El Koopa de Blaze

By Blaze Koopa

Was this true? Was Blaze really a wanted criminal? It sure seemed like it. The Koopalings informed Bowser about what they had heard. At first Bowser didn’t believe it, but after the Koopalings somehow persuaded him to watch the news, Bowser was shocked. The next day, he organized a family meeting…

“This meeting is now in session!” ordered Bowser. “Now, after some information from the Mushroom Kingdom news, we’ve all learned that Blaze may be a wanted criminal. Blaze, would you mind explaining this?”

“I guess…” said Blaze. “This has been going on since two weeks ago…It all started when…”

A flashback started.

Blaze and a purple Clubba with orange hair were entering Toad Town. Nearby Mushroomers were staring at them with funny looks. Blaze and the Clubba took no notice.

“C’mon!” said the Clubba to Blaze. “There’s gotta be at least SOMETHING to snatch in this town!”

“Dude, Flubba, I don’t know if we should try something like that…” said Blaze. “Not here. People are staring.”

“You worry too much,” said Flubba. “Who cares how many people are staring?! They’re all wusses! We could steal… uh… liberate something and they couldn’t do a thing about it! ... Hey! There’s an armored truck.” Flubba pointed at an armored truck sitting next to a bank. “How’s about we go make a withdrawal?”

“… Well…”

“Aww… What’s the matter? You chicken? Bawk bawk Ba-Kawk!”

“Rrrr! I’ll show YOU who’s a chicken!”

The two looked over at the armored truck. Two guards were standing near the front end to keep anyone from driving the truck away. The back end was unguarded for some reason. Blaze and Flubba slowly walked to the back of the truck.

“All right Blaze!” said Flubba. “Break it open!”

Blaze hesitated, then shrugged. He grabbed the doors and tried to pry them open. It was a little harder than he thought. Suddenly…

“What do you think you’re doing?!”

Blaze and Flubba looked over and saw the two Mushroom guards staring at them with angry looks.

“Err… IT WAS ALL HIM!!!” said Flubba. Blaze glared. “I tried to tell him not to, but he wouldn’t listen! ... Before he did it, he said he gonna call himself El Koopa de Blaze, and that he’s gonna be the baddest villain around!”

“Now hang on a second, dude!” said Blaze. “What makes you think you can-”

“Thanks for your honesty,” said a guard. Blaze’s jaws dropped to the ground. Flubba ran away.

“He… ditched me…” Blaze said to himself. “And he called ME chicken…”

“You’re coming with us for attempted robbery, El Koopa de Blaze!” said a guard.

“OH NO I’M NOT!!!” Blaze yelled. He suddenly blew a ball of fire at the guards, burning them to a crisp! Nearby Mushroomers screamed when they saw this. More guards showed up and tried to get a hold on Blaze, who either punched them hard or burned them. After doing so, he ran away. The people nearby backed up if he got near him.

The flashback ended.

“You breathe fire?” asked Lemmy.

“Usually when I need to…” said Blaze. “But that’s not the point. The point is, Flubba framed me.”

“That coward!” Wendy remarked.

“Mmmmmpphhh!” agreed Morton, a sock in his mouth.

“How come you never told us about this?!” asked an impatient Iggy.

“Hey,” said Blaze. “There’s no point in gettin’ you guys all worried about having a possible criminal in the hou- err… castle…”

“So where exactly did you meet this Flubba guy?” asked Bowser.

“Somewhere in Grass Land…” said Blaze. “Why?”

“Well, I think you and I should go and have it out with that Flubba… Um… Do you remember exactly where in Grass Land he lives?”

“… Not really…”

“Oh… Well regardless, he’s getting what’s coming to him!”

“Now look. You don’t need to get involved. It’s my problem after all. Why don’t you stay here?”

“C’mon! He deserves a good pummeling for framing you. Besides, it’s been a long time since I ever punished someone.”

“Oh… Okay, if that’s what you wanna do…”

“Then it’s settled! We leave tomorrow morning.”


The next day, Bowser and Blaze had fueled up a Clown Copter and were about to go.

“Be careful, dear,” said Clawdia.

“SQUASH dat Flubba!!!” cheered Roy. “Show ‘em who’s boss!!!”

Bowser cranked the chopper. “We should be back later today... hopefully… Let’s go, Blaze!”

The Clown Copter slowly took off. Everyone waved as Bowser and Blaze flew away.

Good riddance!!! Iggy thought.

Meanwhile, Bowser and Blaze were flying over Dark Land.

“This could get a little hard,” said Blaze. “Dudes are looking for me all over the Mushroom World.”

“Well,” said Bowser, “Uuless that includes those stupid Mario Bros, we shouldn’t have any problems.

