Get That Yoshi!

By Blaze Koopa

It was a nice and sunny day in Dark World (as sunny as it gets in Dark Land). A Koopa was taking a walk. The Koopa had a rainbow Mohawk like his brother, and wore a huge pair of glasses. His bright bluish-green shell glistened in the sun. This was Prince Iggy Koopa. He had been previously beaten up by his older brother in the pink shell, and decided that a walk would make him feel a little better.

That Roy is such a pain in the tail! Iggy thought. Why does he do this to me? ... Hang on, why am I even thinking about him? I took this walk to get my mind OFF him…

Iggy continued walking. He tried thinking about other things. Suddenly, the stranger things that recently happened somehow came to his head. Iggy thought about how Ludwig was shrunk, and all because Roy was chasing him. Roy! Iggy stopped. Why was Roy always getting to his head? Iggy shook it off and kept walking. He thought of how Wendy was murdered and later brought back to life by his second youngest brother and second oldest brother. Iggy smiled at the thought. That was such a brave deed by Larry and Lemmy. Iggy also thought about what had recently happened to Karma, how Bowser didn't care had shocked him a little. If Bowser really feels that way about Karma, he thought, then I think I know what he might do to a regular Yoshi…

Suddenly, Iggy's thoughts were broken up by a noise. He heard the sound that he would hear when someone came out of a warp pipe. Iggy looked towards some underbrush. Sure enough, there was a warp pipe nearby. Iggy ran over to it and peered in. Whoever was in the pipe suddenly came out headfirst into Iggy's face. Iggy flew backwards, with the figure landing on top of him.

"Ow!" said Iggy. "Watch where you're going!"

"Maybe you shouldina' been standin' there in the first place!" the figure retorted. He got off of Iggy. Iggy stood up and stared at the figure. It was a red Yoshi. He had hair, two thick, high strands of blue hair, one pointed forward, the other pointed back. He wore light purple shoes, and was only a few inches taller than a regular Koopa Troopa. Iggy still stared, not blinking, making the Yoshi feel a little nervous.

"Why are you lookin' at me like that?!" the Yoshi yelled. Iggy snapped out of his trance.

"Um… A Yoshi trespassing in Dark Land?" said Iggy. "Bad mix! Sorry, but you'll have to come with me."

"… Yeah? Fine! I'll come," said the Yoshi.

"… Really?"


"… Okay. Well, you're coming with me anyway."

"I'm not comin! I know what ol' Bowser Koopa does with Yoshis! ... Though I don't really know why…"

"Well then why did you come to Dark Land anyway?"

"Hey! I was over in Ice Land with my friend tryin' to find a way out of that freakin' cold place! Then we two got lost in a freakin' blizzard! I was tryin' to find 'im but I couldn't see 'im. I was still lookin' for 'im and then I jumped into a random freakin' warp pipe! And then I came out into your freakin' face!"

"Hey! Nobody talks about MY face that way!"

"… You're one of Bowser's spoiled kids, aren't ya? Which one are you?"

"One, it's my sister that's spoiled. Two, I’M PRINCE IGGY 'HOP' KOOPA!!!"

"Temper temper, Iggs!"

"… Iggs?!"

"Yeah! Iggs!"

"Grrr… Who are you?"

"If you really must know, the name's Woshi."

"Oh… Well look here… Woshi! You’re coming with me whether you like or not!"

Woshi was fed up with Iggy's rambling. "Fine! If it'll make you shut up, I'll let you take me in."

"You're not being sarcastic, are you?"

"I'm serious!"

Iggy motioned for Woshi to come with him. Woshi snickered to himself. Now to have some fun with the Koopas! he thought.

Iggy and Woshi walked past the guards at the front door (two Koopatrols). They greeted them. "My… that must've been a short walk… Is that a Yoshi?" asked one Koopatrol.

"Yep," said Iggy.

"Bring 'im on in! Hehehe!" said the other.


Later, Iggy had already put Woshi in a dungeon cell. Bowser was now staring down at him. The Yoshi looked back at him.

"Well well well," Bowser chuckled. "I don't know how you got into Dark Land, but I'm kind of glad you did. I can't remember the last time I tortured someone. Good job, Iggy!"

"Oh, no problem, Dad," Iggy replied. Woshi stared at them. They seemed to think that there would be no escape for him. However, Woshi knew cockiness when he saw it. He grinned slightly.

