Super Mario 128

By Dusk

The night is stormy, aAs clashing thunder smashes together, in tune with the battle going on inside of Bowser's Castle... We pan around it, until the only open window is in view. We see Mario and Bowser crashing into each other, fire flying, blows exchanged. It is easy to tell who is winning. Bowser, who has used a Super Star recently, is defeating the famed Italian plumber. All hope is lost.

Mario: *huff... puff...* Ohhhhh no...

Bowser: GRAH!!! Just submit, and I will spare your pathetic existence.

Mario: Oh... No... I wish I didn't leave Luigi behind...

Several hours in the past...

Mario and Luigi are standing at the pipe leading to Bowser, the voluptuous dinosaur.

Luigi: Mario... I think you might need me to tag along. Bowser looks tougher than usual.

Mario: Nonsense, my bro! I have beaten Bowser before, so what makes TODAY an exception?

Luigi: That concerns me... We don't know... I'm just getting a bad feeling right now...

Mario: Luigi, Luigi, Luigi... Bowser has ALWAYS looked tough. But IS he?!

Luigi: No... I guess not...

Mario: Good, I'll be back in an hour or two.

Back to the present…

Bowser: Your wimpy brother could NEVER stand up to me. Not even any of my children.

Cut to a room, where on the television, the seven Koopas are watching the battle.

Iggy: Hey! That's us!

Roy: Shuddup, stupid! We might miss Mario's begging!

All: Heheheheheheheheheheeheh!

Cut back.

Bowser: So, what's it going to be, Dumpman?!

Mario: (grimacing) Bowser...

Bowser: Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?

Mario: King Koopa.

Bowser: Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees?

Mario: I submit.

Bowser: Hm? I don't think I heard you. Speak up.

Mario: I SUBMIT!!!

Bowser: GRAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAH! I always knew you were a wimp. Allow me!

He does his Turtle Crash, and knocks the plumber out.


The camera goes through the pipework.

Bowser: This will be a day LONG REMEMBERED!!! GAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!

The camera ends at…


Luigi (voice): Mario was then knocked out, and held captive. He was to undergo tests. We never knew what they were... But they were something sinister. Until later...

Two Mushroomers are running along, getting to Bowser's window to look at his experiments.

Mushroomer 1: Stop shoving me!

Mushroomer 2: Go faster, and I won't!

1: You're mean! I never liked you! Why did I go along with you?!

2: Shut up, and keep moving!

They look in.

1: Wow... What is that?!

2: That's Mario!

1: We have to save him!

2: Only one person is man enough to do so.

1: Jack Bauer?

2: No.

1: Chuck Norris?

2: NO!

1: James Bond?

2: No, but I heard Casino Royale is good. There's only one person... Luigi.

They look at each other, and burst out laughing.

2: OH MAN!




2: Yeah, it's true.

1: I'm gonna miss the Kingdom.

There is a flash.

2: What the?

1: W-w-w-w-w-w-what was that?

2: I don't know. I don't want to stick around to find out, though.

1: Let's leave!

2: WAIT!

They look to see... 129 Marios stand there (Mario included)! They all swarm out of the windows, and fly all over the place.








Chapter Two

And the Mario clones swarmed to town...

The Marios are seen running about, throwing things all over the place, and really making a mess of the Mushroom Kingdom. Luigi walks out.

Luigi: Huh? *notices the Marios* That's it! No more Mushrooms for me! Especially not those frowning blue ones...

He goes back inside, and once he settles down, a knock is heard.

Luigi: Oh, great...

He opens up the door, revealing Toadsworth.

Toadsworth: Luigi! Get your brother Mario!

Luigi: He isn't back from his quest. He's five hours late!

Toadsworth: *grumble* Nevermind that! We need you to capture the Marios that are rampaging across the Kingdom!

Luigi: I don't have my Polturgust anymore.

Voice: Yes, yes, well, that is why I decided to bring it along.

It's Professor E. Gadd!

E. Gadd: Now, just equip it on the menu screen. Go on, go do it.

Luigi: What are you talking about?

