stares at the brown spiky fruit in front of him. Everyone else but Mario and Peach stare too. Mario and Paach know all too well what this is.

Mario and Peach: (Oh snap.)

Brandon: ... What in the world is this?

Lemmy: Durian fruit.

Then, everyone else's face twists into disgust after realization, but Brandon still doesn't know what Durian means.

Brandon: Pineapple? I love pineapple!

Brandon takes the fruit and swallows it after chewing it a few times. Brandon's eyes suddenly pop out as he spits out a scorpion... Wait, WHAT?!

Luigi: OH MY GAWD!


Lemmy: Brandon, need I remind you we are on public TV?

Brandon: IT BURNSSSS- Hi Mom! -SSSSSSS!!!

Brandon hacks up a little more, and a piece of fruit flies out and lands in Brandon's soda.

Brandon: Ack... I hope that Durian enjoys my stomach. Mustache, after this, kick me as hard in the stomach as you can.

Lemmy: Brandon has saved the team another 5,000 coins! MC Ballyhoo, open your plate. *snicker*

MC Ballyhoo: Har har har! I've tasted worse than your Luigi!

Luigi flicks MC Ballyhoo off and gags. MC Ballyhoo opens his plate to find... a boiled egg?

MC Ballyhoo: ... An egg... I'm supposed to eat... an egg....

Lemmy: Correct. *smirk* I knew about your fear of eggs when you were little, so I made this one especially for you.

Yoshi's face pales. Lemmy's cooking is the worst.

MC Ballyhoo: *gulp* Well, at least it's soft...

But as MC Ballyhoo takes a bite, he looks down and gags. He sees a headless baby duck in the egg.

MC Ballyhoo: WHAT THE %@#%#@%@#%%#%@%@%@?!

Wario: Mamamia! What a curse!

Lemmy: This is a duck egg that had the baby duck still forming.


He takes the egg and swallows it whole.

Lemmy: ... You're soooo lucky that that was a boiled egg. Doopliss, take your order.

Doopliss: I'll have a double cheeseburger.

He gets back-handed by Lemmy.


Doopliss: Eek!

He opens his plate to reveal... a pie?

Doopliss: YAHOO!

Brandon: YOU’RE LUCKY! I wanted pie! You know I like pie, Lemmy, and you turned it against me!

Lemmy: *smirk* I didn't say what pie it is.

But Doopliss has already eaten the whole thing and swallowed it.

Doopliss: Yum! What flavor was it?

Lemmy: *snicker* Cockroaches, Mud, Yoshi Bladder, and Fish Sauce. It’s called Cockroach Pie.

Doopliss: Oh… WAIT, WHAT?!

Luigi: The poor fool, not waiting before he heard the flavor... Is that good or bad?

General Guy: Um... I think that's bad, sirs.

Doopliss starts to choke, gag, and then finally is about to puke when he downs some water and forces his pie back down.

Doopliss: Kids... *gack* DON'T WATCH THIS SHOW!

Lemmy: He lies, I say! Watch this show!

Peach: Eew... That's sick!

Yoshi: Yoshi feels bad for Doopliss.

Kool-Aid Man: Oh no! I'm next!

Lemmy: Yes you are, Kool-Aid Man, yes you are. Open your plate.

Kool-Aid Man opens his plate to show... a glass with a strange blue liquid in it.

Kool-Aid Man: What the?

Luigi: I think it's water...

Daisy: Blue Kool-Aid?

General Guy: Detergent?

Everyone stares at General Guy.

Brandon: ... Yeah, detergent.

Lemmy: Actually, it's... well, just taste for yourself.

Kool-Aid Man downs the drink in one whole gulp and makes a funny face.

Kool-Aid Man: Wasn't so bad, but had a sour taste. What flavor was that?

Lemmy: Bumpty Skin mixed with White Blurp Meat.


Lemmy: We dissolved it.

Kool-Aid Man faints and General Guy starts to laugh.

Wario: Hurry up already! Mustache Guy, EAT!

Monsiuer Mustache: But I'm-a not so sure about zeese. I have an allergic veaction to- ACK!

Wario picks up Monsiuer Mustaches's platter and crams it down his throat. Monsiuer Mustache chews for a bit, and starts to blow chunks.

Monsiuer Mustache: MY THROAT! SHE BURNS!

Lemmy: Sadly, he is the victim of Flaming Special made by Ludwig.

Monsiuer Mustache: Wait, what?

BOOOM! Monsiuer Mustache is charred and his mustache is blown up.

Monsiuer Mustache: My beautiful mustache... *sob* I can't go on... My ‘Stache Points are too low...

Lemmy: Sadly, you filled up a bucket with puke too. 5,000 more coins are off, thanks to Wario.