"I shall see you later," said Bowser. "And then you'll pay the price for trespassing on MY territory." With that, Bowser walked away. Iggy looked at Woshi.

"I hope you're sitting uncomfortably!" said Iggy. "I'm sure you already know what kind of price you'll have to pay later!"

"I know," said Woshi. Iggy walked away. Not that I WILL pay it! Woshi thought.

As Iggy walked away, he thought to himself. It's hard to believe I didn't have to force that Yoshi so much to come with me… Hmm… What is up to?


Iggy had gone to his room for a little while. He was later going to take the Yoshi to the torture chamber. Lemmy was rolling on his ball. "Oh, hi Iggy!" said Lemmy. "What's up?"

"I caught a Yoshi," said Iggy.

"… A Yoshi!?"

"Yeah… but there's something about him that bothers me a little bit. I barely even had to force him to come to the dungeon… I wonder if he's up to something…"

"Yeah?" said Lemmy.

"Oh well, it probably won't even matter. Bowser wants to execute him… but you probably guessed."

"Poor guy. Maybe he should've run when he had the chance. Unless he just doesn't want to live anymore, I don't know why he would just give in."

Iggy was still a little concerned. He decided to shake it off for now.


Later, it was nearly time for Woshi to be executed. Iggy and a green-shelled Koopa Troopa came to "escort" him to the torture chamber.

"Well," said Iggy, "it's time!"

"So what of it!"! snapped Woshi.

"Huh?!" said the Troopa. "You’re about to be executed, but you don't even care. Are you feeling okay?"

"Oh… I feel fine," said Woshi. "Just fine…" Iggy stared at him for a second. A Hammer Bro walked over and stuck a key in the door lock. Woshi grinned sinisterly. He thought surely his idea would work. As soon as the door unlocked, Woshi suddenly jumped up and kicked the door, sending it flying into Iggy, the Troopa, and the Hammer Bro. All three of them lay on the floor, a little dazed.

"I'd love to stay and chat," said Woshi, "but it's like they say, when ya gotta go, ya gotta go. But first, I think I'll have some fun with the rest on the 'Royal Koopa Line'." He ran off laughing.

Iggy slowly got up. "I should've been ready for that," he muttered to himself." He turned to the Hammer Bro. "Sound the alarm and tell Dad!" he yelled. The Hammer Bro slowly got up and punched a red button, triggering the alarm. Then he ran off to tell Bowser. "Come on!" Iggy yelled at the Troopa. The Troopa slowly got up, and the two took off after Woshi.


Roy busted open the door to his room upon hearing the alarm. "WHAT'S GOIN' ON HERE?!" he yelled. Larry ran up to him.

"It's the prison break alarm!" said Larry. "There's an escaping prisoner in the castle!"

"It must be the Yoshi Iggy caught," said Lemmy, coming up behind them.

"Well what're we waitin' for?!" said Roy. "Let's get him, wherever he is…"

They ran into the hallways. Later, they were still looking, but no sign of Woshi.

"Where is dis guy?" said Roy.

"Maybe someone caught him already," said Lemmy.

"You can't be too careful," said Larry. "He's probably still running around."

Larry started to walk around a corner, only to get run into by Woshi, who had made his way to the second floor. Larry fell back, rubbing his head. "You!" he said. "You're gonna pay for that.” Roy and Lemmy gave Woshi angry looks.

"You're goin' down, you ravenous reptile!" Lemmy yelled. Upon hearing this, Woshi stared at him angrily.

"Ravenous?!" he yelled. "I'll show YOU ravenous!" Woshi extended his tongue and rapped it around Lemmy, pulling him into his mouth. Larry and Roy gasped. "HEY!!!" cried Larry. "YOU SPIT MY BROTHER OUT THIS INSTANT!!!"

Woshi ran off. "He must think this is a game," said Larry. "AFTER HIM!!!" Roy and Larry took off after him. Woshi held Lemmy in his mouth, trying not to swallow him. He rounded a corner, with the persistent Roy and Larry still in chase. Woshi continued running until he suddenly spotted Morton and two Boomerang Bros. charging right at him!

"Stop! Halt! Pause! Cease! Desist! Quit running!" yelled Morton. He looked back at Roy and Larry.

"We've got him now!" said Larry.

