Trouble for the Koopas

By Lemmy's Campfire Tales

It was a normal day. The Mario Brothers had just finished fighting off the Koopa Kid's most recent attack. Mario said, "Boy, that was tiresome. Lets eat lunch!"

Luigi answered, "Yeah, pasta and meat balls!!" And so the two plumbers pigged out.

Meanwhile, in Bowser's castle, Bowser yelled, "How could you let them beat us again!!!"

Lemmy answered, "Well, um, Dad we sort of, um."

Bowser roared, "Grrrrr. Why I'll-" but just then a rumbling was heard. Bowser and the Koopa Kids looked out the window and there was a giant doomship. It was half the size of the castle.

A mysterious voice said, "Citizens of this world, prepare to grovel in fear and terror before the supreme master, Ginko."

Lemmy asked, "Who's Ginko?"

And with that a creature that looked like a dog wearing a hammer brotherís suit stepped forward. Ginko asked, "What, you were expecting maybe a Borg?"

Bowser exclaimed, "Ha. A puppy. Get Him!!!" And with that the Koopa Kids rushed to their doomships and attacked the strange dog in the hammer brotherís suit.

Ginko screamed, "Youíre the one that's gonna get hurt!" Then Ginko jumped into a pipe in the middle of his doomship. The Koopa Kid's doomships charged the colossus doomship, which was firing canon balls and missle guys. The gargantuan doomship opened in the front and a massive gun extended out of it. Then the gun fired...

All the while in the Mario Brothers house, the Mario's were finishing their dinner
when an earthquake was stricken. Then the house crumbled. Mario said, "What in the name of all that's pasta was that?"

Luigi answered, "It felt like an earthquake!"

Mario exclaimed, "The Koopas must be attacking again!!"

Luigi said sadly, "Oh well, off we go." And with that they jumped into the Mario Plane (see Lemmy's Fun Fiction for info) and flew off towards the commotion.

Back at the Koopaís Castle, Roy's doomship was in pieces on the ground. And the others had gaping holes in their ships. Bowser said, "So much power! I must have it!!!"

Ginko laughed with delight from his doomship. But just then the Mario Brothers arrived and were shocked to see a massive doomship hovering over the shattered remains of the Koopa Kidís fleet. Mario yelled, "Mammamia, what is THAT?!?!"

Luigi commented, Ē It certainly isn't friendly."

Ginko said in his doom ship, "Oh goody! A real challenge" He pressed a button and three hatches opened along the top of the doomship. Ginko uttered, "Take this!" Suddenly a swarm of winged Goombas flew out towards the Mario Plane.

The Mario Brothers went crazy, got scared, and jumped off the Mario Plane, but Luigi jumped off towards the doomship. The winged Goombas hit the Mario Plane and it exploded. Luigi screamed, "Explosive goombas!" Luigi fell into the hatch on the doomship right before it closed. Luigi yelled, "I made it in! GLA!" Thousands of explosive flying Goombas were flying around. "STORAGE ROOM! AHH!" Luigi screamed in terror, which was a bad idea because then all the explosive Goombas stared at him. "Oh, um, A nice place you got here," Luigi said.

Meanwhile, Mario was falling through the air when he pulled a Raccoon suit out of his pocket and put it on. Then he flew towards the gargantuan doomship.

Back in the storage room, Luigi was slowly edging towards a door with bright neon green letters reading "EXIT". The explosive Goombas simply watched him. "Now you don't want to blow up your own ship, do you?" Luigi whispered with sweat pouring down his face. The explosive Mushrooms just stared. "Oh well, bye. Nice meeting you," Luigi remarked. Then Luigi opened the exit door and ran in. Unfortunately, he stepped into a room full of Hammer Brothers.

Back outside, Mario was dodging bullets, cannon balls, and shrapnel from the massive doomship. Suddenly, for a few seconds, all fire stopped from the colossus ship. "What the?" Mario asked, beating his Raccoon tail for all it's worth. Then the massive gun on the front of the doomship began resonating with a low hum. The hum grew louder until it was roar that filled the ears of everyone within 20 miles of the Doomship. Then a sound like a million claps of thunder all at once came from the gun and a huge missle was fired from the gun. The missle then split into 10 smaller missles that flew out at separate targets. Iggy's doomship was hit by 6 of the 10 missles and it started to fall.

"What!? This can't be! I'm the strongest most manly of all the Koopa Kids! This can't be!" Iggy said. But then his doomship crashed into the ground, luckily without damaging the crew quarters.

"Mammamea, that's one nasty gun," Mario said.

Back with Luigi, the Hammer Brothers got together. Luigi was running around dodging hammers that were being flung at him for some time until there were only 2 Hammer Brothers left. "Ha! Now for my Super Luigi Punch!" Luigi yelled. charging at the Hammer Brothers. The Hammer Brothers looked at each other, then put their fists out, which Luigi ran into face first.