Remaining Coins: 10,000  Remaining Passes: 2/3

Everyone glares at Wari,o and Brandon gives Wario the evil eye.

Brandon: That was my cousin, you %#%#%@#-

This part is censored because Brandon is painfully attacking Wario. Oh wait, it's over.

Wario is on the ground in pain and has his plate of food in front of him.

Lemmy: Wow... Never mess with that guy... Let's continue, shall we?

Wario happily snarfs down his Kit-Kat Ice Cream Sundae, Blooper happily chows down on his Squid Intestines and Liver (not a lucky item), Yoshi passes on his Star Smoothie (Hot Sauce, HAWT Sauce, Lemon Juice, Rum, Fish Sauce, Cod Liver Oil, and Orange Juice), General Guy chows down on his Panini Ham Sandwhich, and Peach has to be force fed her Geletain (filled with nutritious Cockroaches and Ants, yum yum!) by Daisy.

Lemmy: Bravo! You all have completed your first challenge! Sadly, after this is an execution and then another challenge before the end of the day. So, let's get on with the execution eh?

Episode 1, Part 2: The Mole's First Victim

The contestants are guided into a round chamber where Captain Jack Sparrow is.

Brandon: OMG! It's Captain Jack Sparrow!

Lemmy: That's right. Loser gets shot out of a cannon by him!

Everyone but Brandon: 0_0

Brandon: It's an honor to be blasted out of a cannon by a pirate!

Jack Sparrow: Every execution I will be here, savvy?

Brandon: Yeah.

Lemmy: Let's begin the test! Whoever knows the least about the mole is going bye bye! Five questions this time! Begin!

1. Is the mole female or male?

Mario: Male
Luigi: Female
Brandon: Male
Mustache: Male
Daisy: Male
Peach: Female
Doopliss: Male
Blooper: Female
Wario: Female
Yoshi: Male
General Guy: Male
Kool-Aid Man: Female
Koops: Female
MC Ballyhoo: Female

2. What is the mole's favorite flavor of ice cream, chocolate, vanilla, or strawberry?

Mario: Chocolate
Luigi: Strawberry
Brandon: Chocolate
Mustache: Chocolate
Peach: Vanilla
Daisy: Chocolate
Doopliss: Chocolate
Blooper: Strawberry
MC Ballyhoo: Vanilla
Koops: Chocolate
Wario: Chocolate
Yoshi: Chocolate
Kool-Aid Man: Vanilla
General Guy: Strawberry

What is the mole's occupation?

Mario: Plumber
Luigi: Hero
Brandon: Baker
Monsiuer Mustache: Carnival Owner
Peach: Treasure Hunter
Daisy: Princess
Doopliss: Princess
Wario: Princess
General Guy: Sailor
Blooper: Shy Guy General
Kool-Aid Man: Actor
Yoshi: Plumber
MC Ballyhoo: Advertiser
Koops: Jack Sparrow

Everyone stares at Koops, and Koops rewrites...

Koops: Treasure-Hunter

4. Did the mole get a good food item?

Mario: No
Luigi: Yes
Brandon: Yes
Mustache: No
Daisy: No
Peach: Yes
MC Ballyhoo: No
Koops: Yes
Yoshi: No
General Guy: No
Blooper: Yes
Doopliss: No
Kool-Aid Man: No
Wario: Yes

5. Who is the mole?

Mario: ...
Luigi: ...
Brandon: Pie
Monsiuer Mustache: MUSTACHES!
Wario: ...
Peach: ...
Daisy: ...
Doopliss: ...
Koops: ...
Kool-Aid Man: Oh yeah!
MC Ballyhoo: ...
Yoshi: ...
General Guy: ...
Blooper: ...

After the testing is done, Lemmy walks over to a big screen with character faces on it.

Lemmy: I will type in your name and your picture will appear on the screen. If the background of your face is green, congratulations, you advance. If it's red, GET THE %@$ OUT OF HERE! Ready? L-U-I-G-I!

Luigi looks nervous as he looks at the screen.


Luigi: YAHOO!

Jack Sparrow: Good job, mate. Too bad I won't be able to shoot ye out of a cannon.

Lemmy: Mario, you're next.


Mario: Yeah! I'm-a the Party Star!

Lemmy: Brandon...


Brandon: Yes! Go Brandon! Go Brandon!

As Brandon starts moonwalking, Lemmy types in MC Ballyhoo's name.


MC Ballyhoo: Har har har! Big Top! We're still in!

Big Top: Yes!

Lemmy: Koops...

Koops begins to sweat in panic as Lemmy calmly types in Koops's name.


Koops: YES! I DID IT!

Lemmy: Peach...


Lemmy: Aw, so sorry, Peach. But hey, guess what?

Peach: What?

Lemmy: You get to fly first-class!