Though Woshi seemed trapped to the Koopas, he really wasn't. He looked over and saw a large opening in the wall. It was a pipe. Just as the Koopas were about to charge right into him, he dove into pipe, allowing the Koopas to slam into each other. The Koopas all lay on the ground, dazed. Roy recovered and got back up. "What?!" he yelled. "Dat crazy idiot jumped into da laundry pipe!"

"In that case, you two go down to the laundry room the regular way!" Larry said to Roy and Morton. "We'll take the pipe."

"Um… With all due respect, Prince Larry," said a Boomerang Bro, "don’tcha think it would be easier if we all took the pipe?"

"Morton and Roy are too fat to fit."

"FAT?!" Roy yelled. "HE'S da fat one!" He pointed at Morton.

"WHAT?!" Morton yelled. "YOU'RE FAT TOO!!!"


Larry and the Boomerang Bros. just stared at the arguing Koopalings. Idiots! they thought. They looked at each other, then jumped into the warp pipe.


Woshi was looking around in the laundry room. There were several washing machines stacked on top of one another in columns and rows like a grid. Lemmy still squirmed around in his mouth, yanking on his tongue. I really wish this idiot would realize that I'm not ready to let him out yet! Woshi thought.

Suddenly, he heard noises coming from the pipe. They were still following him. Woshi hopped into a large laundry bucket and covered himself in clothes, moments before Larry and the Boomerang Bros. came out. They looked around, but saw no sign of Woshi. "Where'd he go?" said a Boomerang Bro.

"Dunno…" said Larry. "… I hate to admit it, but that's one fast Yoshi… C'mon guys. I think he went… this way…"

The trio walked away. Woshi popped his head out of the laundry to make sure the coast was clear, which it was. Woshi knew he was putting his life on the line, but he was having fun giving the Koopas a hard time. Lemmy was still squirming in his mouth, yelling something. His voice was muffled, but it sounded like he said "Let me outdo here!!!" Woshi decided to do so. Lemmy fell onto the floor, soaking wet in spit. "That was disgusting!" Lemmy said.

"If I knew I wouldn't be killed if I let you guys get a hold of me, I wouldina done that!"

"Whatever! I've got you now!"

"Yeah right!"

Lemmy pointed his wand at Woshi's nose. "Okay okay!" said Woshi. "Ya got me!"

"I knew you'd see it my way!" said Lemmy.

"But before ya take me to King Bowser, there's one thing you have to consider."


Woshi suddenly picked up Lemmy by the shell. "This!" he said. He punched Lemmy hard in the face, knocking him down and out. That was too easy, Woshi thought. Suddenly, he heard footsteps. Woshi opened a washing machine and threw Lemmy into it. Then he closed it and jumped back into the laundry bucket.

Wendy walked into the room. She pushed the laundry bucket over to the washing machine and began putting the clothes in. She kept putting her clothes in until she suddenly picked up Woshi. "HEY!!! PUT ME DOWN!!!" he yelled.


"Oh, you want your dresses back?" said Woshi. "Well here ya go!" Woshi slipped a dress over Wendy's head. Wendy struggled to get it off. By the time she did, Woshi was gone.

"Where'd that idiot go!?" she yelled. She looked all around her, but no Woshi. Suddenly, a now conscious Lemmy popped out of the washing machine. "EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEKK!!!" screamed Wendy, thinking he was Woshi. She slapped Lemmy in the side of the face.

"OOOOOOOWW!!!" Lemmy wailed. "What were you thinking!?"

"Oh… Sorry Lemmy," said Wendy. "I thought you were a Yoshi."

"A Yoshi? I saw him. He knocked me out. Next thing I knew, I was inside that washing machine. C'mon, Wendy! You gotta help me find him!"

"I gotta wash my dresses. They've been all over that Yoshi's filthy fur."

"Oh… Well okay… I need some ice."

Lemmy walked away, rubbing his cheek where Wendy had slapped him. Wendy began stuffing her dresses into the washing machine.


Woshi had broken into the air vents while Wendy was struggling to get the dress off her head. He slowly crawled through the tunnels of the castle's air conditioning system. Man, he thought. Iggy was right. His sister IS spoiled! She totally freaked out all because I was hiding in her freakin' dresses!

Suddenly, in the middle of his thoughts, he found himself falling. He had crawled into the main shaft of the air conditioning system, and was now falling to the bottom. "AAAAAIIIIIIIIIIIIEEEEEEEEE!!!" Woshi yelled.