"You know, that guy has a thick skull," the first Hammer Brother said, shaking his hand.

"Yeah, I bet that's how this guy managed to stay alive fighting the Koopas," the second replied, rubbing his own bruised hand.

Suddenly Ginko's voice on a blaring intercom yelled, "What in the world is going on down there?"

The first Hammer Brother replied, "One of the Mario Brothers sneaked in. Most of this squadron is out of action, but the Mario Brother has been rendered harmless."

Ginko's voice grumbled, "Very well. Throw the Mario Brother in the dungeon, then join squadron six. Ginko out."

The second Hammer Brother sighed, lifted Luigi on his shoulder, and carried him off.

Meanwhile, outside, Mario had just reached the anchor after a few landing breaks on missle guys. "Don't worry, Luigi! I will rescue you, besides you are the only one that knows the recipe for the special sauce!" Mario screamed. Finally, Mario got onto the ship, but just as he got up Lemmy's doomship exploded, sending the Koopa Kid crashing right into Mario.

"Ahhhhh!!! Please don't hurt me!" Lemmy squeaked.

"Well, we can save the Mario Bros. versus Koopa Kids for later! We need to overcome our differences and work as a team to bring down Ginko!" replied Mario.

All the while, Luigi was cornered in Ginko's dungeon. "Bye loser! Hahahahaha!!!" roared the Hammer Brothers as they moved into their guarding positions.

Just outside the doomship, Mario and Lemmy had rounded up Iggy, Roy, and Morton to help. "We're going to whoop them. I know it because together we are practically invincible. Well, maybe not quite, but we are gonna beat them anyway. I can feel it," Morton blabbered.

"Will you shut up!" Roy yelled.

Meanwhile, Luigi was thinking of a plan to escape. Then a Hammer Brother came in with a cart full of books. All the guards had left on break. "Here's your entertainment," the Hammer Brother said.

Luigi sighed and picked out a book. "How to tunnel out of a doomship dungeon," Luigi whispered to himself. Luigi thought very hard. "Wait.... Maybe this can help me," Luigi said to himself.  So Luigi took the book and hit the Hammer Brother on the head with it and ran out of his cell.

The whole time Mario, Iggy, Lemmy, and Roy were running after the doomship, which was heading towards the First Mushroom Bank. All 3 Koopa Kids jumped onto each other. Mario had a cramp in his leg so he couldn't jump to the top. The Koopa Kids could almost reach the doomship. Mario saw that Lemmy wasn't on his ball because he couldn't balance on it with 3 people on him. "Hmmm," Mario said and stuck the ball in front of Lemmy. Lemmy jumped on it and bounced up higher.

"Kneel! His royal excellence, Ginko, is coming through!" said a Hammer Brother, roughly shoving the Princess down.

"Do not talk to her Royal Highness in that manner!" the Chancellor warned. The Princess slowly began to pull something out of her large pocket.

"Ha! That's a good one! Well, excuse me your highness, down on your knees now!" said the Hammer Brother pushing, Peach down.

"Never push a lady!" screamed Peach, striking a hard blow to the turtle's head with a frying pan.

Meanwhile, on Star Road, TMS was watching TV. "Nothing like a good fight!" TMS sat eating a barrel of popcorn in front of the portal showing the planet surface.

"TMS, you better not be using the portal as a TV again," Geno called.

"Time to go!" TMS whispered to himself and snapped his fingers. TMS was unaware that Ginko's power had a strange affect on his teleportation power.

At that time below Ginko's doomship, the Koopa Kids tried to get on the ship. "Watch it with the bouncing down there!" Roy furiously yelled at Lemmy.

"I can't hold you guys up much longer!" Lemmy grunted.

A flash of light appeared just before TMS arrived.

"What the... I'm suppose to be at... Where am I? What's going on?" TMS stammered.

"Just what we need, The Most Stubborn," Roy grumbled.

"That's not what it stands for!" TMS had never gotten along with the Koopa Kids, especially Roy. "It means The Mario Surfer!" TMS yelled. He was not in the mood for a fight, but he couldn't help it.

"TMS, just give me a hand," Lemmy complained.

"Let's see, hmm, maybe... Yeah!" TMS changed from Koopa form to Human form, where he was about 2 feet taller. He stood next to Lemmy, who, with his ball, was about the same height, and helped hold the two Koopa Kids up.

Meanwhile, in Ginko's doomship, Peach was smashing Hammer Brothers with her frying pan. "Jeez, where are all these Hammer Brothers coming from?" she asked as she pounded another on the head.

"Maybe Ginko found a way to make Hammer Brother suits and is now equipping a bunch of Koopa Troopas with them," the Chancellor suggested.

