The Adventures of DS Guy: The Prophecy of Darkness

By DS Guy

Episode 5: The Shadow of the Sands

We see some guy named Phil in a study.

Phil: I am Phil, and I am going to pick up where the previous episode left off. Ahem...  After the long battle with Buzzar and his Klepto friends, DS Guy and Co. exited the dreaded Klepto Pass and entered the Dry Dry Desert to find the Orange Orb of Light. But Shellcaster was waiting for them and he found a recently defeated Buzzar and used his dark magic to turn him into Dark Buzzar. The two sides met and began the fight, but meanwhile...

Location: Dry Dry Desert
Time Remaining: 4 weeks, 5 days

We see Mario and Luigi at the desert.

Mario: Water... Water... Water...

Luigi: Oh boy.

Mario: (noticing something) CHEESE, err... I mean WATER!

He dives into the oasis and drinks the water. But it is really a mirage and Mario is really eating sand.

Mario: Ppphhht...

Luigi: Sometimes I wish that something exciting would hap-


Mario and Luigi: WAAAAAAAHHHH!

They notice a huge sand cloud and Mario starts running towards it.

Luigi: No Mario, we should run away from huge booms, not towards them.

As they leave, we zoom out to see a shadowy figure wearing shiny glasses.

Back at the battle site…

DS Guy: (turning into a Mummy Guy) Bandage Wrap!


Dark Buzzar: RAAAAWWWWWWWWWWWWWWK! *rips out of it* Dark Dive!


DS Guy: Ouch!

E-Guy: Shock Syndrome!

Shellcaster: Voltium Directicus!

He redirects the attack to Lie Guy.


He charges right at Shellcaster.

Shellcaster: This is going to be easier than squishing a Goomba. Aquus Magi-

Gourmet Guy bodyslams him to the ground.

Lie Guy: Hey, I was going to attack.

Gourmet Guy: You snooze, you lose!

Lie Guy: >:(

Dark Buzzar: Windstorm!

DS Guy: Whoaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!


Shy Gal: Hey, DS Guy. (Yes! I am talking to him.)

DS Guy: (turning into a Pyro Guy) I can't believe it! Forty-nine squares in this desert and we have found Shellcaster in this one. How are we going to find the Orange Orb of Light if they keep fighting us?

Lite: I have an idea!

Shy Gal: (How dare you ruin this moment?!)

Lite: I could temporarily blind the villains while you look for the Orb. Blinding Light!

A huge source of light emerges from Lite and blinds Shellcaster and Dark Buzzar.

Shellcaster: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! I will not let you escape!

Gourmet Guy rams Shellcaster into the sand.

Shellcaster: Ooohh...

Lite: Go, now!

DS Guy: (turning into a Bandit) I'll get to it!

After DS Guy leaves the fight, the light fades away and we see the same shaded man again.

Shady Man: Could it be? Is it really him?

We now catch up with DS Guy, running through the desert in his Bandit form.

DS Guy: Okay, I need to find the Orange Orb of Light before Shellcaster or Dark Buzzar catches up to me.

He crashes right into another Bandit that we saw from Episode 4.

Bandit: Hey, watch where you're...  *gasp*

He notices DS Guy's symbol on his forehead. He gets DS Guy back on his feet and dusts him off.

Bandit: I'm so sorry. I never expected the Hero of Light to be in this desert.

DS Guy: I guess it's okay and...  Wait a minute! Did you say "Hero of Light"?

Bandit: Of course I said that. We were waiting for you. My master has told stories about the world coming to an end and only the Hero of Light can save us all. So, what is your name and what brings you here to the Dry Dry Desert?

DS Guy: I am DS Guy, the Ultimate Shy Guy. And I am looking for the Orange Orb of Light.

Bandit: Well the Orb you're looking for isn't in the desert. It is actually guarded by my master in Dry Dry Outpost. I can take you there, but you have to promise me not to tell anyone about my master, okay?

DS Guy: (turning back into an Anti Guy) I promise.

Bandit: Who taught you to do that?

DS Guy: I'm... not... sure…

As they head into town, Dark Buzzar is following them.

Dark Buzzar: I can't wait to see the look on Shellcaster's face when he sees me holding the Orange Orb of Light... and when I tell him that DS Guy is no more!

We now check on Mario and Luigi.

Mario: How long, Luigi? How long have we been in this desert?!

Luigi: I don't know! Oh look, a lake. It must be another mirage.

It is actually a lake, but they don't want to end up eating sand because they think it's a mirage. So they walk through it without stopping to drink.

Mario: I assume that if we keep going east, we will hit Dry Dry Outpost by sundown.

Luigi: Or end up getting robbed by a gang of Bandits.

Mario: Why are you being so negative, Luigi?

????: I don't know, but it seems that you are all washed up.

Mario: Rough.

Luigi: Uh, Mario, that wasn't me.

????: It was me!

They notice a giant Dryite.

Mario and Luigi: Uh oh!


Mario and Luigi: Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

Dryite: May DAD have mercy on your soul!

The Dryite grabs Mario and Luigi and throws them across the sky.

Mario: Just like last time, huh?

Luigi: Yeah, but this time we may not have a softer landing.

Back at the battlefield…

E-Guy: Shy Shocker!

An electrical mask lands on Shellcaster's face.


Gourmet Guy: Bodyslam!


Shy Gal: Uh... Purse Smack.


Lie Guy: Charge!

Lite: Flash Orb!


Lie Guy and Shellcaster: My eyes!