Meanwhile, Iggy and the Koopa Troopa were still looking around for Woshi, but had not seen him since he slammed the dungeon cell door into them. "Where could he be?" the Troopa asked.

"Dunno…" said Iggy. "But I'm sure he's somewhere in this castle…" Suddenly, Iggy heard an echoing voice. He followed the voice to a grate in the wall that led to the air conditioning system. He recognized the voice as Woshi. "Actually…" he said, "I think I may know where he is." Iggy tried to pull the grate loose, but it wouldn't budge. The Koopa Troopa also tried to pull it off, but to no avail. They decided to pull it together, but still to no avail. Iggy thought for a second. "Wait here a second," he said. The Troopa nodded. Iggy ran off. Minutes later, he came back with a screwdriver. He began unscrewing the grate from the wall. Once done, he yanked the grate off, and he and the Troopa crawled in.


Woshi had fallen to the bottom of the shaft. He found himself on a huge grate that covered the floor. Underneath the grate was a huge fan. Great! he thought. This wasn't planned! How do I get outta here? He sat and thought to himself.

After about ten minutes, he suddenly looked up to see two objects falling towards him. They looked like Koopa shells. As they fell closer, Woshi decided that they were Koopa shells. One was a bluish-green color and had spikes. The other had no spikes and was just plain green. Both were falling right at him! Woshi jumped out of the way as the two shells landed about six feet from him. After a few seconds, out of the shells popped Iggy and the Koopa Troopa. Woshi got an anime sweatdrop, while Iggy snickered a little. "Not so fun now, is it?" he mused.

"Oh shut your freakin' mouth up!" Woshi yelled.

"I must admit," said the Troopa, "you were pretty tricky, but we have you now! So give it up already! The fun ends right here!"

Suddenly, the huge fan below the grate floor began to rotate. Iggy, the Troopa, and Woshi all looked down at it. Woshi looked back up and laughed. "Contrair, Iggster!" he said. "My fun's just beginning!"

Iggy looked back down at the fan. "Oh for Pete's sake!!!" he yelled irritably. "All the rotten luck!"

The turbulence from the fan slowly lifted the three of the grate. They slowly began to pick up speed as they went upward. Iggy tried to grab Woshi in midair, but Woshi grabbed the edge of the entrance to another tunnel in the system. Iggy and the Troopa just kept flying all the way up. "YOU'RE GONNA PAY FOR THIS!!!" yelled Iggy.

"FYI!!! NOT MY FAULT!!!" Woshi laughed. He slowly tried to pull himself into the tunnel, eventually doing so. Iggy and the Troopa were stuck at the ceiling, the cool air blowing in their faces.

"I c-c-c-c-c-c-can't b-b-believe that this h-h-h-hole ent-t-tire c-c-castle and everyone in it is b-b-b-being outs-s-smarted b-b-by a s-s-single Y-Y-Y-Y-yYshi!" the Troopa stuttered, his teeth chattering. Iggy was a little mad, and didn't feel like saying anything. The huge fan suddenly stopped and Iggy and the Troopa were now falling towards the grate floor. "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHH!!!" they screamed. Iggy quickly grabbed the ledge of another tunnel, while the Troopa grabbed onto him. Iggy somehow managed to pull both he and the Troopa into the tunnel, and they crawled away.


Karma was sitting on her bed, reading a book that seemed very interesting to her. She had been so enveloped in her book that she somehow didn't even hear the alarm earlier. Suddenly, Bowser burst into the room, Karma dropping her book in shock. She stared at Bowser, who gave her a stern look. "Um… Is there a problem?" she asked.

"Listen!" he snapped. "If you really want me to hate you less, then why don't you help us catch a prisoner loose in the castle!?"

Karma thought for a second, then she reluctantly got up and walked out of the room. Prisoner? she thought. Who is this prisoner?

"And while you're at it," said Bowser, "go get your Met to help you out!"

Karma walked away to Ludwig's room. There Ludwig was trying to concentrate on another invention. He too was enveloped, and didn't hear the alarm earlier. "Hey! Kooky!" said Karma.

Ludwig stopped and looked at Karma. "Vhat is it?" he said.

"Bowser wants us to help him find a prisoner in the castle!"