"Why, you're so observant, but do you think that Hammer Brother suits are the only thing I can make?" Ginko said from behind about 20 ranks of Hammer Brothers, fire spiting turtles, giant Koopa Troopas, raccoon tailed turtles, and invincible Koopas. "Ha, youíre outnumbered, Princess. And now.. Charge, minions!!!" Ginko yelled.

The swarms of powered up Koopa Troopas rampaged towards the Princess and the Chancellor. "Oh well, I guess now it's time to squash some Troopas," the Princess sighed.

The whole time in the depths of the doomship, Luigi was wandering around looking very lost. "I wonder  where I am," he whimpered.

Back outside, Mario and company were just about onto the doomship when a hatch opened on the bottom. "Oh, no!" TMS yelled. Out of the hatch came explosive goombas, Hammer Brothers, raccoon tailed Koopa Troopas, frog suited Koopa Troopas, and of course, three giant Koopa Troopas.

"Mommamea! This could be the end!"

All of the enemies were floating above them laughing. One of the explosive goombas started to shake. Then all the explosive goombas started to shake. "Oh crud! Self-destruct!" Lemmy yelled.

Meanwhile, Luigi was walking around and found the control room. "Hmmm, Hey! This yellow one at the bottom looks good!" Luigi said, grabbing and pulling the lever down.

At the time with Mario and company, the explosive Goombas were around five seconds until explosion. The giant Koopa Troopas had already landed and were watching the event. Suddenly, the hatch closed and the explosive Goombas were shoved inside. They were knocked in and the five waited... BOOM!!! The front of the doomship was spurting smoke.

Meanwhile with the Princess, everyone was in confusion. "Cough, Cough! Gasp! Where did that explosion come from? Was it those weird looking Goombas that flew in here?" the Princess asked confusedly.

Meanwhile, Luigi was still holding the yellow lever. "What the pasta was that?! Did I do that?" Luigi asked, looking confused. Luigi looked at the lever he pulled and then at the other levers... and smiled. He grabbed two at a time and pushed them the opposite way. Then he used super speed until all the levers were the opposite of what they were.

"Warning, warning! Overload in missle bays 1 through 50!" a nice female voice said over the intercom.

"Oh no, do you have any idea what 200 megatons of explosives will do!!!!" Ginko yelled. "Wait, what am I doing here? I got to get to my escape ship!!!" said Ginko as he ran off down the corridor.

Meanwhile outside, the giant Koopa Troopas were staring down when the voice said, "Warning, warning! Missle bays 1 threw 50 are overloading. You now have 30 minutes to reach minimal safe distance."

Ludwig yelled, "Oh, no! If that many missles explode at once it will destroy Dark Land, Grass Land, and Pipe Land. Desert Land and Giant Land will turn into molten rock and Ice Land will be turned into a fire storm!!!"

All the while in the control room, Luigi was running around trying to turn all the levers back the way they were. "Mommamea! We are gonna be blown to smithereens!" he shouted as he tried pulling the levers, but there wasn't enough time.

"You now have 27 minutes to reach minimal safe distance," the voice over the intercom said.

Suddenly Luigi saw a big red button surrounded by black and yellow stripes with a sign that read, "In case of super overload press thi.s" Luigi reads it and said, "In case of super overload press this? I don't think this is a super over load."

At the time on the ground, Mario and company heard the voice say, "You now have 21 minutes to reach minimal safe distance." Mario and TMS chickened out on the idea and grabbed a warp whistle. They blew on it and get sent away by a tornado. Mario went to Water Land and TMS went to Sky Land, which seemed to be the only safe places.

Lemmy got an idea on how to stop the explosion. His idea was to take the doomship and direct it to a pipe that lead to Sky Land, where the special clouds would absorb the explosion. But Water Land was right under it and the clouds couldnít hold all the heat. So Water Land would turn into lava. They all agreed to try this. "But how do we get it in the pipe over there?" Iggy asked.

      Meanwhile, Luigi was panicking, so he took a chair and threw it at the machine. Bzzzzzzzzcccc! "Warning, Warning. 1 minute till explosion" the intercom voice said.

"Crud!" Luigi ran through rooms looking for a different room to hide in from the blast. He found the engine room. He looked around and saw many broken pipes spurting smoke and fire all over the place. He tried to get out but the knob had melted off and then it caught on fire.

Meanwhile, Ginko was running to his escape pod, but it wasn't there! "Hey! Man! Who pulled the green lever in the control room! How am I gonna get out of here in-"

"Warning, Warning! 30 seconds to explosion," the intercom voice said.

Back in Sky Land, TMS was mad. "Stupid warp whistle, taking me to cloud land of all places!"

Back on the doomship, Ginko jumped up and down repeatedly until the ground gave in before him. He flew through to the bottom of the ship and then onto the ground and landing on Lemmy, who was squashed.

