Does Bowser Care?

By Blaze Koopa

It had been two months since Larry and Lemmy outfought Fawful, Cackletta, and Popple and revived Wendy. Since then, nothing weird or unusual had happened. However, today, things were about to shake up again.

Morton was leisurely taking a stroll down the halls of Koopa Kastle. “Ah,” he said to himself, “what a great day. Nothing bad has happened in a while and I hope it stays that way because I don’t want anybody to get killed again and Wendy got killed two months ago but we revived her and that is really good and-” Morton suddenly heard the door bell. He jumped. “Hmm… I wonder who that could be…,” he said. He ran off to the front door and opened it, and saw a small, strange-looking Piranha Plant in a pipe pot. It was dark purple. “What’s this?” he asked himself. There was a tag attached to the pot. The tag read “to: Karma, from: somebody. “Who’s somebody?” said Morton. “Oh well…” Morton picked up the small plant and carried it upstairs.


Karma was sitting on her bed, her head down. Bowser was angry with her once again. Sheesh!, she thought. Bowser seems to get mad at me every time he even sees me, and it’s all because I look so much like a Yoshi… Hmm… I wonder if he would even care if I died… Yeah… he probably would… I’m sure he doesn’t hate me that much… Her thoughts were then broken up by a knock on the door. Karma got up and opened the door to see Morton. “Oh…,” said Karma. “What is it, Morton... and why do you have that oddly-colored Piranha Plant?”

“Believe it or not,” said Morton, “this is yours. You see I was walking down the hall and then I heard this knock on the door and then I opened the door and then I saw this Piranha Plant and then I looked at the tag and it said it was for you and then-”


“… Meep!”

“I get it,” said Karma. “Someone sent me a Piranha Plant… Hang on a second! Who sent me this?”

“I have no clue, idea, don’t know. The tag just said it was from someone but I don’t know who that someone is-”


“Sorry Karma.”

“I’ll just take this to Ludwig and tell him about it,” said Karma.

“Oh… Okay then, that’s fine, good sure, you do that, don’t mind-”


“… Hehe… Oops…”

Karma picked up the plant and walked away. Along the way to Ludwig’s lab/room, she stopped and stared at the plant. She held it up in front of her face. It looked back at her, smiling. Karma smiled too. “Well,” began Karma, “aren’t you just the cutest little-” Before she could finish, the Piranha Plant bit her on the nose!

“OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOUUUCH!!!” she yelled. She put her hand on her nose and held it. Then she looked back at the plant. “Don’t ever do that again,” she ordered in a muffled voice. She continued on to Ludwig’s room. Right when she got to the door, there was an explosion. The door blew out, letting out a huge cloud of smoke. Karma coughed, as did the plant. “Kooky! *cough* Are you okay in there? *cough*”

“Not to… vorry,” said Ludwig from inside the room. “I… I only scorched my face up.”

“… Oh… Well, I have something you should see.” Karma walked into the smoky room, still coughing. “Where are you?” she asked.

“I’m over here…”

Ludwig was sitting on the floor, a little dazed. His face was black and his hair was sticking out in all directions. Ludwig staggered to his feet and peered through the smoke at Karma’s silhouette. “Vhat is it you vanted to show me?”

Karma walked through the smoke to Ludwig, who could finally see her clearly. Ludwig just stared.

“I know,” said Karma. “This plant looks strange, doesn’t it?”

Ludwig still stared.

“Kooky, stop it! It’s not THAT weird-looking…”

“Karma,” Ludwig finally said, “vhat happened to your nose?” Karma crossed her eyes downward, looking at a huge bump on her nose.

“The plant bit me… but that’s not the point… The point is that I don’t know who sent me this.”

“Oh… well… I don’t know if I can help you on zat…”

Larry walked in.

“Hey Ludwig,” said Larry. “I heard an explosion and… and… KARMA!!! GET RID OFF THAT PLANT!!!”


Larry snatched the plant from Karma and threw it out the window. “Some plant-lover YOU are,” said Karma.

“F Y I!!!” Larry yelled. “That was a Purple Poison Piranha Plant!”