"Oh… Give me vun second…"

He was given one second all right. No sooner had he said that than a grate in the ceiling broke off and fell onto the floor. A red Yoshi then fell out and hit the floor as well. Ludwig and Karma just stared at him. Woshi stared back. "Woah…” said Woshi. "Small world, isn't it?"


Woah! This is a lot more fun than I really wanted… Woshi thought.

"SPEAK UP!!!" continued Ludwig. Woshi didn't answer. He quickly got up and ran away. "Who vas zat guy?" Ludwig asked. Karma was speechless.

Woshi kept running. He rounded a corner, slamming into Bowser Junior. Junior fell back. Then he stared at Woshi. "A YOSHI?!" he yelled. "My dad told me about things like you. You've gotta go!"

I gotta go all right! thought Woshi. Outta here!!! Junior took out his magic paintbrush and tried to sling gooey paint at Woshi. He dodged and ran away. Bowser Junior gave chase.

Woshi rounded another corner, only to see Morton and Roy ahead. They had finally settled the argument, Roy persuading Morton to admit that he was all fat and Roy was all muscle. "Goin' somewhere?!" said Roy. Woshi just continued running. He kept running until he slammed into Roy. Roy flew far backwards, while Woshi fell onto his stomach. "Ow!" said Roy. "Dis is gonna be great for my rep…"

Now Woshi was a little tired. He slowly got back up, only to be tackled by Morton. Roy got back up to see Morton lying on top of Woshi, who struggled to get up, but failed, as Morton was too heavy. "I guess being fat does pay off," Morton laughed.

Larry and the Boomerang Bros. walked up to them, as did Iggy and the Koopa Troopa. "Well well well," said Iggy. "I hate to say this, but it looks like it’s light's out for you!"

Woshi wasn't having fun anymore. Ludwig and Karma walked up. They all turned to them. "No need to worry," said Larry. "He's not gettin' away THIS time!"

Karma was still worried though. She and Ludwig had already saved her friend Teela from something like this, and Bowser was grateful enough to let her visit sometimes, but would Bowser spare this Yoshi? Karma was hoping she could do something to save him, but she wasn't so sure. Bowser would obliviously not listen to her if she tried to persuade him. Ludwig noticed this.


A yellow-shelled Koopa Troopa emerged from the pipe where Iggy had "found" Woshi. The Koopa had green hair that curled forward, with a thick strand hanging off the back. He looked around. Hmm… he thought. Where could he be? He looked all around him, but saw no sign of the one he was looking for. Suddenly, he spotted Koopa Kastle in the distance. The Koopa jumped. Could he have gone in there?! ... No way… he'd never go in there for all the tea in Chai… But it can't hurt to check… I guess… He walked off into the direction of the castle.

Upon reaching the castle, the Koopa was stopped by the Koopatrols. "Halt!" said a Koopatrol. "Who do you think you are?! You can't just waltz into the Koopa Kastle like that! King Bowser Koopa is NOT very fond of unexpected visitors!"

"Sorry to intrude like this," said the Koopa, "but I'm looking for my friend. I thought maybe he went in the castle. Have you seen him?"

"… What does your friend look like?"

"He's a red Yoshi. He has two strands of blue hair that point forward and backward."

The Koopatrols' eyes widened. "… Why yes… we have seen him. Prince Iggy Koopa brought him in for trespassing earlier, but he's gonna be executed soon."


"Tell you what, we'll direct you to the torture chamber. King Koopa probably has him in there right now. He likes torturing prisoners before executing them."

"Yeah yeah, whatever! NOW TAKE ME TO THE TORTURE CHAMBER!!!" bellowed the Koopa. The Koopatrols led him into the castle.


Woshi was indeed in the torture chamber. He was being held by two Sledge Bros. All eight Koopalings (if you consider Bowser Junior a Koopaling) and some guards were there just in case Woshi tried to escape. Karma was also there. She had already tried to convince Bowser not to execute Woshi, but he wouldn't listen. Bowser was already done with the torturing, and was now trying to figure out what to do with him.

"Hmm…," said Bowser. "I could throw you into the lava…no, that one's old…or maybe I could…no wait…hang on one minute…"

"Take your time…" said Woshi.

"… I think I'll just behead you… yeah!"

Woshi jumped, as did Karma, unnoticed by everyone else. Woshi struggled a bit, but the Sledge Bros. kept a strong hold on him.

"C'mon, Kingy!" said Woshi. "What's wrong with havin' a little fun?"

"That's not what I call fun. That was just annoying!"