He stuffs Peach into Jack Sparrow's cannon.

Lemmy: FIRE!

Jack Sparrow: So long, bugger!

Jack pulls a string and Peach is sent flying into the sunset.

Lemmy: You may all go to your respective rooms in the Snowflake Hotel. The rooms are:

Room 1: Brandon and Mustache
Room 2: Luigi and Daisy
Room 3: Mario and Doopliss
Room 4: Koops and General Guy
Room 5: Yoshi and Wario
Room 6: Kool-Aid Man, Blooper, and MC Ballyhoo

Lemmy: You may all go now.

As everyone leaves, this is time for the mid-game credits!

Host: Lemmy
Executioner: Jack Sparrow
Cameraman: Pie Guy
Doctor: Dr. Mario, Mario's cousin
Nurse: Birdo
Scientist: Smart Guy
Assistant: Star Gal
Stealth Assassin: Stealth Guy
Event Manager: Mental Guy

Episode 1, Part 3: Medical Malpractice

Daisy opens her eyes. On the table is LUIGI, looking white and pale as though he is going to die. He is also sweating.


She starts crying and Lemmy calmly slaps her.

Lemmy: We have been transported to Earth for a short time. We are in FRANCE! Apparantly, Luigi has "caught" a rare sickness that will kill him in 5 hours if you don't revive him. The time in France is 5:00 PM, and on Plit it is 9:00 PM. If you do not find the cure for Luigi by 7:00 PM, it's byebye Luigi.


Kool-Aid Man: How do you expect us to speak French?!

Lemmy: *smirk* That is your challenge. Find the cure by 7:00 PM, and report to La Mustache Hospital by 7:00! If you recover Luigi to full health, 10,000 coins will be awarded. Mustache should easily find out the cure.

Monsiuer Mustache: Yes, I will!

Lemmy: That is why you're staying here.

Monsiuer Mustache: Vhat?!

Lemmy: You'll make this challenge too easy. You have a different mission... Everyone, GO! *(to Mustache) Your mission is to...


Brandon: Koops, can you speak French?

Koops: Nuh-uh. Not one bit. How are we going to find out?

Brandon: I dunno. WATCH OUT!

Brandon rams Koops out of the way as a dead frog splats on the ground. Brandon walks over and sniffs it.

Brandon: *sniff...* Poison Mushroom Incense. Guaranteed to knock you out for two hours.

Koops: Who would try to do this?

Brandon: I dunno. But we gotta skidaddle!

Brandon and Koops rush off towards the photo shop, but are saddened to find a long line.

Brandon: Aw $@#$#@...

Koops: Crud...


Blooper: Yoshi, WILL YOU GET OFF OF ME?!

Yoshi: Yoshi sorry.

Yoshi was biting Blooper on the head. Blooper slaps him away.

Blooper: Augh, we are going to get nowhere thanks to you, Yoshi! If you hadn't bitten my head and caused me to crash our car, then this would have never happened!

Yoshi: Yoshi sorry! (to himself) Geez, it was pretty mean of Blooper to do that. I mean, it wasn't me who bit him. It was Boshi! (aloud) Yoshi say we go to French school. What do you think, Blooper?

Blooper is paralyzed, as there is a frog on his face.

Yoshi: *sniff * Bleck! Frog! Wait, who are you? *GASP!* IT'S YOU! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!

Yoshi is hit with a frog and paralyzed. The man takes the 2 paralyzed teammates and drags them away...



Daisy: I wanted to be with Luigi! Are you okay, Mario? If you don't want to be getting information about the sickness, it's okay with me!

Mario is eating cheese in a Cheese Cafe.

Mario: (muffled, to a random man) Mon frère ade la fièvre. Avez-vous le traitement?

Man:Oui Oui. Ce s'appelle le traitement de fièvre.

Mario: Thank you. (through walkie-talkie) MC Ballyhoo, can you hear me? The medicine's name is traitement de fièvre. Please remember it. Mario out!

Daisy: 0_0

Mario: It's-a me! Mario! I'm-a gonna win!



MC Ballyhoo: Did you get that, Doopliss?

Doopliss: No.

MC Ballyhoo: AUGH!

Doopliss: I have a better idea. Let's just go and rob a medicine store and take all of its medicine!

MC Ballyhoo: But what if we get caught?

Doopliss: Meh, forget about it.

Doopliss and MC Ballyhoo rush in and brandish machine guns. Instantly, the French police come in and handcuff them.

Doopliss: Aw crud.

MC Ballyhoo: Great, we're going to jail....

The two are dragged away to jail and are thrown in the slammer.



Brandon had bought a camera and rushed back to the hospital in a motorcycle. He rushes into the emergency room where Lemmy and Luigi are.