Meanwhile, Luigi was panicking some more and flew threw the ship again until he ran into the self-destruct system, a huge contraption that looked similar to a boiler. There was an explosive Goomba clutched to the off switch. It had a sign near it that said, "Super sensitive".

Ginko flew threw the air until he landed on Lemmy, who was saved (sort of) by his ball, which bounced Ginko up into the air and off to somewhere unknown. "AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!" he yelled as he flew into the distance.

Back in the self-destruct room Luigi screamed and ran out again. He crashed through three walls. They were the Hammer Brotherís restroom, Ginko's bedroom, and another wall. He then promptly fell to the ground.

"10," said the intercom lady, counting down to destruction.


Luigi hit the ground with a splat.



Lemmy rolled his ball as fast as he could away from the ship.





Ginko started to finally fall down from the sky.



A sound, so loud it was worse then Wendy's tantrums, ripped through Sky Land, mostly bouncing off of the clouds so that the wave of fire rushed out into the skies of the other lands. Half of Ice land melted, putting a huge amount of water into the other lands. Desert Land turned into a thriving jungle. Water Land was flooded. Grass Land was burnt to a crisp, leaving a desert. Sky Land's lower island was flooded while the clouds turned black. Pipe Land was mostly flooded. Giant Land was also flooded. Dark Land had its first sun rise.

Ginko crashed somewhere in some land not yet discovered, and Luigi was put on a heart lung machine until he healed. TMS returned to Star Road and the bruised and battered Koopa Kids returned to their various lands.

All the Koopalings began to fix each of their lands. Larry traded lands with Morton. Wendy didn't care that Water Land was lava. However, she put in some floating islands. Iggy made his land bigger land by making things bigger- big enough to stick out of water. Roy liked the way his clouds were black and didn't want to work, so he left it the way it was. Lemmy was still confused and couldn't find a way to fix his land, until he figured he could just freeze the water on the melted half of his land- except that all his minions, pipes, and everything was gone, frozen in the ice. Ludwig drilled a big hole in the middle of his land, built a cave at the bottom, and let the water flow into it. Bowser put a dome around his world to block the sun. Still, Ginko was out there...

Even after all this has happened it's stupid to think that Ginko is gathering more troops with an amazing invention. "Soon I will attack those pitiful Koopalings and rule again, once I've rebuilt my doomship using my superb invention: the power-up factory!" Ginko laughed to himself with glee.

Suddenly a group of hammer brothers walked up to Ginko. "Work on the doomship is almost complete, oh masterful master Ginko," they said. Ginko savored the title.

Back in the Mushroom Kingdom, Mario and Luigi had recovered from the run in with Ginko's doomship but Lemmy was worried that Ginko might return. The Chancellor had invented a destructo-ray just in case Ginko returned.

Meanwhile, Ginko finished up his doomship and was just explaining to himself what his power-up factory was. "My power-up factory is the most superb invention in history! It is a device that can produce power-ups in mass quantities in a few hours. I can have hundreds of Hammer Brother suits, Stars, Mushrooms, Fire Flowers, Feathers,-" Ginko continued rambling on about how great he was while his doomship crested on the horizon of the Mushroom Kingdom. "Haha! This time I will take extra precautions." He pressed a big silver button.

"Invincibility Star feed into the doomship main core has been initiated," the doomship computer said as the whole doomship began to sparkle.

Meanwhile, the Mario Brothers had fixed the Mario Plane and were flying it. Suddenly they crashed into an invisible doomship. It exploded and they fell to the ground. Pieces of the invisible doomship fell on them. Apparently, Ginko had spent so much time on invisibility and his power-up factory that he didn't work on defense. Luigi could see Ginko's face in the air. He was checking the hole and didn't realize the doomship didn't make him invisible because he was in front of the hole.

Ginko screamed in his doomship. "Blast the stupid (censored) thing! It was supposed to make the ship invincible, not invisible! Darn it! Darn it!! Darn it!!!" Ginko yelled as the doomship started falling right towards Princess Toadstool's castle. Ginko realized that he didn't want to crash into the castle and die, but still wanted to win. He had to think of something fast. He pulled out his telephone and dialed 119.

"Beep, Bee- Hello, Axem Rangers," said the voice on the telephone.

"Get over here!" Ginko shouted.

"Yesir!" Suddenly a Blade ship with the Axem Rangers on it appeared and hooked itself to the doomship and steered it away from Princess Toadstool's castle. Axem Red sent mechanic Axem Blue to fix the doomship.

Ginko decided while he was waiting to send an army of powered up Hammer Brothers to invade Princess Toadstool's castle and take all the good stuff. "Hammer Brothers attack!!!" Ginko shouted and a large army of Hammer Brothers swarmed the castle.

"Oh dear, not again!" Peach shouted as she looked out the window and saw the massive doomship, the swarm of Hammer Brothers, and the Blade ship. "Wait a second. Aren't the Axem Rangers dead again?" she asked.