E. Gadd: Darn, I thought we were in the game.

Luigi: I guess I'll just do it MANUALLY!

E. Gadd: E. GASP!

Luigi puts it on.

Luigi: I remember how to use this.

E. Gadd: Good. Now, uh...

He picks up a Gameboy.

E. Gadd: My sensors indicate that there are seven Marios in this town. Go catch them.

Luigi: How many more?

E. Gadd: Ergh... I'm too old for this... It seems my sensors indicate there are a total of one hundred and twenty-eight. Just capture these seven for now.

Luigi runs to the group, and sucks one up.

Luigi: I got one! Hah hey!

Toadsworth: Good show!

Luigi tries to suck up another, but they form a battalion. They pick up Fire Flowers from a store, where the owner is nowhere to be found, and march toward Luigi.

Luigi: Oh no.

The battalion opens fire. One shot hits the coward.


He runs through the group, and smashes one SO high, it lands in the Poltergust.


He notices there are only five left.

Luigi: Hee hee! I got one!

He jumps up, and dropkicks a Mario. He then ricochets off and kicks another in the face. He jumps back, punches another, and follows it with a throw to the already attacked ones, knocking allthree out. He jumps up to the other two, and launches a combo.

Luigi: 50, 100, 200, 400, 800, 1,200, ONE-UP!

E. Gadd: QUICK! Vacuum them all up, before they come back up!

Luigi: Right!

He vacuums them up.

Luigi: Hee hee!

He does a small dance.

Luigi: I'm-a Luigi! Number One!

Chapter Three

Mario is struggling in his fastenings.

Bowser: Grahahahahh! Don't waste your energy, fool!

Mario: You won't... ergh... get away with this, you overgrown reptilian fatso!

Bowser: Ahhahahahah! Only resorting to hypocritical insults, I see! Is that because you realize how pathetic you are?!

Mario: That doesn't make sense!


Mario: Mamamia! How am I going to get out of this one?

Cut to Luigi…

Luigi: So, one-hundred-and-twenty-one to go...

E. Gadd: Precisely! That is why you must rely on more than your Poltergust to capture them all. It isn't exactly going to help, but have this Super Feather.

Luigi: Mario and I used to have plenty of fun with these. We would fly around, and smash down Goombas. It was great.

E. Gadd: Yes, well, no time to reminisce. We have a friend to save!

Luigi: You're right! I'm OFF!

Luigi tucks the Feather into his pocket and starts walking.

E. Gadd: Eh, there's more to be given.

Luigi walks back.

E. Gadd: A Fire Flower. A Mega Mushroom. And a POW Block.

Luigi: Wow! I haven't seen one of these babies in a while!

E. Gadd: Now, go along. Go rescue Link!

Luigi: It's Mario.

E. Gadd: Right. Marth.

Luigi: *sigh* I'm off!

Luigi starts to go on.

E. Gadd: Wait!

Luigi falls over.

E.Gadd: Don't overuse that Poltergust!

Luigi: I... urk... won't.

Luigi sets off. He goes place to place. He then finds himself in the presence of Warioton, a small town near Diamond City. BUT! It's been overrun by Marios!

Luigi: Mamamia! How will I capture all... twenty... of these guys?!

Voice: *sniff* It's not fair!

Luigi: Wario?

Wario: Oh. *sniff* Hi Luigi.

Luigi: What happened?

Wario: I don't know. I might have eaten too much garlic. I'm seeing twenties!

Luigi: I'll help you. I need to capture these Marios, too.

Wario: How many others are there?

Luigi: One hundred and twenty-one.


Luigi: I know!

Wario: Well, you're on your own. Mm-mm. No sir! No WAY am I going to capture those! No siree-bob!

Luigi: Can you at least help with THESE guys?

Wario: Well, it IS my town. I guess I can!

Luigi: Gravy! (As in "Good!")

Wario: That reminds me. I need to pick up some gravy.

Luigi: That'll have to wait. Let's go!

Will Luigi and Wario capture all twenty? Find out in the next episode of Super Mario 128!

To Be Continued...

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