Lemmy: What are you doing here? You're supposed to find out the location that sells the medicine!

Koops: #@!$! Move, Lemmy!

They trample over Lemmy and take a picture of Luigi's face. Then, they trample back over Lemmy and jump onto the motorcycle and rush to the nearest drugstore. However, the car breaks down on the way, and the two are forced to tread to the nearest drugstore. They present the woman at the counter the picture and ask for a cure to the sickness. She shakes her head no and the duo have to tread to the next place. They call up Wario and Kool-Aid Man.

Brandon: Wario, Kool-Aid Man, you there? I need you to find out the nearest drugstore... Hello? Hello?


They were both dragged away by the mysterious man.



Brandon: Well that's just great. No response. C'mon, Koops. Koops?

Koops: Yeah, I'm here. C'mon! Let's go find a new drugstore!

It takes them 30 minutes to locate the next drugstore.

Time: 6:00 PM

Brandon: Do you have a medicine for this?

Man: (in French) I'm afraid not.

Brandon: I'm guessing no.

The man nods, and Brandon and Koops trudge away. They check 3 more drugstores, to no avail. The time is 6:30 and they are in the plaza of France.

Brandon: Well Koops, looks like Luigi's doomed.

Koops: Yeah... Huh?

Koops sees a strange man walking out of a drugstore holding a bottle labeled "Fever Medicine".

Koops: Brandon! That man has fever medicine!

Brandon: What?! GET HIM!

General Guy: And I'll help!

Brandon: What the- Where were you?!

General Guy: I was trying to find a drugstore too.

Brandon: It doesn't matter. What matters is to GET HIM!

Brandon and General Guy leap at the man, when he suddenly throws a frog at Koops, paralyzing poor Koops.

General Guy: A casualty! There's nothing we can do! Get him!


Brandon jumps on The Man.
The Man's HP: 61

General Guy throws a bomb at The Man.
The Man's HP: 58

The Man uses Frog on General Guy.
General Guy's HP: 0

Brandon uses Ultimate Punch on The Man.
The Man is KOed!

Gained Fever Medicine.

Battle over!

The man runs away as Brandon and General Guy hop ioto a motorcycle and drag Koops along. They make it back to the hospital by 6:59. Mario and Daisy are there, looking angry. So are Wario and Kool-Aid Man with Yoshi and Blooper. Doopliss and MC Ballyhoo are just standing there, looking at the ground sadly. Brandon instantly forces Luigi to drink the medicine, and Luigi's heart suddenly stops.

Koops: He's flatlining! (Meaning: HE'S DEAD!)


Lemmy: I'm sorry for him. Dr. Mario, please give him the real medicine.

Dr. Mario pours some kind of liquid into Luigi's mouth, and Luigi instantly awakes.

Luigi: Sup.

Lemmy: However, 2,500 coins from the pot are lost because of MC Ballyhoo and Doopliss for being thrown in jail.

7,500 COINS

Brandon: Great...

Lemmy: For those of you who were wondering who the man was, well, he's here. Reveal yourself!

The man walks out of the shadows and unzips his slick, black jumpsuit to reveal... MONSIUER MUSTACHE!

Brandon: MUSTACHE! How could you?!

Mustache: I'm sorry, guys, but Lemmy offered me a chance...


Lemmy: Mustache, I want you to go and slap all of the teams with these frogs and prevent them from winning. If you accept, then you will be excused from an execution and will automatically walk off with 1,000 coins. However, the cost of this is your team's trust in you and a possible 10,000 coins.

Mustache: But, I don't want to make them lose!

Lemmy: It's either that, or you. Make your decisioin.

Mustache sits on the ground and groans. After 5 minutes, he stands up and takes the frogs.

Lemmy: Just remember, if you reveal yourself to your friends, then the execution pass-

He flashes a card with Monsiuer Mustache's name and face on it.

Lemmy: -will be lost.

End Flashback...

Lemmy: However, I am proud that Brandon, Koops, General Guy, Mario and Daisy were able to get somewhere with curing Luigi, and so, you each will be worth 250 coins to the pot.

Mario: YAHOO!

Daisy: Yes!

General Guy: YEAH!

Koops: All right!

Brandon: w00t!

8,750 COINS  Exempt from Execution: Monsiuer Mustache

Lemmy: And so, our players retired back to their rooms. Today was an okay day for the team, earning 8,750 coins out of a possible 1 million. However, just who is the mole? Who will win? And is there a secret that Mario's hiding? Tune in for Episode 2!

Episode 2, Part 1: J'Accused!

Lemmy Koopa: Hello, welcome to episode two of The Mole. Yesterday, Princess Peach was kicked out for being so non-observant. Ain't that right, Jackie?

Jack Sparrow points his sword menacingly at Lemmy.