Back in the rubble, Mario and Luigi are buried in wreckage of their plane and some chunks of Doomship. "Oh what are we going to do?" Mario moaned as he and Luigi tried to push the rubble out of the way.

"Maybe we should call Bowser," Luigi suggested.

Meanwhile on the Blade ship, Axem Black was in his training class with some trainee Axems. There were only three: Axem Orange, Purple, and Transparent. Then Axem Red came in and told Axem Black to gather the other Axems and tell them that they would attack the castle. He called Axem Green, Yellow, and Pink in.

Meanwhile in Ginko's ship, Axem Blue had just fixed the repairs. "Hey! What's that machine you stuck in the back of my control panel?!" Ginko asked.

"Uhhhh, its a s....sssuper thing," Axem Blue replied.

"Oh," Ginko said, satisfied.

Back at Princess Toadstool's castle, the Princess and the Chancellor wanted to try their new spirit cannon. However, they had to kill Toad. So they took Toad and threw him in the microwave. BOOM!!! A toasted Toad came out. They put Toad in a machine and it took out his spirit. Then they took his spirit and put it in as ammo in the cannon.

Meanwhile on the Star Road, a panic had broken out because no guardian could control their powers. When TMS went to create items, they turned out disgusting and utterly useless, and his teleportations weren't working at all. Whenever Samaritan went to talk, instead of words, a comic bubble would come out. Sniderian was the only one who seemed unaffected.

At that time, Benjamin was sitting on the ground. He was thinking. He looked up at the big ship (He can see through invisibility) and scratched his head. He, being absent-minded and all, just watched as the citizens of the Mushroom Kingdom suffered as the ship opened fire on the castle. He shook his head and wondered what he was doing. As quick as a flash, he whipped out a remote control and started pressing buttons like crazy. Within two minutes, he had X-Wings, A-Wings, Y-Wings, V-Wings, T-Wings, B-Wings, Snowspeeders, T.I.E. Fighters, T.I.E. Bombers, T.I.E. X-1 Advanced, T.I.E. Interceptors, doomships, his Sky Kid, AT-PTs, AT-STs, and AT-ATs opening fire at that ship. With another button push, his Sky Kid landed, and he ran over and got in (he was in human form at the time). He strapped himself in as best he could, and checked his things as his ship flew off towards the ship, still in Auto-Fighter mode (imagine a plane with Auto-Pilot on during a dogfight, hence, Auto-Fighter). After making sure he had his stuff, he switched to the manual controls and flew down into the fight of his life.

Ginko was sitting back under a sun lamp while his minions flew around in panic when some crazy guy flying some hi-tech, but not exactly cool looking, ship came buzzing by shooting lazers. "Who would be stupid enough to do that?" Ginko mumbled, then pressed a button that made his ship outside turn into mirrors, making the lasers zap back at the ship. Then he sipped his ice tea. "Ah, this is the life," Ginko sighed as the ship was hit by it's own laser and went flying down to crash somewhere in Water Land.

"Well that was bad," Benjamin said, knowing hope was bad, until...

Meanwhile in Ginko's ship, he was admiring his power. BSSSSSKKKKK! "What the heck?!" Ginko screamed.

"Emergency! Breac-" the intercom lady stopped.  BOOM!!! Suddenly the doomship powered down and restored its energy and then powered up again. "Ccccccccched" the intercom lady finished.

Then Ginko heard a slash sound. "Yes! I made it!" a familiar voice shouted from beyond the wall. The wall fell down as a square of it had been cut out. Sandslash stood there with his masamune blade. Suddenly some giant Troopas came in and jumped up. "AHHHH!" Sandslash yelled.

"AHHHH!" Ginko screamed. The giant Troopas fell to the floor and broke through it.

BOOM!!! An explosion rang as they fell through the bottom. Then Axem Green exploded through the wall. "We meet again, Sandslash" Axem Green said.

"Yo Green!" Sandslash said.

"Shutup! I hated you ever since you made me lose my mind and have a mental breakdown and have amnesia." Axem Green shouted.

"...So?" Sandslash answered.

At that time Benjamin cursed bullets and jumped up and down when he looked into the water and saw that much damage had been done to the Sky Kid. The shields were damaged, the repulsor-lift and laser was screwed, and the left wing was as good as gone. Luckily, he still had his little remote. He pressed a button and a big ship about the size of Ginko's came down and pulled his ship up with a tractor beam. Suddenly, it hit him. Why use his ship, when he could use the one that was pulling his ship up?  He jumped into the beam and after a few minutes he was in the docking bay, where an Auto-Repair was fixing his ship up. He went to a teleporter, beamed up to the cockpit, and jumped into the cockpit. He checked the docking bay repair system, and saw it would take about a half an hour to repair the ship. He turned toward Ginko's ship and fired the main lazers until he realized the Ion Cannon was still activated. He checked his computer and saw that Ginko's ship was temporarily down. Quickly, he switched to the main laser and charged it up as fast as he could. Then he fired.

