Luigi and Mario: Mushroom Island Battles

By Amos Magikoopa

(Author's Note: This WILL be the chapter in which I speed everything up. It may seem a little rushed and may not be the best portion, but deal with it! I will try to speed it up to Iggy or maybe Roy (going in the normal order of the Koopalilngs, of course).

The Marios walked towards the beach, joyous to be out of the desert heat, and plunged under the cool water. They sank towards the bottom, going down and down and down... The coldness of the water stung Luigi's skin and made him shiver to the point where he forgot to give Mario and himself a Frog Suit. He gasped for breath under the water, but no one came and his body was frozen rigid. Sight passed away from his eyes and he was consumed into a black darkness...


Luigi woke up in a small, dark cave glowing with moldy essence and cold to the bone.

???: Luigi! You're awake!

Luigi looked over to see Mario standing next to him.

Luigi: Where am I?

Mario: Under the lake, of course!

Luigi: Wha?

Mario: A Blooper found us and took us to this cave after we fell unconscious!

Blooper: I saw you two while I was scouting the area, so I took you here!

Luigi: Why were you scouting?

Blooper: One of Bowser's servants is on the loose, destroying our towns underwater! I saw you and knew right away who you were and hoped you could help us!

Luigi: Us?

Blooper: Yeah, there's tons of us hiding out in this cave!

Mario: We'd be glad to help!

The Blooper jumped (floated high) for joy and began going in circles.

Blooper: Woho Woho Woho Woho! No more Gooper Blooper!

Luigi jumped to his feet.

Luigi: Gooper Blooper? That guy's pathetic!

The Blooper seemed to be offended by this, and raised an eyebrow angrily.

Mario: For us anyway!

The Blooper reverted to normal.


The cave wall behind Luigi burst open, spilling water into the air-filled cave. Mario, Luigi, and the Blooper were washed out into the cold water. Luigi ripped two Frog Suits from the suitcase, careful not to let any water in because of E. Gadd's computer in there. He tossed one to Mario and they both fit one on, now able to breathe. Gooper Blooper was on the lake floor, waiting and watching. They came to him to battle.

Gooper Blooper: You may have beaten me on the pier, but this time will be different!

He lifted up a tentacle to reveal metal spikes sticking out of them.

Gooper Blooper: Not only that, but my blubber is harder and your attacks will do next to nothing!

Mario: Luigi, do that magic thing!

Luigi: I can't! One, it only works in RPG battles; and two, I'm out of energy! Mario, most of those fancy, powerful attacks really only work in RPG battles!

Mario: That stinks!

Gooper Blooper raised his tentacles and made the come-and-get-me motion.


The panic-striken Toadyan rushed up the winding staircase, evil nipping at his heels. He rounded the corner and slid open a door labled Floor 5. He ran inside and through the silent hospital, trying not to make a sound. Behind him the Demon of the Flames followed him visciously in his flame form, the silhoutte of an old Toad somewhere inside. He was a ball of viscious flame with clawed arms and evil, purple eyes. Toadyan ran into an empty room and slammed the door in the face of the demon. The flameball pounded on the door, and when that didn't work he began to burn it down, laughing maniacally.

Demon of the Flames: I'm coming, little Toad. MWAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I hope this doesn't get you fired! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA! There's nowhere to run now!

???: Oh yeah? How about this?

The flameball turned to see Toadyan standing in the hallway with a squirtgun in his hands. He was madly quiviring.

Toadyan: Don't make me use this!

DOTF (Demon of the Flames): Oh? A squirt gun? Don't make me laugh! By the way, how did you get out of the room? I'm guessing an alternate exit, hmm?

Toadyan: Yeah... Now stand back and tell me what you want with me!

DOTF: That thing doesn't scare me! I'll tell you what I want anyway... THIS HOSPITAL BURNT TO THE GROUND! I'm only chasing you for the pleasure and taste of vim and blood.

Toadyan: WHA? I'm n-n-not s-s-scared of y-y-y-you!

The demon looked at the Toad and began floating towards him.

DOTF: I believe you are!

Toadyan fired the squirt gun and DOTF backed away a little. Then he swooped towards Toadyan and caught him in his burning grasp.

DOTF: You're going to taste mighty fine. HAHAHAHAHAHA!



Toad: NO!