Jack: Never... call me... Jackie...

Lemmy: Okay, Jackie!


Lemmy: Anyways, today, this mission will require teamwork from everyone to rescue a truly innocent bystander from jail. Here's the file!

Case Name: The Mushroom Murder
Defendent: Boshi Dino
Witness: Ludwig von Koopa
Info: Boshi Dino was reported to be seen by Ludwig von Koopa entering Toadington Spore's house, and then leaving 2 hours later covered in red blotches. Ludwig entered the house to see a knife next to a fallen Toadington, and they both had red blotches on them. Police have apprehended Boshi, and the trial will begin on June 24, 2007 at approximatly 12:00 PM.
Objective: One team must rescue Boshi from his heavily guarded jail cell and bring him to the courthouse by 12:00 PM or the case is lost. One team must also find hidden evidence in Toadington's house and bring it to court to prove Boshi's innocence. If the case is failed, 5,000 coins will be deducted from the pot.  Prize: 10,000 coins

Lemmy: I will deliver this file to each of the team members. Luigi in charge of finding evidence and Mario of rescuing Boshi. However-

Right at that moment, Brandon walks in, reaches out to Lemmy...


...and grabs a milkshake from behind Lemmy and walks away.

Lemmy: ... Right, well, they have 12 hours to finish the job. After today, we will move to the next location.

Time: 12:00 AM (Midnight)
Location: Snowflake Hotel

Luigi: Right, has everyone got the folder about the case inside?

Blooper: You betcha.

General Guy: I will go with Mario on rescuing Boshi.

Brandon: I'll go with Mario too.

Daisy: I'll help Luigi find evidence.

Mustache: As vill I.

Mario: I'm-a the party star!

Kool-Aid Man: I'll help Mario in the rescue.

Luigi: Right. Daisy, Blooper, Monsiuer Mustache, Doopliss, and MC Ballyhoo, c'mon.

The team leaves.

Mario: *intelligence boost* Right then, c'mon!

Yoshi: Nope! I think Boshi is guilty as charged. I refuse to save him!

Wario: Don't-a you want the money?!

Yoshi: Nope.

Brandon, Chef: Well, isn't that fine and dandy? I'm suspecting Yoshi to be the mole now.

Wario: Gah! Fine! Forget him. Let's just go.

Everyone but Yoshi leave. After they all leave, Yoshi pulls out a walkie-talkie.

Yoshi: Yoshi to Lemmy, can you hear me...?


Time: 1:00 AM
Location: Frostbite Prison Top

Mario: Cheese!

General Guy: Great, just great. Right when we need him, his intelligence drops, AGAIN.

Mario: I-a resent that!

General Guy: Eh?

Mario: Cheese!

General Guy: ... We're doomed.

Brandon: Not really. All we need is some cool music... HIT IT!

Brandon: All right. Let's move out!

Brandon pulls out a saw and cuts a portion of glass out. Then, Wario picks up the glass and chucks it off the side, where it lands on a Bumpty just being released from 50 years of prison. It is taken back in for another 50 years for trying to hurt somebody: himself.

General Guy: Weird. Oh well. FIRE IN THE HOLE!

Mario pulls out a stick of cheese that smells really bad, and chucks it in. It knocks out all of the 4th floor's guards, while Boshi is on the 1st floor.

Brandon: Hey, if Boshi was on the first floor, why didn't we go through the front door?

Mario: Cheese!

Kool-Aid Man: OH yeah! OH NO!

Kool-Aid Man falls into the prison and spills.

Brandon: Man down! Man down!

Koops: ... I'm surrounded by morons.

Koops and the others jump in and all put on gas masks. Brandon pulls out a pack of sugar and some Cherry Kool-Aid. He dumps it in Kool-Aid Man and patches up Kool-Aid Man's crack.

General Guy: C'mon. We need to go down.

Instantly, 6 guards appear and point their guns at them.

General Guy: ... But first, let's get them! Team, prepare for conflict!

Brandon pulls out a flamethrower, General Guy pulls out a Bob-omb case, Kool-Aid Man puts on boxing gloves, Koops gets in his shell, Wario pulls out his money sack, and Mario pulls out the Cheese Sword of Doom.

Brandon: ATTACK!

Brandon torches a guy, General Guy blows a guy to kingdom come, Kool-Aid Man KO's a guard by flicking him with a finger, Koops slams into a guy, Wario slaps a guy with his money sack, and Mario slices a guy in half.

Brandon: Sweet.

Wario: C'mon! Down to level 3!

Everyone leaves, but Wario comes back and loots a person. He finds a 1,000-coin slip on one of them for the team pot, and he goes down.


The team enters level 3, which is surrounded by tons of guards.

Koops: Okay, I've got a plan....


Brandon: NOOOOO!