Woshi swallowed hard.


The Koopatrols led the Koopa all the way to a door at the end of the last hall of dungeon cells. They walked through the door, and there was a warp pipe. "Jump into that warp pipe and it'll take you right to the torture chamber," said a Koopatrol. "But do not, I repeat, do NOT tell King Koopa that we helped you get here. Understood?"

"Yeah yeah!" said the Koopa hastily. "I get it! Now let me go save my friend!" The Koopa ran to the pipe and dove into it.

Meanwhile, Woshi now had his wrists and ankles tied to the floor with ropes that were tied around pegs drilled in the floor. A Thwomp hovered about ten feet above him. The Thwomp had an axe tied to his underside. Bowser spoke coldly to Woshi.

"It just goes to show you," he said, "that nobody messes with the Koopas!"

"Um… One question before you cut my head off," said Woshi. "Do I get a last request?"


Woshi gulped. "Drop on three," Bowser said to the Thwomp, who nodded. Bowser started counting. "One!" Woshi shut his eyes hoping for a miracle. "Two!" Suddenly, he got one, and not a moment too soon.

The Koopa emerged from the pipe. "STOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOP!!!" he yelled. Everyone stared at him. Bowser put his hand to his side. Karma felt relieved.

"… K.K?" said Woshi. "Is that you?"

"What in the name of Morton are you doing here?!" asked Bowser in an annoyed voice.

"Let my friend go!" said the Koopa (or should I call him K.K. now).

"HEY!!!" yelled Bowser. "No one talks to ME that way!!! … Wait… Did you say… friend?"

"Yes!" said K.K. "My friend, as in the Yoshi whose head you're tryin' to cut off, and I'm asking you to let 'im go!" Everyone stared at him.

"… Let me get this straight," said Bowser. "This guy… this… YOSHI… is your… FRIEND?!"

"Yes! How many times do I have to say it?! Now please let 'im go!"

Everybody looked at each other. To everyone but Karma, a Koopa and a Yoshi being friends with each other was one of the rarest and strangest things they ever heard, as Koopas and Yoshis were a couple of rivaling species. Bowser shook off his surprised look and glared at K.K.

"Look!" Bowser yelled. "I'm the one who decides what to do with prisoners in THIS castle, and I say he must be put to death! And I am NOT about to have my mind changed by a mere Koopa!"

"Why?! What'd he do?!"

"From what I heard, he trespassed, attempted escape, and… and…"

"AND HE ALMOST ATE ME!!!" added Lemmy.

"… Yeah! And that too!" said Bowser.

"AND HE WAS ALL IN MY DRESSES!!!" screamed Wendy. Everyone stared at her. "Well… he was!" said Wendy.

"Well… yeah… and besides, he's a Yoshi! Here at Koopa Castle, we despise Yoshis. We show no mercy to Yoshis!

"But SHE'S a Yoshi!" said K.K, pointing at Karma.

"Actually she's part Koopa, and she has a Metbond with my son. But she looks too much like a Yoshi to me, and if she didn't have a Metbond with my son, I'd have HER killed!" Karma shivered. "Anyway!" continued Bowser. "You might as well just say goodbye to your friend because I'm NOT letting him go! THAT’S FINAL!!!"

"C'mon! Just let 'im go and I promise we'll never trespass again! PLEASE!!! Besides, I'm sure he was only playing!"

"Yeah! I was!" said Woshi.

"SHUT UP, YOU!!!" bellowed Bowser. He turned back to K.K. "As I was saying, WE'RE NOT PLAYING!!! NOW GET OUT BEFORE I HAVE YOU EXECUTED AS WELL!!! I'VE HAD ENOUGH OF YOUR WHINING!!!"

"PLEASE!!!" K.K. sobbed. "LET 'IM GO!!! HE DIDN"T MEAN ANY HARM!!! REALLY!!! HE DIDN'T!!! DON'T KILL 'IM!!! PLEASE!!!" Tears started to come out of his eyes. Just watching K.K. made a few of the Koopalings (Larry, Iggy, and Ludwig) start to feel sad themselves. However, Bowser was fed up.


Two Hammer Bros. and a Sledge Bro charged towards K.K., but Karma ran up and got in front of them. "DON'T TOUCH HIM!!!" she yelled. The Bros. stopped.

"DON'T LISTEN TO THAT FREAK!!!" ordered Bowser. "GET THE KOOPA!!!"