BOOM!!! Benjamin looked out the cockpit and saw he had blown Ginko's doomship into three pieces! The Blade was separated from the doomship, while the doomship itself was blasted in half. He scanned the two doomship halves, which had currently crashed onto the ground. Sandslash was on the front with Axem Green, both were okay but unconscious. He scanned for Ginko, who was also unconscious, near the front of the ship.  He needed to destroy the front half and he wondered if he could destroy a part of the doomship, taking Ginko with it, without destroying the entire half. The only place he found was the top part near the front, but Ginko wasn't located there.  He wondered, "How can I destroy Ginko, without hurting Sandslash?" Then the Blade turned upside down and rammed into Ben's ship. The Blade cut his ship in half. "AHHHH!" screamed Ben, jumping out of the ship, grabbing a raccoon suit, and turning into a raccoon.

Apparently, the power-up factory storage had been ripped in half and power-ups were flying everywhere. Too bad they could only use one at a time. A raccoon suit fell on Ginko, a star fell on Sandslash, and a kuribo shoe fell on Axem Green.

Meanwhile, TMS had heard about what was happening on Earth and decided to quit his job again. Then he headed down to the Mushroom Kingdom and grabbed a frog suit. "Whoops!" Then he turned into a frog. "Now I'm useless!" The power-up had awoken Ginko, Sandslash, and Axem Green. Sandslash thought fast and stuck five stars in each pocket so his star power would last a long time.

Benjamin landed on the ground and looked at his ship that was now in halves. Again, he started cursing bullets, and in a rage, yelled demonically and fired a powerful beam at the Blade ship, destroying it completely. Using the same rage, he used telekinesis, magic, and his strength and speed to rebuild his ship and send it into the sky again. From there, he looked at the computer and saw Ginko had been revived. "AURGH@&@$^#!^@^&@&!#^!%!%! Screw this, I 'm getting' out of here!" he said, flying the ship away, and returning home.

All the while TMS was still in a frog suit. "If only my powers were working... I know! MY powers aren't working, but Seekers might... Seeker Star Power!" TMS stared down astonished. Even his transformation went wrong. Now he was wearing a suit similar to that of Mario and Luigi. His yellow overalls did not go well with the blue shirt. The letter T was imprinted in his cap. "Plumber for the day. Oh, wonderful! How is this going to help?" complained TMS, now Tim Mario, searching his pockets. "Cool!" He held up an amulet. Inscribed on the back was the words, "When the Princess is in trouble, use the amulet to call us on the double." "I call open the Mario amulet! Bring the Mario Brothers here!"

"What the... Where is my spaghetti?" Mario asked Luigi.

"Who is he?" Luigi asked.

At that time, Ginko grumbled about how annoying his predicament is. Hammer Brothers weren't meant to wear raccoon suits. Now he looked like a turtle in a silly looking pajama thingy. "Oh well." He looked around, then suddenly he got a wonderful idea. He took out his cell phone and dialed a number. "Yes. Hello. I need my mini doomship pronto!" In about five seconds something that looked like a box made out of logs with a big propeller came out of the sky and stopped next to Ginko. "Bwahahaha! I shall return! you haven't heard the last of Ginko!!" he yelled as he zoomed off to some land so far away it's stupid to think of the distance. Ginko left Sandslash, TMS, the Mario Brothers, and the surviving Axem Rangers to deal with their troubles.

All five of the Axem Rangers struck their axes together. CLING! Suddenly Sandslash, TMS, Luigi, and Mario were transported to a new world. "HAHAHA! Now each of you has lost your most powerful power! Sandslash may not clone himself! TMS may not snap his fingers or regenerate! Mario can't jump as high! And Luigi is now less cool than Mario! Also there's a powerful shield barrier up to prevent escape and all magic defense!" Axem Red declared.

"Four against five? That bites!" Sandslash snapped.

"Fine! Iíll pick... Princess Toadstool"

"Man!" Sandslash yelled.

Suddenly the Princess appeared. TMS gathered up everyone. "Ok, obviously the Princess will fight Axem Pink and Sandslash will go up against Axem Green. Everyone else pick a person."

TMS instantly figured out his challenger. It was Axem Red, because Mario and Luigi couldn't possibly fight him. Mario picked Axem Yellow for some unknown reason. Luigi picked Axem Black, because he thought Axem Black was almost as cool as he used to be.

"This will be a sinch! TMS can't regenerate or anything!" Red laughed. "I've always hated him."

"I may not be able to use my power, but I still have the agility of a Sailor Senshi." TMS told Red.