“A purple what?!”

Larry didn’t answer immediately. He paid his full attention to Karma’s bump. “Um… Karma?” said Larry. “That plant didn’t… bite you… did it?”

“Well yeah, it did, but I still don’t see what the problem is…” Karma stopped. She began to wiggle, then started to stagger, her hand on her head. “Uh…” she began, “I… I feel… kinda… weir-” She suddenly collapsed on the floor.

“AAH!!! KARMA!!!” cried Ludwig.


Karma was lying on her bed, unconscious. The rest of the family was staring down at her with worried looks (except Bowser, as he had a disgusted look on his face).

“Whoever sent, transported, gave her that plant,” said Morton, “must have wanted her dead… but who?”

“Will she be okay?” asked Iggy.

“I’m not so sure,” said Larry. “The bite of a Purple Poison Piranha Plant is pretty strong.”

“Isn’t there some sort of an antidote for zis particular occurrence?” asked Ludwig.

“There is,” said Larry. “Where’s my book of plants?” Larry rushed off to his room. He yanked a book from his nightstand. He flipped through the pages until he found a picture of the Purple Poison Piranha Plant. On the opposite page was a list of ingredients for an antidote. “Aha!” said Larry. He ran back to Karma’s room.


Kamek was preparing the antidote for Karma, while Larry told him the ingredients one by one. Unfortunately, when they got down to the last ingredient, they made a horrifying discovery.

“The last and final ingredient is,” said Larry, “two pedals of a tiger lily.”

“Tiger lily?!” said Kamek. “Do we even have those?”

“… Uh… No…”

“Vhere are ve supposed to find tiger lilies?!” Ludwig asked, sweating heavily. “Please tell me they are found in Grass Land!”

Larry flipped through his book again. Finding the page with the tiger lily, he began reading. A minute later, he spoke up.

“Well…” he began, “they’re actually found in Grass Land, not Grass Land.”

“What?!” everyone else yelled.

“They’re found in the Grass Land in the Jewelry Kingdom, not my Grass Land.”

Bowser groaned. “You can go get those stupid flowers if you want to!” said Bowser. “I don’t really care what happens to that freak! Hmph!” He walked out of the room. Everyone else (not Karma) had the same thought in their heads. Yoshi-hater!, they all thought. Then they got their minds back on Karma.

“Can’t we just skip, forget, leave out, not add the flower pedals?” asked Morton.

“That’s the most important ingredient of ‘em all,” said Larry. “Without it, the antidote won’t work, and if the antidote doesn’t work, then Karma will… *gulp*” Everyone gasped. Then they stared at Karma again. Ludwig thought for a second.

“Larry,” he began, “exactly how long does this particular plant poison take to kill someone entirely?”

“At least three hours.”

“Hmm…” said Ludwig. “Maybe if ve hurry, ve can get ze petals of ze tiger lily in time to complete ze antidote for Karma.”

“In that case,” said Iggy, “we’ll need something fast to get there and back in time. Our airships are to slow.”

“What about da Clownchoppa?” asked Roy. “It’s pretty fast, ain’t it?”

“Fast,” said Ludwig,“but still not fast enough. The Jewelry Kingdom is pretty far away.”

“I know!” said Kamek. “My broomstick!”

“Now zat’s fast!” said Ludwig. “But it only carries vun person- you. Besides, you do not know the Jewelry Kingdom very vell because you vere not in Yoshi’s Safari, as zat Magikoopa who took over Cornice Cave vas not you.”

“Nevertheless,” said Kamek, “I have to hurry.”

“I’ll go with you,” said Lemmy. “I took over Grass Land, and I can show you where everything is. Besides, I’m small enough to fit on the broomstick.”

“Lemmy, you’d better hang on if you're going with Kamek,” said Clawdia.

“Not to worry,” said Kamek. “I shall be careful enough so he won’t fall.”

“Hurry guys,” said Larry. “It’s already been thirty minutes.”

“Climb on,” said Kamek. Lemmy did so, and Iggy went to open the window. Lemmy was eager to go. “Let’s go already!” As soon as Lemmy said that, Kamek suddenly took of out the window.

“WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!” Lemmy yelled. “THIS IS THE ONLY WAY TO FLY!!!” Kamek looked back at Lemmy, who seemed to be enjoying the ride. Kamek smirked, then turned back around to watch where he was going.


It had been an hour since Kamek and Lemmy left, and it was evening. Soon, they were approaching the Jewelry Kingdom. Kamek flew downward for a landing, as Grass Land was the area that was closest to them. “Well, here we are,” said Lemmy as they landed. “Grass Land.”

“So,” said Kamek, “when you took over this area, where did you see this… tiger lily?”

“I do remember seeing a field of orange flowers with black stripes,” said Lemmy. “I didn’t exactly know what a tiger lily looked like at the time, but I’m guessing that field of flowers is what we’re looking for.”

“It’s worth a try…”

“Lemmy walked off, while Kamek followed. Lemmy seemed to know Grass Land pretty well, despite it being years since the Koopa Troop had taken over the Jewelry Kingdom.


Time was running out. Lemmy and Kamek were still walking around. Lemmy stopped near a hill and thought for a second. Kamek tapped his foot impatiently and nervously. “Hmm… If I remember right,” said Lemmy, “the field of flowers should be right over this hill…”

Lemmy and Kamek ran up the hill hastily. When they got to the top, they saw nothing- nothing but orange striped flowers. “Aha!” said Lemmy. “I knew it!”

“Hurry. Let’s pick several just in case we lose some.”

They rush into the field and hastily pluck flowers from the ground, putting them in their shells (you probably think they could lose any flowers in their shells, but they were desperate). Shortly after, they finished picking.

“Quick! We must get these to Karma before time runs out!” said Kamek.

“I know!”

“Hold it right there!” said a voice. Lemmy and Kamek heard a noise along with the voice. They whipped around and looked up at a hovering ship. Behind the controls was Tatanga!

“WHAT?!” Lemmy yelled. “I thought I froze you alive.”

“That you did,” said Tatanga. “Unfortunately for you, the ice melted! MWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!”

“What are you doing here?!” said Kamek.

“Oh… great, now I have to tell my own victims my sinister plan! To make it simple, I knew where the cure for Purple Poison Piranha Plant poison… ugh! All those P’s… Anyway, I knew where the cure was, and I knew you’d come to look for it! So I waited here, and only two Koopas- yourselves- showed up, instead of all of you… It’s better than nothing though.”

“So YOU sent the poisonous plant to Karma!”

“Actually I persuaded a Koopa to set it at the front door and ring the doorbell and run away. But that’s not the point. The point is, I MUST KILL YOU NOW!!! Besides, you must pay dearly for what you did to my other ship! MWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!”

“Everybody hates us Koopas,” Lemmy sighed.

“We’d love to fight with you,” said Kamek, “but you see… we… just… can’t right now JUMP ON, LEMMY!!!” Kamek and Lemmy jumped onto the broomstick and flew away, all too quickly for Tatanga to react.

“HEY!!! COME BACK HERE!!!” Tatanga yelled. The Koopas were flying at a tremendous rate.

“Faster, Kamek!” said Lemmy. “We’re almost out of time.”

Indeed they were. They had only fifteen minutes left. Suddenly, out of nowhere, laser shots flew by them. Tatanga was on their tails! “Come back!” called Tatanga. “I just want to blast you to pieces!”

“Kamek! Swerve!” said Lemmy.

Kamek did so, causing Tatanga to miss every shot. Lemmy took out his wand and blasted at Tatanga’s ship. The wand beams bounced off the ship, though the “windshield” of the ship was cracked a little from the shots. Well at least he’s flying a weaker ship, Lemmy thought. He continued blasting. The ship became a little damaged, but it just wouldn’t go down.

“Kamek, I think I need some help here,” said Lemmy.

Kamek looked back and stretched his arm back. “Abbra Kadabbra!” he said, shooting a bolt of lightning from his hand. Lemmy blasted his wand simultaneously. The lightning bolt and wand beam fused together and struck Tatanga’s ship. That did it.