Karma gave Ludwig a look that said "Help me out here, would you?!" Ludwig wasn't so sure what to do. Nevertheless, he ran up in front of the Bros, not wanting to desert his Met. Karma looked at him and smiled.


Ludwig and Karma refused to move. The other Koopalings looked at each other, with looks that said "What are those two thinking?!" Woshi again squirmed in the ropes.

"THAT'S IT!!!" yelled Bowser. "GUARDS!!! THROW THEM IN THE DUNGEON!!!"

The two Hammer Bros. grabbed Ludwig and Karma and carried them away. Meanwhile, Woshi was still squirming in the ropes. The ropes were starting to break. "FORGET THE KOOPA!!!" said Bowser. "BEHEAD THE YOSHI!!!"

The Whomp was about to bring the axe down. Woshi frantically squirmed. Finally, the weakened ropes broke, and Woshi freed himself and rolled over just as the Thwomp dropped, barely missing him. All too quick for Bowser to follow, Woshi ran right past him and the remaining Sledge Bro and hid behind K.K.


The guards, Koopalings, and Magikoopa charged towards them. Woshi and K.K. ran away and jumped into the pipe. Coming out of the pipe, the two charged to the door and burst through it. They charged through the dungeon, with the Koopas still in chase. They ran past Karma and Ludwig's cell. The two prisoners watched them go by.

A guard near the very first dungeon cell was reading a magazine. Suddenly, he caught a glimpse of Woshi and K.K. running by. Seeing this, he punched the alarm button on the wall and went back to reading. The alarm sounded throughout the castle. Upon exiting the dungeon, Woshi and K.K. were suddenly surrounded by guards.

"Now what?!" said K.K.

"Climb on!" said Woshi. K.K. jumped on Woshi's back. Woshi then jumped and fluttered-kicked over the guards. Upon landing, K.K. jumped off and they took off running. "*pant, pant* How'd you *pant* know where I was *pant*?" Woshi said, still running.

"I just guessed!" said K.K. The two ducked behind a statue. The guards ran by. Woshi and K.K. got back up and ran the other way. It seemed like they were now in the clear, but Kamek suddenly appeared in front of them. They stopped.

"And just where do you thing you're going?" said Kamek.

"Um… Out?"

"Wrong answer!"

Kamek shot lightning at them from his hands. The Yoshi and Koopa dodged, then ran the other way, only to find the guards from earlier. They turned around to see Kamek, with the Koopalings and Bowser walking up behind him. They were trapped, or were they?

"It just doesn't pay to trespass on my land!" said Bowser.

K.K. looked over and saw an open window. He whispered something in Woshi's ear (if he has ears). Woshi nodded.

"GET THEM!!!" ordered Bowser. They charged towards them in opposite directions. K.K. jumped onto Woshi's back again. Woshi jumped for the window, successfully jumping through, while the Koopas all slammed into each other. Woshi and K.K. were falling fast, as they had jumped through a very high window. "DO SOMETHING!!!" cried K.K.



They picked up speed. Woshi started fluttering as hard as he could to slow their fall. As they got closer and closer to the ground, the fluttering started to slow down their fall. Upon reaching the ground, they landed as if they had applied parachutes. K.K. jumped off and they ran.


Bowser was lying in the midst of a mass of dazed Koopas. He got back up. "Dang!" he said. "They got away… Oh well… What do I care?"

He walked away. Everyone else got back up. "Well…" said Iggy, "so much for that…"

"Yeah," said Larry. "Oh well… Back to my planting." He walked off. The other Koopalings and Kamek went back to their rooms. The guards went back to their patrol areas.

Meanwhile, Woshi and K.K. were now about a mile and a half from the castle. They rested for a second. "Well…" said Woshi, "I guess the Royal Koopas are just not up for fun…"

"Mmhmm," said K.K. "C'mon… Let's go catch a warp pipe to Grass Land…"

They walked off, determined never to go into Dark Land again (or Ice Land for that matter).


Karma was still sitting in the dungeon cell with Ludwig. Hmm, she thought. I don't know what that Yoshi or that Koopa were doing… I hope they got out okay…

Suddenly, Bowser walked up to them. "When you two get out, which will be six weeks from now," he said, "I want to have a word with you!" They nodded. Bowser walked away, leaving Karma and Ludwig looking at each other.

The End

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