“I hope not…”


The Mario Bros. were looking for Blaze. They were in Seaside (Water Land). Mario had taken the Super Scope just in case.

“Exactly how are we supposed to find this El Koopa de Blaze guy?” Luigi asked Mario. “He could be anywhere in the Mushroom World.

“I don’t know…” said Mario. “But from what I’ve heard, he’s not safe to be around. He must be caught!”

“Why didn’t we hear about this sooner?”

“Well we would’ve been onto him when this chase first started, but you got captured by that King Big Bones guy, and Parakarry and I had to come rescue you…”

“Well… let’s just hope we can find this El Koopa de Blaze before he hurts someone…”


Back at Koopa Kastle, everyone but Iggy, Karma, and Clawdia (who was cooking dinner) was watching TV to see if any updates on Blaze would come up. They had been watching for hours. So far, nothing had come up.

“C’mon! C’mon!” said Roy. “When’s a news alert gonna come up?!”

“I’m hoping one doesn’t come up,” said Lemmy. “If one does, then that could mean trouble for King Dad and Blaze…”

“Gee…” said Larry. “I hope they’re okay…”

“They are probably seriously injuring Flubba as ve speak,” said Ludwig.

“Kids! Time for dinner!” Clawdia called over the loudspeaker. Nobody moved. Iggy ran by outside the room, followed by Karma. Iggy had caught a glimpse of his siblings and came back.

“Guys,” he said. “Mom just said-”

“I said it’s time for dinner!” Clawdia called again.

“That…” said Iggy. Still nobody moved. Clawdia walked in.

“For the last time!!!” she yelled. “It’s dinnertime!!!”

“Aww c’mon,” said Wendy. “Just a few more minutes… please?”

Suddenly, a news flash came up. Everyone turned their attention to the TV. The green-spotted Mushroomer from before began talking.

“This just in,” he said. “El Koopa de Blaze has just been spotted flying over Seaside with King Bowser Koopa in a Koopa Clown Copter. People looking for him have come to the conclusion that El Koopa de Blaze is working for Bowser, thus making this situation even more dangerous.”

“They’re injuring Flubba as ve speak, HUH?!” said Larry.

“I’ve been wrong!” retorted Ludwig.


Bowser and Blaze were flying over Seaside. However, trouble was soon to come.

“Dude…” said Blaze. “Something doesn’t feel right…”

“What do you mean?” Bowser asked.

Suddenly, a shot came out of nowhere and blew the propeller off the chopper.

“That’s what,” said Blaze. The Copter dropped from the sky.


“Nice shot!” said Luigi. “Now we’ve got ‘em!”

“Let’s-a go!” said Mario.

Uh oh…


The Copter sat on the ground, wrecked. Bowser and Blaze lay about ten feet away from it.

“Ugh…” groaned Bowser, rubbing his head. “What just happened?”

“I… think we got shot down…” said Blaze.

“That’s right! You DID!” said a voice. The Koopas looked over to see the Mario Bros, with Mario aiming the Super Scope at them.

“Oh crud…” Blaze muttered.

“Now hold still!” said Luigi. The Mario Bros walked towards them with handcuffs. As Luigi was about to slap them on Blaze’s claws, Blaze grabbed Luigi and threw him into Mario, all too quick for either to react. Mario and Luigi were dazed, giving Blaze the chance to breathe fire on them, leaving them charred and unconscious on the ground. Bowser was speechless.

“Woah…” he said. “Hm… I could’ve done that…”

“Dude! Let’s just go already!” said Blaze. “I’m sure there’s more coming… and something tells me we won’t be back later today…”

“Hey! I said hopefully!”

“… So… where to? Home or Flubba?”

“How about Flubba? The Mario Bros are out right now, and nobody else is strong enough to stop us. So what could go wrong?”

“True… Okay then. Let’s go get some sweet revenge!”

With that, the Koopa King and Koopa fugitive walked away, leaving the unconscious plumbers and wrecked chopper behind.


It was nighttime. The Koopalings (except Iggy and Karma) were in the media room. All were getting a little worried.

“How could goin’ to beat up someone in Grass Land take dis long?!” yelled Roy.

“I dunno…” said Lemmy. “Ya think they got shot down or something?” Everyone looked down in sadness. Clawdia came in.

“Time for bed,” she said. “Don’t worry… I’m sure they’re fine…”

“Easy for you to say…” muttered Larry.

“Mmmmpphh,” agreed Morton. The Koopalings walked sadly out of the room and to their rooms. Bowser and Blaze were stuck in the Mushroom World with many people looking for them. The Koopalings would definitely have trouble sleeping tonight…

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