"Peachy! Pinky here will be no more!" Peach shouted to everyone in her shrill childish voice.

"Lets-a go!" Mario shouted.

"Yahoo!" Luigi shouted.

TMS started off with a punch, which was countered by one from Axem Red. Luigi and Mario were also fighting. Peach's blow went through and had a powerful impact. "Oh, no! Without my axe I'm dead meat against her!" Pink began to cry. Peach did a Mario jump and took care of Pink. "Yeah! Peachyís got it!"

Sandslash tried his first hit, and to his surprise, Axem Green went down. ĎHis defense must be mostly magic,í Sandslash thought.

TMS tried again, scoring a power hit. Mario and Luigi used a song that gave them more confidence. "When the Princess is in trouble, you can call us on the double, we're not like the others, you'll get hooked on the brothers! Un!" The two brothers did triple power punches, knocking the considerably weaker Axems out.

TMS blocked both of Red's arm attacks, leaving both vulnerable to attack. TMS gave him a swift kick to the face and two more punches. "Score!" TMS yelled.

"Yeah, I got it!" Mario hooted.

"I'm-a Luigi, number one!" Luigi cheered.

Axem Pink was still conscious and brought everyone to full health again. All the Axems threw each of their axes at all five of them.

"Ow!" It didn't hurt them that much though. All the Axems chanted "Címon! Come here you freaks!"

Suddenly five blades popped out of the ground. BOOM!!! They all started spinning. And spinning and spinning. Axem Red started talking. "I suggest we change the scenery." One of the Axes stopped. It was a green axe. Suddenly a huge portal opened in front of the axe and carried everyone in it. It transported everyone to a small cliff with four sides. They were on a huge boulder on top of a small tower shaped rock formation! All the axes were spinning again.

"What's... going on?" Sandslash asked as everything started seeming like a dream.

FVOOM! The five good guys floated in the air. Then Peach flew towards the Axe and stopped in front of it. Then Axem Pink came in front of it. "Meet Beauty Axe," Axem pink grabbed the axe. Then she started turning into shimmering pink colors. "We will defeat you one by one!" Peach then had control of her body. She fell to the ground. All the other four floated to one side of the rock, floating high above Peach, and the four Axems floated on the opposite side.

Then the battle started. Peach tried to hit Axem Pink, but she jumped straight up. Then she pointed at Peach. A huge Non-Elemental beam appeared from her finger and was fired at Peach. Peach tried to jump in time but she was caught in the middle of the blast. "AHHHHHHH-" Peach fell off the boulder and rolled off the side.

TMS held his hands out and bolts of electricity ran between them. "Mortal Kombat powers! Cool!" TMS used the lightning to knock Pink off the boulder.

"Impossible! How can he use his powers?" asked Axem Red.

"Those aren't his powers..." Black started.

"Uh-oh, if he found out... The others will, too!" said Axem Green.

The good guys huddled together, minus Peach, and talked about this. "I know what it is, it's Mortal Kombat and we're the mortals, but I can do Rayden's Thunder Strike," TMS reported. "Wait a sec, I represent Rayden.... Sandslash is Lui-Kang!"

"Me, Oriental?" Sandslash asked.

"You can do the fireball and air kick!" TMS told Sandslash.

"How about me?" Luigi asked.

"Johnny Cage, you have the Shadow Kick, your signature kick. Mario must be Jax. He has the ground pound."

"Who is Peach?" Mario asked.

"Sonja Blade. She has the backward flip with a neck crack."

"Peach!" Luigi called. A dizzy Peach came over the edge and it was explained to her.

Axem Red started laughing. "HAHAHA! Still useless! Our axes have been improved. We can take all of you on!"

Axem Pink floated back up. "I have the power to float and fly and jump as high and fast as I want with my Beauty Axe!"

The black axe stopped. It flew into Axem Black's hands. Axem Black just stood there. "My axe allows me too turn into my shadow and my shadow into me."

The yellow axe stopped. It flew into Axem Yellows hands. Then Axem Yellow grew bigger, until he was as big as a car. "My axe makes me turn into a marshmallow type thing. My hands are like stone and my body is as squishy as a marshmallow. No attacks can harm me!"

Then the green axe stopped. It flew into Axem Greens hand. "My axe gives me perfect dodging technique and flexibility."

Then the red axe stopped. It flew into Axem Reds hands. "My axe allows me to reflect any attack, physical or magical. No buts!"

All the Axems grouped up together. Axem Black started speaking. "If you want to have a little fun then we will do it a one-on-one way. We will go to the coliseum and battle it out. Who goes first will be decided by a random drawing."

"NO WAY!" TMS shouted.

Sandslash whispered to him, "No! Wait. Now it will be easier to take them out, if possible. But with all five it would be impossible. With only one for each we can learn their tactics and strategize instead of having to remember all five."