Toadette fell screaming off her rope and into the green essence.


Cackletta shocked him with electricity many times over, injuring Toad greatly until his weak body finally gave in to Cackletta's torture.

Toad: (weakly) They... are hidden... behind t-t-the bookcase in Russ T's house.

Cackletta: So they are hidden in Russ T's house behind a bookcase! Thank you for your help, Toad.

She waved her had and Toad fell into the green essence this time. He landed in the warm, bubbling ooze and floated towards the bottom, his mind and feelings slipping away and going haywire. Then it all went black.

Somewhere else...

The Toad pulled up in his blue car towards the park, looking at the freaky trees with their leaves, and stepped out of his car, his shoes crackling as he stepped on the dry leaves that had fallen from their trees. This was where it had all started, and this was where it would all end. He walked past the little Toad boys playing on the playground and headed towards the fountain located in the park's center. A Koopa dressed in a black suit stood up as he did.

Koopa: So you decided to show up? Intriguing!

Toad: Why? What's so intriguing about that, my good friend?

The Koopa laughed a hearty laugh, one that would make most creatures stare. His eyes were hidden behind thick, black sunglasses.

Koopa: gy Good friend? You really make me laugh, Todd! But, now, down to business; you had asked me why I thought that was intriguingm and it's simple really, I thought you would flee knowing what would happen here. Ah yesm I remember where it all started... That was long ago, and I have changed, Todd. You of all people should know that!

He let out another hearty laugh. This one made Todd uneasy.

Todd: Now Bill, what exactly are we here for?

Bill: You should know as well as I. We are here to end it. We are here to end the prophecy and to make it all gone. You are the one who prophecized it, and you are the one who can end it!

Todd: *gulp* End it? By what do you mean? The prophecy cannot be ended! Only fools who get in its way will be ended! I have come here to end YOU, Bill, for you know as well as I that this would come. I knew from the beginning you were a fool!

Bill: Now let's not get carried away! The prophecy is an evil thing and must be stopped! We swore that day after its birth that when we found what it meant we would destroy it if it meant evil!

Todd: We were foolish to think that before, and you are stupid to think that now! The only thing that will end here is your life, Bill. King Koopa can't save you this time!

Bill: Wha? That was you!

Bill quivered in his shell. Though he was a highly trained Koopa, he knew that Todd would beat him. He, however, needed to keep Todd on his less tempered side until the right moment.

Todd: Yes it was!

Bill: The evil of the prophecy has gotten to your mind! Don't listen to it, Todd! You can undo it as fast as you made it, but only you can decide!

Todd: FOOL! I serve the prophecy now, and it will consume all!

Bill: NO!

Todd: YES!

His eyes changed to a red color and his body grew shadowed, as if behind a large object. His voice also became demonic.


Bill: Never!


His overshadowed body stretched and formed to that of Shadow Mario.


Fire looped around his jell-like body and around his paintbrush.

Bill: I thought you were one with Bowser Jr.


His body rose into the air and clouds covered the sky. Some children screamed and ran towards their fearful parents.


Todd shot a blast of flame from the paintbrush and dove towards Bill, nearly crushing him. Bill dodged and ducked the blasts of fire Todd shot, and got hit by not a single one. Todd roared and created evil, massive, gooey Pirahna Plants that swept towards Bill with speed and agility. While Bill was fighting these with his fancy Matrix-style moves, Todd was powering up his paintbrush. Bill splattered the last of the goop plants with an aerial kick. Todd released the power of his brush and the fire consumed him, changing his body to a new form and remaking him. He was smothered in fire, and he was fire. The body of flame shaped into a thing with horns and various tentacles. The fire turned purple and black and made him truly evil, still with red eyes. Now Bill knew he would die, but not without a fight. When he went down he wanted to bring Todd with him and rid Todd's evil from this world. He ran towards some kids who had been playing with water balloons only to stop and stare at the strange events going on. He took the balloons and threw them at Todd, which stalled him enough to give Bill time to ask the kids where they got the water for these balloons from.

Kid: Over t-t-t-there b-b-b-by the pavilion.