The team is captured and thrown into a jail cell on the 4th floor. The jail warden walks over to them and reveals himself to be...


Koops: Who?

Mr. Little: Ah, if eet iz Mario und his little crew. I see you are trying to rescue Boshi, is that true?

General Guy: Yeah, it is!

Mr. Little: Ahhahahaha! Too bad. Ve vill keep you here until your time is up! So long, suckers! Ahahahahaha!

Mr. Little leaves. In their cell is nothing but a sofa, four beds, and a sink.

Brandon: We're doomed.

Mario: *intelligence boost** Mamamia, great. Does anybody have a shovel?

Brandon: No, but I know who could be used as one... Koops, out.

Koops reluctantly gets out of his shell and Brandon grabs the shell.

Brandon: Koops, we might need to break open the inside.

Koops: WHAT?!

Brandon: Relax, i'll give you a lollipop.

Koops: Oh, okay.

Brandon: General Guy, blow this shell up.

KA-BOOM! The top of the shell is blown off.

Mario: Wario, grab the shell and start digging. Kool-Aid Man, I'm sorry, but we need to do this...

Mario kicks a hole into Kool-Aid Man and all of the Kool-Aid falls down and softens the ground.

Kool-Aid Man: Oh no!

Mario: Koops, make some Kool-Aid for Kool-Aid Man.

Koops: Gotcha.

Mario slices some dirt up with his sword, General Guy is blowing up the dirt, Wario is digging, and Brandon is knocking on a wall with his fist.

Brandon: Just as I thought...

General Guy: What?

Brandon: Stand back.

He pulls out a stick of dynamite.

Brandon: FIRE!

Brandon blows up the wall to reveal a narrow passageway.

Brandon: I believe that General Guy, you can fit through this, correct?

General Guy: Correct.

Brandon: Go in and see what's on the other side. I'll take up your job using dynamite.

General Guy squeezes through the passageway and on the other side, he finds Princess Peach.

General Guy: What the- I thought Jack Sparrow shot you out of the cannon!

Peach: He did, Mr. Little found me and kidnapped me.

General Guy: Huh. Hey, look. Three treasure chests.

Peach looks over to her right and indeed, there are three treasure chests.

Over Intercom: Hello General Guy. It looks like you've found the bonus of the challenge. You may take two slips. In one chest is a Bring Back slip, which will allow Peach to take the place of the next evicted person. One chest has a 1,000-coin slip for the team, and the last has a 1,000-coin slip for yourself. After that, a key will appear to allow you to open the lock to Mr. Little's office. But some people have been kidnapped by Mr. Little. If you manage to rescue all 5 of them (Peach counting as one already ), then you'll win a free exemption pass and the team will get 5,000 coins in the pot.

General Guy: Hmm... You want to rejoin the game, Peach?

Peach: Yeah.

General Guy opens 2 chests and takes out 2 slips. What they were will be revealed at the end of the challenge. General Guy starts to move through the passageway, and calls back to Peach.

General Guy: You coming?

General Guy and Peach squeeze through the tunnel and make it to the other cell. Mario sees Peach and hugs her.

Mario: Peach! You got to rejoin the game?

Peach: Sorry, Mario, but I got caught by Mr. Little and thrown in here.

Mario: *intelligence drop* Mamamia!

Koops: Ack! His intelligence dropped again!

Peach: I'll be leader then.

Wario: *laugh* You? You're a girl!

CLANG! THUMP! POW! Peach whacked Wario a couple of times on the head with her frying pan.

Brandon: Okay... General Guy, light your bombs with my dynamite....

They do so.

Brandon: HIT THE DECK!

Everyone ducks and the cell bars are blown apart.

Brandon: C'mon! Let's go!

The team and Peach rush out to come face-to-face with Ludwig von Koopa.

Ludwig: So, you are trying to set Boshi free? Forget it. He is to be executed in five hours.

Time: 7:00 AM
Location: Frostbite Prison

Ludwig: If you want to get through, you must battle me.

Mario: It's-a me! Mario!

Mario jumps 500 times on Ludwig, eventually KOing him and finding a box. However, General Guy notices this box and opens it. What is inside makes his first two chest picks a great choice. General Guy smirks as he pockets the card and walks on. Ludwig pulls out a walkie-talkie.

Ludwig: Lemmy? They are almost to the prisoner.

They decend to level 2, but Koops realizes something.

Koops: Guys? I've been here before, and I found out that the only way to get to Level 1 is through the Warden's office!

Peach: Well... $@$.

Wario: So we have to battle Mr. Little to get through?!

General Guy: How about I take him on? I'll defeat him and you guys can help if I need it.

Brandon: You seem oddly confident, General Guy.

Mario: Mamamia!