"Guess youíre right.We accept!"

"Good." Axem Green held out his axe again and a portal appeared. It carried them to a coliseum. Soon Axem Red was up with a cap with five pieces of paper. They read:

Axem Red (Reflect) versus TMS (Rayden)
Axem Black (Shadow Switch) versus. Luigi (Johnny Cage)
Axem Yellow (Marshmallow rock) versus Mario (Jax)
Axem Green (Flexibility, Dodging) versus Sandslash (Lui Kang)
Axem Pink (Floating, Speed) versus Peach (Sonja)

Then Axem Red mixed them up and picked one out.

It was Axem Green versus Sandslash (Lui-Kang) "Come on, Ninja Boy, think youíre so tough? Try my moves!" Green called.

"Go Sandslash! Go Sandslash! Go Sandslash!" the mortal team started cheering.

Pink floated to the front of the other Axems. "Give me a G!" Pink called.

"G!" the other Axems replied.

"Give me an O!"


"Give me a space!"


 Give me a G!"


"Give me an R!"


"Give me an E!"


"Give me an E!"


"Give me a N!"


"What does that spell?"


Sandslash still wasn't familiar with all of Lui-Kang's moves. He knew about the jump kick and the bicycle kick but he was still confused about the fireball technique. He decided that he would stay with his regular punches for awhile. Then suddenly it popped into his head! Something he forgot. Then he whispered to himself, "Suckers."

Then the battle began. Green disappeared. He appeared behind Sandslash and kicked him in the back and flew to the other side of the arena. Sandslash jumped into the air and started a bicycle kick. Axem Green did a backflip double twist over him and landed on his hands. He pushed himself near the ground and then pushed off and his feet hit Sandslash in the head.

"Darn! I can't do anything as Lui-Kang." Then Sandslash turned light blue and shimmered like ice. "That's better.Ē Sandslash pulled out a masamune blade.

"What the?" Axem Green was confused at first and couldn't figure out how he didn't figure it out at first.

"You see, you guys aren't in control of my body, you guys had to stop doing that before the fight so I could act by myself. And the Axems cant have anything to do with the fight except Green and they need all five to perform that tric-"

Axem green had tried to thrown in a punch but Sandslash cloned himself and Axem green was caught in-between two clones. One clone kicked high and one sweeped. Axem Green pulled off a flip and the hits never hit him. Logically it would of been impossible to do something like that. Then he landed on the ground behind Sandslash.

"Bring it on!" The Nine Inch Nails Song "Mortal Kombat" started to play in the background. A voice echoed in his head, "Believe in yourself." Axem Green got up, ready for more.

"What is taking Green so long?" Red finally asked.

"I'm still steamed about that time with the Axem Gun," said TMS, ready for his name to be drawn.

"Yeah, me too." Mario said very annoyed.

"You take the only good Koopa as youíre Axem Black and then you attack me?!"

"You should be steamed at him," Pink pointed at TMS. "He was Axem Gold."

"What? You were the notorious Axem Gold?" screamed Axem Red.

"Give me a break! They zapped me with the Axem Gun and it turned me into a trigger happy Axem Ranger, okay?"

"Actually, that was pretty funny, even if I wasn't leader. Let's do it again!" Red said gleefully.

Green pulled out the new Axem Gun Plus, with new leather grip. He then zapped TMS. "Even the odds, go ahead, I'm taking over, move Red!" Gold moved to the middle of the Axem group.

"Let's-a go! Samantha and Samaritan!"

"Bad choices! Pick two more!" said Axem Red.

"We've had it with you dumping us! We'll take their side," Yellow and Black told them. Yellow and Black transformed into two human boys.

Two more Axems, both female, appeared. They were Yellow and Black (Samaritan and Samantha). "You used to think I'd be protecting, now I won't cause I'm defecting!" Yellow said in singsong. "Me the same, cause youíre lame!" Black scoffed.

Suddenly Ginko zoomed in. "Can't you idiots get a job done???!!!" Ginko screamed at the Axem Rangers. He took out some odd invention that resembled a vacuum cleaner. Suddenly all the Axem Ranger's suits, including gold, were sucked into the contraption, showing some Goombas and TMS. Ginko then took out a Bob-omb about the size of Mushroom Castle and zoomed in his mini doomship.

Mario, Luigi, TMS, Sandslash, Peach, and various others looked at each other and then ran away as fast as they could. The Bob-omb went off and they got blasted all the way back to Mushroom Castle.

Ginko got home to his land that's so far away it's stupid to think about the distance and the real Axem Rangers went on vacation. TMS continued to try to figure out whether he's good or bad. He never did, and eventually decided to join the Axems on vacation.

The End

Credit goes to Sandslash, The Mario Surfer, Benjamin, Ginko, Blastoise, and me for writing, editing, suggesting, or in any way enhancing this story.

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