E-Guy: This battle is exciting but...  *exclamation point appears above his head* Where's Dark Buzzar?!

Shellcaster: In case you haven't noticed, he flew off following DS Guy. It will only be a matter of time until his game ends. But I have more surprises in store for you. Desertia Sandstormica!

A huge sandstorm emerges and covers the entire battlefield.

E-Guy: I can't see.

Lite: What a cheater! Light Beam!


Gourmet Guy: Zzz...

Lite: Oops... Sorry.


Lite, E-Guy, and Lie Guy: Huh?

The sandstorm clears up, revealing Shellcaster holding Shy Gal hostage.

Shy Gal: Help me!

E-Guy: Oh no!

Shellcaster: That's right! Tell the Hero of Light that if you ever want to see her again, you must give me all of the Orbs of Light you have!

Lie Guy: CHARGE!

Shellcaster: I don't think so! Teleportus Magicus!



Lie Guy crashed into a cactus.

Lie Guy: OUCH!

Lite: This is bad! We must tell DS Guy this immediately!

E-Guy: I hope that General Guy doesn't find out. Because the last time anyone tried to harm her, he gave the attacker a one-way trip to the Sun!

At Dry Dry Outpost…

Bandit: So anyway, my name is Bandrew and I work for my master. He and his family has been guarding the orb for generations, waiting for the Hero of Light to claim it if disaster ever threatens to occur.

DS Guy: Wow! So who is your master?

Bandrew: You'll know his name as soon as we meet him.

They met up with Sheek.

Sheek: Ah, hello Bando. I see that you have an Anti Guy with you. What is your business?

Bandrew: We are here to see my master. This Anti Guy, named DS Guy, is here to claim the Orange Orb of Light.

Sheek: ... Right this way.

They follow Sheek to Bando's master's house by walking across the roofs of the houses. But when they got inside, nobody is home.

DS Guy: (turning into a Zeus Guy) All right, Sheek, where is the owner of this house?!

Sheek: Ah, he is right here.

He takes off his disguise and reveals his true self.

Moustafa: My name is Moustafa, and I have been guarding *takes out the Orb of Light* the Orange Orb of Light for years. I have been waiting for you, the Hero of Light, to claim this orb so you can be one step closer to saving Plit from destruction.

Bandrew: Take this Orb, it's all yours.

DS Guy's about to grab the Orb until...


DS Guy: What is going on?

Bandrew: Let's go out and find out.

When they go outside they see...

DS Guy: Oh... my... DAD.

Dark Buzzar: That's right, DS Guy. You are going down. It's time that your game ends!

DS Guy: I don't think so! Zeus Doubler!

DS Guy suddenly split into 2 Zeus Guys.

DS Guy 1: Let's see if you can handle-

DS Guy 2: Two of us!

Lemmy and Iggy walk by.

Lemmy: Please, not even we do that anymore.

Iggy: So stop it!

Dark Buzzar: I refuse to let a dumb Shy Guy stop me! (to DS Guy 1) Feather Rain!


DS Guy 1: Ow, that hurts!

DS Guy 2: Ow, I felt that too.

DS Guy 1 and 2: Zeus Barrage!



DS Guy 1 grabs him by his beak.

Dark Buzzar: Uh oh!

DS Guy 2: Firebrand!

He does that thing where Zeus Guys charge up for their special attack.


Dark Buzzar: That is it! Wing Slap!


DS Guy 1: OUCH!

DS Guy 2: Oof... I forgot: if one of me gets hurt during Zeus Doubler-

DS Guy 1: The other gets hurt as well.

Lemmy: Seriously, this is uncool!

Iggy: Yeah, stop that right now.

Then both DS Guys fuse back into one and change into Anti Guy.

DS Guy: You are going down! Anti Charge!

He charges up all of his energy into his arm and punches Dark Buzzar right in the lower beak.

Dark Buzzar: This is the final straw! Feather-

E-Guy: Shy Shocker!

Dark Buzzar: BLGBLGBLGBLGBLGBLGBLAAG... End Transmission! Ouch! I... have...  lost...

He turns back into his old self.

Buzzar: Rawk...

DS Guy: Thank you, E-Guy.

E-Guy: Don't mention it.

Lite: We always help our friends.

Lie Guy: So we-

Gourmet Guy: Can still live together.

Lemmy and Iggy: This is out of hand.

Lie Guy: Tell me about it.

Moustafa and Bandrew come along.

Moustafa: That was amazing back there.

Bandrew: Your awesome display of power was great. I have a feeling that this orb will be in good hands.

Bandrew gives DS Guy the Orange Orb of Light.

DS Guy: Awesome, two Orbs down, six to go. This is awesome and... Wait a minute! Where's Shy Gal?

E-Guy: Oh no! I forgot! We have a problem. Shellcaster kidnapped her. We have no idea where she is.

DS Guy: ... This is not good at all.

We get out of town to see that shady man again.

Shady Man: I should tell, but not yet. But one day you shall know the full truth, DS Guy.

After a long fought battle, DS Guy finally got the Orange Orb of Light, but at a cost. Shellcaster had kidnapped Shy Gal and nobody knows their whereabouts. Will our heroes find her before it's too late? And what about the shady man? How does he know DS Guy's name? Is he a good guy or a bad guy? And is he somehow related to DS Guy's mysterious past? Find out the answers to all of these questions next time in "The Adventures of DS Guy: The Dark Prophecy".

To Be Continued...

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