Bill ran, dodging Todd's monstrous attacks of fire. He grabed the hose and watered down his ex-friend. Todd fell to the ground, weak. Bill then took his cell phone from his pocket and during the time Todd was recovering told the agency he worked for, Mushroom Intelligence Agency (MIA), to set up a warp connection at this point. He grabbed the hose again and sprayed Todd to give him more time. Todd fell again and then a speck of purple electricity appeared near Bill. As he sprayed for time this speck grew bigger until it was a full-fledged portal. He quickly ushered the park's inhabitants inside and the portal vanished. Todd looked up to see the place deserted. He reverted to his normal form and used the park's payphone to call his boss.

???: Yes?

Todd: He has escaped, but I know his motives now and the only place he could have disapeared to was the MIA, for warps like the one he used are only used for base transport and transport from base.

???: Don't worry, my servant, he will be vanquished in due time. As for you, the punishment will be severe if you don't catch him the next time. Understand?

Todd: Yes!

???: Wonderful.

The raspy voice from the other side hung up, leaving the park silent until Todd spoke.

Todd: Mark my words, Bill, I will get you next time! BWAHAHAHAHA!

Back with the Marios...

Gooper Blooper began shooting raipidly, covering every inch of the field with goop. He waved his massive tentacles in the air, slamming them down as the Marios dodged. This truly was Gooper Blooper's return. He shattered rock and seaweed alike during his rampage of attacks. None of their attacks worked due to Bloop's defensive skin and quick attacks. They slid on the goop-covered field until they realized they could float off the ground in the water. Mario and Luigi were pounded with the attacks and were sone quite tired. They knew they couldn't last for much longer. Then Luigi had an idea.

Luigi: (whispering) Mario, I've got an idea...

So he told Mario his plan, and he agreed. They swept Thunder Rages out of the suitcase and tossed them at the metal spikes on the underside of Gooper Blooper's tentacles.

Mario: With your new spikes, Gooper, you make this so much easier!

The Thunder Rages exploded with electricity and the metal spikes conducted them to Blooper's insides, making the Blooper squirm. Mario and Luigi had thrown the Thunder Rages at all the tentacles, and Gooper's extra blubber on the tentacles shedded. Now he was open to attack. They jumped on the tentacles, making them weak, then tore them off one by one. Then they went for his nose and Gooper Blooper was launched far away with a roar. The Bloopers in the cave came out and celebrated Mario and Luigi's win. They gave them some more items they had stored and the Marios gladdly took them for their remaining journey. They floated on through Water Land until they reached a warp pipe going up.

Mario: Let's-a go!

Chapter 5: E. Gadd's News

They jumped into it and were swept up towards the surface. They came up on an island in the lake, middle finally exposed to the sunlight at last. The sun's warmth flowed on their shoulders, making them toasty and warm. Ahead on the path lay Wendy's castle, in which they could hear another temper tantrum going on. They solumnly walked towards the castle and reached the doors. They opened with a loud creak and Mario and Luigi walked inside. The castle was surprisingly trapless. Apparently Wendy had spent so much time decorating and pampering herself that she had forgotten to set any traps. They walked up a flight of stairs and towards big, pink doors. These doors too opened with a creak. They walked in to see Wendy in her throne yelling at a big screen hanging from the ceiling as does a bat in a cave. From what Mario and Luigi could see of the screen's reflections in mirrors all around, the person on-screen was Bowser.


Bowser: Now Wendy, gain some control here. Junior is a lot younger than you and could have never pulled off a prank like that! Only Ludwig would be smart enough to prank you like that. It couldn't have been him, though, because it would have blown up, so therefore that leaves me-

Clawdia (from off-screen) And me!

Bowser: -and your mother decided upon you! After all, who else would have been so mad at me to drop a bowling ball on my head? You were the one who was mad at me for giving one of your necklaces to Kammy for the loss of her vase!

Wendy: I already told you, Daddy, Junior set up a trap so that when I set foot in my room it would move a trip cord that would pull a jewelry box off my dresser and let it land on a teeter totter-like thing that would fling a lit candle in the air that would then light a rocket. The rocket launched off with a bowling ball tied to it. The bowling ball landed it the vents, which led to a passage to the throne room!

Bowser: One, I don't think Junior is that smart; and two, how come it was all cleaned up when I walked into your room?

Wendy: He cleaned it up!

Bowser: Yeah right.


Bowser: You will unless you want me to cut off your food supply and feed you Wendy's (the fast food place) disgusting fries!