Kool-Aid Man: Now's not the time. Oh yeah! Let's go!

General Guy kicks open the door and sees Mr. Little in front of him.

Mr. Little: So, you have tried to rescue the hostage? Give up.

General Guy: That's what Ludwig said, and we defeated him.

Mr. Little: Very well zen. Bloopers, attack!

5 Bloopers appear and then General Guy jumps up and pulls out a Bob-omb. He lights it and throws it at a Blooper. The Blooper explodes and destroys the other 4 Bloopers. General Guy grabs Mr. Little and starts punching him in the face. Mr. Little kicks General Guy off into a wall and then dashes into General Guy. General Guy grabs Mr. Little, throws him on the ground, and then General Guy ground pounds into Mr. Little, defeating him.

General Guy: Coast is clear! C'mon!

The team rush into the first floor and see Boshi on a rope above lava.

Brandon: How does Lemmy pay for all of this?

Mario: *intelligence boost* Now's not the time. Let's go!

Mario rushes at Boshi and cuts the rope off. Peach hovers over to Boshi, grabs him, and takes him back to the gang.

Wario: Now, how do we get out of here?

Koops: Stand back. I know a secret passageway.

Koops charges up his shell and breaks through a hollow wall, leading to the outside of the jail.

Koops: C'mon!

Everybody has left through the front door.

Koops: $#!$! I always forget about that.

Koops rushes out of the cell and back to the hotel.

Mission Complete!


Luigi and his team are at Toadington's house in Shiver City. It takes them a 6-hour ride, as their car broke down on the way. Daisy is the first to knock on the door, but she hears no answer. Not that there's supposed to be any. But when she opens the door, she finds Boshi stealing all of Toadington's stuff!

Luigi: Boshi's stealing some stuff! GET HIM!

Boshi: So long, suckers!

He pulls out an egg and throws it on the ground, and smoke appears. After the smoke dissipates, Boshi is gone.

Luigi: This proves that Boshi is guilty.

Blooper: Hang on, Luigi. Boshi just might not be. Look at that camera.

Blooper points at one of the cameras, and MC Ballyhoo flies up there and gets the videotape.

MC Ballyhoo: Hmm... Well, the VCR is still intact, so let's watch it.

Suddenly, Boshi appears again and steals the tape.

Boshi: Forgot something.

He disappears again.

Doopliss: Hmm... I still think that Boshi is innocent, so let's continue to look for clues, eh?

They search for 2 hours until it is 9:00 AM. Luigi is about to give up when he sees something.

Luigi: Hey, Mustache. What do you think this is?

Mustache: Is that a ketchup bottle? ... *sniff * But it smells like blood...

Luigi: Ack! Look! The knife!

Daisy walks over to the knife and picks it up. She washes it under water and sees that there is still something on it.

Doopliss: I see rust... and blood?

MC Ballyhoo: Odd... Look at this...

On the wall, there is some black ink saying "You are next, Toadington", and then there is a picture of some shades.

Blooper: ... This is very odd, but we haven't been able to find any clues.

Luigi: Oh no... It's 10:00 AM. We need to make our way to the courthouse! Quickly!

Everyone rushes out, but not before Luigi discovers something...

Luigi: What the... This isn't blood... It's ketchup!

Luigi rushes into the car and tells the driver to speed up.

Luigi: Driver, to the courthouse as fast as you can!

Driver: You got it!


Team Mario and Boshi are already there. Yoshi, Birdo, Lemmy, Waluigi, Hammer Bro, Bowser, and Ludwig are already there. The jury is filled to the maximum and everyone is waiting for Team Luigi.

TIME: 11:45


Luigi: Step on it!

Doopliss: HURRY! 5 minutes are left!

5... 4... 3... 2...

Team Luigi step out of the car and rush to the courtroom.


Luigi steps foot into the courtroom and then everyone else tramples him.

Luigi: Ow...

Judge Roy Pickles: Court is now in session!

Everything goes smoothly. The proof is shown (the knife), Boshi testifies... but all this is about to go to waste as Yoshi stand up.

Yoshi: Yoshi now present the court with evidence! The videotape of Boshi stealing Toadington's stuff.

Luigi, Daisy, Doopliss, and MC Ballyhoo gasp. How did Yoshi get the videotape? Blooper and Mustache just crack their knuckles. Yoshi plays the tape, and everything is shown to the judge.

Roy Pickles: I declare that Boshi is automatically guilty, of murder, theft, and grand theft auto! He is sentenced to the lava pits!

Boshi is dragged away and Yoshi starts to laugh evilly. Then, something taps his shoulder. Yoshi turns around to meet the fist of Brandon.


Everyone dogpiles on Yoshi and beats the stuffing out of him. Brandon kicks Yoshi's body once and then picks him up to drive back to a disappointed Lemmy.

