Luigi and Mario: Mushroom Island Battles

By Amos Magikoopa

King Boo charged up the wand and threw dark energy at the trio. He twirled around and Disappeared, reappearing behind Doopliss, and hit him with the wand. Doopliss fell to the floor unconscious. He went to do the same with Amos, however Amos was able to dodge. He ducked and twirled around, kicking King Boo in the face. The ghostly king screeched in anger. He flew to the ceiling and charged a bolt of energy and sent it blasting at Amos, who dodged.

While this was conspiring Booseph had gone to the ceiling and snuck behind King Boo. As he did he grabbed a top hat lying on a desk in the room, and when he reached King Boo he smacked him over the head with it, making the Boo king drop the wand. He then placed the hat on his own head.

Booseph: Hmm. Maybe I'll keep this hat on.... It fits quite well and feels comfy.

Amos grabbed his wand and maneuvered it through the air, creating a star of glowing light. He twirled the wand through the center of the star and it launched off, then went homing in on King Boo. It hit the ghostly king, exploding with light and making him scream. He flipped over backwards, then floated straight and screamed again. His eyes glowed with anger as his blue tongue glowed. His tongue then released a rain of blue fire down upon the room.

His black eyes were angry and his tongue was singed. His new Green Diamond Crown (looks like the old one but green instead of red) began glowing. As Amos and Booseph dodged the fire below, the ghostly king released another burst of fire as a green ball formed on his crown. Once the fire had disappeared, Amos looked up to see a ball of light the size of a minivan perched atop King Boo's crown. King Boo stared at them for a moment, then he spoke.

King Boo: Say goodnight!

The ball exploded, casting a great, green flash into the room, knocking Amos over and blinding Booseph. Amos felt a tug as his wand was yanked from his hands. The green light soon became a blazing inferno of green flames. Amos lost all sense of reality and succumbed to the darkness.... then everything went black.

At the MIA…

The shadow thing roared and two giant hands appeared. They were made of the same thing as the shadow: a weird, black essence that looked like clouds. Bill took his Blaster (a Bullet Bill-like gun that fires pinky finger-size Bullet Bills) from his pocket, but then realized that the small projectiles wouldn't hurt the shadow at all. The creature bellowed a great roar and its hands punched forwards, nearly hitting Russell. Russell did a barrel roll left and dodged the hand. The creature screamed a horrible roar and dissolved into a ball of dark energy. Lightning sprung from the ball of energy and flashed through the room. Bill dodged a blast and Russell was nowhere to be seen. The monster screamed a blood-curling scream. Russell had snuck up behind the monster and hooked him up to two fusion tanks with some wires. The monster would be separated molecule by molecule in the reverse fusion process.

This room was designed so that an object would be put in the middle. Then they would be fused with objects in the tanks or be separated into the tanks. The monster had screamed with the poke of the wires. It turned around and began blasting beams of electricity at him.

Russell: Hurry, Bill, into the operation room! You'll be protected from the radiation there. Turn the system on high. I'll be okay out here.

Bill: No! You'll die!

Russell: Just go! Don't worry about me! I'll join you soon.

Bill hurried and turned it on. He was safe behind the doors of the operation room. He watched through the protective window. The monster was being torn apart rapidly. On high the system would tear it apart in a matter of minutes. The radiation would spread through the room, and Russell wasn't safe. It wouldn't kill him instantly, but it would eventually. The monster had stopped all activity, but part of it hadn't. The bottom half of the monster began steaming and let off a dark mist. The mist swarmed towards Russell, who was running towards the door. It engulfed Russell and began dragging him away from the door, which he was right next to. Bill reached out the door for Russell even despite the risks. He grabbed Russell’s arm and tried to pull him away from the shadow steam, but to no effect. Russell's grip slipped and he fell away. His nails scratched Bill’s hand and broke skin a little. There was a tiny cut.

Bill closed the door. He knew nothing could save Russell now. The steam thing flew towards what was left of the monster and knocked headstrong into it. It collided with the decaying monster and there was a flash of light. The system started flashing. A red light turned on and the tanks started reversing their process. The little power left that Bill had used to turn on the machine was running out. Bill pressed the abort button and the system stopped. The whole room was black. All of a sudden the lights turned back on and began flashing. The dial that pointed to high turned and broke off as the system began rapidly going faster. Bill covered his ears as the machine screeched and closed his eyes as the lights started flashing very rapidly.


Bill ducked as the system exploded, sending metal and sparks everywhere.

It was pitch black until a light glowed from the center of the Fusion room. Bill stood up to see a glowing figure in the room. He saw its back. It was wearing a black suit... and out of the back protruded a shell. The figure turned around, and Bill saw a light blue glowing version of himself…

On Konata Isle in the same Boo house as Amos and Doopliss...

A figure in a dark, black-hooded cloak walked down the hall to the cell where Amos and Doopliss were imprisoned. Its head was hung downwards, looking at the floor, so his face was not seen. He approached the cell and looked up at it. He had blood red eyes and no other features of life. His face (if he had one) was hidden in the hood and was covered in black darkness. No hands protruded from the sleeves of the cloak hoodie, and it even extended so far to the ground to cover any feet if there were any.

His eyes stared at the bars and emitted a white flash of light. When the flash dimmed down the bars were no more. He walked into the cell and through the passage until he reached the triangle with the line and faced it. He then lifted his sleeve/arm and pressed it up against the symbol. The wall shook and rumbled, and the triangle glowed green. The inside of it disintegrated and a cloud of darkness flowed out of the hole and into the hallway. It began to spread through the passage and into the Boo house beyond. The whole house was soon in darkness so thick even Boos couldn't see through it.

Back with Amos and Doopliss…

Amos awoke to darkness in the room except for the tiniest bit of light that came from a candle that Booseph floated beside.

Amos: What happened?

Booseph: King Boo disappeared and knocked us all out... except for Doopliss, who was already KO'd.

Amos: Where is Doopliss?

The candle turned and Doopliss' face was on it.

Doopliss Candle: Right here.

Amos: Oh.

Booseph: Then I woke up and darkness was spreading like a cloud. Doopliss quickly transformed into a candle nearby, and we just sat here in darkness. I didn't want to move because the light only goes so far and I didn't want to get lost.

Amos: Wait... It was spreading like a cloud?

Booseph: I mean like a cloudy smoke.

Amos: Oh, I see.

Doopliss Candle: So what now?

Amos: Well I guess we just sit here and-

He was interrupted by the roar of a beast and the laughing of a raspy voice. The sound came from nearby... from the very passage they entered through.

Booseph: Doopliss, change back quick!

The light went out in the room and they moved away from the passage. Then two pairs of eyes entered the room. One pair was blood red and the other came from up higher in the room and were yellow. A roar echoed through the room.

To Be Continued...

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