Wendy: Okay Daddy! You can!

Bowser: I'm glad we talked this over! Goodbye, sweetpea, Daddy has to go plan for world domination!

Wendy: Bye Daddy!

The screen rolled up into the ceiling like an overhead, and then Wendy spotted Mario and Luigi.


Luigi: It's a little to late now, brat.

Wendy: Fine, I'll fight you here and now!

She waved her wand and three warp pipes came up out of the floor. Wendy jumped into the middle one and came out with a piece of jewelry with wings. She tossed it up into the air and it stayed there. She took her wand and blasted candy rings at Mario and Luigi, then she dove back underground and popped back up in another warp pipe while the jewelry floated overhead and blasted the plumbers also. It kinda looked like the battle with Wendy in Yoshi's Safari, if you know what I mean. Mario had an idea and threw fireballs at the jewrley piece when it floated over Wendy, and it landed on her. Luigi caught on and they both did this 5 times until the piece fell on Wendy and exploded, knocking her unconscious. Mario and Luigi walked over and took the key from its place under her bow, and exited the castle from the door they came in. Another warp pipe had appeared, and they used it to transport to the land on the other side of the lake, where E. Gadd was waiting.


Cackletta cackled. The plan was finally in place! Once this plan was complete the master's plan would work out quite nicely. There was nothing those fools she captured could do since they were fighting for their lives. The master's other accomplices were at work on the plan too. Once the master prevailed, Plit would be his, with her and the others as the second in command. She laughed again. Plit was sure in for a wallop of surprise, especially those cursed Mario Brothers. At that moment Fawful flew back into the tower with the Crystal Stars in his headgear.

Fawful: Mistress, I have retrieved the Stars of your wanting!

Cackletta: Wonderful! Eyha ha ha! Now to tell the master!

Down under the green essence...

Toad came back to consciousness and realized he could breathe in this green stuff. He swam down through it hoping to find Toadette and Scarvy. As he got near the bottom it got warmer and warmer until it was a blazing inferno. When he got there he gasped with shock. Theer were two Toadettes, both with eyes shut, one in a coccoon-like, see-through egg sack while the other had a connection cord coming from her head to the other's. Scarvy was the same except the eggsack thing was more see-through and the Scarvy not inside it was more deteriorated. Then a ghost version of Toad came from Toad's body and set it up like Toadette's. The real Toad was the one on the outside with no eggsack. They were sucking the life out of them and building a clone.

In Toad Town...

A purple speck appeared and grew larger, and agent Bill DeKoopa stepped out with grief from the battle with Todd. The people from the park had been saved and sent back to their respective houses with no memory of the incident. Usually the MIA didn't use a memory eraser, but desperate times call for desperate measures. Bill walked through the town's ruins until he found what he needed. A few barely alive were Toads laying on the ground. One who he knew was called Toadsworth crawled towards him.

Toadsworth: He... Hel... Help!

Bill: What happened here?

Toadsworth: At... Att... Attacked by c-c-c-cannon.

Toadsworth pointed towards Cackletta's tower. At this point in time Toadsworth began babbling.

Toadsworth: Crystal... Stars.... babble... blue Yoshi... locked... attacked... nearly... dead.

Bill pulled a walky-talkie-like thing from his pocket.

Bill: This is DeKoopa to base. DeKoopa to base.

???: We read you, DeKoopa.

Bill: We need backup right away! These guys are in serious trouble and need medical assistance before any questions! Also we need a rescue squad to fight an unknown force.

???: We will be on it right away! We may not be there that fast as we are currently decoding what we got of the prophecy.

Bill: Roger that! DeKoopa out!

Back with the Marios...

Mario and Luigi popped out of the warp pipe and walked over to E. Gadd, who was slightly green in the face.

Mario: What-a is the matter?

E. Gadd: Well, boys, I've fallen sick and am not feeling my best right now. That's why I couldn't meet you in the desert region, because the heat would surely not have helped.

Luigi: What was the news you wanted to tell us?

E. Gadd: Toad Town has been attacked by someone!

Mario: WHO?

A dark shadow swept over the beachy area and swept up E. Gadd. Mario and Luigi looked up just in time to see it coming, and grabbed on to its tail as the enormous, dragon-like thing swept them up and flew towards the cliffs on the horizon.

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