Location: Snowflake Docks

Lemmy: I'm sorry for all of you. All that work for waste, am I correct? Yoshi was Boshi, if you didn't know.

More angry glares at Yoshi.

Lemmy: He did this for an exemption pass. However, General Guy discovered some really fascinating treasures. Genreal Guy, would you please show us what you picked up? And you too, Wario?

Wario flashes a 1,000-coin for the team slip. Everyone cheers and claps for Wario. Wario starts to laugh in triumph. General Guy flashes another 1,000-coin slip, a Bring Back pass for Peach... and...

Lemmy: AMAZING! General Guy has found the first Exemption Theft Card! Now, he may steal an Exemption from either Monsiuer Mustache or Yoshi!

Generla Guy: Stealing, eh? Yoshi, hand it over.


Lemmy takes the pass from Yoshi, converts it to a General Guy pass, and hands it over.

Lemmy: However, because of Yoshi, 5,000 coins are lost, but 2,000 of those lost coins are earned back.


Lemmy: However, now is the time for a quick execution. Everybody, board the ship!

Everybody (including Peach) boards the ship, but not before Lemmy says something.

Lemmy: We're going to go to Sarasaland next. Remember that!

Lemm, Pie Guy, and Jack Sparrow board the ship, and the ship sets sail for the next destination, and the next execution.

Episode 2, Part 2: The Second Farewell

Everyone is hushed into a room, and there is a computer in front of all 13 of them. (Peach is out, so...)

Lemmy: Your test now contains 10 questions. START! Oh wait, mysterious music, CUE!

What was the Mole's role in the game J'Accused? A. Rescue, B. Evidence Finder, C. Sabotage

Mario: Rescue
Luigi: Rescue
Yoshi: Evidence Finder
Brandon: Rescue
Mustache: Sabotage
Doopliss: Evidence Finder
General Guy: Sabotage
Kool-Aid Man: Sabotage
Daisy: Rescue
Wario: Rescue
MC Ballyhoo: Sabotage
Blooper: Rescue
Koops: Sabotage

Did the Mole find a bonus slip? A. Yes, B. No

Yes: Mario, Daisy, Mustache, Yoshi, Blooper, Wario, General Guy
No: Brandon, MC Ballyhoo, Doopliss, Kool-Aid Man, Luigi, Koops

Does the Mole have an exemption slip? A. Yes, B. No

Yes: No one
No: Everybody

Is the Mole human? A. Yes, B. No

Yes: Yoshi, Blooper, Wario
No: Mario, Luigi, Daisy, Brandon, Mustache. Koops, General Guy, Kool-Aid Man, Doopliss, MC Ballyhoo

Does the Mole have a mustache? A. Yes, B. No

Yes: Yoshi, Mario, Koops, Brandon, General Guy, Blooper, Mustache
No: Daisy, Luigi, Wario, Kool-Aid Man, Doopliss, MC Ballyhoo

Does the Mole wear a hat? A. Yes, B. No

Yes: Luigi, Doopliss, Wario, Brandon, Daisy, Yoshi
No: Blooper, Koops, Mario, Kool-Aid Man, Mustache, MC Ballyhoo, General Guy

What is the Mole's occupation? A. Plumber, B. Princess, C. Chef, D. Baker, E. Treasure Hunter, F. Sailor, G. Carnival Owner, H. Actor, I. Yoshi, J. General, K. Student, L. Advertiser

A: Yoshi
B: Koops
C: Mustache
D: Brandon
E: Mario, Luigi
F: Kool-Aid Man
G: Doopliss
H: General Guy
I: Daisy
J: Blooper
K: Wario
L: MC Ballyhoo

Did the Mole fight? A. Yes, B. No

Yes: Brandon, Mario, Daisy, MC Ballyhoo, Mustache, Koops, Blooper, Wario, Kool-Aid Man
No: Yoshi, Luigi, Koops, General Guy

Did the Mole find any evidence? A. Yes, B. No

Yes: Yoshi
No: Everyone Else

Who is the Mole?

Everyone: ...
Brandon: PIE!
Mario: CHEESE!

Lemmy: Let's begin, shall we? Luigi...

Luigi looks nervously as Lemmy types in Luigi's name.






Jack Sparrow: Tough luck, eh? GOODBYE! Savvy?

Jack Sparrow shoots Yoshi out of the cannon and Yoshi lands on Chocolate Island.

Lemmy: Well, that's another person out. Welcome back, Peach!

Peach: Well, at least you guys know I'm not the mole, right?


Lemmy: Wow, what a show! Tune in later for the next episode, eh? Although, not very many people look saddened by Yoshi's leave... Until then, I'm Lemmy Koopa, saying byebye!

To Be Continued...

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