“NOT AGAIN!!!” cried Tatanga. He punched an eject button and was launched out of the ship in a rocket-powered seat. Seconds later, the ship exploded.

“You haven’t seen the last of Tatanga!” said Tatanga. He flew away, not even trying to go after Kamek and Lemmy again because his rocket seat was unarmed.

“Well I guess that takes care of things around here,” said Lemmy.

“Yes, but we have little time left,” said Kamek.

“In that case, GUN IT!!!”

Kamek suddenly picked up speed, while Lemmy hung on for dear life.


Ludwig stared anxiously out the window. Everyone else was looking at Karma, who was almost dead. Come on, guys, Ludwig thought. Karma’s life is on the line and you’re wasting time! Hurry up! Please! Ludwig’s thoughts were broken up when he saw a speck in the sky. It grew bigger and bigger. Then Ludwig realized who it was. Uh oh! I’d better move over. He did so, and Kamek and Lemmy suddenly flew through the window and slammed into Karma’s desk.

“… We’re… okay…” moaned Lemmy. “Ugh… ow.”

“Quick!” said Larry. “Where are the tiger lily pedals?!”

“Right here!” said Lemmy. He hastily pulled out a whole bunch of tiger lilies, as did Kamek. At first sight of them, Ludwig snatched one from Lemmy and tossed it into the bowl with the antidote. Kamek quickly stirred for a few seconds.

“Enough stirring!” said Ludwig. “Now get her mouth open!”

Roy and Morton each grabbed one of Karma’s lips and forced her mouth open. Iggy grabbed the bowl and poured the antidote into Karma’s mouth. Larry put his hand to Karma’s throat and forced Karma to swallow it.

“Okay,” said Larry. “Now we just have to wait for a second. They waited, and twenty seconds later, Karma’s eyes twittered and opened slightly. Then she sat up. Everyone else had relieved looks on their faces. Karma looked around. “W-w-what happened?” said Karma. “Did I miss anything?”

“No, you didn’t miss a thing,” said Larry.

“Sheesh! Saving one of our lives is starting to become a habit!” Lemmy mused. They all laughed, except Karma, who was still a little confused.

“One thing that bothers me,” said Karma, “is that I still don’t know who sent me that plant…”

“It was all Tatanga’s doing,” said Kamek. Everyone but Lemmy looked at him with puzzled looks. “We’ll explain later,” said Lemmy.

“For now,” said Iggy, “how about we never let something like that happen again?” Everyone else agreed.

“And stay away from those plants,” added Larry. They all agreed again. Then something else began to bother Karma

“Um… Where’s Bowser?” she asked. Everyone stared. They remembered what Bowser said earlier. I don’t really care what happens to that freak! Judging from the expressions on everyone else’s faces, Karma guessed it.

“He didn’t really care, did he?” she asked. Everyone else shook their heads. Karma hung her head. “Thanks anyway, guys,” she said sadly. “But I need to be alone…”

“Um… okay,” said Ludwig.

Everyone walked out of the room, while Karma just sat there, upset. Unbelievable… or is it? she thought. Bowser still wouldn’t care even if I DID die… Sometimes I wish I didn’t look so much like a Yoshi and more like a Koopa… Hmph… Right now dying seems like a good idea… Karma just sat there moping. Did Bowser really hate her that much? It seemed so. After moping for a little while longer, Karma lay back into her bed. She just couldn’t get to sleep, not while knowing that Bowser seemed to hate her to death. She just lay there with her eyes open, nearly tearing. Bowser’s hating her was already a dark side in her life, but this just made in even worse.

For the next few days, all she could think about was Bowser’s hateful attitude towards her. Somehow, something made her think that Bowser would plan to kill her in the future. She decided to try to stay away from him, but it was no good. She and Bowser always seemed to cross paths in the castle. The result? Bowser would just yell at her for no apparent reason. Every time this happened, Karma would have this thought stuck in her head. My life is a total drag! She was a little happy to still be alive after getting poisoned, but still, nothing seemed to cheer her up.

The End

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